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Sri Haridra Ganesa Kavacham

Sri  Haridra Ganesa Kavacham

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(This  special  and rare Kavacha is  addressed  to Ganesa  made of turmeric powder   is found in  Viswa Sara Thanthra)

Easwara   Uvacha:-
Lord Shiva  told:-

1.Srunu vakshyami  kavacham   sarva sidhikaram priye  ,
Padithva paadayithvaa  cha  muchyathe  Sarva sankadath.

1 Dear One please hear   the armour  which gets  you all powers,
And  saves from all sorrows   those who read it   or teach it.

2.Ajnathva Kavacham devi , ganesasya manum japeth,
Sidhir na jayathe  thasya   kalpa koti sathairapi

2,Even without understanding if this armour of Ganesais chanted,
He would not  lose  whatever he got even for crores of eons.

3.Amodhascha sira pathu, pramodascha  siropari,
SAmmodho  bru yuge  pathu , bru madhye  cha  Ganadhipa

3. Let  the one who cheers up protect my head  ,
Let personification of Joy  protect   the space  above head,
Let the fragrant one protect   both my eye brows,
And let the chief of Ganas  protect  in between the brows.

4.Gana kreeda CHakshu yugalam, naasayam Gana nayaka,
Gana kreedarchitha pathu vadane  sarva   sidhaye.

4,let him who plays with the Ganas   protect my twin eyes,
Let Lord of Ganas  protect my nose  ,
Let Him whose feet are worshipped  by Ganas   protect my face and get me everything.

5.Jihwaayaam Sumukha pathu, Greevaayam  Durmukha sadaa,
Vigneso  hrudaye  pathu,  Vigna nasascha  vakshasi.

5.Let the one with good face protect my   toungue,
Let one who has an ugly face   protect my neck,
Let God of obstacles   protect my heart ,
And let the destroyer  of obstacles  protect my breast.

6.Ganaanaam  nayaka   pathu  bahu yugme   sadaa  Mama.
Vigna karthaa  cha udare , vigna hartha  cha lingake

6.Let the Lord of Ganas   always  protect my  twin hands,
Let  the lord of obstacles protect my belly  and destroyer of obstacles  my private parts.

7.Gaja vakthra  katee dese , ekadanto nithambake ,
Lambodhara   sadaa pathu   janu , jange   ganadhipa.

7.Let the elephant  headed one  protect my organs of  speech,
Let the one with one tusk protect my buttocks  ,
Let the one with a huge paunch   always protect my knee  ,
And the Lord  of Ganas   protect  my thighs.

8.Hardthra sarvadaa  pathu sarvange Gana Nayaka,
Ya idham paden nithyam  ganesasya  maheswarai.

8.Let him who  made of turmeric protect   me always,
And let  all my limbs be protected by the chief of  Ganas,
And  Let  those who  read  this be protected by Ganesa , Oh Goddess Parvathi

9.Kavacham sarva sidhyakhyam , sarva vighna nasanam,
SArva sidhi karam sakshath sarva papa  vimochanam.

9.This armour  gives you all powers , destroys all obstacles,
Makes you capable of doing anything   and frees you from  all sins.

10.SArva sampath paradham  , sakshath  sarva   sathru   kshayakaram,
Graha peedaa  jwara rogaa ye  santhye   guhya kadhaya.

10.This gives all sort of wealth , weakens all   real enemies  ,
Would pacify all problem due to planes , fever and diseases mysteriously.

11.Padanath  darantheva   nasamayanthi   thath  kshanath,
DHana  dhanyakaram    , Devi , kavacham sura poojitham,

11. Oh Goddess   either  by reading or wearing  this Armour
Which is worshipped by devas , would  immediately destroy  all problems
And   it would increase  wealth as well  as  the grains.

12,SAmo nasthi mahesaani  trilokye  kavachasya cha,
Haridhrasya  Mahadevi  Kavachasya   cha   bhoothale.

12.There is nothing  equal to this armour  in the three  worlds ,
Which has been told by Lord Shiva  , Oh great goddess  who is made by turmeric  in this world.

13.Kimanyai   rasathalabhai   yathrayurvyayathamiyath.

13,Nothing else   would  be so productive  ,
Even if we  spend all our life    finding it.

                                       Ithi Viswa  sara thanthre  , Sri Ganesa Kavacham samaptham.

                           Thus ends the  armour of Ganesa   which is found in Viswa sara  thanthra.


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