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Sai Kashta Nivaran Manthra

 Sai Kashta Nivaran Manthra
(The prayer to  Shirdi Sai  for getting rid of our sufferings)

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     (Here  is a great  and powerful prayer   addressed  to Shirdi Sai  with a request   to him to remove all  our sufferings   and problems, typed out in English  along with english meaning .    For reading this manthra in Hindi script  refer  . SAi devotees   swear to the  great effectiveness  of this Manthra   and there   are several stories  of how  his devotees  got  their difficulties removed  by chanting  this really great prayer.   The author of the prayer   says in the end

 Even if you do not have faith they would vanish
Understand that this Manthra    are the oath of Sai
Practice yourself and understand the truth
Do not bring suspicion but bring faith
This manthra is the treasure of pleasures
In this book Sai lives
And this slave has written it by the mercy of Sai

                                                               Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai 

Kashto Ki Kaali Chhaaya Dukh Daayi Hai, - The  dark shadows of sufferings bring sorrows,
Jeevan Mein Ghor Udhaasi Laayi Hai,-It  has brought  terrible listlessness in life,
Sankat Ko Taalo Sai Duhaai Hai,-  Bear with these  sorrows as Sai  is merciful,
Tere Sivaa Naa Koi Sahaayi Hai,-I do not have any other help  except you ,
Mere Man Teri Murat Samaayi Hai,-In my mind your form  has taken its place
Har Pal Har Kshan Mahimaa Gaayi Hai,-I have sung   every time evey second about your  greatness
Ghar Mere Kashto Ki Aandhi Aayi Hai,-In my house the cyclone of my sufferings has come
Aapne Kyon Meri Sudh Bhulaayi Hai,-Why have you called  for my attention,
Tum Bhole Naath Ho Dayaa Nidhaan Ho,-You are the store house of mercy of Lord Shiva,
Tum Hanumaan Ho Mahaa Balwaan Ho,-You Are Hanuman, You are  very strong,
Tumhi Ho Raam Aur Tumhi Shyaam Ho,-You yourself is Lord Rama and you yourself is Lord Krishna
Saare Jagat Mein Tum Sabse Mahaan Ho,-IN the entire world, you are  the greatest of all,
Tumhi Mahaakali Tumhi Maa Shaarde,-You yourself is Kali and you are mother  Sarada
Kartaa Hu Praarthanaa Bhave Se Taar De,-I am praying you, with mercy grant your fragrance ,
Tumhi Mohammad Ho Garib Navaaz Ho,-You are Prophet Muhammad and you are Garib Navaz,
Naanak Ki Vaani Mein Isaa Ke Saath Ho,-In the words of Guru Nanank , you are   with Jesus
Tumhi Digambar Tumhi Kabir Ho,-You are  the jain saint ,  You are Kabir
Ho Budha Tumhi Aur Mahaavir Ho,-You are  Lord Budha and you are  Mahavir,
Saare Jagat Ka Tumhi Aadhar Ho,-You  only are the support  to the entire world
Niraakar Bhi Aur Saakar Ho,-You are one without form and one with form,
Kartaa Hu Vandanaa Prem Vishwaas Se,-I salute you with  love and devotion,
Suno Sai Allaah Ke Vaaste,-Please  hear me Sai for the sake of Allah
Adhro Mein Mere Nahi Muskaan Hai,-On my lips there  is no  smile
Ghar Meraa Banane Lagaa Smashaan Hai,-My  houseis a cremation ground in making,
Rahem Nazar Karo Ujhade Viraan Pe,-Please  glance at  our deserted  ruins
Jindagi Savregi Ek Vardaan Se,- My life  would ride  by one boon from you.
Paapo Ki Dhop Se Tan Lagaa Haarne,-By the smoke of sins ,my body is getting defeated
Aapkaa Ye Daas Lagaa Pukaarne,-This your slave  has started  calling you ,
Aapne Sadaa Hi Laaj Bachaae Hai,-You have always   have saved our respect,
Der Naa Ho Jaaye Man Shankaaye Hai,-Do not delay it  as my mind is doubting
Dhire Dhire Dhiraj Hi Khotaa Hai,-Slowly and slowly I am losing my courage
Man Mein Basaa Vishwaas Hi Rotaa Hai,-The faith which is in my mind has started  crying,

Meri Kalpanaa Saakaar Kar Do,-Please make  my imagination in to realty
Suni Jindagi Mein Rang Bhar Do,-Fill up this empty life  with colours
Dhote-Dhote Paapo Kaa Bhaar Jindagi Se,-BY rinsing and rinsing these sins out of heavy life
Main Haar Gayaa Jindagi Se,-I have been defeated by this life
Naath Avgun Ab To Bisaaro,-Oh Lord now please  throw out my bad qualities
Kashto Ki Leher Se Aake Ubaaro,_Please come and lift me up from this painful life
Kartaa Hu Paap Main Paapo Ki Khaan Hu,-I commit sins and have become  a mine of sins
Gyaani Tum Gyneshwar Main Agyan Hu,-You are  wise  and God of wisdom and I am ignorant,
Kartaa Hu Pag-Pag Par Paapo Ki Bhool Main-every opportunity I do sins  losing my memory
Taar Do Jeevan Ye Charon Ke Dhul Se,-Lift me  up from this life  full of dust
Tumne Ujaadaa Huaa Ghar Basaayaa,-You  erected a home   which has been destroyed
Paani Se Deepak Bhi Tumne Jalaayaa,-You  also burnt  a lamp using   water
Tumne Hi Shirdi Ko Dhaam Banaayaa,-Only you have made Shirdi a pilgrimage center
Chhote Gaon Mein Swarg Sajaayaa,-In very small villages you erected  the heaven,
Kasht Paap Shraap Utaaro,-Please left   this blow  of suffering sin
Prem Dayaa Drishti Se Nihaaro,-Please   look at me  with a sight filled  with love and devotion
Aap Kaa Daas Hu Aise Naa Taaliye,-I am your slave , do not postpone  like this
Girne Lagaa Hu Sai Sambhaaliye,-I have started falling, please support me
Saiji Baalak Main Anaath Hu,-Oh Lord Sai, I am a child, I am an orphan
Tere Bharose Rehtaa Din Raat Hu,-Day and night I live with faith to you
Jaisaa Bhi Hu, Hu To Aapkaa,-  The way I exist now, I exist as yours
Kije Nivaaran Mere Santaap Kaa,-Please  cure and keep away all my sorrows
Tu Hai Saveraa Aur Main Raat Hu,-You are  the day time and I am the  night
Mel Nahi Koi Phir Bhi Saath Hu,-I am nothing important but am with you
Sai Mujse Mukh Naa Modo,-Oh Sai do not turn away  your face from me,
Bhich Majdhaar Akelaa Naa Chhodo,-In the middle being joyful do not leave me  alone
Aapke Charno Mein Base Praan Hai,-My soul is the one living  at your feet
Tere Vachan Mere Gurusamaan Hai,-Your words to me are like  that of a guru
Aapki Raaho Pe Chaltaa Daas Hai,- I am one who moves  on your footsteps
Khushi Nahi Koi Jeevan Udaas Hai,- A life without joy is listless
Aansu Ki Dhaaraa Hai Dubataa Kinaaraa,-Due to the rain of my tears the shore is sinking
Jindagi Mein Dard, Nahi Gujaraa,- I am not able to tolerate  this pain in my life
Lagaayaa Chaman To Phool Khilaao,- If  you have raised garden, make flowers open there
Phool Khile Hain To Khushbu Bhi Lao,-If flowers get  opened  bring pleasant aroma there
Kar Do Ishaaraa To Baat Ban Jaaye,-If you just give the sign, the  matter   would get over
Jo Kismat Mein Nahi Wo Mil Jaaye,-Whatever is not there in fate  would be  got by me
Bitaa Zamaanaa Ye Gaake Fasaanaa,-Please bring back  the  days that  are past  singing
Sarhade Jindagi Mout Kaa Taraanaa,- Whatever  life is remaining would be to cross the death
Der Ho Gayi Hai Andhere Naa Ho,-It has become late, please  do not allow it to be dark
Fikr Mile Lekin Fareb Naa Ho,-I have got the tension but let there be not  be deceit
Deke Talo Yaa Daaman Bachaa Lo,- Wait and see  and save this  artery
Hilne Lagi Raghunayee Sambhaalo,-It has started shaking., mange this boat of Rama
Tere Dam Pe Allah Ki Shaan Hai,-In your home there  is the luster of Allah
Sufi Santo Ke Ye Bayaan Hai,-This is what has been told by sufi saints
Garib Ki Joli Mein Bhar Do Khazaanaa,- Fill the bag of poor one  with treasure
Zamaane Ke Waali Karo Naa Bahaanaa,-Make   the time meaningful and  not an excuse
Dar Ke Bhikhaari Hain Mohtaaj Hai Hum,-_i am a scared beggar and I am in penury
Shahanshaahe Aalam Karo Kuch Karam,-Oh sage  who is an emperor  take  some action
Tere Khazaane Mein Allaah Ki Rehmat,_Your treasury is full of the mercy of Allah
Tum Sadguru Ho Samarth,-You are  great  Guru Samarth
Aaye To Dharti Pe Dene Sahaaraa,-You have to this earth  to give  support
Karne Lage Kyun Hum Se Kinaaraa,-You are acting  trying to bring  me to the shore
Jab Tak Ye Brahmaand Rahegaa,- Till the time this great universe exists,
Sai Teraa Naam Rahegaa,-Oh Sai  your name  also would live
Chaand Taare Tumhe Pukaarenge,-The moon and stars  would be calling you
Janmojanam Hum Raastaa Nihaarenge,-For  birth after  birth  we would follow your way
Aatmaa Badlegi Chole Hazaar,- The  soul would change  several thousand times
Hum Milte Rahenge Har Baar,-But we   would keep on meeting  every time
Aapke Kadamo Mein Baithe Rahenge,-I would be  sitting on your steps
Dukhde Dil Ke Kehte Rahenge,-We would keep on telling  with  a  sorrowing mind
Aapke Marze Hai Do Yaa Naa Do,_it is up to you  to give or not to give
Hum To Kahenge Daman Bhi Bhar Do,-I would be telling you, please fill up the artery
Tum Ho Daataa Hum Hai Bhikhaari,-You are the giver  and I am the beggar
Sunate Nahi Kyun Arag Hamaari,- Are   you not hearing  my appeal
Achhaa Chalo Ek Baat Bataa Do,-Ok then , please tell me one thing
Kyaa Nahin Tumhaare Paas Bataa Do,-Please  tell me what  you do not have
Jo Nahin Denaa Hai Inkaar Kar Do,-What you  do want to give, refuse to give it
Khatm Ye Aapas Ki Takraar Kar Do,- Please end this  and make a clash among us both
Laut Ke Khaali Chalaa Jaaunga,-I would go back   with an empty  hand
Phir Bhi Gun Tere Gaaunga,_But still  I would sing your greatness
Jab tak Kaayaa Hai Tabtak Maayaa Hain,-As long as we live  till then  there  would be illusion
Isi Mein Dukhon Kaa Mul Samaaya Hain-in this the roots  of all sorrows are  arranged
Sab Kuch Jaan Ke Anjaan Hu Main,-Inspite of knowing everything , I am an ignorant one
Allaah Ki Tu Shaan Teri Hu Shaan Main,-You are the luster of Allah and I am your  luster
Tera Karam Sadaa Sabpe Rahegaa,-Your work  would always there  on all people
Ye Chakra Yug-Yug Chaltaa Rahegaa,-This wheel would keep on rotating from eon to eon
Jo Prani Gaayega Sai Tero Naam,-Whichever beings sings, it would be your name  Sai
Usko Mile Mukhti Pohchhe Param Dhaam,-And that being would get salvation and the divine heaven
Ye Mantra Jo Prani Nit Gaayenge,-Whichever being sings  this Manthra
Raahu, Ketu, Shani Nikat Naa Aayenge,-Rahu,Kethu and Saturn would not come near them
Tal Jaayenge Sankat Saare,-All  their  sorrows    would be removed
Ghar Mein Daas Vaas Kare Sukh Saare,-In their homes pleasures would stay as their slaves
Jo Shraddhaa Se Karegaa Pathan,-To those   who read  this with  devotion
Us Par Dev Sabhi Ho Prasann,-All the Devas  who are  on the other side  would get pleased
Rog Samuhh Nasht Ho Jaayenge,-All the crowd of diseases   would become lost
Kasht Nivaaran Mantra Jo Gaayenge,-To those who sing  this Manthra of removal of suffering
Pal Mein Dur Ho Sab Paap,-within no time all their sins would  go far away from them
Jo Ye Pustak Nit Din Baache,-In case of those   who krrp the book where it is written,
Laxmiji Ghar Uske Sadaa Biraaje,-Their homes    would always be filled with luster
Gyaan Buddhi Praani Vo Paayega,-They would get wisdom , intelligence and animals
Kasht Nivaaran Mein Jo Dhyaayega,-To those who meditate  on this Kashta Nivaran Manthra
Ye Mantra Bhakto Kamaal Karega,  _this Manthra    would work magic  with those  devotees
Aaye Jo Anhoni To Taal Dega,-Whatever unknowns  which are coming would be driven away
Bhoot-Pret Bhi Rahenge Door,-Even ghosts and devils  would keep themselves far  away
Is Mantra Mein Sai Sakti Bharpur,- This Manthra is completely filled   with power of Sai
Japte Rahe Jo Mantra Agar,-Keep on chanting  this manthra  forever
Jadu Tonaa Bhi Ho Beasar,-Even   black magic and evil spells which come some times
Is Mantra Mein Sab Gun Samaaye,-would become good  by this Manthra 
Naa Ho Bharosaa To Aajmaaye,-Even if you do not have faith they would vanish
Ye Mantra Sai Bachan Hi Jaano,-understand that this Manthra    are the oath of Sai
Swayam Amal Kar Satya Pahchhaano,-Practice yourself and understand the truth
Sanshay Naa Laanaa Vishwaas Jagaana,-Do not bring suspicion but bring faith
Ye Mantra Sukho Kaa Hai Khazaana,-This manthra is the treasure of pleasures
Is Pustak Mein Sai Kaa Vaas,-In this book Sai lives
Sai Dayaa Se Hi Likh Paayaa Daas-And this slave has written it by the mercy of Sai

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