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Varavu Paattu of Pthinettampadi Karuppanna Swami

பரிவார தேவதாக்கள் வரவு :
Varavu Paattu  of Pthinettampadi  Karuppanna Swami

Translated by

(I found that  this song was posyed in 2015 in a facebook page  of Sappanikaruppu ,I do not know who is the author.Karuppanna swami is one who is the Security guard of SAbari Malai  Ayyappa Swami   and is  included  as Parivara  devathai. I never knew  that there is a  Sanskrit prayer  addressed  to Karuppanna Swami)

ஸ்ரீ கருப்பண்ண ஸ்வாமி :
த்யானம் :
வந்தே காலாப்ர வர்ணம் த்விபுஜம்
அஸிகதாம் தீப்தாகர்ண தம்ஷ்ட்ராம்

Vandhe Kaalabra  varnam  dwibbujam,
Asikadhaam Deepthakarna damshtraaam

I salute him  who is of the colour of black cloud, who has  two hands,
Who fights with a sword, who is lustrous with large teeth   up to his ears

பீமம் பீமாங்கரூபம் ப்ரணத பயஹரம்
பாதுகாரூட ந்ருத்தம்

Bheemam Bheemanga  roopam pranatha  bhaya  haram,
Padhukarooda   nrutham

He  is huge, has a form with large limbs and removea  fear of those  who salute him,
And who dances mounting on  his sandals

பாலம் பாலார்க்க காந்திம் ஸிதவஸன
தரம் காளகம் குஞ்சிதாங்க்ரிம்

Baalam Balarka kanthim  sitha  vasana daram,
Kalakam  kunchithangrim

He is a  boy with luster of sun of dawn, wears white dress,
Is dark blue in colour and has a  curved foot

வ்யாகீர்ண கேச பந்திம் மதுமத
முதிதம் ஸ்யாமளம் க்ருஷ்ண புத்ரம்

Vyaakeerna  kesa  pankthim madhumadha,
Mudhitham  shyamalam Krishna  Puthram

He has hairs  flying in all direction., is  joyous,
Due  to intoxication of wine, black in colour and is son of Krishna

வ்ருத்தாய த்வி நேத்ரம்
வ்யாள பத்த ஸுகுந்தனம்

Vrudhaya   dwinethram cha ,
Vyala  badha  sukunthanam

He is old  with   two eyes
And holds  a vicious  good spear

நீலம் கஞ்சுகம் பீமம்
த்ரி புண்ட ரவி லஸந்முகம்

Neelam sa kanchukam bheemam,
TRipundra vilasan mukham

He wears a blue gown and  is huge  ,
And on face  he sports a Naamam(mark of Vaishnavites)

குந்தம் தரந்தம் வாமேச
க்ருகரம் தக்ஷிணேகரே

Kuntham  thara ocean like ntham  Vaame cha,
Krukaram dakshine   kare

He holds  a spear  i on his  left hand
And holds a  cutting   sword in his right  hand

ஒட்யாண பக்த கச்சம்ச
ஸர்வாலங்கார பூஷிதம்

Odyaaana  badha  kachamcha  ,
SArvalankara  Bhooshitham,

With a waist belt tying his  Dhothi ,
He  is decorated   in all waya

தப்தசாமீ கராபஞ்ச
ஸக்தி த்வய ஸமன்விதம்

THaptha  saameekarabham cha ,
SAkthi divya   samanvitham

Armed with a  hot  flat  iron,
He is also  blessed  with  divine strength

கருப்பண்ண ஸ்வாமிநம்
த்வந்தே பீடே ஸு ஸம்ஸ்திதம்

Karuppana   swminam,
Dwanthe  peede susamthitham

That   God  Karuppanna  ,
Is  always  ready   to protect  the  temple

ரக்தாஷம் க்ருஷ்ண வஸ்த்ரஞ்ச
த்வி புஜம் மோஹனாக்ருதிம்

RAkthaksham    Krishna vasthranch  ,
Dwibujam mohanaa kthim

With blood red eyes   and wearing black cloth .
Anf having two hands , he has pretty looks

கட்கம் தண்டஞ்ச பிப்ராணம்
ஸர்வாலங்கார ஷோபிதம்

Gadgam dandancha bibranam,
Sarvalankara  shobitham

Armed with  sword   as well as  staff,
He shines with all  decorations

பார்ச்ஸ்வே குக்குடஸம் யுக்தம்
மஹா விக்ரம சாலினம்
Parswe kukuda  samyuktham,
Maha vikrama  salinam,

With a   spark of fire  standing  nearby  ,
He is very greatly valorous

கருப்பண் திவிக்யாதம்
ஸ்வாமிநம் பாவயேத் ஸதா

Karuppannathi  vikhyatham,
SWaminam  bhavayeth  sadhaa

I always cherish  the god,
Who is famous as  Karuppanna

Karuppa swami  Moola manthra

Om KLeem  Krishna  puthraya  Hum Phat SWaha  nama
Om KleemBlack son Hum Phat SWaha

Another manthra 

ஸ்ரீ கருப்பசாமி மந்திரம் 
ஸ்ரீ கருப்பஸ்வாமி வழிபாடு மந்திரம்.
English-Tamil-தமிழ், Lyrics, வரிகள்.

ஓம் க்ரூம் அஸிதாங்காய 
மஹாசாஸ்த்ருபரிவாராய நமஹ.



Om Kroom  Black bodied

Sakutations  to the assistant  of Great  Sastha

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Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

Loka Samastha  Sukhino Bhavanthu

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(My blessings and thanks to my face book friend who kindled  all these  thoughts by posting  about the name “Narayana”)

The word “Narayana “  has several meanings like , “one  who lives on water” The supreme being” , “Direction  of human being” , “Shelter  of a human being” etc..The Narayana  suktha  , one of the Vedic  prayer  addressed  to Narayana says

Sahasra seersham devam viswaksham viswa sambhuvam.
Viswam narayanam  devam aksharam paramam padam.                                                    1

I meditate on god Narayana,
Who has thousands of heads,
Who sees everywhere,
Who does good to all the world,
Who is the world,
Who is indestructible,
And who is the greatest destination.

Viswatha paramanithyam  viswam narayanam harim,
Viswamevedam  purusha stadvischa mupajeevathi.                                                            2

I meditate on God Narayana,
Who is much greater than this world,
Who is forever,
Who is the world,
Who destroys sins and suffering,
And say, that this world is Purusha,
And is alive because he is inside it.

Pathim viswasyatmeshwara, saswatha shivamachyutham,
Narayanam mahagneyam viswathmanam parayanam.                                                        3

I meditate on Narayana,
Who owns this world,
Who is the god of all souls,
Who is forever,
Who is personification of good,
Who never slips,
Who needs to be known with great effort,
Who is the soul of everything,
And who is the great destination.

Narayana paro jyothirathma narayana para,
Narayana para brahma tatwam narayana para.
Narayana paro dyatha , dyanam Narayana para.                                                                  4

Narayana is the great light,
Narayana is the great soul,
Narayana is the ultimate Brahmam,
Narayana is   the great principle,
Narayana is the greatest among those who meditate on him,
And Narayana is the great meditation.

Yachcha  kinchid jagat sarvam drusyathe  sruyathe bhi vaa,
Antharbahischa tatsarva vyapya narayana sthitha.                                                              5    

Narayana is spread,
All over the world.
In everything that we see and hear,
And in its inside and outside.   

        There   is a famous   story of Ajamila who did all possible sins  but went to Land of Vishnu  because  , when he  was dying he called  his son, whose  name   was Narayana. 
     One of the modern day saints   summarising  the   greatness  of name Narayana   says  “Chanting  the Divine name Narayana awakens   the  cosmic love within you so that you can love  everything Unconditionally”

There  is also a great  religious  poem of a great  Vaishnavite   saint  of Tamil Nadu  called Thirumangai  Azhvar   about  the greatness  of the  name Narayana. THirumangai Azhvar   was  one of the great Azhvars  and was considered as the last of the twelve Azhvars who were  great  minstrels  of Vaishnavism. These  minstrels went  all over India  visited  great Vishnu  temples  of those times  and composed  prayers(Pasurams) , praising  Gods  of these temples.Among them  the compositions of THirumangai azhvar  is supposed  to be maximum .According  to great savants his most  important  pasuram is

''குலந்தரும் செல்வம் தந்திடும் அடியார்
படுதுயர் ஆயினவெல்லாம்
நிலந்தரம் செய்யும் நீள் விசும்பருளும்
அருளொடு பெருநிலமளிக்கும்
வலந்தரும் மற்றும் தந்திடும் பெற்ற
தாயினும் ஆயின செய்யும்
நலம் தரும் சொல்லை நான் கண்டுகொண்டேன்
நாராயணா என்னும் நாமமே''

“Kulam tharum  , selvam thanthidum , adiyaar,
Padum thuyar aayinavellam ,
NIlantharam cheyyum , neel visumbarulum,
Arulodu  peru nilamalikkum ,
Valam tharum mathrum thanthidum pethha,
THaayinum   aayina   cheyyum,
Nalam tharum chollai naan kandu konden,
Nayanan  yennum naamame

I found out   the word   that gives  all that is good,
That gives us noble birth, grants   wealth .
Which would  mke all the sufferings of devotees,
In to nothing, grant  us forever stay  with  God,
Give  us chance to do service  to God with grace ,
And  would do  everything that mother will do,
And that  word is   the name   Narayana

Great scholars  believe  that Pasuram  gives  out the essence  of Divya Prabandham (the collected  work of all Azhvars.They believed that  if this pasuram is chanted  in the  ears of dying man, he would definitely attain God.

Om Namo Narayanaya.

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Shiva Gadhyam

Shiva Gadhyam
(Prose prayer on Lord Shiva)
Sage SAnath Kumara

Translated by

(This prayer   occurs  in Shiva Mahapurana  in Rudra  Samhitha. You can read it in Sanskrit   in http://www.brahminsnet.com/pdf/Sri%20Shiva%20Gadyam%20-%20Shiva%20Puranam.pdf)

Om Namasthe  devesaaya , surasura namaskruthaya, bootha bhavya  Maha devayaya, haritha pingala lochanaya, balaaya, budhi  roopine, vayyagra vasana sadaayaraneyaya,

OM  I salute   the  God of all devas  , who is saluted by   devas as well as asuras, Who is the great god in the past  as well as present, who has green and brown eyes, who is endowed with strength , who is personification of wisdom , who normally has the habit of sitting on the hide of tiger  ,

Trilokya prabhave  , easwaraya, haraayaa, hari nethraaya, yugaantha karuna analaayaa, Ganesaaya  , Loka paalaya, Maha  bujaaya, maha  hasthaya, sooline, maha damshtine, kaalaaya

Lord of all the three  worlds  , God  , He who  destroys, he who has a  green  eye, Who creates the fire of kindness    at the end of all  time, He who is the lord of Ganas  ,.He who looks after  people, He who has a great arms, He   who has great hands, He who holds   the trident, He who has   huge teeth, He who is  end of time

Maheswaraaya  , avyayaaya, kala roopine,  neela greevaaya , mahodharaaya, ganadhyakshaaya, sarvaathmane, sarva pavanaaya, sarvagaaya  , mrutyu  hanthre  pariyaathra  suvruthaaya,

He who is the great  God, he who does not change  , he who has form of time  , he who has  a blue neck , He who has a big stomach  , He who presides  over all ganas  , He who is the soul of all , He who is  everywhere  holy , He   who is everything, He who destroys death  , he who has taken a penance  of always  being everywhere

Brahmacharine  , vedanthakaaya  , thaponthakaya  , pasupathaye, Vyangaaya  , soola paanaya, vrusha krethave  , haraye  , jadine  , shikanndine  , lakutine  , maha yasase

HE who is never married, he who is the end of Vedantha, He who is the end of penance,  He  who is the lord of all beings, he who is body less  , He who carries the trident, he who has bull on his flag , he who is the destroyer  , he who is motionless  , he who is neither male or female , he who has a club , he who has great fame

Bhootheswaraaya  , GUhaa vasine   Venaaphana thalavathe  , amaraaya  , darsaneeyaya, Bala soorya  nibhaaye , Smasana vaasine , BHagwathe  , Uma pathaye  , arindhamaaya  , bhagasyakshi paasthine

 God of all beings  , Cave dweller , Lord who keeps beat to the sound of Veena  , He who does not have death  , He who has great vision  , he who is similar to young sun  ,He  who lives in cremation ground  , He who is God  , He who is consort of Uma , He who conquers   enemies , he who  keeps his eyes on lucky people 

Pooshno   dasana  naasanaaya  , kroora karthakaaya  , Pasa  hasthakaya  ,Pralaya  Kaalaaya  , Unmukhaaya  , Agni kethave  , Munaye, Dheepthaaya  , visaam pathaye  , Unnayathe janakaaya

He who destroys those  which  destroy prosperity  , He  who spins away cruelty  , He who has a  rope  , He who  is the destroyer  at deluge , he who looks up  , he who is as bright as fire  , He  who is a sage  , He who is lustrous  , he who is the  lord  of all poisons  , He who creates greatness,

Chathurthakaya, LOka sathamaaya , Vama devaya, Vaag dakshinaya, vammatho bikshave, Bikshu roopine, Jatine, swayam jatilaaya , sacra hastha prathisthambakaaya, vasoonaam  Sthambakaya

He who is extremely intelligent  , He who is for the welfare  of the world ,He who is the god of  the left  , He who is soft speaking , He  who is the beggar  of the left  , He who has form of beggar , He who is noble , He who is a complicated self , he who freezes the God armed with wheel , He who freezes  the Vasu

Krathave  , krathu karaaya, kaalaaya, medhavine, madhukaraya, chalaaya, vaanaspathyaya , vaajasanethi  samasrama poojithaaya, jagad Dhathre, Jagat karthre, purushaaya, saaswathaaya, druvaaya

He who is enlightenment, He who does acts  , He who is the destroyer , He who is a scholar, He who moves , He who lives in forest , he who is worshipped   by those  devoted to him, He who carries the world .He who creates  the world , He who is masculine, He who is stable  , He who is fixed

Dharmadhyakshaya trivatvarmane , bhootha bhavanaya, trinethraya, bahu roopaya suryoaayutha sama prabhaya, devaya, sarva thooryaninadhine , sarva bhadhaa vimochanaya, Bandhanaya SArva  Dharine

He who presides over Dharma , He who is  thrice protected , He who is past and future  , he who has three  eyes, he who has several forms, He who has lustre equal to sun, He who is God, He who is the lord of all musical sounds , He who frees us from all problems, He who ties, He who  wears everything

Dharmothamaya , Pushpa danthayaa apibhaagaaya, mukhaaya, sarva haraaya, hiranya sravase , dwarine  , bheemaaya,bhima paarakramaaya om namo  nama

He is the greatest  Dharma, He who was shared by Pushpa DAntha ,He who is most important  , He who destroys everything  , He  who has  golden reputation  , He who is the entrance  , He who is huge  , He who is greatly valorous   Om Salutations, salutations to you.

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Sri Chandra Shekara Mahaswami Ashatakam

ஸ்ரீ சந்த்ரஶேகரேந்த்ர மஹாஸ்வாமி அஷ்டகம் 
Sri Chandra Shekara Mahaswami  Ashatakam

- திருமதி. கீதா கல்யாண், ட்ரஸ்ட்புரம், சென்னை
Smt.Geetha  Kalyan  ,Chennai

Translated  by

(Very rarely  people compose  stotras  in Sanskrit.Here is one composed  by Smt  .Geetha Kalyan as a prayer  to Maha Periyava)

Translated  by

ஸ்ரீசந்த்ரஶேகர ஸ்வாமின்தைவ
வாணீம் ப்ரத்யக்ஷரூபம் பஜேஹம்
ஸ்ரீசந்த்ரமௌளி ஸ்வரூபம்ஸ்வாமி
நாத ஸ்வரூபாத்ம ஸத்குரும் வந்தே | (1) (ஸ்ரீசந்த்ர…)

Sri Chandra shekara  SWamin-Deiva,
Vaanim   cha prathyaksha   roopam bhajeham,
Sri  Chandra Mouli  swaroopam –Swami
Nadha  swaroopathma sath   gurum vandhe 

I sing about  the deiva  Vani *   and also,
The visible  of  of  Saint  Chandra  Shekara,
I salute  the good teacher  with form of Lord shiva with a crescent,
Who had the form of  Swami Nadha**  also

*Deiva Vani –published as voice of God  in english
**SWaminadha was   the poorvasrama  name  of Swami

அத்வைத ஸித்தாந்த ஸாரம்ஸ்வாமி
ஆசார்யரூபம் யதிராஜவேஷம்
ஆனந்த சின்மய பூர்ணம்திவ்ய
ஆத்யந்தஹீனம் அவதாரம் வந்தே | (2) (ஸ்ரீசந்த்ர…)

Advaitha Sidhantha  Saaram –Swamim
AAcharya  roopam , yathi Raja  Vesham,
AAnandha  chinmaya  pornam –divya,
Aadhyatha  heenam avatharam vandhe

I salute him   who is the essence of the  principle  of Advaitha,
Who had the form of teacher  and that of a king of saints,
Who was  filled  with  the  divine  joy,
And who was  the incarnation of God without  beginning  or end

ஸர்வேஶ்வரம் ஸத்யஸந்தம்ஸர்வ
லோகைகநாதம் ப்ரபும் விஶ்வநாதம்
ஸர்வே ஜனானார்த்திஹந்தும்ஸர்வ
சைதன்ய ஸம்க்ஷிப்த மூர்த்திம் பஜேஹம் | (3) (ஸ்ரீசந்த்ர…)

Sarveswaram  sathya sandham , sarva,
Lokaika nadham  prabhum viswa  nadham .
Sarva janaan aarthi hanthum –sarva ,
Chaithanya samkshiptha  moorthim BHajeham

I  sing about   him who was  the god of all ,
He who was always truthful . the lord of all worlds,
He who destroys sufferings of  all people  .
And who is the personification of  all powers

காருண்ய ஸம்பூர்ண நேத்ரம்காஞ்சி
காமாக்ஷி ரூபஸ்ய அத்வைத மூர்த்திம்
காமேஶ்வர பாத த்யானம்திவ்ய
காஷாயவேஷம் கமண்டலதாரம் | (4) (ஸ்ரீசந்த்ர…)

Karunya  sampoorna nethram  -Kanchi  ,
Kamakshi   roopasya   advaitha  moorthim,
Kameswara   padha  dhyanam -Divya.
Kashaya   vesham Kaandalaadharam.

He whose   eyes were  filled  with mercy, He  who is,
Personification of Advaitha in  the form of Kanchi Kamakshi,
He who meditates on the feet  of Kameswara .
And who is seen wearing divine  ochre  robes.

ஜனிம்ருதி ரோக ஸம்ஹாரின்ஜன்ம
ஜன்மாந்தர பாப ஹாரின்
ஜன்மஸாஃபல்ய ப்ரதாயின்ஆதி
ஜகத்குரும் ஸத்குரும் மத்குரும் வந்தே | (5) (ஸ்ரீசந்த்ர…)

Jani mruthi  roga   samharin-janma ,
Janmaanthara paapaa haarin  ,
Janma SAaphalya  pradhayin-aadhi,
Jagathgurum sath gurum math gurum vandhe

I salute my Guru, the primeval Guru of the universe, the great Guru,
Who destroys the disease of birth , life and death,
Who destroys the sins committed in this and earlier births,
And  The one who grants salvation , the aim of life,.

சரத்கால பூர்ணேந்து வதனம் - பரம
சாந்தஸ்வரூபம் ஸதா பாவயேஹம்
சதுர்வேத போஷண நிரதம் - சாரு
மந்தஸ்மிதம் சந்த்ரசூடம் பஜேஹம் | (6) (ஸ்ரீசந்த்ர…)

SArath kaala poornendhu  vadanam -Parama,
Santha swaroopam  sadhaa bhavayeham,
Chathur veda poshana  niratham –Charu,
Manthasmitham Chandra choodam  bhajeham.

I always  thimk about him   who  has face
Like  full moon of autumn and who has  a peaceful mein
I sing about him  who is busy nurturing  four Vedas,
And who islike lord Shiva  with a pleasant smile.

பக்தஜனாபீஷ்ட வரதம் - பூர்ண
புண்யாவதாரம் பரப்ரஹ்மரூபம்
பங்கஜநேத்ரம் பவித்ரம் - பாத
பங்கேருஹம் மம ஏகாவலம்பம் | (7) (ஸ்ரீசந்த்ர…)

BHaktha janaabheeshta  varadham-poorna,
Punyavatharam, para Brahma   roopam,
Pankaja  nethram  pavithram-padha .
Pangeruham mama yekavalambam,

My only   support is the lotus feet of him,
Who used to give boons fulfilling the  desires of devotees,
Who is a  complete  divine incarnation,has form of Para Brahmam,
Who has   lotus like eyes   and is divinely pure.

ஞானப்ரதாயகம் ஈஶம் - பரம
ஞானஸ்வரூபம் பஜே தேஶிகேந்த்ரம்
அர்தேந்துமௌளி ப்ரகாசம் - ஆயுர்
ஆரோக்ய ஸௌக்யப்ரதம் ஜீவஜாலம் | (8) (ஸ்ரீசந்த்ர…)

Jnana pradhayakam eesam –parama ,
Jnana  swarooopam , bhaje desikendram .
Ardhendhu  mauli prakasam -ayur,
Arogya   saukhyapradham jeeva jalam.

I sing about , the god like king of Gurus,
Who gave us   wisdom , who has  a form,
Of divine wisdom , who shined with a  crescent ,
Like crown and who gave beings long life and pleasant life.

|| ஃபல ஸ்ருதி ||
ஶ்ரீகுரு அஷ்டகம் ப்ராத:காலே படேன் நர:
ஶ்ரீகுரு கடாக்ஷம் நித்யம் ஸர்வபாப ப்ரணாசனம்!!

Phala Sruthi
Sri Guru ashtakam   pratha  kala  paden nara,
Sri Guru kadaksham  nithyam  , sarva papa  prasamanam

If a human being reads this octet on Guru daily morning ,
He will get graceful looks of Guru which destroys all sins

Friday, December 1, 2017

How Achan Deekshithar became Vaksha sthala Acharya ?

How  Achan Deekshithar  became Vaksha sthala  Acharya ?


(I did not know this story but read it   somewhere in Whatsapp. My thanks to the author)

There  was a great  Scholar  called “Appayya  Deekshitha”  .His grand father’s name  was” Achan Deekshitha”  .He was also called “VAkasthalaxcharya(The learned man of the chest)” ,There  is an interesting story behind it.
It seemd  King Krishna  Deva Raya  had come to Worship Lord Varadaraja  of Kanchipuram .Among the learned  Invitees  “Achan Deekshithar”  was also one  . When the Purohith  showed  camphor lamp to the God   , the king felt that the God  was  bending   and examining   some thing..
The king asked  “Achan deekshithar” for the possible   reason for this  and he replied

“Kanchi Kanchana gaurangim  veekshya  Sakshadhiva Ascharyam,
Varada  ASAmsayapanno Vakshasthalam   Avekshathe “

காஞ்சித் காஞ்சந கௌராங்கிம் வீக்ஷ்ய ஸாக்ஷ£திவ ச்ரியம்
வரத ஸம்சயாபந்நோ வக்ஷஸ்தலம் அவேக்ஷதே

The God  Varada seeing  your golden   wife   beside  you ,
Became  surprised and felt  she was Mahalakshmi  herself,
And  examined   his  chest  to see whether his wife  was  still there.”

The king enjoyed  the poem very much   and along with great  presents  ,
Gave him a title “Vaksha sthala(The chest)”  and from then  on” Aachan deekshithar”  was named  as “Vakksha  Sthala Acharya,”

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Appanukku oru malayundu அப்பனுக்கொரு மலையுண்டு

அப்பனுக்கொரு மலையுண்டு
Appanukku oru malayundu

Translated by

(Hear this  great song  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGLrQGoceuE  )

அப்பனுக்கொரு மலையுண்டு திருக்கயிலை
அன்னைக்கொரு மலையுண்டு ஏழுமலை
அண்ணனுக்கொரு மலையுண்டு பழனிமலை
ஐயப்பா உனக்கும் ஒரு மலையுண்டு சபரிமலை
ஸ்வாமியே சரணம் ஐயப்பா
அய்யனே சரணம் ஐயப்பா

Appanukku oru malayundu-Thirukayilai,
Annaikku  oru Malayundu- Ezhumalai
Ananukku  oru  Malayundu –Pazhani malai
Ayyappa   unakkum  oru malayundu  -Sabari malai
SWamiye saranam  Ayyapp,
Ayyane  SAranam Ayyappa

Your father has a mountain-Mount Kailasa,
Your mother has a mountain-The  seven mountains,
Your elder   brother has a mountain- Pazhani  mountain,
Oh Ayyappa , you too have a mountain-SAbari mountain,
Oh God , I surrender  Ayyappa,
Oh Lord  , I surrender  Ayyappa

நம்முடைய கழுத்தில் மணிமாலை
நம்முடைய கனவு சபரி யாத்திரை
நம்முடைய நாவில் சரண மொழி
நம்முடைய வேதம் சரணமப்பா
ஸ்வாமியே சரணம் ஐயப்பா
அய்யனே சரணம் ஐயப்பா

Nammudaya  kazhuthil  mani maalai  ,
Nammudaya Kanavu  SAbari  Yathirai
Nammudaya naavil   SArana Mozhi
Nammudaya   vedam SAranamappa,
SWamiye saranam Ayyappa
Ayyane saranam  Ayyappa

The  chain of  beads   hangs on our neck,
Our dream is pilgrimage to SAbari,
On our toungue , the language  of Saranam,
Our Veda is  SAranam  Appa(I surrender God),
 Oh God , I surrender  Ayyappa,
Oh Lord  , I surrender  Ayyappa

நமக்குள்ள லட்சியம் உன் தரிசனம்
நமக்குள்ளே இருப்பது உன் விரதம்
நமக்கென்றும் கதி பதினெட்டாம்படி
நமக்குண்டு மலை மேல் மகர ஜோதி
ஸ்வாமியே சரணம் ஐயப்பா
அய்யனே சரணம் ஐயப்பா

Namakkulla  lakshiyam  un darisanam,
Namakkulle  iruppathu  un vrutham,
Namakkendrum  gathi  pathittempadi
Namakkundu  malai mel Makara  jyothi
SWamiye saranam Ayyappa
Ayyane saranam  Ayyappa

Our   aim is to see you  ,
Within us  is your penance  ,
Always our protection is the eighteem   steps,
WE have the  Makara flame  on the mountain,
Oh God , I surrender  Ayyappa,
Oh Lord  , I surrender  Ayyappa

அப்பன் அவன் நாமம் நமச்சிவாய
அன்னை அவள் நாமம் நாராயணாய
அண்ணன் அவன் கோஷம் ஹரோஹரா
எங்கள் ஐயப்பன் கோஷம் சரணம் ஐயப்பா
ஸ்வாமியே சரணம் ஐயப்பா
அய்யனே சரணம் ஐயப்பா
எங்கள் ஸ்வாமியே சரணம் ஐயப்பா

Appan avan namam  Nama Shivaya,
Annai aval  naamam  Narayanaaya,
Annan avan gosham  Hara haro hara,
Yengal yyappan gosham SAranam  Ayyappa,
SWamiye saranam Ayyappa
Ayyane saranam  Ayyappa

The name of his father  is Om Namashivaya
The name  of his father  is Narayanaaya,
The  sound raised  for his elder brother  is “Hara haro hara”,
And the sound that  is raised to our Ayyappa is “SAranam Ayyappa:,
Oh God , I surrender  Ayyappa,
Oh Lord  , I surrender  Ayyappa

Cheer mevum Thiru mayilaai சீர்மேவும் திருமயிலை

A great prayer  addressed  to Goddess  Karpangambal

சீர்மேவும் திருமயிலை
Cheer mevum Thiru mayilaai

ஆண்டவன் பிச்சை
Aandavan pichai

Translated by

சீர்மேவும் திருமயிலை நகர்வாழும் தெய்வமே
சின்மயானந்த வடிவே

Cheer mevum  Thiru mayilai  nagar  Vaazhum deivaame,
Chinmatananda vadive

Oh Goddess  who lives in prosperous  city of Mylapore,
Who has  form of divine joy

கார்மேவும் கயிலைக்கு இறைவர் கபாலியின்
கருத்திற்கிசைந்த துணையே

Kaar mevum  kayilaikku  iraivar  Kapaliyin ,
Karuthirkku   isaindha thunaye

Oh consort of Kapali who is the God,
Of Kailasa surrounded by   clouds.
And who is dear  to his mind

பார்மேவும் பக்தர்கள் படும்துன்பம் தீர்த்திடும்
பரம கருணாமூர்த்தியே

Paar mevum  bhakthargal   padum thunbam theerthidum,
Parama Karuna moorthiye

Oh Goddess  of divine mercy , who  destroys ,
The great suffering of her devotees  spread , all over the world

தார்மேவும் தோள் அசைய தங்கவளை செங்கரத்தால்
தஞ்சம் அளித்தருளும் தாயே

Thaar mevum   thoal asaya  thanga valai sengarathaal,
THanjam   alitharulum  Thaaye

Oh mother   who  grants protection  to us  ,ny her pretty hands,
Ornamented by   golden bangles, when herpretty shoulders move

நீர்மேவும் தாமரையில் வாழ்பவளும் வாணியும்
நித்தம் துதிக்கும் உமையே

Neer mevum   thamarayil  vaazhpavalum  vaaniyum,
Nitham   thuthikkum umaye

Oh Goddess  Uma    daily worshipped  by  Goddess  Saraswathi,
As well  as Goddess Lakshmi living on a lotus

தேர்மேவி திரிபுரத்தை சிரித்தழித்திட்ட சிவன்
திருமனைக் கேற்ற விளக்கே

Ther mevi   thripurathai  sirithu azhithitta   sivan,
THirumanai ketha   vilakke

Oh lamp which is suitable to the divine home  of Lord Shiva,
Who climbing on a chariot destroyed  Tripura

கூர்மேவும் வடிவேலை குமரனுக்கு அளித்தசுரர்
கொடிய செயல் அழித்த சிவையே

Koor mevum   vadivelai  Kuranukku  alithu   asurar ,
Kodiya   cheyal  azhitha  Silaye

Oh  Goddess  who likes like sculpture   who  gave the sharp,
Vadi vel to Lord  Subrahmanya, who destroyed their evil acts

நார்மேவும் மலர் போல நல்லன்பர் உளமேவி
களிக்கும் கற்பக வல்லியே

Naar mevum   malar poala  nalla anbar  ula mevi,
Kalikkum   Karpaga valliye

Oh Karpaga  Valli , who like the flowers   tied by  the thread,

Is spread   all over the minds of her  devotees.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Sri Krishna Sandhya Namam(Malayalam)

Sri Krishna  Sandhya Namam(Malayalam) 

THunjathu Ezhuthachan

Translated by

(It is a general practice in all Hindu homes in Kerala , to lit  the  lamp as soon as dusk falls , and then sit around it and chant  names of God.  This is called Namam chollal   or Sandhya  namam. In this very pretty Sandhya namam   summarizing the entire  BHagwatham , The great Thunjathu exhuthachan   helps us to do this, By using this apart from chanting name  of Krishna , we also   read his story. You can hear this sandhya Namam  by clicking  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZIs1n_pjTs.)

1.Krishna , Krishna  ,Vasudeva , Gopika  Manohara,
Vrushni vamsa nayaka mukunda , Krishna pahi maam.

Oh Krihna ,Oh Krishna, Oh Vasudeva, Oh stealer  of the mind of  Gopis,
Oh Lord of  Vrushni  clan , Oh Mukunda , Oh Krishna , protect me.

2.Padmababha, Padma nethra, papa Nasa  hare,
Padmajaa  manohara, Manoharanga , Pahi maam.

Oh Lord with  lotus on belly , Oh Lord with lotus eyes, Oh destroyer of sins, Oh Hari,
Oh Stealer of mind of Lakshmi, Oh Lord with pretty limbs , protect me.

3.Krishna , Krishna , Vasudeva, Loka Nayaka , namo,
Vrushni vamsa  nadha, gopathe , mukunda  pahi maam.

Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna, Oh son of Vasudeva, Oh King of the world , Salutations,
Oh Leader  of Vrushnhi clan, Oh Lord of cows, oh Mukunda  protect  me.

4.Dhanavandhaka , Hare , Ramesa, Sundarakruthe,
Dheena Rakshaka, Mukunda  , Krishna, Krishna  pahi maam.

Oh killer of Rakshasas, Oh Hari  , Oh Lord of Lakshmi  , Oh lord with pretty form,
Oh protectior of down trodden, Oh Mukunda , Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna   protect me.

5.Bhaktha loka hrunnivasa, Pannagari  Vahana  ,
Mukthi dhayaka, Mukunda , Krishna, Krishna , Pahi Maam.

Oh Lord who lives  in mind of devotees, Oh Lord who rides on enemy of snake,
Oh Lord who grants   salvation, Oh Mukunda, Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna , protect me.

6Deva, Deva, Padmanabha, sarasaksha  deivame  ,
DEvaki thanooja, Krishna , Krishna, Krishna  Pahi maam.

Oh God, Oh God  , Oh Padmanabha , Oh lotus eyed  God,
Oh son of Devaki, oh Krishna , Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna   protect me.

7.Sridhresa , kesi mardhana, muraasuranthakaa,
Viswa nayaka Hare , Mukunda  , Krishnaa  pahi maam

Oh God who carries  Lakshmi , Oh killer of Kesi,  Oh killer  of Muraa asura,
Oh leader   of universe, Oh Hari, Oh Mukunda , Oh Krishna   protect me.

8.Meena vesha   dhaariyai  vedammasu veendu nee  ,
Dhanavanthaka, hare, Mukunda  Krishna  Pahi maam.

Taking the form of a fish    , you recovered   all the Vedas,
Oh killer of Asuras, Oh Hari  , Oh Mukunda, oh Krishna  protect me.

9.Mandharasya paathanamcha  patheedaathu   uyarthuvaan,
Annu koormamayi   janichu  , Krishna  Krishna  pahi maam.

That   day  you took the form of tortoise    to prevent  ,
The fall of Mandhara mountain and lift it, Oh Krishna protect me.

10. Bhumi udharikkvaan  varaha veshamaandu nee ,
Kemamaarnnu   pandu thamaraksha , Krishna  pahimaam.

For lifting back the   earth   you took the form of boar,
Oh Lotus eyed one    you did great effort  , OH Krishna  protect me.

11.Ghoranaam   Hiranyane  vadhippathinnu  saampratham,
Naarasimha veshamaanda. Krishna, Krishna  pahi maam.

For the sake   of killing     the fierce  Hiranya,
You assumed   the form of man lion, Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna  , protect me.

12.Moonadi alannu vaangi, moonnu  lokavum bhavaan,
Sundaranga, Vamanavathara, Krishna  pahi maam,

By measuring  three feet , you got all the three   worlds,
Oh Lord with a pretty body   who took incarnation of Vamana , Oh Krishna   protect me.

13.Papa mochana   mukunda, renukaathmaja, hare,
Kopa seela , Kshatriyaantha   Rama  , Krishna  pahi maam.

Oh Lord who frees us from sin  , Oh Mukunda , Of Son of Renuka, Oh Hari,
Oh lord with anger as habit, Oh exterminator   of Kshatriyas  , Oh Krishna   protect me.

14,AAmayam kalanju loka raksha   cheyyuvaan mudhaa,
Ramanayi avatharicha Krishna, Krishna pahi maam.

For   removing all evil problems   and  to protect the world,
With happiness you  took incarnation of Rama , Oh Krishna  protect me.

15.Dushta daithya nigrahaaya kama pala  nayaka,
Vishtapam  bharicha Rama, Krishna  , Krishna  Pahi maam.

Lord who killed   evil asuras and was the leader  of Gopa  boys,
And who ruled the world , Oh Rama , Oh Krishna , Oh Krishna  protect me

16.Vrushni vamsa  naadhanai piranna kamsa   vairiyai,
Krishnanaaya Vasudeva  nee , mukunda pahi maam.

You who were  born as lord  of Vrushmi clan  became enemy of Kamsa  ,
Oh Vasudeva   who became Krishna, Oh Mukunda   protect me.

17.Kalkiyai   mandalaagra   dhariyaaya  adharmika-
Nmaare   nigrhicha  Krishna  , Krishna  , pahi maam.

Oh Krishna who became Kalki    and killed   all  those,
Who were  leaders of Adharma  , Oh Krishna   protect me.

18.Pandu nee  gajendranil   thelinju chakra   dhaariyai,
Kondu  pakshi  meethileri vanna. Krishna  Pahi maam.

Oh Krishna who in the past    took pity on king of elephants  ,
And came riding on a bird  armed   with Chakra, Please protect me.

19.Shankha chakravum   sudhaa  jalukavum dharicu , dik,
Chakra palanaarthamaarnna   Vaidhya  , Krishna pahi maam.

Oh Doctor holding  conch, wheel   and a pot  of nectar ,
For  looking after  of all people of Indras  in all directions  , Oh Krishna, please protect me.

20.Antha kanthaka aajnaayaal  amantham methum yenniye,
Chandhamaarnna Maaya naariyaya  Krishna  Pahi maam.

Oh Krishna who became a   lady without   any delay by the order,
Of the  killer   of  Lord Yama  , Please protect me.

21.Budhi poorvam aathma thathwa bodham aarkkum yekuvaan ,
Sradhayaarnna  Kaapilaakhyaa , Vasudeva  Pahi maam.

Oh Lord who became sincere  sage Kapila  For the sake
Of   giving understanding  of the soul to all  with  wisdom. Oh Vasudeva  protect me.

 22.Paapiyaya vena durmadham  kalanju bhoomi than,
THapa nnaasanaaya Parthivendra Krishna, Paahi maam,

Oh Krishna  , Oh lord of kings who   removed the sufferings of the world,
By   destroying the evil pride of Vena  , Please   protect me.

23.Dharmam raksha cheivathinnu  budha samjnayodu, nish-
Karma yogiyaaya  maamuneendra  , Krishna , Pahi maam.

Oh great sage who  for the sake of protecting dharma was born  ,
With the name of Budha   who was a kerma yogi, Oh Krishna  please protect me.

24.Sahasra  kavacha vijayakarya sadhyamarnniyannidum,
Mahitha nara naraayaana akhyaraaya , Krishna , Pahi Maam.

Oh esteemed  sages called Nara and Narayana   , who wearing,
Thousand armours and achieved  victory , Oh Krishna, please protect me.

25.Keerthiyaarnna karthaveeryanaayi janichu  dathriye  ,
Kathu dharma  raksha cheitha Krishna, Krishna, Pahi Maam.

Oh Krishna who was   born as   the   very famous  Karthaveerua,
And protected   the earth as   well as   Dharma , Oh Krishna, Protect me.

26.Veda bagamaakkuvaan parasara rishiyil bhavaan,
Vyasanayi  bhavicha  Krishna, rishna  Pahi maam.

Oh Krishna   who was born as sage Vyasa  to the ,
Sage Parasara to organise and divide the Vedas, Oh Krishna, Protect me.

27.Innu nee sanathanam  , mathathe udharikkuvaan,
Vannu chithra bhoopanaayi janicha  Krishna, Pahi maam

Oh Krishna to  to uplift   our eternal religion  ,
You  wew born as the chithra king  , please protect me

28.Kal thalir  vaningeedunnitha adharaal aham mudhaa,
Kathu kolga nithyavum mukunda, Krishna  , Pahi maam.

Oh Mukundha, I am now  respectful and with joy  saluting your feet,
And please   protect me daily ,Oh Krishna  , please protect me.

29.Naama manthram othuvaan yenikku  thonaananam sadaa ,
Kshemamaayi varename, Mukunda Krishna Pahi maam,

Oh Mukunda , Make me always want to  chant   the  manthra  of your name.
And let me   be always comfortable , Oh Krishna , please protect me.

30.Pankajaaksha , nin padambujam thozhunna jnaan ithaa,
Sangadangal theerthu  arulga  Krishna Krishna  Pahi maam.

Oh Krishna   with lotus like eyes I am now  saluting your lotus like   feet,
And Please put  an end to  all my sorrows, Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna protect me.

31.Kashta kala dosham  yethum yethidaathe anugrahichittu-
Ishtadham Varishtameka  , Krishna  Krishna pahi maam.

 Oh Krishna bless   me so that I do not have  any bad times,
And grant me boons that I like  , Oh Krishna  protect me.

32.Thellume Daridrya dukhamesidaathe  kaakNE,
Phulla padma lochana, Mukunda Krishna pahi maam.

Oh Mukundha , Oh lord with eyes like open lotus flower,
Please protect me so that even little poverty never  touches me , Oh Krishna protect me.

33.Loka Nayaka , Vibho, bhavande trukkadakshamen ,
Sokam mathuvaanayakka, Krishna  Pahi maam.

Oh leader of the wiorld, Oh Lord , please send your divine glance  ,
So that all  my sorrow   is erased, Oh Krishna protect me.

34.Bhaktha vathsala, bhavande  bhakthanai varename,
Mukthanaayidaname sadaapi, Krishna  Pahimaam.

Oh Lord who loves his devotees, make me your devotee  ,
And also make me free   always  , Oh Krishna  protect me.

35.Rogiyai valanjidaathe anugrahikka santhatham,
Roganasana, mukunda , Padmanabha pahi maam.

Always bless me so that I do not wander  as a sick person,
Oh destroyer of diseases. Oh Mukunda , Oh Padmanabha  protect me.

36.Dehi may balam  drudam  bhavo dadhi kadakkuvaan,
Rohini suthaa anujathaa  Krishna  , Krishna pahi maam.

Oh Krishna the   brother of son of Rohini, please grant me,
Strength to cross   the ocean of SAmsara, Oh Krishna  protect me.

37.Kanmasham nasikkanam  bhavath prasadaamethu me,
Janma mukthanaakanam Mukunda Krishna  Pahi maam.

Due to your grace   the stains in my mind should be destroyed,
And Oh Mukunda , I should get salvation, Oh Krishna protect me

38.Srripathe dhaya nidhe, mukunda, nanda nandana,
AApadangal theerthu anugrahakka  , Krishna  Pahi maam,

Oh Consort of Lakshmi , Oh treasure of mercy, Oh Mukunda, Oh son of Nanda,
Please put an end  to my dangers    and bless me, Oh Krishna  protect me.

39.Poothananthaka, bhavath padhambujangal orkkuvaan,
Pathakangal neekkane, Mukunda  , Krishna , Pahi maam.

Oh Mukunda, Oh killer of Poothana, please remove my sins ,
So that I can salute your lotus like feet, Oh Krishna protect me.

40.Puthrarum  kalathra mithravum orthu jnan ,
Yethrayum valanjidaayga  , Krishna, Krishna  pahi maam.

Oh Krishna  , let he not get  greatly   disturbed  by thinking,
Of my sons, wife   and friends  , Oh Krishna   protect me.

41.Bhoomi bhara nasanana morthu naan mukhan  ,
Kemamaayi varicha Vasudeva  , Krishna  pahi maam.

Oh Vasudeva who  was respectfully  prayed to   by Lord Brahma,
Thinking about the lessening of the burden of earth, Oh Krishna  protect me.

42,Devi devakikku puthranaayi janichu  sathwaram,
Bhaavukam jagathunnekuvaan , Mukunda  Pahi Maam.

AS soon as you were   born as son to the great lady DEvaki,
You were in a rush to give good results to earth, Oh Mukunda   protect me.

43,Bandanastharaam pithaakkal, nee janicha   velayil,
Bandham aththu udan  swathanthraraayi mukunda, Pahi  maam.

Your father   who was imprisoned  became   free   ,
AS  soon as    you were born, Oh Mukunda  , protect me.

44.AArum onnarinjidaathe mathru sannidhou bhavaan,
Charu roopanaayi lasicha Krishna, Krishna  pahi maam.

Without any own knowing you shined   in your pretty form,
In  front of your mother, Oh Mukunda, Oh Krishna  protect me.

45.Oonam yeythumanye nin niyoga gauravaal pithaa ,
Vaanayichu rathri  ninne yannu Krishna  , pahi maam.

Without any problems due to the power  of your orders,
That night  your father  took you away, Oh Krishna protect me.

46.Nanda gopa pathanathilaasu nee Yasodayaa,
AAnandathode yeduthu  vanna Krishna, Krishna pahi maam.

Oh Krishna  , you were carried   with great joy  by Yasoda,
In the   city of Nandagopa  , Oh Krishna  protect me.

47.Himsa cheithathinnu dur madandhar thanthramarnnu ananja,
Kamsa dhoothare  jayicha  Balakrishna  , Krishana pahi maam.

Oh Balakrishna   who won over the emissaries of Kamsa  who were,
Blind with bad intentions  and who came to  trouble you, Oh Krishna  , protect me.

48.Pothanai kidakkumennadutha maya naariyaam,
Poothanakku Moksjamekiyon Mukunda , Krishna pahi maam.

Oh Mukund who gave salvation to poothana  who was the magical lady,
Who took  you thinking   you  would sleep without activity  , Oh Krishna protect me.

49.Garga maa muneendran aasu gopa vamsa  desikan,
Deerga darsi per vilicha Krishna  , Krishna  pahi maam.

Oh Krishna   who was given the name  with great foresight by garga,
The great sage who was   the Guru of the cowherd clan, Oh Krishna  protect me.

50,Kadu kattiyum kali chumannu gopika janathodu,
Chernnu kouthukam valartha Krishna  , Krishna pahi maam.

Oh Krishna   who mingled with Gopis showing them the forest,
And playfully lifting them and grew up their joy, Oh Krishna  protect me.

51,Yeeshalenniye pasukkal mechu kootukarumai,
Thoshami nadannirunna  Balakrishna, Krishna  Pahi maam.

Oh Boy Krishna who without hesitation  herded the cows  and,
Walked happily   with   his friends, Oh Krishna  protect me.

52,.Vaa pilarnnu  lokam okke yasu katti amma than,
Kopamokke dhoore yakki theertha  , Krishna pahi aam,

You opened your mouth   and showed all the world,
To your mother and drove away all her anger , Oh Krishna  protect me

53. Viprapathnimaarkku mokshameki modhamodeya,
Kshipramangayacha  Bala  Krishna pahi maam.

You gave salvation to the wives of Brahmins  and sent them,
With speed along with joy, Oh Krishna  protect me.

54.Pakshiyai kidannirunna daithyane hanichu nee,
Pakshi vahana, Mukunda, Krishna , Krishna  Pahi maam,

Oh Krishna oh Mukunda   who rode  on a bird .   you killed,
A giant who was lying there in the form of a bird, Oh Krishna  protect me.

55.Kunneduthu chathramaakki ninnu  varsha patrha beethiye ,
THeertha  Nanda gopa puthra  Krishna, Pahi  maam.

Oh Krishna   who was the son of Nanda Gopa   you lifted a hill,
And making it as an umbrella   and removed the fear of rain , Oh Krishna  protect me.

56.Durmadanthanaaya  daithya raja dhenukakhyane,
Dharma raja pathathanathil vitta , Krishna  pahi  maam

You left   the evil king Dhenuka   who was blind   with madness,
In the town    of the God of death, Oh Krishna   protect me.

57.Gardaabham  sareeramethu nertha  dushta  daithyanodu,
Yethirthu  mushti kondu konna   , Krishna  , pahi maam.

You  fought and killed   with  your fist the evil  giant ,
Who took the form of a donkey and opposed you, Oh Krishna protect me

58.Kaliyande garvam  aasu  theerthu anugrahichaho,
Naalikaaksha, Nanda  nandana mukunda pahi maam.

You   destroyed the   pride  of Serpent called Kaliya  and blessed him,
Oh Lord with lotus like eyes, Oh son of Nanda, Oh Mukunda  protect me.

59.Kettiyorulookalam   chamutti veena mamara,
Pattilaartha   dhanyare thunacha  Krishna  pahi maam.

Using the  wooden mortar tied to you, you kicked and made fall the mango tree ,
And helped those   good people and made them yours  , Oh Krishna protect me.

60,Bheekara asura  praveeraraaya mallaghathiyaam,
Loka sundara, hare , mukunda , Krishna  pahi maam.

You killed those  wrestlers who were  fearful asura  lords  ,
Oh Prettiest of the world , oh Hari, Oh Krishna  protect me.

61.Kubjayil kuninju  nee anugrahichu , bangiyaya,
Abja lochana,Mukunda  , Ramakrishna  , pahi maam.

You bent and blessed   the hunch back Kubja, Oh lord ,
With  sweet lotus like eyes, Oh Rama  , Oh Krishna  protect me.

62,Vaasiyaya kamsanaaya  kalanemiye kshanam,
Kesi Mardhana , hanichu, Krishna, Krishna  , Pahi maam.

Within seconds Oh Krishna   you killed   the stubborn  Kamsa  ,
Who was Kalanemi,Oh killer of Kesi  Oh Krishna  protect me.

63,Muktharaakki bandhanithil  ninnudan  pithakkale,
Bhaktha vathsala, Mukunda  , Padma nabha  pahi maam.

You immediately released   your parents   from prison,
Oh Lord who is dear to devotees, Oh Mukunda , Oh Padmanabha  , please  protect  me.

64.Kasya bhoo surendra mouliyaya dheera saandheepan,
Paarswamaarnnu  sarvavum padicha, Krishna  Pahi maam.

You then approached   the bold SAdheepa  who was the crown jewel   among Brahmins,
And learnt  everything  from him  , Oh Krishna , Please  protect me.

65,Oupadesikande pathniya anujnayal anaamayam,
Indhanam murichu uzhanna Rama Krishna  , Pahi maam.

Due   to the orders  of the wife  of your teacher,
You got tired  of  cutting firewood  , Oh Rama ,Oh Krishna  , protect me.

66.SAnkhanaaya  daithyane hanichu, Pancha janyamaam  ,
Sankhamaarnnu Kalanoor  nanja Krishna  Pahi maam.

After killing an  Asura  called SAnkha   you  got the Pachajanya  Conch,
And then you  reached   the town of god of death,  Oh Krishna protect me.

67.desikande yangajamscha kondu vannu desikannu,
Kazhcha vecha, Vasudeva  , Ramakrishna Pahimaam,

Then you brought the son of the Guru   from there  and presented to him,
Oh Vasudeva , Oh Rama  , Oh  Krishna  protect me.

68.Gokulathinnu udhavam Bhavanayacha dhoothanaa,
Yakulam  kalanjanugrahicha  , Krishna  pahi maam.

Then  You Oh Lord Sent    Udhava as your emissary   to Gokula ,
And removed their sorrow   and blessed  them, Oh Krishna protect me.

69.divyamaam   sudharma  kalpa vruksha mothu vachuthe,
Bhavyamaarnna kazhcha  vachu paka vairi Krishna  , pahi maam,

You  , the enemy of ignorant,  with humility   presented the divine ,
Kalpaka  tree  along with proper tenets of Dharma  , Oh Krishna  protect me.

70.Karyamai  parigrahicha bharyamamekarothu,
Arya sheela  , Soukhyamai   vasicha Krishna  pahi maam.

Oh Lord with gentle habits  , you lived happily with  several wives,
Who were  married by you with all seriousness  ,Oh Krishna protect me

71.Naarakaasuram vadhichu, baananodu yethirthudan,
Nakra moksha dhayaka, Mukunda Krishna  Pahi maam.

You killed  Narakasura   and fought with Banasura,
Oh Lord who gave salvation to crocodile , Oh Mukunda, Oh Krishna protect me.

72.Paundrakam   vadichavande  puthrane  sudarsanam,
Pundareeka lochana karicha  Krishna  pahi maa

You killed the imposter called  Paundraka  Vasudeva using ,
The sudarshana , Oh lotus eyed one, Oh Krishna  protect me

73.BHaktharaya pandavarkku  bandhuvayathum bhavan,
Bhaktha  Vathsala, Mukunda Padma Nabha pahi maam.

Oh Lord you are the one who became friend to Pandavas  who were  your devotees,
Oh Lord who is loved by devotees , Oh Mukunda , Oh Padmanabha protect me.

74.Poorva DEva vamsa jatharaya salva chedipanmaare,
Mruthyu purikkayacha Krishna  O Pahi maam.

Oh Lord who sent  to land of death Shishupala  .
And king Salwa   who were devas earlier  , Oh Krishna  protect me.

75.Dharma puthrar  thande  Rajasooyamam mahamaham,
Nirmalannga  bangiyai  vahicha  Krishna  Pahi maam.

Oh pure bodied one  , You helped Dharmaputhra   complete ,
Prettily the celebration of Raja  Sooya, Oh Krishna protect me

76.Kanmashapaha, Bhavan daridranaam kuchelane,
Dharmamorthu  dhanyanaakki, Krishna, Krishna  pahi maam.

Oh Lord who corrects defects, Remembering Dharma   you,
Made   the very poor Kuchela    as rich, Oh Krishna , Oh Krishna  protect me.

77.Sabhuvnnu  bheethi karanathmakan   vrukannu  nee,
Nasamekiyillayo  , Krishna, Krishna  Pahi maam.

Oh Lord , you destroyed  Vrukasura who was  cause ,
Of Fear to Lord Shiva, Oh Krishna,  Oh Krishna  , protect me.

78.Vipra puthrare thiranju pathu pereyum  Bhavan ,
Vipanneki Parthane  BHaricha   Krishna Pahi maam.

You searched   and returned   the   ten sons  of,
A Brahmin    and saved  Arjuna  , Oh Krishna  protect me.

79Karunena phalgunam  jayadradham  vadhikkuvaan ,
Charuvai thunacha  Pankajaksha  , Krishna  pahi maam.

With great mercy you  with great trick helped    Arjuna  .
To kill Jayadradha  , Oh Krishna  protect me.

80.Khedham yedhum yethidaathe pandavarnithambineem,
Sadaaram  bharichurunna  , Krishna , Krishna  paji maam,

Oh Lord  Krishna who looked   after well  Pandavas   and their wife,
Without their getting any sorrow  , Oh Krishna  protect me

81.Kaurvendra  sadassil uzhalunna parshadakku nee,
Saaramaya vasthrameki yaasu, Krishna pahi maam

You gave sufficient cloth to your associate,
Who was  in trouble in the court of Kauravas , Oh Krishna  protect me.

82,Dharma puthra raadhiyaya pandavarkku vendi nee,
Nirmalaanga dhoothanaayi gamichu, Krishna  pahi maam.

For the sake of  dharma puthra and other  pandavas,
You went as an emissary , Oh Krishna protect me.

83.Viswa roopa maasu drusyamaakki kauravaadhiye
Vismayaandharaakki Viswanadha, Krishna pahi maam.

Oh Lord of the universe  , by showing   your mega form,
You made Kauravas and others blind with wonder , Oh Krishna  protect me.

84.Vaasavathmajannu soothanaaya bhaktha vathsala,
Vassavaanuja, Mukunda, Padmanabha  pahi maam.

Oh Lord who loves devotees , you became charioteer for Indra’s son,
Oh son of vasu deva , Oh Mukunda , Oh Padmanabha  protect me.

85.Geethayaam sudhaa sarithuaadhraal ozhukki ul-,
Preethanaakki parthane thunacha, Krishna pahi maam.

You made the stream  of  nectar  of Geetha  flow and calmed,
Down Arjuna and helped him, Oh Krishna protect me.

86.Kunthi puthrare thunachu kauravaanvayam  mudi-,
Chee  vasundarakku  santhi chertha  Krishna  pahi maam.

You helped sons of Kunthi ,  exterminated the Kauravas ,
And made   the earth peaceful, Oh Krishna  protect me.

87.Marthya vamsa jaathanaai deva karya krulsnavum,
Modhamode   cheythu theertha Krishna  Krishna pahi maam,

Oh Krishna you were born as a human being and with joy  ,
Completed the help to all devas ,Oh Krishna protect me.

88.Dushtare hanichozhichu, bhomi bharamaakave,
Sishatare thunacha anugrahicha Krishna  Pahi maam.

You killed and wiped away  all  evil people , lessened,
The burden of earth and helped  good people  , Oh Krishna protect me.

89.Yadavanvyam bharichu anugrahichu mukthiyum,
Yadhavadhipa, Koduthavarkku , Krishna pahi maam.

You  looked all Yadhavas and  blessed  them with salvation,
Oh Lord of Yadhavas, Oh Krishna to those who give, please protect me.

90,Onnumorthu arinjidapadikku Vaikunte,
Chennu chernna viswa nayaka, Mukundha  Pahi maam.

Without   any thoughts at any time , you,
Went and reached  Vaikuta, Oh Mukunda  protect me.

91.Aadhi madyamantha matha kanmashaapahan BHavan,
Aadhitheya  rakshaka , Mukunda  Krishna  pahi maam.

You are one without beginning , middle end   who destroys  evils,
Oh protector of sons of Adithi , Oh Mukunda , Oh Krishna  protect me.,

92,Chinmayan, jaganmayan , mahoharan Param poomaan,
Janma naasaheenan easwaran , Mukunda  Pahi maam.

You are one who is pervaded with divinity, You pervade  the earth, You steal our minds,
You  are the Lord of the divine,You reove further births  and you are God , Oh Mukunda protect me.

93.Pandu ajamila viprane baricha  poale vai-
Kundamethuvaan  anugrahikka Krishna  pahamaam

In a fashion  that you looked after  the Brahmin called Ajamila
Bless me to reach  Vaikunta  , Oh Krishna   please  protect me.

94.Athal yethum  onnum minnaduthidaathe nithyavum,
Kathu kollane  Mukunda, Krishna , Krishna pahi maam.

Oh Mukunda please look after me so that  from now on,
No worries  approach me. Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna  protect me.

95.Samsruther  bhayam bhavichadathe bhakthi yennile,
Santhatham bhavikkane, Mukunda, Krishna Pahi maam.

Let  devotion go deep  in to me    so that , fear  never,
Occurs  to me Oh Mukunda, Oh Krishna protect me.

96,Rathriyingalum  dhivaapi nama mantham  othuvaa-,
Nullil aasa vename  Mukunda, Krishna  Pahi maam.

Oh Mukunda I should have   a desire in my mind  ,
To chant your name not only at night but also day, Oh Krishna  protect me,

97.Papa mochana oushadham  bhavande Nama  keerthanam ,
Thapa santhi manthramaam , hare Mukunda  Pahi maam

 Oh Mukunds Singing your names  is a medicine that  helps,
People to escape  from sins and is the chant that destroys sorrows,  protect me.

98.Papa nasana oushadham BHavande  Nama  keerthanam,
Papinaam cha durlabham  Hare  Mukunda  pahi maam

Oh Mukunds Singing your names  is a medicine  that destots sins ,
And is difficult to be got   by sinners  , Oh Hari, Oh Mukunda protect me.

99.Dheena rakshaka , Mukunda, Padmanabha  Pahi maam,
Dhanavanthaka, Hare, Mukunda, Krishna  pahi maam.

Oh saviour of the  oppressed, Oh Mukunda , Oh Padmanabha  protect me,
Oh killer of Rakshasas, Oh Hari, Oh Mukunda  , Oh Krishna  protect me.

100.Nishchalan , nirantharan , niranjanan , niraamayan ,
Achyuthachyutha hare  Mukunda  Krishna pahi maam,

You are stable  , permanent , without faults  and one who pervades everywhere,
Oh Achyutha , Oh Achyutha , Oh Hari , Oh Mukunda , Oh Krishna  protect me.

101.Thwacharithram   meedrusam   rachichu  sandhyaa naamamai,
Vachidunnu  pada pankaje  Mukunda, Pahi maam.

 After  writing your story as   the names to be chanted at dusk,
I am keeping it below your lotus like feet , Oh Mukunda  protect me.

102,Krishna, Krishna  Vasu deva  , Gopikaa manohara,
Vrushni  vamsa  nayaka, Mukunda , Krishna  Pahi maam.

Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna  , Oh Vasudeva  , Oh stealer  of hearts of Gopis ,

Oh Lord of the clan of Vrushnisa, Oh Mukunda , Oh Krishna  protect me.