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Durga Stotram for Rahu Kala Pooja

Durga Stotram for Rahu Kala Pooja 
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(For getting rid of any sort of problems  and  for fulfilling our desires, praying  of Goddess Durga   at the  Rahu Kala of Tuesdays(3 PM-4.30 PM) ,  gives  definite  positive results. This Dhyanam  as well as the Stotra given should be chanted at that time  in front of the  SAnnidhi of Durga  on Tuesdays at that time for nine week. Very many devotees  have  found positive results by   doing like this.)

Devim shodasa varsheeyaam  susthira youvanaam,
Bimboshtim sudathim , suddham  sarad padma nibhananam,
SWetha champaka varnam, suneelothpala lochanaam,
Jagad dhatrim , savithrim sarvebhya sarva sampadham ,
Samsara sagare ghore otha roopaam sadaa Bhaje ,
Devyascha dhyana mithyevam  sthavanam  sruyatham  mune

The Goddess  is sixteen years old  , has a very stable youth,
Has red lips like bimba fruit , has geed teeth  has a face  like  lotus flower of autumn,
Has the colour of white champaka flowers, has eyes resembling blue lotus ,
Is the mother of the world, Is Savithri, Who gives protection and wealth to all,
Has the  form of a boat   in the horrible  ocean of Samasara and I pray her  always,
And oh sages please hear the  prayer   of the goddess  now.

Mahadeva Uvacha
Lord Shiva said:-

1.Raksha raksha jagan mathar devi Chandike,
Harike vipadam raser harsha mangala Karike.

Protect , protect , oh Goddess Chandika, who is the mother of universe,
Who defeats dangers and one *who makes mars happy in all rasis.
*(or one who is general makes things happily auspicious)

2. Harsha mangala dakshecha , mangala dhayike,
Shubhe mangala dakshecha , shubha mangala chandike.

She who is the  giver of auspiciousness  is the happy auspicious earth 
And the pure auspicious earth is the pure auspicious Chandika.

3.Mangale , mangalarhe cha , sarva mangala  mangale  ,
SAthaam mangaladhe devi , sarveshaam mmangalalaye.

She is the Auspicious one who merits auspiciousness,
She is the auspicious goddess  who grants all auspiciousness,
She who is always auspicious blesses all with auspiciousness.

4.Poojaye mangala vare cha , mangalabheeshta devathe ,
Poojya mangala bhoopasya , manu vamsaya santhatham.

When the goddess is worshipped on Tuesdays she fulfills all auspicious wishes,
And she is always worshipped by auspicious kings , who are from the clan of Manus.
5.Mangalaa dishtathrudevi , Mangalaanaam mangale ,
SAmsara mangalaadhare, moksha mangala dhayini.

Please make me auspicious , Oh auspicious one among auspicious,
Oh bearer of auspiciousness in this world, who grants auspiciousness and salvation

6. Sare cha mangaladhare pare cha sarva karmanaam,
Prathi mangalavare cha poojye cha Mangalapradhe.

She who has auspiciousness at all times makes us succeed in all our actions,
She who is being worshipped on all tuesdays grants auspiciousness.

Phala sruthi
7.Stotranaanena Shambuscha sthuthwaa Mangala Chandikam,
Prathi mangala vare cha poojayaam thath vaa gatha shiva,

After praising Mangala Chandika using this prayer ,
Every tuesday he worshipped her, and how much greatness did Lord shiva attain because of it?

8,DEvyascha mngala stotram  ya srunothi samahitha,
Than mangalam bhaved thasyath bhaveth thath  mangalam,
Varthatheputhra pouthrascha Mangalam cha dhine dhine

8. If the prayer of auspiciousness of the goddess is heard with quite devotion,
Good events will happen in their life and nothing which is not auspicious will ever happen to them.
And the number of his sons and grandsons will increase and day after day , there would only be auspiciousness.

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