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Ishwara Bhajanam (Malayalam)

Ishwara Bhajanam
(Prayer to God)

Translated by Ramachander

(I found the gem of a Malayalam prayer in A book called Sthothra mala published by Devi Book Stall, Kodungalore. From some of the verses it is obvious that it is not a prayer from ancient texts but one which has been composed recently. This prayer is addressed to God and nothing about the religion which boasts of the God is mentioned. A sincere attempt has been made to sing out to the Lord and to list out our abilities and disabilities. Nothing is mentioned about who is the author of this great prayer.)

Refrain to be chanted at the end of each verse.

Sarva Rakshaka, Deva Namosthuthe
Sarva Rakshaka, Deva Namosthuthe
Sarva Rakshaka, Deva Namosthuthe
Sarva Rakshaka, Deva Namosthuthe

Oh protector of all, salutations,
Oh protector of all, salutations,
Oh protector of all, salutations,
Oh protector of all, salutations.

Nithyavaum Bhavath padam namikkumee,
Yende yachana , kelkkumaraganam,
Yen ullil bhkthi yerumarakanam,
SArva Nayaka , Daivame Pahi maam. 1 (Srava…)

Be pleased to hear the humble request of mine,
Who daily salutes at your feet,
Let the devotion in my heart increase,
Oh Lord of all, Oh God take care of me.

Mannilakave vanu aruleedunna,
Manna, Karunyamagum chirakathil,
Yenne nithyam anachu kollename,
Mannavaadheesa , Daivame Pahi maam. 2

Oh king who rules all over this earth,
Please daily hug me tightly ,
On the wing of your mercy,
Ok king, Oh my boss, Oh God . take care of me.

Jnana heena nagidunnan jnaan dhinam,
Thorum angaye arinju sthuthikkuvan,
Jnananvum Mana Shudhiyum nalgidenam,
Jnana varidhe, Dhaivame pahi maam. 3

Please give me the wisdom and purity of mind,
So that this ignorant one daily,
Understands and then prays you,
Oh ocean of wisdom, Oh God , Take care of me.

Jnanam yennil udichu uyarnnidenam,
Kalmashangal agannu poyidenam,
Bhakthi poorvam vasippan arulanm,
Bhaktha Vathsala, Daivame , Pahi maam. 4

The wisdom should rise inside me,
The draw backs should move away from me,
Please allow me to live with devotion,
Oh Darling of devotees, Oh God, Take care of me.

Yendhinnu yenne yee maya yam sindhuvil,
Ittu vattam karakkunnathu ithe vidham,
Thonnanam krupa yezhayam yee yennil,
Karunyalaya , DAivame, Pahi maam. 5

Oh God ,why are you rotating me ,
In this sea of illusion like this,
Please show little mercy on this poor man,
Oh temple of mercy, Oh God take care of me.

Dushtaraam shathru sanchayam thannude,
Kashtam merum upadravam yesathe,
Thushtiyode pari raksha cheyyanam,
Sishta palaka , DAivame, Pahi maam. 6

Oh God please look after me carefully,
By not allowing problems created,
By the evil enemy groups of mine,
Oh disciplinarian, Oh God, Take care of me.

Thannil yeridum snehamrutham pole,
Anyarum , jnanum onnu pole yennume,
Snehamullavaray vasichidenam,
Prema roopa , Jagadisa, Pahi maam. 7

Like the increasing love towards myself,
Me and all the others should be similar,
And live together with mutual love,
Oh picture of Love, Oh God of earth, Take care of me.

Anyar yennodu cheyyum upadravam,
Yennil yethum phalikkadhirikkanam,
Yende jeevitham anyannu upadravamayi,
Bhavikkolo, Daivame Pahi maam. 8

Let the problems created by others to me,
Be never effective any time on me,
And let my life never , ever become,
A problem for others, Oh God, Take care of me.

Anyar yennodu yethu vidham varthippan,
Aagraham mayudhikkumvannamay,
Anyarodu anuvarthippathinne yeni,
Kkekanm krupa , daivame Pahi Maam. 9

Please show me mercy to deal with others,
In the same way as they desire,
To behave with me in their mind,
Oh God , Take care of me.

Papa bhaaraal uzhalunee tenneyum ,
Muthidum daya moolam, dhayanidhe,
Kathu palichu thustanakkename,
Thapa nasana , Daivame, Pahi Maam. 10

Due to extreme mercy, Oh treasure of mercy,
Please look after me who is wandering without aim,
Due to the heavy weight of sins and make me happy,
Oh destroyer of pain, Oh God , Take care of me.

Kutham yetham pravarthikka karanam,
THethu pathiya puthrane pole jnaan,
Muthum aa thapam moolam uzhaluneen,
Utha Thatha , krupasana, Pahimaam. 11

Due to my doing lot of wrongs,
I , due to the extreme sorrow am wandering,
Like the Son who has done a mistake.
Dear Father, Seat of mercy, take care of me.

Cheyyaruthu yennarul cheythathokkeyum,
Cheythu, Cheythilla Cheyyendathonnume,
Eva mahaantha , Pathiyay theernnu jnaan,
SArva nayaka deivame , Pahi maam, 12

I did all the deeds that you asked me no to do,
And did not do any actions that should be done,
And due to this I have become half of my self,
Oh leader of all, Oh Gods, Take care of me.

Peedayokkve Neekum Maheswaraa,
Yen duritham ozhikkanam Thal kshanam,
Santhatham sreeyum arogyavum
Kai varename, Daivame Pahi maam. 13

Oh great God who removes all bad problems,
Be pleased to immediately all my problems,
And let wealth and health become ,
Mine soon, Oh God, Take care of me.

Bharathambika than Jadarothbhava,
Ranu kanum issodhra yennorthu,
Parthale vanu swarganubhoothiye ,
Prapikkaname daivame, Pahimam. 14

Remembering that all these brothers,
Are those born to the Goddess India,
I should achieve heavenly pleasures ,
Living in this earth, Oh God , take care of me.

Puthra mithra kalathradhikalo onnume,
Thammilethum mada mathsaramaakathe,
Nin mahathwa marinju jevikkuvan,
Yen manam pukku, Daivame Pahi maam. 15

Please enter my mind so that my,
Sons, friends and wife continue,
To live without competition ,
And differences, Oh God, Please take care of me.

Yende thennu maham mennulla ,
Duschintha vittittu , lokam tharavadayi,
Santhatham niroopippan aagraham,
Nalgitename , Daivame Pahi maam. 16

Give me the desire to prove that this world,
Is all my family and leave out the bad thought,
That this is me and mine only,
Oh God, Please take care of me.

Yennude Kadakkar aseshavu,
Mannava , Jnaan kshamikkunna polve,
Yennude doshavum kadangalum ,
Theerthu kollanam daivame, Pahi maam. 17

Oh king let all my debtors without fail,
Pardon my loan dues as well as my short comings,
Like I pardon that Of others,
Oh God, please take care of me.

Sreshta srushtiyaam nee yee dasane,
Anya dasyanu varthiyakkidalla,
Thwal padambhujam sada namichiduvaan,
Bhagya meguka , Daivame , Pahi maam. 18

Oh God who is special , please do not make this slave,
As the slave of some one else and for that,
I salute your lotus like feet, Please give me luck,
Oh God , please take care of me.

Haatakam sphutam cheythidum polave,
Yenne nithyam duritha peduthathe.
Kalmasham neeki shuddhan aakename,
Nirmalatmane, Daivame Pahi maam. 19

Without troubling me daily.
Like the process of purification of Gold,
Please make me pure without any dirt,
Oh Pure soulled one, Oh God, Take care of me.

Yennude mana chanchalam neekkanam,
Yennude nirdhanathwam ozhikkanam,
Yennude aviswasam agathanam,
Yennude ory nayaka, Pahi maam. 20

Please remove the worries from my mind,
Please remove my state of poverty,
Please remove my non belief,
Oh god , who is my Lord, Take care of me.

SArva nayaka, mukthi pradhayaka,
TRukkaram thottu anugrahikkename,
Vannu cherum anartham ozhichenne,
Palanam cheyga deivame, Pahi maam. 21

Lord of all , giver of salvation,
By your divine hand , please bless me,
Please take care of me of the dangers,
That come, Oh God, take care of me.

Mayamenye bhavane sthuthikkuvan,
Agrahikkum adiyante ingitham,
Sadhyamakaan anugruhicheedanam,
Bandhu vathsala, Daivame, pahi maam. 22

Please bless me so that this slave’s ,
Intention, of praying the divine you,
With out any illusion is fulfilled,
Oh darling of friends, Oh God, take care of me.

Jeevithahinnu venda Sasyadhikal,
Urviyil kaalaa kalam vilayuvaan,
Sarva karunyam yekumaarakanam,
Sarva Nayaka, Daivame Pahi maam. 23

Please grant me all your mercy,
So that the vrops necessary to support life,
Are able to grow and yield from time to time,
Oh Lord of all, Oh God, take care of me.

Papi yayidum yenne orikkalum ,
Vyadhiyaalum pisachukkalalume,
Klese methathe aasu palikkanam,
Klesa nasana, Daivame, Pahi maam. 24

Please always protect me who is ,
A sinner , from the sufferings created,
By the diseases and ghosts, always,
Oh destroyer of suffering, Oh God, take care of me.

Yende papam kshamichu kollename ,
Yen duritham apahaharikkename,
AAdi vyadhikal yerathirikkane,
SAchidananda , Daivame , Pahi maam. 25

Please excuse all the sins that I do,
Please steal away all my sufferings,
Let all the sorrows and diseases not increase,
Oh divine bliss, Oh God, take care of me.

Goramaya vasanthalil ninnum,
Kshama badhayil ninum dhivanisam,
Kashtamerum idi theeyil ninnume,
Kathu kolga yen , Daivame , Pahi maam. 26

Please protect me ,from very horrible epidemics.
From famines and pestilence daily,
And from the tremendous fire of lightning,
Oh my God , Please take care of me.

Neethi marge gamikkumaraganam,
Thinmayokke thyajikkumaraganam,
Nalla karyam prarthippathin ,
Yenikku aasayeranam, Daivame pahi maam. 27

I should travel in the path of justice,
I should be able to get rid of everything that is bad,
And I should get desire to carry out good action,
Oh God, please take care of me.

Nithyanithyangaleyum nirantharam,
Sathyasathyangaleyum vazhi pole,
Krutha kruthyangaleyumariyuvan,
Nithyena Krupa nalkanam, Pahi maam. 28

You should shower your grace to daily,
To understand those which are forever and those temporary,
Those that are truth and those that are lies,
And thereby lead me to decide desirable,
And undesirable actions, please take care of me.

Anna dhanvanukum bhaval krupa,
Moolam innal yethavum trupathny,
Melu metham sukhamay vasichheduvaan,
Palaka Krupa nalkanam, Pahi Maam. 29

I became greatly satisfied till today ,
Due to your grace making me give alms of food,
And Oh god who looks after me,
By your grace please allow me to continue to be happy,
And please take care of me.

Kruthyamookeyum thethadhe cheyyuvan,
Kruthya bodham methidenam nithyavum,
Sathyamennathu nithyam vilanganam,
SAthya roopa, Jagadheesa pahi maam. 30

Daily give me responsible behaviour,
To do all my duties without any mistake,
And let Truth shine daily in me,
Oh truth personified, Oh lord of the world, Take care of me.

Karya methum nivruthi varuthanam,
Veerya bhavam kurayathirikkanam,
Aaryanayi bhavikkanam,
Karya karana, Daivame paihi maam. 31

Let my enthusiasm never vane,
So that I ca carry out all actions,
And let me become a gentleman,
Oh cause of all actions, Oh God , take care of me.

Cheetha bhkthya dinam thrum ee sthavam,
Keerthichidum naranmarkku thwat padam,
SAndhicheedan krupa varam nalkanam,
Bandhu vathsala, Daivame pahi maam. 32

To those men who sing this prayer with devotion,
Please give the boon of mercy to see your feet,
Oh God who loves his devotees,
Oh God, please take care of me.

Dathathreya Kavacham

Daththreya Kavacham
(Armour of Dathathreya)

Translated by


(Dathathreya is all the great trinity rolled in to one form. He is followed by the four Vedas in the form of dogs. There is astory that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva wanted to test the chastity of Sadhvi Anasooya and requested to her to serve them food in the nude. She made them in to babies and took them together . That is one story about the Origin of Dathathreya. In the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra , there are large number of people who worship Dathathreya. It is belied Sage Samarth of Maharashtra was his incarnation.
The following is datta's kavacha:-if we recite this kavacha for 28 times for 49 days we will get lord dattatreya darshan and our problems also get solved. The Sanskrit text of this Kavacha is available in

Sri pada pathu may padhou, ooru sidhasana sthitha,
Paya digambharo guhyam nara hari pathu may Katim. 1

Let my feet be protected by Sri Pada,
Let he who sits o the throne of Sidhas protect my thigh,
Let him who clothes with the direction protect my private parts,
Let God Nara Simha protect my hip.

Nabhim pathu jagath srushto , dharam pathu dharodhara,
Krupalu pathu hrudayam, Shad bhuja pathu may Bhujou. 2

Let my stomach be protected by creator of the world,
Let my bone marrow be protected by he who bears the conch,
Let the kind hearted one protect my heart,
Let the six handed one protect my arms.

Skakkundi soola damaru sankha chakra dhara karam,
Pathu kantam Kambhu kante Sumukham pathu may Mukham. 3

Let him who holds pitcher , trident, drum , conch and wheel protect my arms,
Let my neck be protected by he who has a conch like neck,
Let the pleasant faced one protect my face.

Jihwam may Veda Vak pathu, nethrom may pathu divya druk,
Nasikam pathu gandathma, pathu punya srava sruthi. 4

Let he who talks Vedas protect my toungue,
Let my eyes be protected by the one with divine vision,
Let the soul of sandal protect my nose,
Let my ears be protected by he who has a blessed name.

Laltam pathu hamsathma, Sira pathu Jatadhara,
Karmendriyani Patveesa, Pathu jnanedrayan aaja. 5

Let the one whose soul is in high step of meditation protect my forehead,
Let my head be protected by the one who has matted hair,
Let my body parts to do action be protected by God,
Let my parts participating in intellect, be protected by he who is not born.

Sarvatharontha karanam prana may pathu Yogi raat,
Uparishta dadathyascha prashtatha parswathogratha. 6

Let the king of sages protect all types of my inside and soul,
And Over and above whatever is left as well what is near and in the front.

Anthar bahischa maam nithyam nana roopa dharovathu,
Varjitham kavechenovyath sthanam may Divya darsana. 7

Let him who can take any form protect daily what is inside and what is out,
And let the God with the divine vision protect whatever has been left out by this armour.

Rajatha shathrutho himsrath dushprayogadhitho gatha,
AAdhi vyathi bhaya aarthibhyo Dathathrya sadha avathu. 8

Let Dathathreya guard me from king , enemy ,
Cruel people and those who misuse power,
As well as worry , disease , fear and greed.

Dhana Dhanya graham kshethra Sthri puthra pasu kinkaran,
Gnathimscha pathu may Nithya Anasuya Ananda Vardhana. 9

Let The god who increases the happiness of Anasuya,
Protect my money, grains , homr , field , wife, son, cattle and servants,
As well as all the members of my clan daily.

Bala unmatha pisachabho dhuvit sandhishu pathu maam,
Bhootha bouthika mruthyubhyo Hari pathu Digambara. 10

From powerful exuberant devils , bad paramours ,let the saint protect me,
Let The Hari who dresses himself by the sky,
Protect the physical and spiritual aspects as well as death.

Ya yetha drutha kavacham sannahyath bhakthi bhavitha,
SArva anartha nirviktho Graha peeda vivarjitha. 11

He who wears this armour with the spirit of devotion,
Will get rid of all dangers as well as the problems caused by planets.

Bhootha pretha pisachadwaira devair apya parajitha,
BHukthyathaa divyaan bhogan , sa dehanthe THath padam vrujeth. 12

Devils , ghosts , bad wandering souls as well as gods with enmity would get defeated,
And they would enjoy divine pleasures and at the end they would reach you.

Ithi sri dhathreya kavacham.
Thus ends the armour of Dathathreya,

Viswa Roopa Anjaneya Nava Rathna Mala

Viswaroopa Nava Rathna Anjaneya Mala

(The garland of nine gems to Hanuman in supreme form.)

Translated by


(Here is the translation of a collection of verses , with attached nine gems , meant to please the nine planets. One is supposed to wear the gem concerned and chant the manthra to please a particular planet. I do not know who collected these manthras but they have been published by Lifco books and it appears in the web site of Pancha Mukhi Hanuman)

Thatho Ravana neethaya seethaya Shathru karsana,
Iyesha padam anveshtum charana charitha padhi. 1

Then the slayer of enemies searching for Sita abducted by Ravana,
Wanted to find where she is and decided to travel by the path of Charanas.

(This is the first sloka of Sundara Kandam. The gem attached with this sloka is Manikyam (ruby) and the planet pleased by this is the Sun).

Yasyathwethani chathwari Vanarendra yadha thava,
Smruthi mathir druthir darkshyam cha karmasu na seedhathi. 2

Oh King of monkeys you have four great qualities, which are,
Vedas, wisdom , speed and never getting disinterested,
And they help you in not getting blocked in your actions.

(The gem attached to this manthra is pearl and the planet attached is the moon)

Anirvedho sriyam moolam, anirveda param sukham,
Anirvedo hi sathatham , Sarvartheshu pravarthaka. 3

Absence of depression is the root of wealth,
Absence of depression is the real pleasure,
And absence of depression is always ,
Needed for people who do any work.

(The gem attached is Coral and the planet attached is Mars)

Namosthu Ramaya salalkshmanaya , devyai cha thasyai Janakathmajayai,
Namosthu rdhrendra yama anilebhya, Namosthu chandra arka maruth ganebhya. 4

Salutation to Rama along with Lakshmana,
Salutations to his consort, the daughter of Janaka,
Salutations to Rudra, Indra Yama and fire,
Salutations to moon , son and the wind God.

(the gem attached is Emerald and the planet attached is Mercury)

Priyaana sambhaved dukham, apriyad adhikam bhayam,
Thaabhyaam hi viyujyanthe namasthesham mahatmanath. 5

Due to desire , sorrow occurs,
Due to hatred, fear occurs,
And you can get rid of that fear,
By saluting great souls.

(The gem attached is Pushpa Ragam(yellow sapphire) and the planet attached is Jupiter)

Rama, Kamala pathraksha sarva sathwa manohara,
Roopa dakshinya sampanna prasootho Janakathmaje. 6

Rama, who has eyes like a lotus leaf,
Who is pretty and knows all good knowledge,
Who is blessed with mien and consideration,
And is the consort of the daughter of Janaka.

(The gem attached is Diamond and the planet pleased is Venus)

Jayath athibalo Ramo, Lakshmanasya Maha bala,
Dasoham kosalendraya ramasya aklishta karmana. 7

Victory to very strong Rama and the very strong Lakshmana,
I am slave to Rama, the king of Kosala ,
The one does who performs all jobs well.

(The gem attached is Neelam (blue Saphire) and the planet pleased is Saturn)

Yadhasthi pathi susrosha, yadhyasthi charitham thapa,
Yadhi vathsyeka pathni thwam, seetho bhva Hanumatha. 8

If I have looked after my husband properly,
If my character is faultless,
And if I am a dear wife,
Please become cold to Hanuman.

(The gem attached is Gomedhakam (Garnet) and the planet pleased is Rahu)

Nivrutha vana vasam thwam, thwaya sardha marindhamam,
Abhishiktamayodhyam, Kshipram drakshyasi Raghavam. 9

You would end your stay in forest,
You would soon join with your grea husband,
You would soon have coronation in Ayodhya,
And speedily you are going to be rescued by Lord Rama.

(The gem attached is Vaidoorya (cat’s eye) and the planet pleased is Kethu)

Adithya Ashtakam

(Octet addressed to the Sun God)

Translated by

(Adhithya, the son of Adhithi is the Sun God. He has been venerated by the Hindus from the time of Vedas. Here is a pretty prayer addressed to him. This prayer if chanted o the mornings at day break, will help in removing our sorrows.)

Udhayadri masthaka maha manim lasad,
Kamala karaika suhrudham mahoujasam,
Gadha panga soshana maghougha nasanam,
Saranam gathosmi ravimamsumalinam. 1

I go for surrender to Sun god who is the centre of solar system,
Who destroys all illnesses as well as crowds of sins,
Who shines like a great gem in the top of the mountain of dawn,
And who is the only friend of Lord Vishnu and is greatly resplendent,

Thimirapahara niratham niraamayam,
Nija raga ranjitha jaga thrayam vibhum,
Gadha panga soshana maghougha nasanam,
Saranam gathosmi ravimamsumalinam. 2

I go for surrender to Sun god who is the centre of solar system,
Who destroys all illnesses as well as crowds of sins,
Who is busy in removing darkness, who is devoid of faults,
And who is the lord who by his true nature brings the three worlds together.

Sruthi Thathwa gamya makhilakshi gocharam,
Jagadhaika dheepa mudhayastha raghinam,
Gadha panga soshana maghougha nasanam,
Saranam gathosmi ravimamsumalinam. 3

I go for surrender to Sun god who is the centre of solar system,
Who destroys all illnesses as well as crowds of sins,
Who can be known through Vedas, who can be seen by all eyes,
Who is the light of the world and who is interested in rising and setting.

Dina Rathri bedha kara madbhutham param,
Sura vrundasamsthutha charitha mavyayam,
Gadha panga soshana maghougha nasanam,
Saranam gathosmi ravimamsumalinam. 4

I go for surrender to Sun god who is the centre of solar system,
Who destroys all illnesses as well as crowds of sins,
Who makes the wonderful difference between day and night,
Whose story is sung by groups of devas and who does not get destroyed.

Sruthi sara paaram ajaramaram paaram,
Ramaneeya vigraha mudha ugra rochisham,
Gadha panga soshana maghougha nasanam,
Saranam gathosmi ravimamsumalinam. 5

I go for surrender to Sun god who is the centre of solar system,
Who destroys all illnesses as well as crowds of sins,
Who is the limit of the meaning of Vedas,
Who does not have old age or death,
Who is handsome and who is fierce to look at.

Shuka paksha thunda sadhya aswa mandalam,
Khachara avarodha pari Geetha sahasam,
Gadha panga soshana maghougha nasanam,
Saranam gathosmi ravimamsumalinam. 6

I go for surrender to Sun god who is the centre of solar system,
Who destroys all illnesses as well as crowds of sins,
Who has horses of the colour of the lips of a parrot,
Who is the lord of the solar system,
And who is being sung about valour in coming out daily.

Sritha bhaktha vathsala masesha kalmasha,
Kshaya hethu makshaya masesha karanam,
Gadha panga soshana maghougha nasanam,
Saranam gathosmi ravimamsumalinam. 7

I go for surrender to Sun god who is the centre of solar system,
Who destroys all illnesses as well as crowds of sins,
Who loves his devotees, who does destroy all defects,
And who never decays and is the primeval cause.

Ahamanwaham sa thuraga raksha thatavee,
Satha koti hataka maha mahee dheeram,
Gadha panga soshana maghougha nasanam,
Saranam gathosmi ravimamsumalinam. 8

I go for surrender to Sun god who is the centre of solar system,
Who destroys all illnesses as well as crowds of sins,
And who on all days without fail , drives the horses of his chariot,
Over billions of stoppages over the great Meru mountain.

Ithi souramashtaka mahar mukhe ravim,
Pranipathya ya padathi bhakthiman nara,
Sa muchyathe sakala roga kalmashath,
SAvithu swaroopamapi samyagapnuyath. 9

If this octet on the Sun god is chanted at dawn,
With devotion after saluting the Sun god,
That devotee would get rid of all diseases and sins,
And would attain the form of the Sun God.

Adithya Dwadasa Nama Stotram

Adhithya Dwadasa Nama Stotram
(Prayer of twelve names of Sun God)

Translated by

(From most ancient Vedic times we used to worship the Sun God. It is believed that He would bless us with all that is good, if we pray him using this Stotra on Sundays.)

Ekachakro radho yasya divya Kanaka bhooshitha,
Sa may Bhavathu supreetha Pancha hasatho divakaro. 1

Let me become dear to the five handed day breaker,
Who travels in a one wheeled divine golden Chariot.

Adhithya pradhamam nama, dwitheeyanthu Diwakara,
Thrutheeyam Bhaskara proktham chathurthanthu Prabhakara. 2

First” son of Adhithi “, second the” day breaker”,
Third” he who makes things shine”, fourth the “maker of light”.

Panchamam thu sahasramsu, sashtamchaiva Trilochana,
Sapthamam Haridaswancha Ashtamanthu Vibhavasu. 3

Fifth “He who has thousand rays” sixth “He who has here eyes”,
Seventh “He who has green horses” , Eighth “ He who lights things”

Navamam Dina kruth proktham , dasamam Dwadasathmaka,
Ekadasam Threemurthy Dwadasam Surya eva cha. 4

Ninth “The maker of a new day” , tenth, “He who has twelve souls”,
Eleventh “Three gods” and twelfth The “Sun god”.

Dwadasadhithya Namaani pratha kale Paden nara,
Dukha pranasanan chaiva Sarva Dukhancha nasyathi. 5

To the man who reads these twelve names of the Sun in the morning,
Sorrows would be stopped from coming and all his sorrows would be destroyed.

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Loka Rakshanam (Malayalam)

Loka Rakshanam
(Protection of the world)

Translated by


(This is a prayer in Malayalam addressed to Lord Vishnu, seeking a boon to protect the entire world.

Pavana manasa poygayil Vazhunna,
Jeevanaam hamsathe Vettayaadan,
Ookkode chadi varunnoru moorkharaam,
Kootare yodippathinnai, 1

Ulkombil Bhakthiyodeppozhum paduga ,
Chilkombam Sri Hari than namangal,
Sathyamam pon kodi cheendhi kalayuvaan,
Sakthrayi theerillavar madichal, 2

To drive away those idiotic people,
Who vigorously jump and approach,
To hunt the swan of the soul,
Which lives in the holy lake of the mind,
Always sing inside with devotion,
The name of Hari , which is our only stay.
Even if they exert themselves hard,
They would not be able to tear the golden flag of truth,

Punyamerum vanam thannil virajippu,
Kannanam nama nrusimha veeran,
Aaa hari garjanam kelkkunna mathrayil,
Gora paapangalaam van gajangal, 3

Doorathilodi marayunna thal kshanam,
Bharicha bheethyil aathuraray,
Uchathile varum sasradham namangal,
Ucharicheeduvin Bhakthanmare. 4

Shining in the forest of pure truth,
Is Lord Krishna who is the valorous man lion,
As soon as you hear the roar of the name of Hari,
The great elephants of greatest sins,
Would instantly run away and vanish immediately,
Becoming sick due to the great fear that one has,
And so oh devotees sing loudly and with devotion,
The great names of Lord Narayana .

Yethu roopathilum yethilum minnunna,
Sathya swaroopiyaam thamburaane,
Manava manasam souhardha soundharya,
Dhamamyi theerkkane viswa bhandho. 5

Oh Lord who is the form of eternal truth,
Who in all his forms, who always shines in everything,
Oh friend of the universe, please make the man’s mind,
Your pretty home of cherished understanding.

Bharatha mathavin sampoorna rakshakkay ,
Narada mukhyaraam bhakthar othum,
Than sakhanam naranaothum Bhadariyil,
Van Thapas aacharichudum vibho. 6

For complete protection of the mother India,
Along with great devotees like Narada,
And along with all men who are your friends,
Oh Lord you are doing great penance in Bhadrinath.

Maruthadheeswara , nin krupa varshathaal,
Parine kaakane Narayana,
Lokathil yengume Ma]ngala Poomari,
Lokaika nayaka Thookidename.

Oh Lord of the wind God, using your rain of mercy,
Please protect this entire world, Oh Narayana.
Oh Lord of the entire world, all over the world,
Make the rain of flower of all that is good come.

Krishna hare jaya, Krishna hare jaya,
Krishna hare jaya, Krishna Hare jaya

Lakshmi Stotram by Indra

Lakshmi stotra by Indra

Translated by


( Once due to a curse of a sage Lord Devendra lost all his wealth. Then he recited this prayer addressed to Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth. She appeared before him and gave him back all his wealth. I have already translated another prayer addressed to Mahalakshmi by Indra under the title Sri Stotram. )

Purandara Uvacha:-
Nama Kamala vasinyai narayanyai namo nama,
Krishna priyayai sathatham Maha Lakshmyai namo nama. 1

Indra said:-

Salutations to her who lives in the lotus,
Salutations and salutations to Narayani,
Salutations and salutations always,
To the darling of Krishna and Maha Lakshmi.

Padma pathra kshnayacha padmasyainamo nama,
Padmasanaayai pafminyai , Vaishnavyai namo nama. 2

Salutations and salutations to her,
Who stands alone like a lotus leaf,
And to her who is the consort of Vishnu,
Salutations and salutations to Vaishnavi*,
And to her who sits on a lotus.
*The female aspect of Vishnu.

Sarva sampath swaroopinyai , sarvaaradhyai namo nama,
Hari bhakthi pradhthriyai cha harsha dathryai namo nama. 3

Salutations and salutations to her who is the form of all wealth,
And to her who is being worshipped by every one.
Salutations and salutations who gives us devotion o Hari,
And to her who grants us happiness.

Krishna vaksha sthithayai cha Krishnesayai namo nama,
Chandra shobhaa swaroopayai , rathna padme cha Shobhane. 4

Salutations and salutations to her who lives on the chest of Krishna,
And to her follows Lord Krishna like a shadow,
And to her who is personification of moon light,
And to the one who shines like a gem of a lotus.

Sampathyadhishtathas devyai , maha devyai namo nama,
Namo vrudhi swaroopayai , vrudhidhyai namo nama. 5

Salutations and salutations to her who helps us retain wealth,
And to her who is the greatest among the goddesses,
Salutations and salutations to her who has the form of growth,
And to her who blesses us with growth of wealth.

Vaikunde ya Mahalakshmi ya Lakshmi Ksheera sagare,
Swarga Lakshmi Indra gehe Raja Lakshmi nrupalaye. 6

You are the Mahalakshmi of Vaikunta,
The Lakshmi born out of the ocean of milk,
The swarga Lakshmi in Indra’s place,
And Raja Lakshmi in the residence of kings.

Graha lakshmeescha Krishnaa gehe Gruha devathaa,
Surabhi sagare Jatha Daksha yagna gamini. 7

In the homes you are the Goddess of the home,
As well as the Lakshmi of the home and Goddess who is black,
You were born along with nectar from the sea,
And you were the one who went to the yaga of Daksha.

Adhithir deva mathaa , thwam kamala kamalalaya,
Swaha thwam cha havir dhane , kavya dhane Swadha smrutha. 8

You are Adhithi the mother of devas,
And the Goddess Kamala who lives in a lotus,
You are the goddess Swaha accepting sacrificial offerings,
And the goddess Swadha accepting offering to ancestors.

Thwam hi Vishnu swaroopa , sarvadharaa Vasundhara,
Sudha sathwa swaroopa , thwam Narayana Parayana. 9

You are the real form of Lord Vishnu,
And you are the all carrying mother earth,
You are the form of the purest essence,
And you are the one who chants the name of Narayana.

Krodha himsa varjitha cha varadhaa saradhaa shubhaa,
Paramartha pradhaa thwam hari dhasya pradha paraa. 10

You are the one who has forsaken anger and violence,
You are the one who blesses and the goddess of knowledge,
You are the one who blesses with all sort of wealth,
And the one who helps all the devotees of Lord Vishnu.

Sarveeshaam para mathaa, sarva bhandhava roopini,
Dhamartha kama mokshaanam thwaya cha karana roopini. 11

You the divine mother for every one,
And the one who is friend and relation of all,
You are the formed personification of all Dharma,
Wealth, desire and the ultimate salvation.

Yadhaa maathaa sthanaam dhaanaam , shishoonaam shaishave sada,
Thadha thwam sarvadhaa mathaa sarveshaam sarya roopadhaa. 12

Like the mother giving milk from her breasts,
To the children in their childhood,
You please look after every one,
In all their forms always and forever.

Mathru heena sthanandasthu sa cha jeevathi daivatha,
Thwaya heeno jana kopi na jeevathyeva nischitham. 13

Those babies who do not have mother’s milk,
Some how manage to live by grace of God,
But without your grace , it is definite,
That any body can ever manage to live.

Suprasanna swaroopa thwam, maam prasanna bhavambike,
Vairi grastham cha vishayam dehi, mahyam sanathani. 14

You are always joyful and so become pleased with me goddess,
Please do not allow me to fall in hand of enemies* and save me.
* Enemies like poverty , ill health etc.

Aham yavath twaya heeno , bandhu heenascha bhikshuka,
Sarva sampath viheenascha thava deva hari priye,
Jnanam dehi cha dharmam cha sarva sobhagyameemsithaka,
Prabhavam prathapam cha sarvadhikara meva cha hari priye. 15

Jayam parakramam yuthe paramaiswaryamevacha,
Ithyukthwa cha mahendrascha , sarvai sura gana saha. 16

Prananama sa asru nethro moordhana chaiva puna puna,
Brahma sankaraschaiva , Sesho dharmascha Kesava. 17

Due to the absence of your grace , I am a beggar without friends,
And so oh darling of Hari , to this one who does not have any wealth,
Give wisdom . Dharma and all sort of luck, as well as,
Power , fame and all sort of power over others,
And also give me victory, valour and all sort of divine wealth.
Indra spoke thus along with all groups of devas,
And saluted her with a bent head and with eye full of tears again and again,
When Brahma, Shiva, Adhi Sesha, Yama and Vishnu where also present.

Sarve shathru pariharam surarthe cha puna puna,
Devebhyascha varam dathwa pushpa malaam manoharam. 18

Kesavaya dhadhou Lakshmi santhushta sura sammathi,
Yayur deva santhushta svam svam sthaanam gatha,
Dathwa shuba aseesham thou sathevebhya preethi poorvakam,
Itham sthothram Maha punyam Trisandhyam ya padeth nara,
Kubhera thulya sa bhaveth Raja Rajeswaro Mahan,
Pancha laksha japenaiva sthothra sidhi Bhaveth runa,
Sidha stothram yathi padeth masa mekanthu santhatham,
Maha sura rajendro Bhavishyathi na samsaya. 19-22

After again and again solving the problems of Devas,
The goddess gave them boons and a very pretty garland,
Was given to them by Lord Vishnu which made them happy.
And all the devas went back happily to their normal places.
After giving good wishes to the Lord Indra she told,
“ The man who reads this greatly blessed prayer at dawn, noon and dusk,
Would become like the God of wealth and would be as great as a king.
If this is repeated half a million times , this prayer would lead him to divine powers,
But If this read continuously for one complete month without break,
He would become , without any doubt, Indra, the king of devas.”

Nrusimha Mangalam

Nrusimha Mangalam
(The well being stotra addressed to Lord Narasimha)

Translated by

(This Mangala stotra is addressed to The Narasimha incarnation of Lord Vishnu. These songs are recited after reciting prayers to the Lord or after performing worship. Wishing Mangalam means , wishing all that is good.)

Mangalam sthamba dimbhaya ,
Mangalam mruthyu mruthyuve,
Mangalam Roudhra roopaya,
Narasimhaya Mangalam. 1

Mangalam to the one who was born from a pillar,
Mangalam to the lord of death to the lord of death,
Mangalam to him who is fierce looking,
Mangalam to the Lord who is lion man.

Hirani kasipum hathwa,
Daithyendram deva kandakam,
Jagat rakshana duryaya ,
Jagat bheejaya Mangalam. 2

Mangalam to the seed of universe,
Who killed the Asura called Hiranya Kasipu,
Who was the lord of Rakshasas and killer of devas,
And the Lord who was interested in saving of the world.

Prahlada Sthuthi santhushta ,
Prasanna nija moorthaye,
Varadabhaya hasthaya,
Varadaya cha Mangalam. 3

Mangalam to the giver of boons,
Who was happy with the prayer of Prahlada,
Who was really a God with pleasant mien,
And who shows protection and boons by his hands.

Karagrair vajra samsparsair,
Narair shathru dharine,
Theeshna damshtathanvaya,
Tharkshya vahaya Mangalam. 4

Mangalam to the one carried by Garuda,
Whose hands are as hard to touch like a diamond,
Who puts down the enemies of men,
And who has very sharp protruding teeth.

Nara kanteeravaakara vyakthaa,
Athyugra vibhoothaye,
Mrugendraya narendraya ,
Daivathendraya Mangalam. 5

Mangalam to the Lord of Devas,
Who has the shape of the man and lion,
Who has fierce disposition,
And who is the lord of men and beasts.

Kireeta hara keyura ,
Kundalalnkruthaya cha,
Koti Surya prakasaya,
Deva simhaya Mangalam. 6

Mangalam to the God lion,
Who decorates himself with,
Crown, garland , bracelet and ear studs,
And who had the brilliance of billon suns.

Triyugadhi triprushtaya,
Trigunaya trimurthaye,
Nara kesari roopaya,
Lakshmi lolaya Mangalam. 7

Mangalam to the lover of Lakshmi,
Who belongs to three ages,
Who has three type of back,
Who has three characteristics,
Who is the three Gods,
And who has a man lion form

Mathsya kachapa varaha,
Rama Vamana murthaye,
Ramakrishnathmane Boudha,
Kalki simhaya Mangalam. 8

Mangalam to the fish, turtle , boat.
Parasu Rama and Vamana incarnations,
Who is the soul of Rama and Krishna and Budha,
And Kalki as well as the lion.

Sarva bheejaya sathyaya ,
SArvadheeshtana murthaye,
SArveswaraya Sarvasmai,
SAthwa simhaya Mangalam. 9

Mangalam to the lion of truth,
Who is the real root of everything,
Who can be approached by every one,
Who is god of all and himself is every one.

Rama Sthava Raja

Rama sthava Raja
(King of prayers addressed to Lord Rama)

Translated by


(Here is an great prayer taken from a dilapidated book in Malayalam. From the prayer it is understood that it occurs in Sanath Kumara Samhitha. The stotra is sung by Sage Narada and has been retold by Sage Vyasa to Dharmaputhra. However in the text with translation by Sriman Kusakratha dasa , this prayer does not occur. )

Asya Ramachandra sthava raja stotra manthrasya sanath kumara rishi, Sri Ramo devatha, Anushtup Chanda, Sita bheejam, Hanuman Shakthi, Sri Rama preethyarthe jape Viniyoga.

For the “King of prayers addressed to lord Rama”, the sage is Sanath Kumara, The god addressed is Rama, the meter is Anushtup, the root is Sita, the power is Hanuman and this is being chanted to please Lord Rama.

Sutha Uvacha:-
Sutha said:-

Sarva sasthrartha thathwagnam , vyasam, sathyavathee Sutham,
Dharmaputhro prahrushtathma , prathyuvacha muneeswaram. 1

Dharma puthra in reply to the query of ,
Vyasa who knows all shastras and Thathwa,
And who was the son of Sathyavathi told thus.

Bhagwan, Yoginaam sreshta, Sarva shastra Vishadaradha,
Kim thathwam , Kim param japyam, kim dhyanam mukthi sadhanam,
Srothumichami thath sarvam broohi may Muni Sathama. 2

Oh great sir, Oh greatest yogi, Oh expert in all knowledge,
What is the essence, What should be chanted,
And by meditating on which would one get salvation,
I would very much like to know and so great sage , please tell.

Vyasa Uvacha:-
Vyasa said:-

Dharma raja, Maha bhaga, Srunu vakshyami Thwatha. 3
Oh king of Dharma, Oh valorous one, please here the essence.

Yath param Yath gunathhetham yath jyothiramalm shivam,
Thadeva paramam thathwam , kaivalya pada karanam. 4

That which is divine, transcends three type of gunas, which is shiningly pure,
And which is the ultimate essence and leads to salvation.

Sri Ramethi param jaapyam tharakam Brahma samjakam,
Brahma hathyadhi papagnamithi Veda vidho vidhu. 5

The experts in Vedas tell that the greatest mantra to chant,
Is “Sri Rama” , as it is termed as indicating Tharaka Brahmam,
And as it also completely removes sins like Brahma hathya.

Sri Rama Ramethi janaa ye Japanthi cha Sarvadhaa,
Theshaam bhukthischa, mukthischa , bhavishyathi na samsaya. 6

Those people who always chant “Sri Rama”, “Sri Rama”,
Without any doubt would get victory as well as salvation and happiness.

Sthava rajam pura proktham Naradhena cha dheematha,
Thath sarvam Sampravakshyami Hari dhyana purassaram. 7

I am going to meditate on Vishnu and start telling you,
The very ancient” king of prayers” , which was told by the great Narada.

Thapathrayagni samanam, sarvaghogha nikrunthanam,
Daridrya dukha dahanam, sarva sampth karam Shivam. 8

Vijanan phaladham dhivyammokshaika phala sadhanam,
Namaskruthya pravakshyami, Ramam Krishnam Jagat mayam. 9

I am going to tell you after saluting Rama and Krishna, who are every where,
This prayer which removes three sorts of sufferings, which cures all diseases,
Which burns the sorrow due to poverty , which grants all sort of wealth,
Which grants great wisdom and leads to salvation.

Ayodhya nagare ramye rathna mandapa madhyage,
Smareth kalpa tharor moole rathna simhasanam shubham. 10

Meditate the middle of the gem studded stage,
In the beautiful city of Ayodhya ,
And then think of the gem studded throne,
In the root of the great wish giving tree.

Than madhye ashta dalam padmam , nana rathnaischa veshtitham,
Smaran madhye Dasaradhim , sahasradhithya thejasam. 11

Then meditate the son of Dasaratha , who shines like thousand suns,
In the middle of that, in the lotus with eight petals, decorated by gems.

Pithuranga gatham Ramam Indra neela mani prabham,
komalangam, visalaksham Vidhyuthvarnambara vrutham. 12

Then meditate on Rama sitting on the lap of his father ,
Who shines like the blue sapphire of great Devendra,
Who has a pretty body, broad eyes, and wearing shining cloths.

Bhanu koti preethikasa kireedena virajitham,
Rathna graiveya keyura kundala manditham. 13

Meditate on him, who wears a crown shining more than billion suns,
Who wears gem studded neck ornaments and ear studs.

Rathna kankana manjeera kati suthrailankrutham,
Sri vathsa kousthubhoraskam Mukthaharopa shobhitham. 14

Meditate on him who wears gem studded bangles , anklets and silken threads,
And on him who wears Srivathsa and Kousthubha
On his chest and shines , wearing a garland of beads,

Divya rathna sara yuktha mudhrikabhir alankrutham,
Raghavam dwibhujam balam rama meshath smithananam. 15

Meditate on him , who ornaments him self
With several gem studded signet rings,
And on Rama the child with two hands
And on him who makes the world smile.

Thulasi kundamandara pushapa malair alankrutham,
Karpoora garu kasthuri divya gandhanulepanam. 16

Meditate on him who wears flower garlands ,
Made of Thulasi , jasmine and Mandhara flowers,
And on him who applies on himself scents,
Made of musk, Thulasi and other scented holy sticks.

Yoga shasthreshava bhiratham yogesam yoga dhayakam,
Sada bharatha soumithri Shathurugnair upa shobitham. 17

Meditate on him who is interested in science of Yoga,
And on him who is the lord of yoga and one who gives yoga,
And on him who always shines in the company of,
Bharatha, Lakshmana and Shathrugna.

Vidhyadhara suradheesa sidha Gandharva kinnarai,
Yogeendrair Naradaischa sthootamana maharnisam. 18

Meditate on him who is praised by Vidhyadharas,
Devendra , sidhas, Gandharva and Kinnaras,
And on him who is praised by great sages like Narada.

Viswamithra , vasishtadhi munibhi parisevitham,
Sanakadhi muni sreshtair yogi vrundaischa sevitham. 19

Meditate on him who is served by sages like Viswamithra and Vasishta,
And on the Lord who is served by groups of Yogis like sages like sanaka.

Ramam raghuvaram veeram Dhanur veda visaradham,
Mangalayathanam devam Ramam Rajeeva lochanam. 20

Meditate on Rama, the star of Raghu clan who is valorous and an expert in Archery,
Meditate on Rama, the lotus eyed God who blesses us with all that is good.

Sarva sathratha thathwagnam, Ananda kara Sundaram,
KOusalya nandhanam Ramam Dhanur bana dharam Harim. 21

Meditate on him who is an expert in all shastras, who makes us happy and is handsome,
And on Rama, the son of Kousalya , armed with bow and arrow and on Vishnu.

Evam sanchinthayan Vishnum Yajjyothir amalam vibhum,
Prahrushta manaso bhoothwa muni varya sa Narada. 22

Sarva loka hitharthaya thushtava Raghu nandanam,
Kruthanjali puto bhoothwa chinthayan adbutham harim. 23

Meditating like this on Vishnu , who is the lord who is pure and shining,
With a very enthralled mind, the sage called Narada,
With folded hands started thinking of the wonderful Vishnu,
For pleasing, the child of Raghu and for the benefit of the world.

Yadhekam yath param nithyam yadanatham chidathmakam,
Yadhekam vyapakam loke thad roopam chinthayamyaham. 24

I meditate on that form which is one, divine , perennial , endless , full of wisdom,
And on that form which is one , but spread everywhere in the world.

Vijnana hethum Vimalayathaksham,
Prajana roopam swa sukhiaka hethum,
Sri Ramachandram harim Aadhi devam,
Parathparam Ramamaham Bhajami. 25

I sing about Rama who is the divine of the divines,
Who is the cause of all knowledge, who has pure and clear eyes,
Who is the form of pure wisdom and the cause of our pleasure,
And who is Ramachandra, Hari and the primeval God.

Kavim puranam purasthath ,
Sanathanam yoginameesitharam,
Anoraneeyaam samanantha veeryam,
Praneswaram Rama manasou Dadarsa. 26

He saw in his mind the form of the great God Rama,
Who is the poet who wrote the story of the world,
Who is perennial , who is the ultimate goal of yogis,
Who is the atom within atom and one with inexhaustible valour.

Narayanam , Jagannatham, Abhiramam, Jagathpathim,
Kavim puranam , vaagesam ,Ramam ,Dasarathathmajam. 27

Narayana, the lord of the worlds,
Who is Handsome every minute and the king of the worlds,
The most ancient poet , God of words ,
He who bewitches the mind, Son of Dasaratha.

Rajarajam , Raghuvaram, Kousalya Ananda vardhanam,
Bhargam, Varenyam, Viswesam , Raghu nadham, Jagath gurum. 28

The king of kings, The great one of Raghu’s clan,
One who increases the joy of Kousalya,
The supporter , He who is the chosen one ,
Lord of universe , The lord of Raghu clan, The teacher of the world,

Sathyam sathya priyam, Sreshtam, Janaki vallabham, Vibhum,
Soumithri poorvajam, Santham, Kamadham, Kamlekshanam. 29

Truth, lover of truth , Greatest , Consort of Sita, Lord,
Elder brother of Lakshmana, One who is peaceful,
He who is desirable, He who has lotus like eyes,

Adithyam, Ravi meesaanam,, Granim, Soorya manaamayam,
Ananda roopinam, Soumyam, Raghavam, karunamayam. 30

Sun God, God of Sun God, Planet ,
He who is meditated by Sun God,
Personification of happiness, One who is peaceful,
He who belongs to Raghu clan, He who is full of mercy.

Jamadagnyam, Thapomurthim, Ramam, Parasu Dharinam,
Vakpathim, Varadham, Vachyam, ,Srepathim, Pakshi vahanam. 31

Son of Jamadagni, He who does Thapas,
Parasurama, He who carries an axe,
Lord of words, he who blesses,
He who is spoken to, He who rides on a bird,

Sri Sarnga dharinam, Ramam, Chinmayananda vigraham,
Hala drug Vishnu meesanam,Balaramam, Krupa nidhim, 32

He who carries the Saranga mace,
Bala Rama, The form of eternal happiness,
He who carries the plough , He who is God Vishnu,
Balarama, Treasure house of mercy,

Sree vallabham , krupa nadham,, Jagna mohanamachyutham,
Mathsya koorma varahaadhi ropa dharinam, avyayam, 33

Consort of Lakshmi , Lord with mercy,
He who bewitches the world, Achyutha,
He who took the forms of fish, tortoise
And wild boar, he who is stable,

Vasudevam, Jagadyoni, anadhi nidhanam, Harim,
Govindam, Gopathim, Vishnum, Gopi jana manoharam, 34

He who is Vasudeva, He who is the creator of universe,
He who is most ancient , Hari,
Govinda, Lord of cows, He who is peaceful ,
He who steals the mind of Gopis

Go gopala parivaram, Gopa kanya samavrutham,
Vidhyuth punjapratheekasam, Ramam, Krishnam, Jagan mayam. 35

One having cows and cowherds as family,
One who is surrounded by Gopis,
One who appears like a streak of lightning,
Rama, Krishna, One who is throughout the world.

Go gopika samakeernam, Venu vadana thath param,
Kama roopam, Kalavantham, Kamini kamadham Vibhum, 36

One who is with cows and cowherd girls,
One who is interested in playing the flute,
One who is attractive appearance, One who is artistic,
The Lord who is loved by pretty sweethearts,

Manmadham, Madhuranadham, Madhawam, Makaradwajam,
Sridharam, Srikaram, Srisam, Srinivasam, Parathparam, 37

God of love, Lord of sweetness, Madhawa, One who has fish as flag,
One who carries Lakshmi , One who grants wealth , One who is the God of Lakshmi , One in whom Lakshmi lives, One who is most divine,

Bhoothesam, Bhoopathim, Bhadram , Vibhoothim Bhoothi Bhoshanam,
Sarva dukha haram veeram , Dushta dhanava vairinam, 38

The Lord of all beings, The king ,
One who ensures safety , One whose divinity is our ornament,
The valorous one who removes all sorrows,
One who is the enemy of bad Rakshasas,

Sri Nrusimham , Maha bahum , mahantham, Deeptha thejasam,
Chidananda mayam , nithyam , pranavam , Jyothi roopinam, 39

The man-lion, One who has strong hands ,
One who is very great , One who shines like light,
One who is completely divine , one who is forever ,
One who is “Om”, One who has the form of light,

Aadhithya mandala gatham , nischithartha swaroopinam,
Bhaktha priyam , Bhaktha nethram, Bhakthanaam meepsitha prabhum, 40

One who goes to the solar system,
One who has a definite form,
One who loves his devotees, One who is the eye of his devotee,
The Lord who attracts devotees.

Kousalyeyam, kala moorthim, kakustham, Kamala priyam,
Simhasane samaseenam , Nithya Vrutha , makalmasham. 41

Son of Kousalya, Adept in arts,
One who belongs to Kakustha clan, Dear one to Lakshmi,
He who sits on the throne , He who observes penance daily ,
He who does not have any flaw.

Viswamithra priyam Dhantham Swadhara niyatha vrutham,
Yagnesam , Yagna purusham, Yagna pavana thathparam, 42

He who is dear to sage Viswamithra,
He who is restrained, He who supports himself, He who has daily penance,
He who is Lord of Yagna, He who is addressed by Yagna ,
He who is particular about purity of Yagna.

Sathya sandham, Jitha krodham, Saranagatha vathsalam,
Sarva klesapaharanam , Vibheeshana vara pradham. 43

He who is truthful, He who has won over anger,
He who likes those who surrender to him,
He who steals away all problems,
He who gave boons to Vibheeshana.

Dasa greva haram, roudhram, Kesavam , Kesi mardhanam,
Bali pradhamanam, Veeram , Sugreevepsitha rajyadham. 44

He who killed Ravana, Kesava, He who killed Kesi,
He who won over Bali , He who is valorous,
He who gave kingdom to Sugreeva.

Nara vanara devaischa sevitham, Hanumath priyam,
Shudham, Sookshmam, Param, Santham , THaraka brhama roopinam. 45

He who is served by men, monkeys and devas,
He who is dear to Hanuman,
He who is pure, He who is minute, He who is divine ,
He who is peaceful, He who has the form of Tharaka Brahma.

Sarva bhoothathma bhoothastham , Sarvadhaaram, Sanathanam,
Sarva karana kartharam, Nidhanam, Prakruthe param, 46

He who is in all beings, he who is the basis of everything ,
He who is ancient,
He who is the boss of all causes, He who is systematic,
He who is by nature divine,

Niramayam, nirabhaasam Niravadhyam, Niranjanam,
Nithyanandam, Nirakaram Adhwaitham, Thamasa param. 47

Free from disease, Free from all that is bad ,
He who is many , He who is free from sorrow,
He who is always happy, He who does not have any form ,
He who does not have two, He who is divine beyond darkness,

Parath para tharam thathwam , sathyanandam chidathmakam,
Manasa sirasa nithyam pranamami Raghoothamm, 48

He whose principle is most divine , he who enjoys truth ,
He who is the divinity of the soul,
I salute the great one of Raghu clan who is such a one *
And salute him both by head and mind .
*described by the names given above

Soorya mandala madhyastham Ramam, Seetha samanwitham,
Namami Pundarikakaksha mayam guru thath param. 49

I salute he who has lotus like eyes and respects his teacher,
He who is Rama who is in the middle of the solar system,
And who is with his consort Goddess Sita.

Namosthu Vasudevaya, Jyothishaam pathaye Nama,
Namosthu Rama devaya Jagad Ananda rooopine. 50

Salutations to Vasudeva, Salutations to king of planets,
Salutations to Lord Rama who makes he entire world happy.

Namo vedantha nishhtaya Yogine Brahma vadhine,
Maya maya nirasaya prapanna jana sevine. 51

Salutations to him who is in Vedantha, To the Yogi,
To him who knows Vedas, To him who forsakes illusion,
And to him who has left the world but does work for people.

Vandamahe Mahesaanaam Chanda Kodanda Khandanam,
Janaki hrudayananda vardhanam, Raghu Nandanam. 52

We salute him who broke the bow of Lord Shiva,
To him who increases happiness in the mind of Sita,
And to him who is the son of the great Raghu clan.

Uthphullamala Komalathpala dala shyamaya Ramaya they,
Kamaya pramadha manohara guna gramaya Ramathmane,
Yogarooda muneendra manasa sarohamsaya Samsara,
Vidhwamsaya sphura dhojase Raghukulothamsaya pumse nama. 53-54

Salutations to the Rama who has the pretty black colour of fully open blue lotus,
Salutations to Rama who is the love God who can steal the mind of women,
Salutations to Rama who is the swan playing in the lake of the mind of great saints,
Salutations to the greatest of Raghu clan , who can destroy the ills of ordinary life.

Bhavodh bhavam veda vidhaam varishtaam, Adhithya chandra anala suprabhavaam,
Sarvathmakam sarva gatha swaroopam Namami ramam Thamasa parasthad. 55

Salutations to him who was born from the primeval cause,
To him who has the joint shine of moon, sun and fire,
To him who is the soul of all,
To him who has the form which goes everywhere,
And to him who is Rama who has killed all base qualities,

Niranjanam nishprathimam nireeham Nirasrayam Nishkalamaprapancham,
Nithyam dhruvam nirvishaya swaroopam Nirantharam Ramam Aham Bhajami. 56

Salutations to Rama who is without sin, comparison,
Body , dependence and not connected with this world,
Salutations to him who is deathless, who is always there,
Whose form is beyond aspects and who is permanent

Bhavabdhi potham, Bharahagrajam, Tham Bhaktha priyam, Bhanu kula pradheepam,
Bhootha trinadham, Bhuvanadhipam, tham Bhajami Ramam Bhava roga vaidhyam. 57

Salutations to Rama , who is the boat to cross the sea of birth,
Who is elder brother to Bharatha,
Who loves his devotees , Who is the light of the clan of Sun,
Who is the lord to the trinity, who is the Lord of the world
And who is the doctor who cures , the ills of birth.

Sarvadhipathyam, Samaraanga dheeram, Nithyam, Cidananda maya swaroopam,
Sathyam, Shivam, Shanthi mayam, Saranyam, Sanathanam, Ramamaham Bhajami. 58

I pray Lord Rama, who is the lord of all,
Who is brave in the battle field, who is permanent ,
Who has a form of divine joy,
Who is truth , who is peace, who is occupied by peace ,
Who accepts surrender and Who is ancient .

Karya karanamaprameyam , kavim, puraanam , Kamalayathaksham,
Kumara vedhyam, Karunamayam, tham Kalpa dhrumam , Ramamaham Bhajami. 59

I pray Lord Rama who is the cause of all actions,
Who cannot be known, Who is a treasure,
Who is ancient , who has lotus like eyes,
Who is known as young , who is full of pity
And who is the wish giving tree.

Trilokyanadham, Saraseeruhaksham , Dhayanidhim , Dwandwa vinasa hethum,
Mahabalam, Vedavidhim, Suresam , sanathanam , Ramam aham Bhajami. 60

I pray Lord Rama, who is the lord of three worlds,
Who has lotus like eyes, who is a treasure of mercy,
Who destroys the feeling of two,
Who is very strong , Who made the Vedas.
Who is the lord of devas, and who is very ancient.

Vedantha vedhyam, kavimeesitharamanadhi madyantha chinthya Madhyam,
Agocharam , nirmala meka roopam Namani ramam Thamasa parasthath. 61

I pray Rama, who has crossed the baser qualities,
Who is being studied by Vedantha,
Who is the treasure of knowledge , Who is God ,
Who does not have beginning middle or end,
Who cannot be seen, Who is pure, Who has a single form

Asesha Vedhathmakamadhi samgnamajam Harim, Vishnumananthmadhyam,
Apara samvid sukha meka roopam Parath param Ramamaham Bhajami. 62

I pray Rama whose soul is Veda , who is the primeval God,
Who is Hari who does not know, who is Vishnu,
Who is endless, who is the first,
Whose form is of immeasurable divine wisdom,
And who is greater than the greatest.

Thathwa swaroopam purusham puranam swathejasa pooritha viswamekam,
Rajadhi rajam , ravi mandalastham, Visweswaram Ramam Aham Bhajami. 63

I pray that Rama , who is the form of philosophy ,
Who is the primeval man, who is ancient,
Whose splendour occupies the entire world,
Who is the king of kings , who is in the solar system,
And the Lord of all the worlds.

Lokabhiramam, Raghu vamsa nadham , Harim, Chidananda mayam Mukundam,
Asesha vidhyathipathim, kaveendram , namami ramam Parasthath. 64

I salute that Rama who is prettiest in the world,
Who is the lord of Raghu clan, Who is Hari,
Who is full of divinity, Who is Mukunda,
Who is the lord of all knowledge
And who is the king among poets .

Yogeendra sangaischa , susevyamanam, Narayanam, Nirmalamadhi devam,
Nathosmi nithyam jagadhekanaadham mdhithya varnam thamasa purasthath. 65

I daily salute that Rama who is well served by groups of great sages,
Who is Narayana, who is pure, who is primeval God,
Who is the one God of the universe , who is of the colour of Sun,
And who is beyond the baser qualities.

Vibhoothidham , Viswasrujam , Viramam, Rajendrameesam , Raghu vamsa nadham,
Achinthya mavyaktha manantha moorthim , jyothirmayam , Ramamaham Bhajami. 66

I pray Rama, who gives wealth , who is the creator of the universe,
Who does not have rest, who is the greatest among kings,
Who is God , who is the Lord of Raghu clan,
Who is endless, not clear and unimaginable and who is full of light.

Asesha samsara vihara heenam, Aadhithyagam ,Poorna sukhadi ramam,
SAmastha sakshim , thamasa purasthan narayanam Vishnu maham Bhajami. 67

I pray Lord Vishnu, who is beyond the plays of domestic life,
Who is in the Solar system, who enjoys perfect bliss,
Who is witness of everything and who is beyond the baser qualities.

Muneendra guhyam , paripoorna kamam , kala nidhim , kalmasha nasa hethum,
Prathparam paramam, pavithram Namami Ramam Mahatho Mahantham. 68

I salute that Rama, who is secret even for great sages,
Who has fulfilled all his desires, who is store house of arts ,
Who is the one who destroys sins,
Who is most divine , who is the greatest, who is pure
And who is greater than the greatest.

Brahma Vishnuscha Rudrascha Devendro Devathasthadha,
Adhithyadhi grahaschaiva Thwameva Raghu Nandana. 69

Oh son of Raghu clan, You are Brahma, Vishnu , Shiva, Devendra and Devas,
And you are also all the planets in solar system.

Thapasa Rishaya , Sidha, Sadhyascha, Maruthasthadha,
Vipra, Devasthadha, Yagna, Purana , Dharma Samhitha, 70

Those who do Thapas, sages, Sidhas, Sadhyas, Maruths,
Brahmins, devas, Yagnas, epics , Books dealing about Dharma,

Varnasramaasthadha, Dharmam, Varna dharma sthaiva cha,
Yaksha , Rakshasa, Gandharwa, Dik pala, Digajjadhaya. 71

The different stages of life, Dharma, Dharma of different Varnas,
Yakshas, Rakshasas, Gandharwas, Guardian of directions, the elephants of directions,

Sanakadhi muni sresta sthwmeva, RAghu pungava,
Vasvoshtou thraya kala , Rudra Ekadasa smrutha. 72

Great sages like Sanaka , eight Vasus , three periods,
And eleven Rudhras all meditate on you, Oh lord of Raghu clan.

Tharaka, dasa dik chaiva thwameva Raghu Nandana,
Saptha dweepa SAmudhrascha maha nadhya sthada druma, 73

The stars, the ten directions are only you Son of Raghu clan,
And so are the seven islands , oceans , mountains , great rivers , trees,

Sthavara Jangamaschaiva thwameva Raghu Nayaka,
Devathiryang manushyanam Dhanavaanam thadaiva cha. 74

Oh Lord of Raghu clan you are all that moves and also do not move.
You are also devas, thiryaks, human beings and Asuras.

Matha, pitha, bratha, thwameva Raghu Vallabha,
Sarvesham thwam para brahma thwanmayam sarvameva hi. 75

Oh Lord of Raghu clan, you are father , mother and elder brother,
You are the Para Brahma and you are spread every where.

Thwamaksharam param jyothi Thwameva Puroshathama,
Thwameva tharakam brahma , thwatho anyanaiva kinchana. 76

You are indestructible , you are divine light, Oh Purushothama,
You are Tharaka Brahma and there is nothing except you.

Santham sarva gaham sookshmam , Param brahma snathanam,
Rajeeva lochanam Ramam pranamami jagath pathim. 77

I salute Rama, the Lord of Universe , who is peaceful.
Who goes everywhere, who is micro entity and
Who is the beginning less Para Brahma.

Vyasa Uvacha:-
Vyasa told:-

Thatha prasanna Sri Rama , provacha muni pungavam,
THushtosmi Muni Sardhoola Vrushneeshwa vara muthamam. 78

Pleased with this Rama told the great sage,
“I am happy oh great sage , please ask for good boons.”

Narada Uvacha:-
Naraada told:-

Yadhi Thushtosi Sarvagna, Sri Rama Karuna nidhe,
Thwan moorthi dharasane naiva Krutharthoham cha sarvadha. 79

Hey Rama who is a treasure of mercy, If you are happy , hey all knowing one,
Seeing you in person would make me contended and happy always.

Dhanyoham , krutha kruthyoham , punyoham purushothama,
Adhya may saphalam janma jeevitham saphalancha may. 80

Adhya may saphalam jnanamadhya mama saphalam thapa,
Adhya may saphalam karma thwad padambhoja darshanath, 81

Adhya may saphalam sarvam thwa nama smaranam thadha,
Thwad padombhoruha dwandwa sad bhakthim dehi Raghava. 82

Hey greatest among men, I am blessed, met with success and have done blessed deeds,
And now my birth and life have met with success,
Now my Thapas has succeeded by getting of wisdom,
Now my actions have met with success by seeing your lotus like feet,
Now all my activities have succeeded because of remembering your name,
And so Oh Rama , please give me constant devotion to your lotus like feet,
Thus told Narada to the very highly pleased Lord Rama.

Thatha parama sampreetha sa rama praha Naradam. 83

The very highly pleased Rama told as follows to Narada.

Munivarya maha bhaga , mune twisham dhadhami they,
Yathwaya chepsitham sarvam manasa thad bhavishyathi. 84

Oh Sage who is great , I give you all that you wish,
Whatever you want by your mind would be fulfilled.

Narada Uvacha:-
Narada said:-

Varam nay ache Raghu nadha yushmath padabhja bhakthi sathatham mamasthu,
Idham priyam nadha varam prayache puna puna asthwami idhameva yache. 85

I do not want any boon but my devotion to your flower like feet should be there,
And I only request this dear boon from you and again and again I request you only this.

Ithyavameeditho Ramo pradath thasmai varantharam,
Veero Ramo maha thejo , sachidananda vigraha. 86

Advaitham amalam jnanam swa nama smaranam thadha,
Andhar dhadhou Jganndha purathasthasya Raghava. 87

Requested like this , Rama gave him the boon he requested,
And the valorous Rama who is resplendent and one who has a divine form.
Gave him pure wisdom of Brahmam and thought about his name in his mind,
And vanished from the sight of sage Narada.

Ithi Sri Raghu nadhasya sthava rajamanuthamam,
SArva soubhagya sampathi dhayakam mukthidham shubham. 88

This is the king of prayers addressed to the Lord of Raghu clan,
And would give all luck, all wealth as well as great salvation.

Kadhitham Brahma puthrena Vedanaam saramuthamam,
Guhyad guhyathamam divyam thava snehath prakeerthitham. 89

I have sung this stotra which has been told by Narada, the son of Brahma,
Which contains essence of Vedas and which is secret of secrets,
Because of the great love that I have towards you.

Ya padeth srunyadwapi Trisandhyam sradhayanwithou,
Brhama hathyadhi paapani thad samani bahooni cha, 90

Swarnstheyam Surapanam Guruthalpa gathi sthadha,
Govadhad yupa paapani anruthath sambhavani cha, 91

Sarvai pramuchyathe paapai kalpayudha shathod bhavai.,
Manasam vachikam papam karmana samuparjitham. 92

Sri Rama Smaranenaiva thath kshanath nasyathi dhruvam,
Idham sathyamidham sathyam sathyamethadhi hochyathe. 93

If this is read or heard with attention at dawn, noon and dusk,
Brahma hathya* sin and other sins of that order,
Theft of gold , drinking of alcohol , talking ill of one’s guru,
Killing of cow and such subsidiary sins , even if done knowingly
And even if accumulated over several births ,would be got rid off.
Sins committed and accumulated either by mind or by words or body ,
Just by the thought of Rama would be immediately destroyed.
This is the truth , this is the truth and this is the truth.
*Killing of a Brahmin

Rama Sathya Param Brahma , Ramath kinchinna vidhyathe,
Thasmad Rama swaroopam hi sathyam, sathyamidham Jagath. 94

Rama is the true divine Brahmam , without him nothing can be known,
So Rama is the real truth , and it is the truth of this world.

Sri Ramachandra, Raghu pungava Raja Varya,
Rajendra Rama Raghu nayaka Raghavesa,
Rajadhi raja Raghu Nandana Ramachandra,
Dasohamadhya bhavatha saranagathosmi. 95

Hey Ramachandra, Hey great one of Raghu clan, Hey great king,
Hey King of kings. Hey Rama, Hey Lord of Raghu clan, Hey God of Raghu clan,
Hey emperor , Hey child of Raghu clan , Hey Ramachandra,
I who am your slave has surrendered to you.

Vaidehi sahitham suradhuruma thale Haime Maha mandape,
Madhye pushpa kruthasane , mani maye veerasane samsthitham,
Agre vaachayathi prabhanjana sutheThathwam muneendra param,
Vyakhyatham bharathathibhi parivrutham Ramam Bhaje Shyamalam. 96

I sing about that black coloured Rama , who is with Sita,
Who sits below the wish giving tree, in the golden stage,
On the valorous gem studded throne , on the seat made of flowers,
And is surrounded by Bharatha and others and in front of whom,
Hanuman reads the great philosophy, Written by great sages .

Ramam rathna kundala kireeta yutham, keyura haaranvitham,
Sitalankrutha vama bhagam amalam , simhasanastham vibhum,
Sugreevadhi hareeswarai , sura ganai sam sevyamanam sadha,
Viswamithra parasarathi munibhisamsthuyumanam Prabhum, 97

Sakala guna nidhanam Yogibhi sthuyamanam,
Bhuja vijitha samanam Rakkshasendradhi maanam,
Ahitha nrupa bhayaanaam,Sithaya shobha maanam,
Smara hrudhaya vimanam , Brahma ramabhidhanam. 98

Oh heart , remember that Lord Rama, who is Para Brahmam,
Who wears gem studded ear studs , crown armlets and garland,
Who is pure, Whose left side is decorated by the presence of Sita,
Who is the Lord sitting on the throne , Who is always served,
By monkey Lord like Sugreeva , and groups of devas,
Who is the Lord who is being praised by sages like Viswamithra and Parasara,
Who is store house of all that is good, who is prayed by great yogis,
Who won battles due to his strength , who is the death to Rakshasa kings,
Who is feared by bad kings and who adds luster to his consort Sita.

Raghu vara thava moorthir maamake Maanasabhje,
Naraka gathi haram they namadheyam mukhe may,
Anisamathulya bhakthya masthakam thwath padabhje,
Bhava jala nidhi magnam raksha mamaartha bandho. 99

Oh Rama , your form occupies my mind fully,
Your name that destroys hell occupies my face,
And my head with incomparable devotion falls at your feet,
And so God who is the friend of down trodden ,
Save me from the this ocean of births and deaths.

Ramarathnamaham Vande Chithrakoota pathim harim,
Kousalya bhakthi sambhootham , Janaki kanda bhooshanam. 100

I salute the gem called Rama , who is Lord Vishnu of Chithrakoota,
Who was born out of the devotion of Kousalya ,
And who is the ornament in the neck of Goddess Sita.

Ithi Sanathkumara samhithayam , naradhoktham Sri Ramachandra sthava raja stotram sampoornam.

Thus ends the king of prayers addressed to Rama which was told by Narada and which occurs in Sanathkumara Samhitha.

Akshara Mana Malai of Bhagwan Ramana

Akshara Mana Malai
(Scented garland arranged Alphabetically)

Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi

Translated by


Bhagwan Ramana was a great sage who lived in the Arunachala Mountains in Thiruvannamalai. He was not a sanyasin and used to make it clear that he was not having any Guru. His scholarly nature and the life of utter simplicity that he lead ,attracted lot of great admirers to him.
I am quoting verbatim about how he came to compose this great work.
“During the early years of Sri Bhagavan's abode at Virupaksha, Palaniswami and others used to go into town to beg food for the small group of devotees, and one day they asked Sri Bhagavan for a devotional song to sing as they went. He replied that there were plenty of sublime songs composed by the Saints, many of them neglected, so there was no need to compose a new one. However, they continued to urge him and some days later he set out on pradakshina round the Hill, taking a pencil and paper with him, and, on the way, composed the hundred and eight verses.

Tears of ecstasy streamed down his face as he wrote, sometimes blinding his eyes and choking his voice. The poem became the great devotional inspiration of the devotees. All the pain of longing and all the bliss of fulfillment are mirrored in its glowing symbolism. The perfection of Knowledge is combined with the ecstasy of devotion. And yet this most heartfelt of poems was composed from the standpoint of the devotee, of one who is still seeking. It is also an acrostic, its hundred and eight verses beginning with the successive letters of the Tamil alphabet. Nevertheless, no poem could be more spontaneous. Some devotees asked Sri Bhagavan the interpretation of some of the verses and he replied: "You think it out and I will too. I didn't think while I was composing it; I just wrote as it came."

Quoted from

This entire prayer in Tamil script along with Tamil explanation is available in
This meaning was written by a close devotee of the sage called Muruganar . It is understood that several times he used to have discussion with the sage about the purported meaning of each verse.
The famous translation in to English by Arthur Osborne is available in
In many cases Mr. Osborne has given two different meanings for some verses. This translation is terse .
After reading both these translations, I have written my own translation in English verse , about my understanding of what is written.

The first word of the title is “Akshara”. This would mean either “Alphabets” or “that which never decays”. Each of the 108 verses commence with the different alphabets of the Tamil language. Due to this I am taking the first indicated meaning.

The second word is “Mana”. This word in Tamil would either mean “”Marital” or “Scented”. Most of the commentators prefer “Marital”. They claim it to indicate the Nayaki-nayaka Bhava in the verses. But I would prefer the second meaning “Scented”. That is why I have translated the title as “Alphabetical scented Garland”.
Since my aim of transliteration is to provide identity of the verse , I have taken some independence in doing it so that verses are more readable. Please refer to the original in case of doubt.
“Arunachala” literally means “Mountain of the colour of the purple sun.”. This mountain is situated in Thiruvannamalai of Tamil Nadu. Devotees consider the mountain itself as a form of Lord Shiva. “Arunachala” can also refer to Lord Shiva who is consecrated in the temple near “Arunachala.”


Tharuna aruna mani kirana vali nigar,
Dharma kshara mana magizh malai,
Theru nadiya thiruvadiyar theru maral,
Theliya parvuthal porualakk ,
Karunkara muni Ramana riyanuva,
Kaiyinar choliyathu gathiyaga,
Varunachalamena ga arivodu,
Mazhvar shivanugamalware.

Recommending verse.

This joyful scented garland ,
Which resembles the beam,
Of the rays of the rising Sun,
Was requested for by his devotees
Who chose the streets for removing
The delusion and make people understand
And this was composed by Ramana ,
Who was the ocean of pity.
Those who choose to tell this as their refuge,
Would understand that they are Arunachalam ,
And reign in the land of Lord Shiva.

* Murugan is one of the great devotees of Bhgawan Ramana.

Prayer to Lord Ganapathi

Arunachalavarketha Akshara malai chatha,
Karunakara Ganapathiye Karamaruli kaapaye.

Oh merciful Ganapathi , give a hand and help me,
To make a garland of letters suitable for Lord Arunachala.

Refrain ( this refrain has to be chanted after each verse)

Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva,
Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva,
Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva,
Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva.

Arunachalamena agame ninaippavar,
Agathai aruppai arunachalane. 1

Oh Arunachala, cut of the pride in the minds,
Of those who meditate on Arunachala.

Azhagu sundaram pol agavum neeyum uttha
Binnamay iruppom arunachalaa. 2

Oh Arunachala , like the words Azhagu in Tamil,
And Sundaram in Sanskrit mean the same beauty,
Let our mind and you be not different and be same.

Agam pugum theerthu , unnaka guhai chirayai,
Amarvithathen kolo arunachalaa. 3

Oh Arunachala , why did you enter in my mind,
Drew me, made me imprisoned in your mind?

Aarum kavenai yandanai yagathidil,
Akhilam pazhithidum arunachalam. 4

Oh Arunachala, after having drawn the useless me,
If you remove me later, the world would find fault with you.

Ippazhi thappunai yeninai pitha ,
Yini yaar viduvaar arunachalam. 5

Oh Arunachala , get rid of this bad name,
Oh Mad one, who would leave you now.

Yeendridum annayir peritharul purivo,
Yidhuvo unadharul Aunachala. 6

Oh Arunachala who is kinder than my mother,
This is indeed your great grace.

Unaye mathi odathulathin mel,
Uruthiyayiruppai Arunachala. 7

Oh Arunachala, please change yourself,
And sit firmly on my changing mind.

Oor chuthu ulam vidathu unnai tatangida,
Un azhagai kattu Arunachala. 8

Oh Arunachala , show me your beauty,
So that my mind ,which wanders round becomes firm.

Yenai azhithippo yenai kalava vidil,
Ithuvo vanmai Arunachala. 9

Oh Arunachala, Are you man enough ,
So that you destroy my ego,
And merge me with yourself?

Yen inda urakkam yenai pirar izhukka,
Ithu unakku azhago, Arunachala. 10

Oh Arunachala, Is it pretty for you,
To be asleep when others drag me to things bad?

Iympula kalvar agathinir pugum pothu,
Agathu nee ilayo, Arunachala. 11

Oh Arunachala, Are you not within me,
When the thief of five senses enters within me?

Oruvanaam unnai olithavar varuvaar,
Un chootheyidhu, Arunachala. 12

Oh Arunachala, If the one who hides you,
Appear before me, it is only your deceit, Oh God

Omgara porul oppu uyar villoy,
Unai yaar arivaar , Arunachala. 13

Oh Arunachala, who is great and incomparable,
Who can claim ever to know you?

Ouai pol , yenakku un arulai thandu yenai,
Aluvathu un kadan, Arunachala. 14

Oh Arunachala, It is your bounden duty,
To control me after giving your grace , just like my mother.

Kannukku kaanai kannindri kanunai,
Kanuvathu yevar paar , Arunachala. 15

Oh Arunachala, you watch over me yourself,
To help me see you with the eye of the eyes,
When I am trying to see you with my eyes.

Kandham irumb pol kavarndu yennai vidamal,
Kalandhu yennodu iruppai , Arunachala. 16

Oh Arunachala, be always with me ,
Like the magnet attracting a piece of steel,
And be always merge with me never leaving me.

Giri uruvagiya kirubai kadale,
Krubai koorndu arulvay, Arunachala. 17

Oh Arunachala who is the ocean of mercy,
With the looks of a mountain, please bless me with your grace.

Keezh melengum kilar oli mani yen,
Keezhmayayai paaz chey, Arunachala. 18

Oh Arunachala , Who shines like a gem,
In the minds of the great as well as the base ones,
Destroy this quality of baseness within me.

Kutham uthu aruthennai gunamay paninthal,
Guru uruvay olir , Arunachala. 19

Oh Arunachala, destroy all the crimes that I have committed,
And make me pure, through the mouth of the teacher.

Koor vaat kanniyar kodumayir padathu arul,
Koorndu yennai Cherndhu arul, Arunachala. 20

Oh Arunachala, Be merciful with me and bless me,
So that I do not fall in the hooks of the bad ones, with sharp swords.

Kenjiyum vanjiyay konjam irangilai,
Anjel yendru arul, Arunachala. 21

Oh Arunachala, like a deceiver you have not shown pity on me,
In spite of my begging, Please tell me , not to be afraid.

Kelathu alikkum un kedil pugazhai,
Kedu cheyyathu arul, Arunachala. 22

Oh Arunachala, do not spoil your fame,
Of giving without asking , by not giving to me.

Kaiyinir kaniyul mey rasam kondu uvagai,
Veri kola varurl , Arunachala. 23

Oh Arunachala, bless me with the exuberance of happiness,
By using the juice of the truth of the fruit in my hand,

Kodiyittu adiyarai kollunai kkatti ,
Kondu engan vazhven, Arunachala. 24

Oh Arunachala , how will I Ever live ,
As a slave to you who kills ,
Without killing his devotees?

Kopamil gunathoy , kuriyay yenai kola,
Kuray yen cheythen, Arunachala. 25

Oh Arunachala , who is never angry,
What great did I ever do , to make you,
Choose me to receive your grace?

Kowthamar pothum karunai maa malaye,
Kadai kanithu aalvay, Arunachala. 26

Oh Arunachala , who is the mountain of mercy,
Which is being worshipped by sage Gowthama,
Please see me with your side long glance and bless me.

Chakalamum vizhungum kadir oli ina mana,
Salasa malarthi yidu , Arunachala. 27

Oh Arunachala , who is the light that swallows all,
Please make the lotus of my mind open fully.

Chappadu unnai charndhuna vaayaan,
Santhamay pavan Arunachala. 28

Oh Arunachala, when I approached you for food,
You made me your food and made me peaceful.

Chitham kulira kkathir atham vaitha amudha,
Vaayai thira varun mathi, Arunachala. 29

Oh Arunachala, with a view to cool my mind,
Open the nectar like mouth of the bud of my mind.

Cheerai azhithu nirvanamai cheythu arut,
Cheerai alitharul, Arunachala. 30

Oh Arunachala, Remove the cloth that covers my mind,
Make me nude and again grace me with your cloth of grace.

Chuka kadal ponga chollunar adanga,
Chumma porunthidanga Arunachala. 31

Oh Arunachala, to make my mind ebb with pleasure,
And to make my senses under control , you occupy my mind.

Choothu cheydu yenni chothiyadini un
Jothi uru kkattu , Arunachala. 32

Oh Arunachala, from now on, do not test me by deceit,
And show me your form which shines like a flame.

Cheppadi vithai kkathu ippadi mayakku vittu,
Uru ppadu vithai kkattu , Arunachala. 33

Oh Arunachala , do not show the magical shows
To make me completely confused,
And show me that which would build me.

Cherayenin mey neera yurugi kkan,
Neeral azhiven , Arunachala. 34

Oh Arunachala, If you do not unite with me,
I would melt like water and be destroyed by tears.

Chaiyena thallin chey vinai chudum amala,
Uy vagai yethu urai, Arunachala. 35

Oh Arunachala , if you push me away with disdain,
Oh pure one , my actions would burn me,
And so tell me how should I live and win.

Chollathu cholli nee , chollara nillendru,
Chumma yirundhay , Arunachala. 36

Oh Arunachala, without talking you talked to me,
And told me to stop talking and you kept quite.

Chombiyay chumma sukhamundu urangidir,
Chol very yen gathi, Arunachala. 37

Oh Arunachala, If I lazily sleep in pleasure,
Tell me, what other way to get away is there for me.

Chowriyam kaattinai , chazha kathathu yendre,
Chaliyathu irunday, Arunachala. 38

Oh Arunachala, you showed me your prowess
And the darkness in me vanished,
And you remained still motion less.

Gnamaliyir kedaa naan yendru uruthi yay,
Nadi nin urave, Arunachala. 39

Oh Arunachala, I am worse than a dog,
For when did I ever steadfastly seek you.

Gnanamillathu , un asayar thalar vara,
Gnanam therithu arul, Arunachala. 40

Oh Arunachala, I sought you without wisdom,
But did only get tired because of my desire,
And so grace me with the wisdom to seek you.

Jnimiru po neeyum malarnthilai yendre,
Ner nindaranai , yen arunachala. 41

Oh Arunachala, When I as a bee wanted to enter you,
And when I thought that you have not opened like a bud,
To my surprise I found you standing in front of me.

Thattuvam theriya thathanai yuthay,
Thathuvam ithu ven, Arunachala. 42

Oh my Arunachala , when I did not know the innate philosophy,
You yourself stood before me as the same innate philosophy.

Thane thane thathuvam idanai ,
Thane kattuvai Arunachala. 43

Oh Arunachala , please show and make me realize,
That you ,yourself are the innate philosophy.

Thirumbi yagam thannai dina maga kan kaandu,
Yeriyum yendranai, yen Arunachala. 44

Oh my Arunachala, You told me to turn and see,
Within myself ,so that I will know it.

Deeramilakathir thediyum thanayaan ,
Thirumba vuthen arul, Arunachala. 45

Oh Arunachala, by your grace I searched inside ,
Without inner courage and got you again.

Thupparivilla ippira ppen bhayan,
Oppidavaye , yen Arunachala. 46

Oh my Arunachala, what is the use of this birth,
Without the innate knowledge, and then why,
Should I try to compare it with that of others.

Thooy mana mozhiyar thoyu mun meyygam,
Thoyave yarul yen Arunachala. 47

Oh my Arunachala, please bless me to merge within you,
Before the others with purer mind merge in you.

Dheivam yendru unnai charave , yennai,
Chera vozhithay Arunachala. 48

Oh Arunachala , when I bent towards you,
Thinking you are my God, you pushed me away.

Thedathu uttha na thiru varu nithi yaga,
Thiyakkam theertharul Arunahala. 49

Oh Arunachala, You are the divine treasure,
That I got without searching for it,
And bless me with a stable mind.

Dhairiyamodu mun meyyaga nada yaan,
Thattazhithen arul , Arunachala. 50

Oh Arunachala, when I tried to approach you with courage,
The boat of mine tottered and I fell down and so bless me.

Thottarut kai mey kattidaa yenil,
Yaan attamaven, arul , Arunachala. 51

Oh Arunachala , If you do not merge in me,
When I extend my hands to touch you,
Then I would become , a useless thing.

Thodamini yagathodu ondri yendrum,
Chandhoda ondirda arul, Arunachala. 52

Oh Arunachala, You who are without flaws,
Merge with me from the inside and grace me,
To merge with the ever lasting joy , inside you.

Nagaikku ida milai nin nadiya venaiaru ,
Nagai Yittu paar nee arunachala. 53

Oh Arunachala, this is not the time to laugh at me,
Who has sought and approached you but please see me,
After adorning me with your grace.

Nanilai naadita naanayondri nee,
Thanuva niranai arunachala. 54

Oh Arunachala, without shame you stood like a pillar,
When I came myself, seeking you, instead of helping me.

Ninneri yerithenai neeragidum mun,
Nin arun mazhai pozhi Arunachala. 55

Oh Arunachala, before I turn to ash due to your burning advice
Rain your nectar like grace on me, please.

Nee naan ara ppuli nithangali mayama,
Nindridu nilay arul Arunachala. 56

Oh Arunachala, destroy the difference between you and me,
And bless me with the state of ecstasic joy.

Nunn uruvay ninai yaan vinnuru nannida,
Yennalai yirumen ara Arunachala. 57

Oh Arunachala, please cut off my nets of thought,
That prevent me to see your subtle divine form.

Noolarivu ariya pethaiyan yendran,
Malari varuthu arul, Arunachala. 58

Oh Arunachala , grace me by cutting off my wrong knowledge,
For I am a simpleton who does not have bookish knowledge.

Nekku nekkurugi yaan pukkida unnai puga,
Nakkaha ninranai , Arunachala. 59

Oh Arunachala, when melting with emotions, I tried to enter you,
As my refuge but You stood motionless and naked before me.

Nesa mila yenakkun asayai kaati nee,
Mosam cheyyatharul, Arunachala. 60

Oh Arunachala, Do not forsake me now .
After showing your desire to me ,
As I was not interested in you earlier.

Naindazhi kaniya nalanilai padathir,
Nadi ut kol nalam, Arunachala. 61

Oh Arunachala, Unripe fruits do not lead to good,
Ripen me and merge me with you.

Nondhida thunthanai thandu yenai kondilai,
Yandaka nee yenakku Arunachala. 62

Oh Arunachala, you are like the God of death me,
As you gave me yourself and painlessly took me within you.

Nokkiye karuthi mey thakkiye pakkuvam
Aakki nee aandarul, Arunachala. 63

Oh Arunachala , see me touch me and ripen me,
And then take me and then rule over me.

Pathi maal vidanthalai yuthiru munamarul,
Pathida arul puri, Arunachala. 64

Oh Arunachala, shower your grace and save me,
Before the poison of delusion gets hold of me.

Parthu arun maalara parthilai yenin arul,
Par unakkar cholvar, Arunachala. 65

Oh Arunachala , If you do not see and dispel my illusion,
Who is there , who can request you to do that.

Pithu vittu unai ner pithanakkinai arul,
Pitham theli marundu Arunachala. 66

Oh Arunachala, You cured my mad desire for the world,
And made me mad for you and your grace,
And you are the only medicine to cure this madness.

Bheethiyil unai char, bheethiyil unai cher,
Bheethi undanakka yen, Arunachala. 67

Oh Arunachala , why are you having fear to me joining you,
As I am joining you fearlessly and you are fearless.

Pullari vethurai, nallari vethurai,
Pullidave arul , Arunachala. 68

Oh Arunachala, please tell me which knowledge is bad,
And which is good and bless me to shed the bad knowledge.

Poo mana mamanam poorana manam kola ,
Pooranamarul Arunachala. 69

Oh Arunachala, Bless me with complete knowledge,
For my mind is beset with the scent of this world.
And not the knowledge of perfection.

Peyar ninaithidave pidithu izhthanai un,
Perumai yaar arivaar Arunachala. 70

Oh Arunachala, You pulled me towards you,
Even when I just brought your name to my mind,
And who can ever aptly tell your greatness?

Peythanam vida , vidaa peyayi pidithanai,
Peyan akkinai yen Arunachala. 71

Oh my Arunachala , when the devilishness left me,
You firmly caught hold of me like a devil,
And made me mad for you like a devil.

Painkodi ya naan pathu indri vaadamar,
Pathu kodaay kaa varunachala. 72

Oh Arunachala, Please be a staff to support me,
As I am a tender creeper and would wilt , if I do not have a support.

Podiyaan mayaikki yen bodathai parithu un,
Bodathai kattinai Arunachala. 73

Oh Arunachala , Using the dust to make me loose myself,
And completely steal away my understanding,
You blessed me by showing , your knowledge to me.

Pokkum varavumil podu veli yinil arut,
Porattam kattu, Arunachala. 74

Oh Arunachala, In my mind which is a public road
Where there is no coming and going of thoughts,
Stage and show the clashes of your divine self.

Poudhikama mudar pathu athu nalum mun,
Pavisu kandu uravu arul, Arunachala. 75

Oh Arunachala, cut off my physical attachments,
And grace me with the splendorous sight of yours.

Malai marundhida nee malaithidavo varun,
Malai marunday olir, Arunachala. 76

Oh Arunachala, When you cured me of my disease,
Of confusion about the problems of birth and life,
Why should I bother and so please shine as the mountain of cure.

Manam kondu urubhavar manathai azhitha pin,
Manamillathu olir Arunachala. 77

Oh Arunachala ,you have destroyed the ego,
Of the people who were suffering from ego,
And please shine as something beyond ego.

Minjidir kenjidum konja vari vaniyaan,
Vanchiyathu arul yenai, Arunachala. 78

Oh Arunachala , I am an ignoramus , who begs,
When some one overwhelms and rules over me,
And so without deceiving me show your grace to me.

Meegaaman illaman maa kathu alai kala,
Magamar katharul, Arunachala. 79

Oh Arunachala, Protect me from this great illusion,
When I am floundering like a ship without helmsman,
And caught amidst, the wind and storm of a storm.

Mudiyadi kaanaa mudi vidu thanai ner,
Mudi vida kada mnilai arul, Arunachala. 80

Oh Arunachala , when I am trying to untie,
The knot of ego like the one trying to find your head and feet,
Be like a mother and help me to untie the knot.

Mokilam mun kkattu mukurama kadenai ,
THooki anainthu arul, Arunachala. 81

Oh Arunachala , do not show me a mirror,
To point out my absence of nose,
But raise me and hug me tightly.

Meyyagathin manamen mala ranayinaa,
Mey kalathida varul , Arunachala. 82

Oh Arunachala , in the flower bed of my mind,
Within my body , permit me to merge with you.

Men mel thazhindhdu melliyar cherndhu nee,
Menmayuthana yenna, Arunachala. 83

Oh Arunachala, how is it that you became great,
Even after again and again mixing with the poor and humble.

Mai mayanetharun maiyinal unathu ,
Unamai vasamakkinai, Arunahala. 84

Oh Arunachala, after removing the collyrium of ignorant confusion,
By granting me the collyrium of your grace , you made me truly yours.

Mottai yadithennai vetta veliyineel
Nattamadinai yen , Arunachala. 85

Oh Arunachala, after completely shaving of my ignorant thoughts,
You danced in the empty stadium of my mind.

Moham thavirthun mohama vaithu men,
Moham theeray, yen Arunachala. 86

Oh Arunachala, you removed my attachment to me,
Put in there attachment to you, and by your grace,
Keep that attachment from not vanishing.

Mouniyai karpon malarathirunthaan,
Monamith aamo , Arunachala. 87

Oh Arunachala , Is it divine silence,
When one is silent and immobile like a stone?

Yavan yen vaayil maninai yatti,
Yen pizhai pozhuthathu , Arunachala. 88

Oh Arunachala, who was it ,who made me good for nothing,
And robbed me of my livelihood?

Yaarumariyadhen madhiyinai marutti ,
Yevar kollai kondathu , Arunachala. 89

Oh Arunachala, who was it that destroyed
My mind’s confusion and robbed me for himself?

Ramanar yendru uraithen , rosam kolathu yenai,
Ramithida cheya vaa, Arunachala. 90

Oh Arunachala, I told it this way because,
I thought that you are one bewitching my mind,
And so without getting angry, make me happy.

Raa pakalilla veru veli veetil,
Ramithuduvom, vaa, Arunachala. 91

Oh Arunachala , let us both enjoy this divine happiness,
In this open house where there is no night or day.

Lakshiyamm vaithu arul asthiram vittanai,
Bakshithaay prananodu, Arunachala. 92

Oh Arunachala, you shot your arrow at me,
Keeping correct aim and ate me away along with my soul .

Labha nee ikha para labham mi lenayuthu,
Labham yennuthanaim, Arunachala. 93

Oh Arunachala, what is the profit got buy you,
Who is the real profit to those who get you,
By taking me , who does nothing here and hereafter.

Varumbadi cholilai, vanden padiyala,
Varundhidan alai vidhi, Arunachala. 94

Oh Arunachala, You only called me near you,
And now I have come, look after me and my problems,
And if you feel sad to do it, it is but your fate.

Vaa vendru agam pukkun vaazh varul endre yen,
Vaazh vizhunden arul, Arunachala. 95

Oh Arunachala, The moment I came in, when you called,
You entered in to me and showered your grace,
But I lost my selfish egoistic life.

Vittidir kattamaam vittida thunai uyir,
Vittida yarul puri , Arunachala. 96

Oh Arunachala, To leave you is difficult,
So when I leave this world, be with me,
And please bless me to be always with you.

Veedu vitteer thula veedu pukku payya vun,
Veedu kattinai yarul, Arunachala. 97

Oh Arunachala, you drew me out of my home,
And you entered and occupied the home of my mind,
And showed me, that you are my permanent home.

Veli vitten un cheyal veruthithadathu un arul,
Veli vittu yenai kaa, Arunachala. 98

Oh Arunachala, I have published your acts now,
But please do not hate me for that,
And show your grace and then protect me.

Vedanthatte verara vilangum,
Veda porul arul Arunachala. 99

Oh Arunachala, please explain to me that ,
Which is the essence of all Vedas,
And which is explained in Vedantha.

Vaidhalai vazhathaa vaitharut kudiya,
Vaithenai vidathu arul, Arunachala. 100

Oh Arunachala, consider my slanderous words as praise.
And make as an object of grace and look after me always.

Ambuvi laali pola anpuruvu nilay enai,
Anbaa karaitharul, Arunachala. 101

Oh Arunachala, like the hail stones melting in rain,
Please merge me in your form of love , as your form is love itself.

Arunai yen drannayana arut kanni patten un,
Arul valai thappumo Arunachala. 102

Oh Arunachala, as soon as I thought of Arunachala,
I was caught in the net of your grace,
For the net of your grace never makes mistakes.

Chindhithu arut pada Chilandhi pol kkatti,
Cirayittu undanai , Arunachala. 103

Oh Arunachala, after great thought you spun a spider’s web,
Imprisoned me and then took me within you.

Anpodu un namange , anbar tham anbarukku,
Anbanayida varul , Arunachala. 104

Oh Arunachala, please make me the friend,
Of the friend of a friend of one who chants your name with love.

Yen polum dhenarai yin pura kkathu nee,
Yennalum vazhandharul Arunachala. 105

Oh Arunachala , you please kindly protect the oppressed ones,
Like me and continue to live forever.

Yenpurukanpar tham yin chorkkal cheviyumen,
Pun mozhi kol varul, Arunachala. 106

Oh Arunachala, who hears the sweet words ,
Of devotees who melt to the chore on singing of him,
Be pleased to accept the poor words of mine too.

Poumayam poo thara pun cholai nan cholap,
Poruthirulishtam pin , Arunachala. 107

Oh Arunachala who is a mountain of patience,
When I tell poor words about you make them good,
As per your wish and please pardon me.

Malai alitharul Arunachala, Ramana ven,
Malai aninthu arul Arunachala. 108

Oh Arunachala Ramana, please give me a garland and then
Please wear the garland composed by me.

ஸ்ரீ அருணாசல அக்ஷரமணமாலை பகவான் ரமண மஹர்ஷிகள் அருளியது.
அருணாசல வரற்கு ஏற்ற அக்ஷரமணமாலை சாற்றக்
கருணாகர கணபதியே கரம் அருளிக் காப்பாயே.
அருணாசலசிவ அருணாசலசிவ
அருணாசலசிவ அருணாசலா!
அருணாசலசிவ அருணாசலசிவ
அருணாசலசிவ அருணாசலா!
அருணாசலம் என அகமே நினைப்பவர் அகத்தை வேரறுப்பாய் அருணாசலா! - 001
அழகு சுந்தரம்போல் அகமும் நீயும் முற்று அபின்னமாய் இருப்போம் அருணாசலா
அகம் புகுந்து ஈர்த்து உன் அக குகை சிறையாய் அமர்வித்தது என்கொல் அருணாசலா
ஆருக்கா எனை ஆண்டனை அகற்றிடில் அகிலம் பழித்திடும் அருணாசலா
இப்பழி தப்பு, உனை ஏன் நினைப்பித்தாய் இனியார் விடுவார் அருணாசலா
ஈன்றிடும் அன்னையின் பெரிதருள் புரிவோய்
இதுவோ உனது அருள் அருணாசலா
உனை ஏமாற்றி ஓடாது உளத்தின் மேல் உறுதியாய் இருப்பாய் அருணாசலா
ஊர் சுற்று உளம் விடாது உனைக் கண்டு அடங்கிட
உன் அழகைக் காட்டு அருணாசலா
எனை அழித்து இப்போது எனைக் கலவாவிடில் இதுவோ ஆண்மை அருணாசலா
ஏனிந்த உறக்கம் எனைப்பிறர் இழுக்க இது உனக்கு அழகோ அருணாசலா - 010
ஐம்புலக் கள்வர் அகத்தினில் புகும்போது அகத்தில் நீ இலையோ அருணாசலா
ஒருவன் ஆம் உன்னை ஒளித்து எவர் வருவார் உன் சூதேயிது அருணாசலா
ஓங்காரப் பொருள் ஒப்பு உயர்வு இல்லோய் உனை யார் அறிவார் அருணாசலா
ஔவை போல் எனக்குன் அருளைத் தந்து எனை
ஆளுவது உன் கடன் அருணாசலா
கண்ணுக்குக் கண்ணாய்க் கண் இன்றிக்காண் உனைக் காணுவது எவர் பார் அருணாசலா
காந்தம் இரும்புபோல் கவர்ந்து எனை விடாமல் கலந்து எனோடு இருப்பாய் அருணாசலா
கிரி உரு ஆகிய கிருபைக் கடலே கிருபை கூர்ந்து அருளுவாய் அருணாசலா
கீழ்மேல் எங்கும் கிளர் ஒளி மணி என் கீழ்மையைப் பாழ் செய் அருணாசலா
குற்றம் முற்று அறுத்து எனைக் குணமாய்ப் பணித்தாள்
குரு உருவாய் ஒளிர் அருணாசலா
கூர்வாட் கண்ணியர் கொடுமையில் படாது அருள் கூர்ந்து எனைச் சேர்ந்து அருள் அருணாசலா - 020
கெஞ்சியும் வஞ்சியாய்க் கொஞ்சமும் இரங்கிலை அஞ்சல் என்றே அருள் அருணாசலா
கேளாது அளிக்கும் உன் கேடு இல் புகழைக் கேடு செய்யாது அருள் அருணாசலா
கையினில் கனி உன் மெய்ரசம் கொண்டு உவகை வெறி கொள அருள் அருணாசலா
கொடியிட்டு அடியரைக் கொல் உனைக் கட்டிக் கொண்டு எஙன் வாழ்வேன் அருணாசலா
கோபம் இல் குணத்தோய் குறியாய் எனைக்கொளக்
குறை என்செய்தேன் அருணாசலா
கௌதமர் போற்றும் கருணை மாமலையே கடைக்கணித்து ஆள்வாய் அருணாசலா!
சகலமும் விழுங்கும் கதிர் ஒளி இன(ன்) மன சலசம் அலர்த்தியிடு அருணாசலா
சாப்பாடு உன்னைச் சார்ந்து உணவா யான் சாந்தமாய்ப் போவன் அருணாசலா
சித்தம் குளிரக் கதிர் அத்தம் வைத்து அமுத வாயைத்திற அருண்மதி அருணாசலா
சீரை அழித்து நிர்வாணமாச் செய்து அருள் சீரை அளித்து அருள் அருணாசலா - 030
சுகக்கடல் பொங்கச் சொல் உணர்வு அடங்கச் சும்மா பொருந்திடு அங்கு அருணாசலா
சூது செய்து என்னைச் சோதியாது இனி உன் ஜோதி உருக்காட்டு அருணாசலா
செப்படி வித்தை கற்று இப்படி மயக்கு விட்டு உருப்படு வித்தை காட்டு அருணாசலா
சேராய் எனில் மெய் நீராய் உருகிக் கண்நீர் ஆற்று அழிவேன் அருணாசலா
சை எனத் தள்ளில் செய்வினை சுடும் அலால் உய்வகை ஏது உரை அருணாசலா
சொல்லாது சொலி நீ சொல் அற நில் என்று சும்மா இருந்தாய் அருணாசலா
சோம்பியாய்ச் சும்மா சுகம் உண்டு உறங்கிடில் சொல் வேறு என் கதி அருணாசலா
சௌரியம் காட்டினை சழக்கு அற்றது என்றே சலியாது இருந்தாய் அருணாசலா
ஞமலியில் கேடா நான் என் உறுதியால் நாடி நின் உறுவேன் அருணாசலா
ஞானம் இல்லாது உன் ஆசையால் தளர்வு அற ஞானம் தெரித்தருள் அருணாசலா - 040
ஞிமிறுபோல் நீயும் மலர்ந்திலை என்றே நேர் நின்றனை என் அருணாசலா
தத்துவம் தெரியாது அத்தனை உற்றாய் தத்துவம் இது என் அருணாசலா
தானே தானே தத்துவம் இதனைத் தானே காட்டுவாய் அருணாசலா
திரும்பி அகந்தனைத் தினம் அகக்கண் காண் தெரியும் என்றனை என் அருணாசலா
தீரம் இல் அகத்தில் தேடி உந்தனை யான் திரும்ப உற்றேன் அருள் அருணாசலா
துப்பறிவு இல்லா இப்பிறப்பு என் பயன் ஒப்பிட வாய் ஏன் அருணாசலா
தூய்மன மொழியர் தோயும் உன் மெய் அகம் தோயவே அருள் என் அருணாசலா
தெய்வம் என்று உன்னைச் சாரவே என்னைச் சேர ஒழித்தாய் அருணாசலா
தேடாது உற்ற நல் திருவருள் நிதி அகத் தியக்கம் தீர்த்து அருள் அருணாசலா
தைரியமோடும் உன் மெய் அகம் நாட யான் தட்டழிந்தேன் அருள் அருணாசலா - 050
தொட்டு அருட்கை மெய் கட்டிடாய் எனில் யான் நட்டமாவேன் அருள் அருணாசலா
தோடம் இல் நீ அகத்தோடு ஒன்றி என்றும் சந்தோடம் ஒன்றிட அருள் அருணாசலா!
நகைக்கு இடம் இலை நின் நாடிய எனை அருள் நகையிட்டுப் பார் நீ அருணாசலா
நாணிலை நாடிட நானாய் ஒன்றி நீ தாணுவா நின்றனை அருணாசலா
நின் எரி எரித்து எனை நீறு ஆக்கிடுமுன் நின் அருள்
மழை பொழி அருணாசலா
நீ நான் அறப்புலி நிதம் களிமயமா நின்றிடும் நிலை அருள் அருணாசலா
நுண்ணுரு உனையான் விண்ணுரு நண்ணிட எண்ண அலை இறும் என்று அருணாசலா
நூலறிவு அறியாப் பேதையன் என்தன் மால் அறிவு அறுத்து அருள் அருணாசலா
நெக்கு நெக்கு உருகி யான் புக்கிட உனைப்புகல் நக்கனா நின்றனை அருணாசலா
நேசம் இல் எனக்கு உன் ஆசையைக் காட்டி நீ மோசம் செயாது அருள் அருணாசலா! - 060
நைந்து அழி கனியால் நலன் இலை பதத்தில் நாடி உட்கொள் நலம் அருணாசலா
நொந்திடாது உன்தனைத் தந்து எனைக் கொண்டிலை அந்தகன் நீ எனக்கு அருணாசலா
நோக்கியே கருதி மெய் தாக்கியே பக்குவம் ஆக்கி நீ ஆண்டு அருள் அருணாசலா
பற்றி மால்விடம் தலையுற்று இறுமுனம் அருள் பற்றிட அருள்புரி அருணாசலா
பார்த்தருள் மால் அறப் பார்த்திலை எனின் அருள் பார் உனக்கு ஆர் சொல்வர் அருணாசலா
பித்துவிட்டு உனை நேர் பித்தன் ஆக்கினை அருள் பித்தம் தெளி மருந்து அருணாசலா
பீதி இல் உனைச் சார் பீதியில் எனைச்சேர், பீதி உன் தனக்கு ஏன் அருணாசலா
புல்லறிவு ஏது உரை நல்லறிவு ஏது உரை புல்லிடவே அருள் அருணாசலா
பூமண மா மனம் பூரண மணம் கொளப் பூரண மணம் அருள் அருணாசலா
பெயர் நினைத்திடவே பிடித்து இழுத்தனை உன் பெருமை யார் அறிவார் அருணாசலா - 070
பேய்த்தனம் விட விடாப்பேயாப் பிடித்து எனைப் பேயன் ஆக்கினை என் அருணாசலா
பைங்கொடியா நான் பற்றின்றி வாடாமல் பற்றுக் கோடாய்க் கா அருணாசாலா
பொடியான் மயக்கி என் போதத்தைப் பறித்து உன் போதத்தைக் காட்டினை அருணாசலா
போக்கும் வரவும் இல் பொது வெளியினில் அருட் போராட்டம் காட்டு அருணாசலா
பௌதிகம் ஆம் உடல் பற்று அற்று நாளும் உன் பவிசு கண்டுற அருள் அருணாசலா
மலைமருந்து இட நீ மலைத்திடவோ அருள் மலை மருந்தாய் ஒளிர் அருணாசலா
மானங்கொண்டு உறுபவர் மானத்தை அழித்து அபிமான மில்லாது ஒளிர் அருணாசலா
மிஞ்சிடில் கெஞ்சிடும் கொஞ்ச அறிவன்யான் வஞ்சியாது அருள் எனை அருணாசலா
மீகாமன் இல‍்லாமன் மாகாற்று அலை கலம் ஆகாமல் காத்தருள் அருணாசலா
முடி அடி காணா முடி விடுத்து அனைநேர் முடிவிடக் கடனிலை அருணாசலா - 080
மூக்கிலன் முன்காட்டும் முகுரம் ஆகாது எனைத் தூக்கி அணைந்து அருள் அருணாசலா
மெய்யகத்தின் மன மென்மலர் அணையில் நாம் மெய் கலந்திட அருள் அருணாசலா!
மேன்மேல் தாழ்ந்திடும் மெல்லியர்க் சேர்ந்து நீ மேன்மை உற்றனை என் அருணாசலா
மை மயல் நீத்து அருள் மையினால் உனது உண்மை வசம் ஆக்கினை அருணாசலா
மொட்டை அடித்தெனை வெட்ட வெளியில் நீ நட்டம் ஆடினை என் அருணாசலா
மோகம் தவிர்த்து உன் மோகமா வைத்து என் மோகம் தீராய் என் அருணாசலா
மெளனியாய்க் கல்போல் மலராது இருந்தால் மௌனம் இது ஆமோ அருணாசலா
யவன் என் வாயில் மண்ணினை அட்டி என் பிழைப்பு ஒழித்தது அருணாசலா
யாரும் அறியாது என் மதியினை மருட்டி எவர் கொளை கொண்டது அருணாசலா
ரமணன் என்று உரைத்தேன் ரோசம் கொளாது எனை ரமித்திடச் செயவா அருணாசலா - 090
ராப்பகல் இல்லா வெறு வெளி வீட்டில் ரமித்திடுவோம் வா அருணாசலா
லட்சியம் வைத்து அருள் அஸ்திரம் விட்டு எனைப்
பட்சித்தாய் பிராணனோடு அருணாசலா
லாபம் நீ இகபர லாபம் இல் எனை உற்று லாபம் என் உற்றனை அருணாசலா
வரும்படி சொலிலை வந்துஎன் படி அள வருந்திடு உன் தலைவிதி அருணாசலா
வாவென்று அகம் புக்கு உ ன் வாழ்வு அருள் அன்றே என் வாழ்வு இழந்தேன் அருள் அருணாசலா
விட்டிடில் கட்டமாம் விட்டிடாது உனை உயிர் விட்டிட அருள்புரி அருணாசலா
வீடு விட்டு ஈர்த்து உள வீடு புக்குப் பைய உன் வீடு காட்டினை அருள் அருணாசலா
வெளிவிட்டேன் உன்செயல் வெறுத்திடாது உன் அருள்
வெளிவிட்டு எனைக்கா அருணாசலா
வேதாந்தத்தே வேறு அற விளங்கும் வேதப் பொருள் அருள் அருணாசலா
வைதலை வாழ்த்தா வைத்து அருட்குடியா வைத்து எனை விடாது அருள் அருணாசலா - 100
அம்புவில் ஆலிபோல் அன்பு உரு உனில் எனை அன்பாக் கரைத்து அருள் அருணாசலா
அருணை என்று எண்ண யான் அருள் கண்ணி பட்டேன் உன் அருள்வலை தப்புமோ அருணாசலா
சிந்தித்து அருள்படச் சிலந்திபோல் கட்டிச் சிறையிட்டு உண்டணை அருணாசலா
அன்பொடு உன் நாமம் கேள் அன்பர்தம் அன்பருக்கு அன்பன் ஆயிட அருள் அருணாசலா
என்போலும் தீனரை இன்புறக் காத்து நீ எந்நாளும் வாழ்ந்து அருள் அருணாசலா
என்புருகு அன்பர்தம் இன் சொற்கொள் செவியும் என் புன் மொழி கொள அருள் அருணாசலா
பொறுமையாம் பூதர புன்சொலை நன்சொலாப் பொறுத்து அருள் இஷ்டம் பின் அருணாசலா
மாலையளித்து அருணாசல ரமண என் மாலை அணிந்து அருள் அருணாசலா - 108
அருணாசலசிவ அருணாசலசிவ அருணாசலசிவ அருணாசலா!
அருணாசலசிவ அருணாசலசிவ அருணாசலசிவ அருணாசலா!
அருணாசலம் வாழி அன்பர்களும் வாழி
அக்ஷர மணமாலை வாழி.