Monday, October 31, 2016

My translations in to english of the stiotra rathnas composed by Adhi Sankara

My translations in to english of the  prayers   composed by  Adhi Sankara


For the past  sixteen  years I have been doing translation of various stotrams,. I have so far translated about 1200 stotra rathnas. Written in 4 different  languages  I am now trying to look back as to that I have done.

The earliest prayers  of Hinduism    are found  in the  Vedas   and are x called Sukthas . Ramayana   the first epic that was composed  by Valmiki has  2 stotras , one addressed to  Sun God and another  addressed   to the Ganges river. The  various revisions of Ramayana  and  several Puranas  contain several stotras addressed   to several   gods. Few  poets also started writing  stotras indendently . There was  also compositions  of prayers in several languages.
    Possibly the greatest contribution to the stotra literature has come from Adhi Shankara. His utter sense of devotion , simplicity in choice of words, fluency and very musical writings have endeared his writings to all his devotees.  According to  the  complete c works  of Adhi Sankara  compiled  recently ( ), some 80 prayers  composed by  Adhi Sankara   are   available with us.  I  had the good fortune to translate  62 of his great works in to English. I am not at all a great scholar    and I believe firmly  that God made me do it .All credit  to these have to go God and the criticisms   for not doing   the translations  properly    should go to me .
 Here  is list of Adhi Sankara’s works that  I have translated   with urls   to asses them.

1.       Akhilandeswari Manthra Mathruka pushpa mala-
18.   Ganesa Bhujanga prayatha   stotram

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