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Table of contents of Panchakam , Shatkam, Sapthakam , Navakam and Dasakam translated by me till August 2016

Table of contents  of Panchakam , Shatkam, Sapthakam , Navakam   and Dasakam translated  by me till  August 2016


I wrote in my posting  in 2011 ( that I have translated till then (in 11 years)   600 stotra rathnas and I had given a list of  20 Panchakam, Shatkam, SApthakam, Navakam  and dasakam     translated by me . I was doing a stock taking   since a few days . I find  that as of now I have translated  1200 stotra rathnas   and of them  the Panchakam, Shatkam, SApthakam, Navakam  and dasakam    are   60 . I have drawn a table of  contents.Just click on the Url    in the fourth column    and then you would see  my translation.

1.Panchakam (Five stanza  prayers)

16 S Narasimha Lakshmi Narasimha Pancharathnam

17 S Parvathy Amba Pancharathnam

18 S Parvathy Meenakshi Pancharathnam

19 S Philosophy Maneesha Panchakam

20 S Philosophy Sadhana Panchakam/Upadesa Panchakam

21 S Philosophy Maya Panchakam

22 S Philosophy Kaupeena Panchakam

23 S Philosophy Athma Panchakam

24 S Philosophy Vairagya  Panchakam

1 S Rama Jaya Panchakam

24 S Rama Rama pancharathnam

25 S Sadashiva Brahmendra Swami Sadashiva Brahmendral Pancha Rathnam

26 S Shanmugha Guha Panchakam

27 S Shanmukha Karthikeya Panchakam

28 S Shanmukha Dandapani  Pancha Rathnam

29 S Shanmukha Subrahmanya Pancharathnam

30 S Shiva Dakshinamurthy Pancharathnam

31 S Shiva Shiva Pancha rathnam

32 S Shiva Arunachala Pancha rathnam

33 S Subramanya Subramanya Pancharathnam

34 S Varadaraja Varadaraja Panchakam

35 S Varanasi Kasi Panchakam

2.Shatkam  (Six stanza  prayers)

1 S Krishna Parthasarathy  Shatkam

2 S Lakshmi Sriya  Shatkam

3 S Philosophy Nirvana  Shatkam

4 S Shanmukha Skanda  Shatkam

5 S Sudarshana Sudarshana shatkam

3.Sapthakam  (Seven stanza  prayers)
1 T Ganesa Vinayaka Sapthakam

2 T Shanmukha Subramanya  Sapthakam

3 S Vishnu Hari Sarana Saothakam

4.Navakam (Nine stanza  prayers)
1 S Parvathi Arya  Navakam

2 S Shiva with Parvathy Sasakthi shiva Navakam

5.Dasakam  (Ten stanza  prayers)
1 S Ayyappa Dharma Sastru Sthuthi Dasakam

2 S Ayyappa Bhootha nadha  Dasakam

3 S Ayyappa Dharma Sastru Asraya  Dasakam

4 S Ayyappa Bhootha Nadha  Stotra  Dasakam

5 S Ganesa Vallabhesa Karavalamba Dasakam

6 S Guru Guru Dasakam

7 S Krishna Guru Pavanesa  Dasakam

8 S Parvathy Kamakshya Annapurna  Girija Dasakam

9 S Parvathy Balambika Dasakam

10 S Parvathy Gauri Dasakam

11 M Philosophy Deiva Dasakam

12 S Philosophy Nirvana  Dasakam

13 S Philosophy Nyasa  Dasakam

14 S Shiva Chith Sabesa  Dasakam

15 T Shiva Nataraja Dasakam

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