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Kumkuma Mahimai

Kumkuma Mahimai
(The greatness  of Kumkumam)

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(Kumkumam   the red powder  prepared by mixing turmeric and lime is a great sign of auspiciousness   among all Hindus in India. All  married women wear it as   Bindi as the mark of auspiciousness and this prayer in Tamil recounts the greatness  of  Kumkumam )

1.Kumkumavathu   kuraikalai  theerpathu,
Kumkumavathu  kudiyinai  kappathu ,
Kunkumavathu  gunamathu alippathu
Kumkumavathu   kolvinai  theerpathu.

1.,It is kumkumam that  fulfills all  our wants m
It is Kumkumam that protects  our family  ,
It is Kumkumam  that  gives you good nature  ,
It is  kumkumam  that   removes the  accumulated  sins.

2,Vidhi thanai velvathu  vimalayin kumkumam,
Nidhi thanai   eevathu nirmalayin kumkumam,
Pathi thanai  kappathu  pathivruthai  kumkumam,
Gathi thanai  aalvathum  kumkumamame.

2.It is the Kumkumam of the pure one that  wins over  fate ,
It is the Kumkumam of the spotless one that  gives wealth,
It is the  Kumkumam of the virtuous wife  that  protects  the husband,
Is the Kumkumam   that protects   our direction in life

3.THanjam yendorarai   thaduthandu  kolvathum  ,
Pancha maapathagam   parinthume  theerpathum  ,
Anjina perukku  abhayam alippathum,
Kanchi Kamakshiyin Kumkumame

3.It is the  Kumkuma  of Kanchi Kamakshy ,
That     protects  all those who say “I surrender”,
That   with kindness   cleanses  those  who have done five great sins,
And  give  protection to those     who are   scared.

4.Narpadam eevathu   narani kumkumam,
POrpinai   eevathu  poorani kumkumam,
Chirparamavathu  Suvakami kumkumam,
Karpinai kappathum kumkumamame.

4.It is Kumkumam of Narayani   that  gives salvation,
It is the  Kumkumam  of Poorani  that gives responsibility,
It is the KUmkumam of Shivakami  that is  divine  ,
And it is Kumkumam which protects your virtue.

5.Chenchudar polvathu cheerana kumkumam,
Konjum azhagai koduppathu  kumkumam,
Anju pulankal   adakki arulvathum,
Kanch kamakshiyin Kumkumamame.

5.  The Good Kumkumam is like a red flame  of fire  ,
It is that Kumkumam which gives prettiness  which lisps,
And it is the  Kumkumam of Kamakshi,
That controls   the    five senses.

6.Noyinai theerpathum  , nunnarivu eevathum  ,
Peyinai theerpathum  , perum pugazh eevathum  ,
Cheyinai kappthum  , chelvam tharuvathum  ,
Thayinai architha  Kumkumaame

6.It is that  Kumkumam which is used to worship the mother,
That puts an end to sickness  , which gives keen understanding,
Which drives away ghosts, which gives one great fame  ,
Which protects  the baby   and which gives wealth.

7,Sakthi koduppathum  , sathiyam kappathum  ,
Bhakthi alippathum  , para gathi  eevathum,
Mukthi koduppathum , mummalam theerppathum,
Sidhi tharuvathum  , Kumkumamame.

7.It is Kumkumam  which gives strength,
Which protects truth , which gives devotion,
Which gives a great after life, which gives salvation,
Which puts  an end to three type of dirt  in our life,
And which leads  to  divine powers.

8.Nenjil kavalaikal neeki arulvathum,
Chenchor kavi padum  cheerinai  yeevathum,
Vancha  pakaivarai  vatti yarulvathum ,
Kanchi Kamakshiyin kumkumamame.

8.It  is the KUmkumam of Kamakshi  ,
That  blesses  and removes worries from our mind,
That grants us the ability  to  sing poems   using great words,
And That which  makes  our evil  enemies fade   away.

9.Siva , Siva   endru thiru neeru anintha pin,
Shivakamiye yena chithuthu anivathum,
THavamana melorum  tharithu kalippathum,
Pala Vinai theerkkum kumkumam,ame.

9.It is Kumkumam which  takes away several sins ,
And which  is  applied  by great sages  meditating,
On   the her name  as Shivakami   after
Applying  sacred ash  chanting  Shiva and Shiva .

10.Yevai yevai  karuthidil   avai avai yeevathum,
Nava vagai sakthiyin  nalanai koduppathum,
Kuvi chei  karathudan kumbitta perukku,
Kuvi nidhi  eevathum  Kumkumamame

10.It is Kumkumam which gives   all that we desire,
Which gives   the goodness  of nine types  of Shakthi(Goddess/power),
And  give   huge stacks  of treasure  to those,
Who have saluted  with folded  hands.

11.Ashta Lakshmi arul  athu alippathum,
Ishtangal eevathum , eedatha kumkumam,
Kashtam thavirppathum , kathu yenai aalvathum ,
Saistarai  cheivathum  Kumkumamame.

11.It is  peerless Kumkumam that gives blessings
Of Ashta Lakshmi and fulfills all our desires ,
It is that Kumkumam  which avoids   sufferings,
Protect and rule over me and makes one disciplined.

12.Kushtam mudalana maarogam theerpathum,
Nashtam varathoru  nalanai koduppathum,
Ettum irandum   arivithor veedinai  ,
Kittave cheivathum  kumkumamame.

12.It is KUmkumam which cures great  diseases like leprosy,
Gives   good things   without causing loss,
And make us reach    the heaven  ,
Of  those   who  made us understand what is  eight and two.(who made me intelligent)

13.Patta kalile padumena kashtangal,
Vittidamale   vanthume vattinum,
Pattana Parvathi padam paninthe  ,
Ittar  idar Kumkumamame

13.It is Kumkumam  which  keeps away ,
Problems which come like  the saying,
“A wounded leg gets   hits  once again”,
By making us bow before  the silken feet of Parvathi.

14.CHitham thanai   sudhi   cheyvatharkku   eliyathor,
Ethum theriyatha  emantha madhare ,
NItham  thozhuthu annai kumkumam thanai,
Nitham darithume  veedu adaiveere.

14.Oh  cheated  ladies , who do not know ,
A trick  tp easily clean the mind  ,
Daily salute  and daily wear  ,
The kumkumam of mother and reach your home(attain salvation)

15.Minchum azhagudan  kumkuma aadai kol,
Chenchudaragumor  Kanchi kamakshiyin,
Kancha malar mukam thannil thigazhvathum,
Pancha nidhi thaum  Pumkumamame.

15. It is that Kumkumam which gives   us the five treasures,
Which shines  in the lotus  like face of Kanchi Kamakshi,
Who with ebbing beauty  wears dress of Kumkuma colour,
  And who is  like   the reddish burning   flame.

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