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Mahalakshmi Kavacham II

Mahalakshmi Kavacham II
(Armour of Goddess Lakshmi)

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(There is another Mahalakshmi Kavacham as taught by Indra. It can be found along with meaning in

1.Lakshmi may cha agratha pathu , Kamala pathu prushtatha,
Narayani seersha dese , Sarvange Sri Swaroopini.

Let my nearby places be protected by Lakshmi,
Let my back side be protected by Kamala,
Let my front side be protected by Narayani,
And let all my parts be protected by The goddess whose form is “Sri”.

2.Ramapathni prathyange thu , sadaavathu Rameswari,
Visalakshi yoga maya , Kaumari chakrini thadha.

Let the wife of Rama protect each of my limbs.
And let me be protected always by the goddesses,
Rameswari , Visalakshi , Yoga maya , Kaumari and Chakrini.

3.Jayadhathri, Dhana dhathri , pasaksha, Malini, shubha,
Hari Priya , Hariramaa, jayankari , mahodhari

She who gives victory, she who gives wealth , who has affectionate eyes,
Who wears garland , who is auspicious , who is dear to Lord Hari,
Who is the Sitha of Hari , who causes victory and who has huge belly.

4.Krishnaparayanaa devi , Sri Krishna mana Mohini,
Jayangari,Maharoudhri, Sidhi dhatri, Shubhamkari

She who worships Krishna , She who attracts the mind of Krishna,
She who is victorious, She who is very angry,
She who is mother of occult powers, She who does auspicious things.

5.Sukhadha , Mokshadhaa devi, Chithrakoota nivasini,
Bhayam hareth sadhaa, paayad bhava bandhadhimochayeth.

She who gives pleasure , She who gives salvation, She who lived in Chithrakoota,
May permanently erase fear from me and give me deliverance from the ties of domestic life.

6.Kavachanthu maha punyam ya padeth Bhakthi samyutha,
Trisandhyameka sandhyam vaa muchyathe sarva sangadth.

He who reads this blessed armour with great devotion,
At dawn, noon and dusk or one of those times,
Would get freedom from all troubles.

7.Padanam kavachasysya, puthra sampathi vardhanam,
Bheethi nirmarjjanam chaiva thrishu lokeshu keerthitham.

Reading of this armour would result in increase of sons and wealth,
Freedom from fear and fame in all the three worlds.

8.Bhoorjapathre samalikhya rochanaa kunkumena thu,
Dhaaranad gala dese cha sarva sidhir bhavishyathi.

He who writes this on the leaf of birch tree with yellow pigment and saffron,
And wears it over his throat would get all the occult powers.


Mahesh said...

Thanks sir! This is the mantra am looking for in English. Chanting mahalakshmi stotram daily atleast once has changed my life.

Raja Thatha said...

Your comments daily were not proper.YOu can type the first line of the stotra and search for it instead of writing the comment.Write to me ramachander926 at gmail dot com