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Tamil prayers to be chanted daily , during different times

Tamil prayers to be chanted daily , during different times

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(The Tamil Saiva  tradition  nourished  by the 63  great Tamil  saints (called Nayanmars)  ,is perhaps one of the greatest in India   as apart from  having  a torrential overflow of Bhakthi, it also had  a very strong philosophical  tradition called Saiva Sidhanta. The moving outpouring  of the three most  prominent  SAivite saints is called Tevarum. Here is a very divine   and moving prayers   to be chanted  by us  from the time we  wake up to the time we sleep   given in Those  who would not be moved  by these  would never  get moved by anything. Read the originals  in Tamil in )

I.Chant  this   prayer as soon as one gets up.

Potthi yen vaazh mudal aagiya porule,
Pularndathu poongazharkku inai thunai malar kondu,
Yetthi nin thirumugathu yemakkarul malarum,
Ezhil nagai kondu  nin thiruvadi thozhuthom,
Chethidazh kamalangal malarum  than vayal choozh,
Thiruperumthurai urai  Shiva perumaane,
Yethuyar kodiyudayai  , yenai udayay,
Yem perman palli ezhundarulaaye.                                             

Salutations to you , who is the first meaning of my life,
The new day has broken and please grant me your smile ,
As a sign of your grace , when I salute and offer flowers at your holy feet,
Oh God presiding over Thiruperumthurai,
Which  is surrounded ponds,  full of open lotus flowers,
And where your flag of the bulls flies very high,
For my sake Oh God be pleased  to wake up.

II. Prayer  to be chanted  before Breakfast

Unakku  pani cheya, undanai yennalum ,
Ninaikka   varam yenakku  nee thaa,
Manakkavalai neekukindra then Madurai nirmalane,
Yevvulugum   aakukindra Chokkanatha

You  please give me a boon  to daily think about you,
And also serve you  daily , Oh  Chokkanatha ,
Who is the pure one  of  southern Madurai ,
Who removes all my worries and who is the  one who creates  all the  worlds.

III. Prayer  to be chanted  before Lunch

Puzhuvai pirakkinum punniyaa , un adi,
Yen manathe   vazhuvadhu  irukka varam vendum,
Yivaiyakathe  thozhuvarkku  irangi irundhu arul   chei,
Padiri Puliyur chezhu neer punar  gangai,
Chenjadai mel vaitha  theevannane.

Oh holy one, even if I take   birth as a worm,
Please give me a boon , that  your divine feet ,
Should always  be in my mind  without slipping away,
Oh lord  with the  colour of fire, who  showers  his mercy ,
On those who salute him and  who keeps in Thirupadiripuliyur,
The  flowing waters  of  the ganges on his red head.

IV.Prayers to be chanted  in the evening

Idarinum thalarinum  yen thuru noi ,
Thodarinum un kazhal thozhuthezhuven,
Kadal thanil  amudhodu kalantha nanjai,
Midarinil  adakkiya  Vediyane,
Ithuvo yemai aalumaru , eevathondru yemakku illayel,
Adhuvo unathu  innarul , AAvadu  thurai  arane.

Even if I get tired  or fall down  or  my sickness  continues,
I would salute   your feet  and then only get up,
On Lord worshipped by Vedas ,  who kept the poison mixed with nectar in his neck,
Was it   some thing  that   gave us to rule over us ,
Or  otherwise  is it your sweet grace , Oh king of Thiruvadu Thurai.

V.Prayer   to be chanted  before Dinner

Kuraivila niraive , Guna  kundre ,
Koothane , Kuzhai kathu udayane,
Uravilen , unai andri mathru adiyen,
Oru pizhai poruthaal  yizhuvunde,
Chirai vandar   pozhil   choozh thiruvarur ,
Chembone, Thiruvavaduthurayul ,
Aravane  enai anchalendrai,
Aar yenakku  uravu  Amararkal yere.

Oh God who is complete without any defects, Oh mountain of  good qualities,
Oh  king of dances who wears  ear globes  in  his ears,
I do not have any relations and except to you I do not bow to others,
Would it bring you bad name  if you pardon  one mistake,
Oh Red gold of THiruvarur whose gardens are full of  teeming  honey bees,
Oh Personification of Dharma who  is in Thiruvavaduthurai,
You told me   not   to get afraid  ,
Who would  except you be my  relation, Oh king of devas.

Vi.Prayer  to be chanted  before  retiring to bed.

Van mukil vazhathu peiga, Malai valam churakka,
Mannan kon murai arasu Cheiga, Kuraivilathu  uyirgal vaazhga,
Naan marai   arangal onga, Natthava  velvi malga,
Menmai kol   saiva Neethi vilanguka  ulagam  yellam.

Let  the cloud in the sky  cause  rainfall,
Let the fertility    from the  mountains   flow out ,
Let the king rule according  to the proper rules,
Let  all beings  live   without   any wants,
Let the dharmas of the four Vedas   increase,
Let the Yajnas  done  with true penance  flourish,
Let the justice of the great Saiva tradition shine all over the world.

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