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Prayers Addressed to Lord Shiva Translated By Raja THatha

Prayers  Addressed to Lord  Shiva

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Here  is my translation of  Stotra Rathnas  with translation all  addressed  to Lord Shiva-  99 in Sanskrit  , 26  in Tamil , 5  in Malayalam  and 5 in Hindi.
     With a full realization   that this number  has been selected  from thousands  of prayers  addressed  to Lord Shiva,
 I dedicate all these  translations to Shiva Bhakthas  throughout  the world  on this Shiva Rathri day with thousands  of Namaskarams  to Lord Shiva  and Goddess Uma.
  Please pardon  the several mistakes  I have committed and point them  out to me  , so that  I can correct them
34.   Shiva Kavacham                      
35.   Shiva Raksha Kavacham                                                                  
36.   Rudra Kavacham                      
37.   Maha Marthyunjaya  Kavacham     
38.   Sarva Vyadhi haram Maheswara Kavacham            
40.   Sri Viswanatha Suprabathashtakam              
43.   Daily Sanskrit prayer Schedule of a Shiva devotee               
44.   Dakshinamurthy Navarathna malika stotram     
45.   Indra krutha Jambukeswara stotram                      
46.   Sri Mathru bhoothesa Stotram                                             
47.   Jambukeswara Stotra of sage Parasara              
50.   Sadashiva stotram                 
51.   Hatakeswara Stotram                                   
52.   Parvathy Parameswara stotram                       
53.   Parasurama Krutha Shiva Sthuthi                            
54.   Shiva Akshara Mala Stora                                                
55.   Shiva Stotram                                  
56.   Agasthya Krutha Shiva stotram                                       
58.   Shiva jaya jaya kara dhyana stotram                          
59.   Marga sahaya linga Sthuthi                                                    
60.   Shiva Gadya  Stotram              
61.   Brahaspathi krutha  Shiva  stotra                          
62.   Shiva Shadakshari Stotram-II                                              
63.   Adhi Shankara's Pratha Smarana Stotram                                                                                                
66.   Adhi Shankara's Uma Maheswara Stotram                                                                                               
68.   Adhi Shankara's Shivananda Lahari                                
69.   Shivaparadha Kshamapana Stotram                         
70.   Ravana's Shiva Thandava Stotram                               
72.   Dakshinamurthy Pancharathnam                                  
73.   Shiva Pancha rathnam                                    
74.   Arunachala Pancha rathnam                                                 
75.   Shiva Raksha Stotram       
80.   Adhi Shankara's Shiva bhujanga prayata stotram              
81.   Pratha Smarana Shiva Stotram                                       
82.   Appayya DEekshithar's Marga Bandhu Stotram                  
84.   Adhi Shankara's Dwadasa Jyothirlinga Stotram      
85.   Daridrya Dahana Shiva Stotram                                       
87.   Ardhanareeswarashtakam                                      
88.   Daily Sanskrit prayer Schedule of a Shiva devotee               
89.   Shiva Sahasranamsm             
90.   An e- book on Vaitheeswaran koil                      
91.   Mruthyunjaya  Ashtotharam                                           
92.   Dakshinamurthy Ashtotharam                                       
94.   Mruthyunjaya  Ashtotharam                                           
95.   Dakshinamurthy Ashtotharam                                       


2.      Arunachala  nava mani pathigam(tamil)

7.      Tamil  prayers  addressed to Lord Shiva  ,  to be chanted from morning to night
8.      Shiva manasa  pooja   in tamil as taught  by Lord Krishna to Pandavas

12.   Kala Samhara  Murthuy Pathigam (tamil)
18.   Seventh Thirumurai  24th Pathigam(tamil)
19.   THiru neela kanta  Pathigam (tamil)
26.   Shiva  Vakkiam of Shiva Vakkiar  (Tamil)
1.  Shiva             Naranayingane (Malayalam)      
2.      Shiva Sthuthi(Malayalam)       
4.      Shiva Sankara  Jaya  (Malayalam)

1.      Festival of Shiva Rathri(Hindi)
3.     Aarthi  har har Mahadev (hindi)                                  
4.     Shiv Aarthi (hindi)                 
5.     Shiv CHalisa(hindi)              

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