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. Avathara purushan by Vali (part 2)

. Avathara purushan by Vali (part 2)

Translated by

Ayodhya kanda - Pravachana at Sri Vyasaraja Matha, Bangalore

Ayodhya Kandam

1.White  hair

The palace  of Ayodhya,
Its female  quarters, its garden,
The night  of early summer

To the walls of the sky  ,
Blackened by sun’s heat,
the moon came  ,
And white washed

In the long house of the sky,
In all its corridors,
Lots of lamps  of stars,
Like the guest, who has lost the address,
And suffering , not able to know the home,
The breeze  went  , round and round,
In side that garden

Without the  flowers in garden,
Clapping and calling,
Some bees came and talked with a smile

Some flowers,
Withdrawn due to shyness,
Became  buds again

In the bed room,
In the luxury  drenched cot,
In the  room of the eye    , Sita and Rama,
Took the dreams which were  in prison for long time,
Slowly  placed   on the flower cot,
Slowly and slowly  placed it

The wedding garland has  fallen on their neck,
What work need the dreams  have to do now?

In the eyes similar  to the spear,
The desire  of youth, raised  itself, like a spear

When with his good hands Sri Rama,
Hugged the      pretty red  coloured  body,
Of the good girl Maithili,
He suspected,
She stood little away,
Would Rama leave,
Even if Rama leaves  ,
Would God of love leave?

Keeping the five type of his arrows,
On the sugarcane in his hand,
He slowly shot it on their body

What else?
Love lorn feeling went to the head,
And  it danced there,
The feeling of desire entered the body,
And ran in their green nerves
Hip and hip joined without space,
The breath of both of them,
Closed the door  of the room.

They themselves became dress ,
Of each  other

Dasaratha who woke  up 
Before it was morning

Stood before the mirror
And properly arranged hair on his head,
He saw  white hair  near his ear, that is,
The old age  has sown its seed

Youth has died and gone,by  now,
It is time that  head wears a white cloth,
Said that   white hair, in the king’s ears

After  hairs become white , to carry the crown,
Is a difficult job, decided Dasaratha

Till now  the days have gone  ,
In the ways  where the mind went,
Now , we have to go to forest,
And go from their to heaven,
Thought he,
And he  did arrangements for that,
Next day itself

He called   the king’s guru  Vasishta,
The minister sumanthra ,
And all other elders  and scholars,
And talked  with them

To the man , old age ,
Is the first  letter sent by death,
To hearld its arrival,
And  this white hair  has showed,
That the letter has come

What is the need  of golden crown,
Over my white hair,
After removing the dress of relations,
Wearing  the dress of renunciation,
I am going to start  to the forest,
I am going to wash  , the dirt  of desire,
In the river  of Athma  Jnana
My eldest son,
The son who flowered in side Kausalya,
The son who protected,
The Yaga  of Viswamithra,
Is the son suitable to carry   the golden crown,
I have decided  to crown him ,
What is your decision about my decision?

All people  accepted  the decision of the king,
Sage Vasishta  seconded it

The great sage,
After seeing the Panchanga,
Examined  for god day   for crowning,
And said,” Tomorrow is the good day”

Minister Sumanthra  , brought,
To the memory of the king the fact,
That  Bharatha and Sathrugna  ,
Have gone to their grand father’s  house

We will inform Bharatha,
But let us not  change the date,
Said king Dasaratha,
And saint also told

Vasishta wrote the mail,
Saying “Tomorrow  is crowning”

2.The hunch back Kooni

Kooni is another hand of queen Kaikeyi,
This third hand  was an important hand,
This has  the first honour, first seat,
Even if two hands are lost, if this hand is not there,
She  thought she will not have joy,
Kaikeyi  kept her  with her  like a hand drum

If Kaikeyi is a poem, this Kooni is its meter,
This meter has been given by god a hunched back,
Kooni has another name   called Mandhara

Just like  the  black marks  in the moon,
Seeing the hunch back  ,
In the  body  of Kooni

Rama kept a mud ball in his bow,
And shot at her  hunched back
Kooni who was like a lady ball ,
Due to the hunchback,
Stood up suddenly and  the
Question mark was,
Made in to exclamation  mark by Rama

Inspite  of that

Due to that act of Rama,
Hunchback which was in her back,
Grew inside her mind

When the  royal announcement was made,
That  as soon as day breaks,
AS soon earth flowers,
It is crowning ceremony for Rama

Sound of joyful  music filled up the town,
The entire  Kosala Country  ,
Like a baby ,
Clapped, jumped and laughed

At the night itself,
To assure a place  in the crowing hall,
The entire  town  crawled,
Towards the palace,
The entire capital,
Was filled with scene  of head moving

Here and there,
Programs  of folk dance,
And folk songs  ,
Made the city sweet

The wind good holding the broom,
Swept the   town

The  god of time drew Rangoli,
The God of fire  lit  lamps all over

All the people of heaven,
Became people of the city ,
And made it pretty, no, no
Increased  its beauty

Kooni saw  all these  joyful  activities,
Like a boat, all her body  ,
Was drenched in sweat
And the next moment, kooini the poison,
Walked  and reached ,
The  place where Kaikeyi was here.


Kaikeyi, the pretty climbing plant,
Born in the   Kekaya clan,
She is the lily of the pond,
Which assumed a body,
And walked on land

Without digging mud,
But digging a woman,
She was born to Kekaya king,
She is the treasure of emerald,
She is the book of Manmatha,
Who is daily read  by Dasaratha

He is  the dramatic peacock  ,
Of the pretty garden, and she ,
The Koel   who sits  in his mind and coos,
That evening one  will spread  only for him,
And her beauty of the boody cannot be described
The beauty of that sun

Kaikeyi is third   wife of dasaratha, but,
She is the main reason for him to breath,
She is the basis which saved  his,
Fame not  being spoiled in the battle field

She, is the  petal of Mandhara  flower,
She is  the pearl necklace of her smile
How  can the new necklace made of gold,
Lie in the  flower bed and wilt

And that is why  , Dasaratha ,
Use to spend , thirty nights of a month with her,
He will wake up in the morning seeing her face,
If she shows sign with an eye, he will even tear the sky,
Even if her reddish body slightly  sweats,
He will rub it away with his hankie 

Like the storm   dressed in a  sari, ,Kooni,
Went in to bed room of Kaikeyi
In the cotton bed which smelled of pretty flowers,
Kaikeyi was lying down like a lotus flower,
She pinched her  and woke her up,
She dragged away the silken banket from her

Kaikeyi woke up   and asked “what is the matter?”
Without opening her eyes, the sleep was still sitting,
In the rim of her eyelids

Kooni with a bent mind,,
With fire in her  eyes told 
“ Hey Kaikeyi dear, did  you know?”
As soon as day breaks it is crowning ceremony for Rama
In every street  the festival flag posting has started.

“Oh daughter of Kekaya, drop away,
The sleep that is remaining in your eye,
When you know sorrow  is coming,
Will sleep ever  come?”

Kaikeyi only had   taken one sentence in  her ear,
“As soon as day breaks it is crowning ceremony for Rama”

Even without realizing her dress slipping out of ,
Her hand drum like hips, she got up from the bed spread suddenly.
From head with ecstasy running like mercury  in her green veins,
She hugged the shoulders of her friend Kooni and greeted, “Hail, Hail”

“Hey Kooni, you have brought a news as sweet as sugar candy,
Are you not my real friend?”
The Bharatha whom I gave birth is like adopted son for me,
The Rama who is going to crowned is like my first son,
Tomorrow my eldest son is getting crowned, Telling this,
You poured  milk in  to my ears, I will give you a gift,
Come on,  take  this diamond necklace.

 The very evil minded kooni  thew on the earth,
The pretty necklace given with grat love,
The diamonds of the necklace  shined  on earth,
The enmity  in the eyes  of Kooni, shined   there

With complete  determination Mandhara,
Started doing  the white washing of brain

“Oh  innocent lady, is your gift  big for me?
Should the kingdom of Bharatha  ,
Be snatched   away from him.

Dasaratha   who is lying like an old bull,
Is eating a flower  like body  daily like fodder
He who ate like that, has murdered his gratefulness
Oh Lady who offered your body like fodder,
In the dictionary of the king, you are  not queen but  thing of enjoyment

The king deceived you,
And gave that women of Kosala promotion

And that is why  in his urgent   scheme  ,
Rama gets country   and Bharatha  the zero..

From now on Kausalya would treat  you  ,
Like a useless insect, she will jeer at you,
You will become  her servant,
Is this  justice

Hearing the  wicked words  of Kooni,
Kaikeyi   scolded her

Stop this false tears of yours,
You are telling the athar  which makes the hands smell,
AS   the water  used for washing

You are  calling , my deva like lord,
And Kausalya  who is pure as white flower,
AS the diseases  which have attacked me,
The mistake that  I am doing is that,
I am not cutting your toungue

How can the younger one take crown of elder,
With fore arm extending, the back arm move
Hey fiool, put a full stop to your  ,
Evil smelling talk

Mandhara did not bother about Kaikeyi’s anger
She again started  seriously ,
In her   job of brain washing.

Please put affair  of elder  and younger,
In waste paper  basket, And hear what  this kooni
Is telling you

Once you  start ruling a kingdom,
The desire for throne  will never go and
To the devil like desire you have  to  beat,
Six times with weapons

Father will be killed by son, younger brother murdered by elder,
There is no great person who has  ruled,
Without  war and blood,
If there  is a competition in own house , the king,
Will not keep quiet, he wil  become a sword who kills

After crowning ceremony there will  be ,
Blood abhisheka(anointment)  to the competitor  Bharatha by Rama
Kausalya has also anger with you because ,
Dasaratha goes around you like kitten

The co wife is like killing forest fire,
She will wait for proper time and take revenge

If this crowning happens  , Bharatha,
Would become real corpse,
You will become a walking corpse

At the end,
The lady who was not disturbed ,
When kooni threw stone after stone,
Became very disturbed

Hearing the advice her normal brain was spoiled
The unbroken building started breaking,
Kaikeyi became the baby of Kooni
The boss of the maid ,
Became her maid

The trick sending Bharatha to grand father’s home,
Crowning his elder  brother Rama
Showed Kaikeyi  Dasaratha’s criminal nature,
And Kaikeyi decided   to break it

She asked her friend, “What can we do?”
And  the friend started explaining  what to do

Oh Kaikeyi , the darling of  my two eyes,
Hear carefully, This  kooni is the only one,
Who can protect you here

Did you not  help  Dasaratha to victory,
When you became charioteer  ,
When he went to war with Sambarasura,
Do you remember that?

Do you  remember that  the king gave you,
Two boons which you can claim any time you want?

You ask them now with the king-Do you think,
A scorpion is more poisonous than those  boons

Dasararatha  would not know what to do,
And your problem will come to an end

By one boon ask that,  your son should rule the kingdom,
And by another ask Rama should rule the forest for fourteen years

This  is the time of king’s arrival, get prepared,
For  the drama  of evil,
Remove your ornaments, become unkempt,
Cry loudly  and create nuisance

That golden moon called Kaikeyi,
Removed all auspicious things,
Got up from the flower bed  ,
And as per directions of Kooni
Lay  down on the bare  floor

4.The  arrows called boons

After finishing works for crowning, dasaraha,
With yawning and passion

Came to the bed room where the  ,
Spotted deer Kaikeyi was sleeping,
As soon as he came, he  was,
Surprised and scared and became  dumb

The butterfly which used to murmur ,
Pleasantly on his touch,
Was sleeping upside down on the bare floor,
Her black hair was not tied

The body of the peacock with feathers,
Was pierced  by dust and the look,
Pierced  the eye of Dasaratha

“Oh blue moon lyng  on the floor,
What happened to you,
With my  hands fondling you ,
On your pretty body,
We used to sleep , oh Kaikeyi deer,
Why you are upset” like  this ,
He went on asking questions and ,
Raised the glden dream of his eyes  from the land

The  peacock which was acting did not reply,
The king was  shattered,
Are you angry, is there difference of opinion,
Like this he went on asking and wailed

The emerald statue  lying on earth kept silent
It tested  the king more

To the possible extent Dasaratha cried, saluted her
Even after that  , that coloured painting  did not open her mouth

And then that king , like a beggar,
Begged with her, read  words of flattery

“Oh young breeze  who  came to waft
In my old garden, What is your sorrow

“Till  today , have I kept any short comings to you?
Or did I imprison   another lady in my mind?
Did I say, I will come to your home  ,only  ,
Thrice a week, Did I put a stain,
To your faultless  love?
What mistake did I do?
What mistake did I do?”

Please tell,
Are you not able to tell?
, Then without telling kill me.

Dasaratha thought that  if he tells like this,
She will get pity on him
And that belief failed and he was  upset

Again the king  begged and argued,
“Oh goddess  what is your need, ask me?
Before the words mix in air, I will give   you what you want.

I have always kept the word “No “ to you as never
I have kept you as the  boundary  of my soul  and sensibility,
What ever you ask, I will give
Even if you ask me  , I will give

I will never go back on my word,
Oath   on my dear son Rama

As soon as the king told  ,
“oath on  Rama”, Kaikeyi opened her eyes,
She smelled like saffron

“Oh king once in your battle, I ran  the chariot for you,
Telling That  this lady is the reason for my victory,
You gave me two boons

You give those two boons to me now,
Do not go back on your word

By one boon , send the son of Kausalya,
To forest  for fourteen years and   by the other boon,
This  Kaikeyi’s son   should  be crowned  and rule this country”

Remember  , “Oath on Rama,
The oath  on moon of Sun’s clan,
I believe in you,
The oath oh the clan of the sun

The mind  of dasaraha  suddenly caught fire,
His toungue died and his nerves ,
Were burning as if it was a fire torch

Breath   stopped  in his lungs,
In his heart the blood  flow,
Became  dried up and became solid

His  body shook, his breath became fast,
His legs became numb, his hands shook

Darastha   fainted and fell on the floor

After  one second  Dasaratha  regained   his consciousness,
He fired Kaikeyi using     words

“ oh sinner, oh devil,
Oh evil month not suitable for auspicious deds,
Oh dictionary  which gives the meaning of all sins

You are  not a lady, you are the wound,
Which harms the heart 

You are  climber  of joyful act,
 No , no , you are killer of the soul,
What you asked  are not boons,
They are arrows aimed   at  my heart,
If my darling  Rama  goes to the forest  ,
I will go to heaven

Oh Base  daughter of Kekaya  king,
When your son is wearing the golden crown,
In your hair,  there  would not be flowers for you  to wear

Oh heroine of the hero?
The  thread on which turmeric is applied,
Is it the rope which  god of death  ,
Throws on your   husband

Do not have this evil thought,
Should the smell of cremation come on a coloured flower?

Ask other boons , not two,
Ask hundred boons, I will give

Do not ask  , what I cannot give,
Do not make me a criminal

Thus ended, Dasaratha’s talk ,
Kaikeyi again talked   the same talk

“Remember  ,
Oath on Rama, Oath on the  moon of Sun clan,
I believe,
Oath on oath on Sun clan”

The king holds the spear,
Held  the  feet of spear eyed  Kaikeyi,
He shed tears

“Hey Kaikeyi  ,
Still you are talking,
What should not be talked”

Did I not pour  measureless love,
Did I not fall on you as   water of love,
Have you forgotten everything,
“Were you born   without a heart?”

I will wash the bottom of your feet with my tears,
I am loudly crying like  an orphan without any support,
Will not  your mind melt?
Please give alms of my soul.

Kaikeyi talked  harshly

“King  , after giving your word,
You are going back on it,
You are  crying like a female hen,
You are talking like a silly person

In the history of the clan of the sun,
You  are a black mark, I tightly hugged you,
Thinking you are the sun,
That  is my sorrow

If you give me the boon I asked,
I will accept you, otherwise  ,
I will die here itself,
Give the boon or take my corpse

With   fire emitting from his eyes,
The king shouted  in anger

Oh poison which I drank saying,
You   are honey of the flower, honey of the flower,
I have given ,given
The two boons  that you have asked,
I have  understood, understood , due to you,
That fate  is big

But one thing,
You  are not my wife,
Your son Bharatha  is not my son

When I go to heaven, your respect  will be lost

After giving his word, like a big tree,
He fell on the floor-The dasaratha ,
The emperor born in clan of  Sun

5.He entered the forest

When the  good time for  the crowning neared
Sita’s husband got news that,
He is being called by  junior mother
And that news was brought  by,
The great  minister, Sumanthra

Next second to take him ,
To the home of the queen among women ,Kaikeyi,
The chariot came,
In the chariot root  of dharma came

When the root came, on the feet,
Of the junior mother who stood before him,
Saluted by falling on the floor.

Immediately the decision as to the last rites,
Of the king  of Lanka, came and sat  ,
On the toungue  of Kaikeyi,
She whose mind was black,
Told him whose    body was black

“Hear , husband of Sita, hear

Your father  is resting in the next room,
He has put an order  to you, his darling son
He is hesitating to tell his by his mouth,
And so he is talking  through my moputh

This is the order,
BHaratha should wear the crown and rule  the country,
And for fourteen years keeping a pasted tuft, you should rule the forest,
These  are the boons given by your father  to me,
You make  these  boons live”

Telling it in summary  , Kaikeyi  carefully watched  whether,
Folds are  appearing on the face of pretty Rama

He himself is the fold of Vedas,
Will folds fall  on his forehead,
He  is the sun born in clan of sun,
Only shadows due to sun shorten or lengthen,
Would  sun light   shorten?

Thrice more  before earlier,
He sprayed  gold in his  smile

Then , with  humility  ,
He told  the following  words

Give up the crown,
Wear the dress  of skin of a tree,
Make the  dropping   tuft of hair,
Walk to Dandakaranya

What  if all these  are  told by
Father  or you

Do you think I will think as small,
The words of  the junior mother,
Will I disregard her ,
Saying  she is not the mother,
Who gave birth to me

Will  a word of no come in my mouth,
For orders from your mouth,
If it comes  will by brain be a good brain

Oh mother,
If the younger Bharatha becomes  the king,
Whatever he has got ,  is got by elder also,
I will come mother , give me fare well

He saluted  in the direction  where his father was there,
He saluted and got up and  then,
That Kodanda Rama   started  walking,
Towards the home of Kausalya

Kausalya was not sad that the ,
Throne of the senior  went to the junior,
And so she did not blow up the quarrel,
Her sorrow was different and she explained it to Rama

“Oh Son,
Bharata is a good man  and is better than you,
Except  his being king is not in the right order,
There is no other problem,
But asking you   to go to forest  is not proper,
To   the one who told like that, his brain  is not right

In one of his eyes your father poured  rose water, that is affection
In other eyes he poured hot water, that is treachery
I cannot tolerate it  ,
Did I give birth for you this

Afterwards  Kausalya could not talk,
Anger and sorrow , lay down on her throat,
Covering it 
The words could not come upto her mouth,
And lay down in the middle

Seeing  the bad things, unable to bear it,
Lakshmana  rose up in great anger

With fire burning  in the corner  of the house  of sight,
With great anger  , he argued with his brother

“Oh elder brother, Should  the cot of the females,
Decide as to who will have the royal cot,
To  our father whose  organs have become weak,
The brain also has become weak, otherwise,

Will he sign in place pointed out by Kaikeyi,
How can our father hand over your scepter  to him,
Will he allow  Kaikeyi , to imprison him

Brother order me,
I will correct  those  who cannot be corrected by words, by my  arrow,
After  correcting them I  will keep on your head,
The crown that is  yours on your head

With the four directions shiver  , the younger brother,
Prepared   his bow

Using sweet words, Raghava  ,
Pacified the boiling  of the younger brother

Oh  younger brother ,
What  are you talking?
Whom are you abusing?
The  words  you spoke  ,
Do not fit to your greatness, they are small words”

Only time  has kept our father ,
In an untenable position and rolling the dice?
That only rotated  the mind of junior mother,
And make her a   criminal

You  can oppose  the world,
Can you oppose the time?

It will not draw a Rangoli,
After  asking you,
The time   will not act as per your wishes,

And so, leave  the anger, anger  ,
Is the maternal  home  of all sins.

After  consoling  his younger brother,
Rama went  to his wife

She said,
Whether you go to forest or  the sky,
I will come  with you, Like this,
She was adamant

Maithili continued   her talk
Oh Darling,  did I love you , to part away from you,
If the oxygen goes away, will not the lungs,
Become  bad lungs, will it not die slowly?

After  light   goes away from the eyes,
Will not the eyes  become simple holes?
Will not people become blind immediately?

Oh Lord, if you are with me,
Forest  is also a home for me,
If you are not there,
Even this home  will be a forest

All the three  dressed  up ,
In hides of the tree,
Only  Kaikeyi and Kooni laughed,
All others cried
The royal minister Sumanthra brought the chariot
The Dharma  along with his wife and brother   went to dandakaranya

6.The oil protection

The chariot carrying the three  dressed in,
Tree hide came to the boundary  of Ayodhya.
Upto the border  Ayodhya  came along with them

The Dasaratha  Rama who did not like the city coming with him,
When he is leaving the city, Got do down from chariot ,
And told the minister

“oh great minister,
I do not have two options  ,In decisions that I take,
We have  walked two yojana  distance,
And have come to garden in the border”

“Whether evening comes or garden comes,
WE  will spend our night here
Before it is morning ,
Before the people  who came with us wake up,
We will go towards the forest,
And you go towards Ayodhya.”

AS it is morning the people seeing your chariot  marks,
Will  think we have returned back, and they will return home.
Other wise they will come  to forest along with me.
When Rama told like  this with half mind
Sumanthra agreed.

Dasaratha  who was nearing death , told Kausalya,
The story of a crime he  has committed

“Oh queen among women,
There is a curse which I have  got ,
Long back in my dress pocket

Before I married you,
One day I got in to the chariot,
And went  to forest for hunting,
In that place , I became ,
The victim of my own hunt”

Sarayu river shore was silent,
The birds  were  sleeping on flowery trees

I heard   the sound of elephant ,
Drinking water in the deep river,
Immediately I sent an arrow,
In the direction of the sound,
Next moment I heard a sound of sorry
Wailing  “Oh my God”
I  shivered

When I went , near the river,
I saw that my arrow had struck,
The heart of a sage’s son,
Who had come to collect water,
And he had fallen down

He scolded me by calling me a sinner
And afterwards  when he knew who I am,
He talked one  or two words with me.

“Oh king, my parents both have lost their eye sight
They do not have any one else,
To help them except me

Only to end their thirst ,
I came to collect water to the river,
And you have come with a bow,
Only to get their curse

Go through that path in the forest,
You will reach a hut  where my parents live
You take the pot  , which I am supposed  to carry,
You tell them about what happened here.

Tell about your error and fall at their feet,
Ask their pardon and cry

Saying this that  young sage died,
Getting a heavenly body  he went to heaven
The parents  of the young sage  did not pardon me
Will a pardon  to me  , will give a son to them

They prayed God for a second,
For the peace of their son’s soul
And then they cursed me

“Oh king you also will die,
Due to parting with your son”

Saying this, he buried his face  ,
In kausalya’s lap  and sobbed  like a baby.

Oh Kausalya , that curse is going ,
To become true now, It is going ,
To take away my soul

When Sumanthra and the chariot,
Came back alone , the king understood,
He understood  that son of Dasaratha will not come back

He said “Oh Rama” and then died

Do we not need a son to  cremate?
They  preserved the body of Dasaratha,
In an oil  tub,
After  preserving ,Vasishta,
Asked people to bring back Bharatha


In the banks  OF Ganga , in the early dawn,
With husband going in front,
With brother in law  in the back,
Just like  a unopened betel leaf gets up and walks
In between them
Sita who was wearing  wood hide  cloth

More  than life  in a palace, she liked,
The life  in the forest, because,
Everything was natural here,
It was like a poem which had good meaning and good metre

Seeing him coming  with his wife  and brother,
The sanyasis who had learnt four Vedas became happy,
They welcomed them  and made  them live in a bamboo hut,
And served them lots of roots  on a banana leaf

 Guha was a king of a small village ,
Called Sringiberam,
Though he was  the king of hunters,
He joined as a disciple  of Rama
He was the friend of boats and in his,
Toungue and mouth only name  of Rama was ,
Swimming  like a boat
He  caught the feet of Rama,
Whose mind and thought,
Were only showering blessings

He came to know that Dasaratha Rama,
Was living in the bamboo homes of the saints,
He immediately rushed to see them
Making others who came with him stand outside,
He only entered  their home

To the great king who is praised by,
The skies and the  fishes, Guha,
Cooked meat and fish, and stood aside
But  thegreat one only ate the  desire,
Shown by the hunter and  then,
King of Kosala told him

“Please  assume I have eaten this  ,
Fish  and meat, WE  need a boat,
Tomorrow to cross  the ganges river,
Please  help us

The night came , along with Lakshmana,
He stood  at the door of hut to protect them

Seeing the two golden bodies  lying,
On the grass spread on the bare earth,
Guha shed  hot tears, Even still it was flowing,
The morning came

The morning came,
The hunter saluted them,
The feet of the blessed one, then ,
He made them sit  in the boat  he has brought,
And pushed the oar of the  boat

The stainless lord, his youngerbrother,
And his wife were safely,
Taken with courtesy and care to the other shore

After  hugging him tightly  the lord told,
“Till yesterday you were Guha to me,
From today, like us , you  are another ,
Son   to our father”

Rama wanted to go toChithra koota  mounatn,
Along with his wife and younger brother,
Sending his thought to go with Sri rama,
Guha returned  back to sringibera

As per usual system,
With brother in law  going in front,
And king following her,
In the centre  Sita with pretty Kajal eyes,
Maithili  walked

The body  of the one of sun clan,
Was hugged  by the sun
And just like thilaka  of victory,
He  made a mark  with his sweat

The dharma  which can help us to loose all Karma,
How he kept his soft step  in this hot floor,
The  trees wondered

The feet of all the three of them,
Walked three kadhams

They reached  the hermitage  ,
Of Sage Bharadhwaja who looked,
Like divine God in the afternoon,
They took some rest and then proceeded

In the middle  Kalindhi  river came,
They were worried as to how they will cross it

Lakshmana cut many bamboo poles and built ,
A  catamaran for his  lord and lady to travel

In the evening they reached  Chithrakkota mountain
They took some rest

And there  Lakshmana built  a pretty hut,
Rama appreciated  his expertise

In the hermitage   built by the younger,
The king stayed with  his wife

9.Bharatha came

Bharatha  who started from Kekaya,
Could reach Ayodhya only on the eighth day

The coloured chariot of Bharatha  ,
Entered the city through  Vaijayantha gate

The town did not look like a town,
There  was   no joy and enthusiasm there,
And everywhere they were digging and digging,
In to the street dust

In the town, where even in small streets,
The streams  joy used to flow,
In the town where  all the time,
Song and dance used to be always there

Even where  mansion and apartments were there,
There was a silence of cremation ground

Sarayu  river which  used  to Day to day come in to the streets,
And fan the cool breeze,
Was ebbing with anger  ,
And was doing a wild dance,
The earth  unable to bear the heat,

People keeping their head between their knees,
Were lying like  gunny bags,
In every corner
Bharatha Saw  and he was flustered,
Even with his sharp brain unable to understand .
Any hint, he was confused,
He was ebbing like a pot not filled up
Sathrugna  also got worried,
He lost  his  courage

Kaikeyi welcomed her darling,
Spreading both her  hands,
Was it not for this darling,
She got the scolding of her husband

BHaratha kept his head on her feet,
And saluted her,
Later , he asked,
“where is father?,
Without any confusion  ,
Kaikeyi  told

When the  time came , god of death came,
Your father  got in to his plane and went to vaikunta
Hearing the news that his father ,
Who was praised by the world has gone to Vaikunta.
He cried “Oh my God, “oh my god”
He prattled   “Is it truth or lie

He fell on the  florr and rolled, Sobbed,
Lost  all of himself, Cried  loudly,
Then he got  up and consoled himself
And asked mother in a feeble voice,
“Oh , mother how did my father die, my fate  or his fate

“Was he sick or did some one harm with harsh words
Was he killed  by the population, Did he die due  to sorrow,
Tell , mother, tell”

Without waiting for a second Kaikeyi told
“ Earlier you father  had asked me two boons,
Now I asked them and got it,
As per my boon  your elder brother ,
Along with younger one went to forest,
Your father  died  due to sorrow of parting him,
Oh son who is dearer  to me than my soul,
I got the crown  for your sake,
Wear that crown and fulfill my wish.”

Hearing the words , full of harsh sin,
In the eyes of Bharatha   which shed water,
Now fire came, He forgot,
That the person standing before him ,
Is the mother who gave  birth to him
He forgot the propriety  as to ,
What  can be told to  whom.

He thought Kaikeyi  as the peak form of evil,
He drenched  her from head to feet  ,
With words  of fire

“oh base sinner, what did you do?
Did you harvest my father’s soul  for my sake,
No book mentions of a story of a mother,
Who sold her Mangalya and fetched  a crown for her son.
This is not there in homes  not in countries

If I say you  are  my mother , my mouth will get cooked
If I say I am your baby, disease  will immediately take me

This country will blame me  as the dog,
Which while remaining in his grand father’s place,
By telling spy words to his mother, stole this country
And the blame will be echoed  by all the  four directions

I have carried  blame because of you,
I fell in a big sin,
Rama the lord of Dharma  is not only my elder brother,
But, mother, father, the  Guru who teaches all arts,
The capital which will stay as help for  me for  ever

He is the one who is born to carry the crown,
I am one who is born to catch his feet and worship him

Now  , the relation between me and you is cut off
The  tie  has been broken, The affection has come to an end,
Only if I fall at the feet of my elder mother Kausalya,
I will get redemption to my sin, her flower like  fingers,
Would wipe away  my dirt

BHaratha went to home of Kausalya ,
Who was queen of mothers

“Please come Bharatha,
The diamond crown which your mother,
Has bought for you is waiting here,
Rule the country, I will fall in the funeral pyre
Of Him who has filled my mind and go to heaven.

As soon as Kousalya told like this Bharatha cried loudly,
And then  bathing in the rain of tears  he said

“Oh mother, in the drama  conducted by my mother,
For my sake, My part is not there , even in minute quantity,
This is the deceit created by my mother,
It is not proper for you   to punish me for that

If what I am telling is the truth, I will accept,
All the sins committed  by all people , and rot in the hell,
I will not get  release from there till end  of several eons

When Bhartha  clarified  his position,
Kausalya  embraced him, fondled him,
And with  true affection of the mind told

“My son has come back from the  forest, here,
And he is standing  before me”

Bhartha  hugged  with his eyes  the  body,
Of Dasaratha  preserved  in oil
And he washed him in his tears

TheVedic pundits requested Bharatha,”Perform the final rites”
But Vasishta  prevented him,
Oh Bharatha, “Your father  has expelled you saying  ,
You are not his son,
The son expelled the father , cannot cremate him,
Let Sathrugna do the rites”

Bharatha Cried, “I am a sinner  who cannot do,
The final  rites of my father, “The city of Ayodhya  also cried

9.Chithra koota

Vasishta requested, “The country  without a king,
Is like the lady who has lost her husband,
The  eyes of others  would crowd  on it,
After they steal it, if you cry there is no use,
So wear the crown and save this country,
Save your father’s fame from wilting, pour water,
If you pour water  , the spring of tears  of its citizens will dry”
Sumanthra  supported him but Bhathra  refused to get crowned

“ Oh great sage, Oh prime minister, It is wrong ,
For younger one to accept the crown  , when elder one is there,
If that wrong  is done, There will not be any rain”

“Even if my d father told , Can you  tell me,
What the dharma has not told”

“I will go with relations and the country  to the forest,
I will call the great one of Raghu clan  , to come to rule the country,
I will catch the lotus like feet of seetharama and pray him,
If he refuses  to come, I will also live in the forest, If  that also ,
Is not possible , I will die and start  living in the heaven

When the great Bharatha  told this ,
All great people  were surprised  and appreciated  him

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