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Manthiramavathu Neeru

Manthiramavathu Neeru

Thirujnana  Sambandar

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( Sambandar   one of the greatest  saivite  saints of Tamil Nadu .He lived in the 7th centuary AD in Tamil Nadu.He has been alluded as Dravida Sisu by Adhi Sankara in his great work “Soundarya Lahari” . When Sambandar   was going from Shiva temple  to Shiva   temple   and singing about the Gods there, Madurai was  ruled  by a king called Koon Pandian(Hunchback Pandian) , This king got converted himself to Jainism   and the population of Jains sarted  growing in the temple  town of Madurai  . But the queen of Madurai , Mangayarkasi   and their  chief minister   were  staunch Shivaites .They invited Sambandar  to visit Madurai  and try  to convert back the king to Shaivism. The jains who came to know about that   set fire   to the place where Sambandar was residing. Sambandar  is supposed to have sent  that  fire  to the  body of the king. Due to this  the king developed high fever and no doctor  was able to cure it .Then It seems Sambandar challenged the jains  to cure the fever of the king . They accepted the  Challenge and said, they would cure half the body and Sambandar should cure  the other half. Sambandar went on applying the sacred ash from Madurai temple   singing  the following  songs.The half part  of the  body of the king   where  sacred ash was applied was not only cured but   lost its hunched back nature. The Jains failed in this test. Later  Sambandar  challenged  the jains to put their  books in the river and Sambandar put his writings. While   the writings of jains sank in the river,The king  accepted  the Saivaite  religion  and is supposed  to have massacred  all  the Jains in Madurai. Historians   do not agree  that  such an incident took place .)

1.Maniramavathu  neeru, Vanavar  Melathu Neeru  ,
Sundaram aavathu  neeru , thuthikka paduvathu neeru,
THandiram  Avathu  neeru, Samayathil ullathu  neeru
Senthuvar  vaay umai   pangan  thiru Aalavayan”  Thiru neere.
  *Madurai also is known as  Halasya Puri  are Alavai nagaram

1,The Sacred ash is a manthra, Sacred ash is the one  applied by Devas,
Sacred  ash   is prettiness, Sacred  ash  is one which is prayed  to,
Sacred  ash is the Thanthra, Sacred ash is the  one  in religion,
It is the sacred ash of The Lord of Madhurai  who shared  his body with red lipped  Uma.

2,Vedathil ullathu Neeru venthuyar theerppathu  neeru,
Potham thakuvathu neeru , punmai thavirppathu neeru ,
Odha tharuvathu  neeru,Unmayile  ullathu  neeru,
Seetha punal vayl choozhntha thiru aalavayan  thiru neeru.

2.Sacred ash is in the Vedas, Sacred ash  is the one  that cures great sorrows,
Sacred ash is the one that grants wisdom, Sacred ash is the one that avoid feeling of lowliness ,
Sacred ash is one suitable  for learning, Sacred ash is the  one that is in truth  ,
That is sacred  of the Lord  of Madurai surrounded by cool springs.

3.Mukthi tharuvathu neeru, Munivargal anivathu neeru,
SAthiyam aavathu Neeru ,thakkor  pugazvathu neeru,
Bhakthi tharuvathu neeru,parava  iniyathu neeru,
Sidhi  tharuvathu neeru,THiru Aalavayan  thiru neeru.

3.Sacred ash  gives salvation , Sacred ash is worn by sages,
Sacred ash  is the truth  , Sacred  ash is sweet   to praise ,

Sacred ash  is the one giving powers and that  is the Sacred ash of Madurai temple.