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Stotras chosen by me about Lord Vishnu-Compare my translations in 2002 and after 2008

Stotras chosen by me about  Lord Vishnu-Compare my translations in 2002 and  after 2008


(By good fortune, I could h get  translations of stotras on Vishnu done by me in 2002   and after 2009.Please read and see  how   the translation of very popular stotras change  over time.God bless you)

Introduction written in 2002

The administrator and organizer of universe,the  second most popular God among the holy trinity,
sleeps on a thousand headed snake,which floats on the sea of milk. He has two consorts Lakshmi
and Bhoodevi(Earth). Unlike Shiva ,He is a black like a cloud.Several temples are dedicated to him
in his human forms called avataras.In the original form he has temples in the form of Anantha
Padmanabha,Narasimha,Panduranga and Venkitachalapathi.  He is worshipped as Narayana, Kesava, Achyuta and soon. He is meditated with the repetition of Astaksksharam

-"Om Namo Narayanaya". Here are some of the slokas  dedicated to him: -

1.Akasath  Pathitham Thoyam  , Yadha Gachathi   Sagaram,  (from Sandhya Vandanam)
Sarva deva  Namaskara  , Kesavam  Prathi Gachathi

Like all the water, -2002
That falleth from heaven,
Reaches the sea,
Salutations to all Gods,
Reaches , Kesava* the Lord of Heaven.

“Just like    the water  falling from the sky ,-2009
Is going   and reaching the sea,
The salutations   that we  make to any God ,
Does   go and reach   Kesava”

keshava - *One of the names of Vishnu,

2.Artha vishanna  , sidhilascha  Bheethaa ,   (From Vishnu  Sahasranama)
Vyadhishu  , Goreshu cha  varthamana,
Narayana   sangitha   Sabdha mathram,
Vimuktha  dukho , Sukhino Bhavanthu

He who is worried.-2002
He who is afraid,
He who is fearing catastrophe,
He who is diseased,
He who has received bad news,
When he sings out to "Narayana*"
He gets rid of all his sorrows.

If he who is worried,-2009
If he who is sad,
If he who is broken,
If he who is afraid,
If he who is severely ill,
If he who has heard tidings bad,
Sings Narayana and Narayana,
All his cares would be taken care of.

Narayana - *Name of Vishnu meaning he who
is born out of water.

3.Santhakaram bhujaga  sayanam , Padmanabham suresam,  (From Vishnu Sahasranama)
Viswadharam   gagana sadrusam , meghavarnam shubhangam,
Lakshmi kantham, kamala nayanam   Yogi hrud dhyana  gamyam,
Vandhe vishnum  Bhava  bhaya haram  sarva lokaika nadham

Salutations to you Vishnu-2002
Who is personification of peace,
Who sleeps on the giant snake,
Who has a lotus on his belly,
Who is the lord of all Gods,
Who is of the colour of the cloud,
Who does good to every one,
Who is always in the heart of Lakshmi*.
Who is the destroyer of fear,
And lord of all the worlds.

I bow before the God Vishnu,-2009
Who is personification of peace,
Who sleeps on his folded arms,
Who has a lotus on his belly,
Who is the God of gods,
Who is the basis of earth,
Who is similar to the sky,
Who is of the colour of the cloud,
Who has beautiful limbs,
Who is the consort of Lakshmi,
Who has lotus like eyes,
Who is seen by saints through thought,
Who kills all worries and fears,
And who is the lord of all the worlds.

Lakshmi - *Consort of Vishnu , the goddess of wealth.

4.Lakshmi nivase jagatham nivase   (From Sri Ranganathashtakam)
Hrud padma vase ravi bimbha vase
KrUpa nivase Guna brunda vase
Sri ranga vase ramatham mano mey

He in whom Lakshmi lives,2002
He who is everywhere in the world,
He who resides in the lotus of my mind,
He who is living in the burning Sun,
He in whom mercy resides,
He in whom all that is good lives,
He who lives in Sriranga*,
Come and live in my mind.

Let my mind revel in Ranga,-2009
As the one who lives in Sri Ranga,
In whom goddess Lakshmi lives,
Who is the abode of the universe
Who lives in the lotus of our heart,
Who lives in the face of the Sun.
Who is the abode of mercy,
And who lives where good conduct lives.

Sriranga - *Temple town in South India where the lord is sleeping on Adisesha.

5.andhasya me hrita-viveka-maha-dhanasya  (  From Mukunda mala)
cauraih prabho balibhir indriya-namadheyaih
mohandha-kupa-kuhare vinipatitasya
devesa dehi kripanasya karavalambam

Lord , I am blind,-2002
Of the wealth of wisdom in me,
Lord , I am a thief,
Stealing pleasures from my organs,
And I have fallen Lord,
In the deep  dark well of passion,
Save me my Lord Lakshmi Narasimha*,
Give me thine hand of support.

Blind I have become of the great riches of discrimination,-2009
For the thieves of senses have stolen them from me ,
And thrown me in the blind well of passion,
And so Lord, please extend your hands of support to this wretch.

Narasimha - *One of the avatars of Vishnu half man and half lion.

Lakshmi pathe Kamala nabha suresa vishno    From Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalambhasshtakam
Vaikunta Krishna Madhu soodhana viswarUpa 
Brahmanya kesava janardhana chakrapane
Devesa dehi krupanasya karavalambam 

Darling of Lakshmi,-2002
He who has a lotus on his belly,
The lord of all Gods , Vishnu,
The Krishna who lives in heaven,
He who is stealer of all passion,
He who has eyes like the sea,
He who is all over the universe,
He who is slayer of Kesi*,
He who takes care of the world,
He who is the lord of all universe,
Lord of all Gods,
Give thy hand of support,
For my redemption.

Oh King of Devas,-2009
Who is the Lord of Lakshmi, who has a lotus on his belly,
Who is Vishnu, the lord of all heavenly beings, who is Vaikunta,
Who is Krishna , who is the slayer of Madhu,
Who is one with lotus eyes, Who is the knower of Brahman,
Who is Kesava, Janardhana, Vasudeva,
Please give me the protection of your hands.
*Kesi is of an asura

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