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Rama Pancharathnam

Rama Pancharathnam
(The five gems on Rama)

Translated by

1.Kanjatha  pathrayatha  lochanaya,
Karnovathamsojjwala  Kundalaya,
Karunya paathraya   suvamsajaya,
Namosthu  Ramaya  Salakshmananaya

1.Salutations to Rama  who is with Lakshmana,
Who has eyes like  the leaf  of lotus ,
Who wears  shining ear globes  in his ear,
Who is the merciful one  and born in a great clan

2,Vidhyuth nibhambhodha suvigraharaya,
Vidhyadharaisamsthutha sad  gunaya  ,
Veeravatharaya   Virodhi  hanthre,
Namosthu  Ramaya  Salakshmananaya

2.Salutations to Rama  who is with Lakshmana,
Who has a pretty form resembling  the lightning   from the cloud,
Who  has good character    which is praised  by the Vidhyadharas,
Who has taken valorous incarnation and  destroyed his enemies.

3.Samsaktha divyayudha karmukhaya,
SAmudhra garva apaharayudhaya ,
Sugreeva mithraya   Surarihanthre,
Namosthu  Ramaya  Salakshmananaya

3.Salutations to Rama  who is with Lakshmana,
Who was armed with   powerful divine  weapons which are effective,
Who  by his weapons conquered   the pride  of the ocean,
Who is the  friend of Sugreeva   and who destroyed the enemies of  Devas.

4.Peethambaralankrutha  Madhyakaya,
Pithamahendraamara  vandhithaya ,
Pithre swabhakthasya janasya mathre,
Namosthu  Ramaya  Salakshmananaya

4.Salutations to Rama  who is with Lakshmana,
Who se middle is decorated  by  yellow  silk,
Who is Saluted by Lord Brahma and other Devas ,
Who is father of your devotees and mother of all people.

5,Namo namosthakhila poojithaya ,
Namo namaschandra nibhananaya,
Namo namasthe  Raghu vamasajaya ,
Namosthu  Ramaya  Salakshmananaya

5.Salutations to Rama  who is with Lakshmana,
Salutations and salutations   to  him who is worshipped by all,
Salutations and salutations to him who looks like the moon,
Salutations and salutations to him who belonged to clan of Raghu

6.Imani Pancha rathnani  trisandhyam  ya paden nara,
Sarvapapa vinirmuktha sa  yaathi paramaam  gathim.

6. If these  five gems  are lead by a man during dawn, noon, and dusk,
He would get rid of all sins  and later attain   salvation.

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