Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nava Durga Raksha Manthra(Hindi)

Shri Nava Durga Raksha Mantra (Hindi)

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( Here is a very simple and straight forward   prayer of protection addressing the  Nava   Durga written in Hindi   and found in
This mantra is recited for protection. It is based on one calling out to the nine forms of the mother ( Nava Durga ).

If the mantra is recited deep from the heart with love and affection, the goddess helps devotees through the obstacles in their life.

Om Shaila-putri maiya raksha karo,
Om Jaga-janani devi raksha karo;
Om Navadurga namaha,
Om Jaga-janani namaha.
Om Brahmacharini raksha karo;
Om Bhavataarini maiya raksha karo.
Om Chadraghanta Chandi raksha karo;
Om Bhayaharini maiya raksha karo.
Om Kushmanda tumhi raksha karo;
Om Shakti roopa maiya raksha karo.
Om Skanda-mata maiya meri raksha karo;
Om Jagadamba Janani raksha karo.
Om Katyaayani maiya raksha karo;
Om Paap-naashini Ambe raksha karo.
Om Kaalaratri Kali raksha karo;
Om Sukha-daati maiya raksha karo.
Om Maha-gauri maiya raksha karo;
Om Bhakti-daati raksha karo.
Om Sidhhi-daatri maiya raksha karo,
Om Nava Durga devi raksha karo;
Om Navadurga namaha,
Om Jaga-janani namaha.

OM Shaila puthri protect me ,
Om mother of universe protect me ,
Om  Nine Durgas   protect me,
Om mother  of universe   protect me  ,
Om Brahmacharini  protect me,
OM goddess who makes  me the sea of birth protect me ,
Om  Chandraganta   who killed Chanda   protect me,
Om  mother who destroys   fear  protect me,
Om Kooshmanda  , you please   protect me,
Om mother  in the form of Shakthi   protect me,
Om Skand mata   protect me,
Om mother  of the universe   protect me,
Om mother Kathyayani  protect me,
Om mother who destroys sins   protect me,
Om  Kali who is Kalarathri   protect me
Om mother who grants pleasures   protect me,
Om  mother  the great Gauri protect me
Om  giver of devotion protect me,
Om mother   sidhi  Dhatri protect me,
Om  the goddess Nava Durga  protect me,
Om salutations to Nava Durga
Om salutations to mother of universe.

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