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Tamil prayer to get cured of diseases

Tamil prayer   to get cured of diseases

Translated  by

1.To get cured  of Arthritis

AAttuvikkum  aandavane,
AAdhi parameshvarane,
Paattu vazhi vendukindren,
Pan thamizhil paadukindren,
Kaattu vazhi naan  nadanthu,
Kadha vazhi  chendraalum ,
Moottu vali vanthidamal,
Mukannane munnarulvai

OH God wakes me live and move ,
Oh Parameshwara   who is primeval,
I am singing  in poetic Tamil,
Even if I walk in the forest,
And even if I walk  miles together ,
Oh three   eyed God  , bless me  first,
That I should not get  joint pain.

2.To get cured of Giddiness

Thalai baaram thanthenakku,
Thalai chuththal pannidaathe,
Thalai  novum vanthenakku,
Thavi thavikka cheithidaathe,
Thalai meethu gangai nadhi,
Than mathiyum poondavane,
Thalai thaazhi vendukindren,
Dhayudane katthidayya.

By  giving me heaviness  of head,
Do not make   me faint,
By giving me head ache,
Do not make  me greatly miserable,
OH God who has river ganges on his head,
And also The god who has cool moon on his head,
I am bending my head and requesting,
Kindly  protect and look after me

3.To get cured of Eye diseases

Pannirandu  vizhi padaitha,
Paarvathiyaal  puthirane,
Kan irundu pogaamal ,
Kandha vele  kathidayya,
Annai parameswarin 
Arumai mainthaa Muruga vele,
Yennai  kan paathidayya,
Yen kannai  kathidayya.

Oh son   of Goddess  Parvathi,
Who has   twelve   eyes,
Oh Lord Skanda, please protect me,
By not allowing my eyes not to see,
Oh Lord Muruga , who isa the darling son,
Of mother Parameshwari,
Please   look at me,
Please  protect  my eyes.

4.To get rid of heart attack

Thanjai periya kovil ,
Thannil koluvirukkum,
Nanjai virumbi unda,
Naadhaa  - brahadeesaa-un,
Anjai dhinam yezhuthi,
Nenjai unakkalithu  ,
Dhinamum  panikindrene

Oh Lord who ate  poison willingly,
And who  is  living  ,
In the big temple  of Thanjavur,
Oh Lord  , the huge God,
I daily write  “Namasivaya(five letters)
And give my heart daily to you,
And I daily   salute you.

Punjai nilam vilaya,
Bhoomi manam kulira,
Manjai pozhiya vaikkum,
Maha Maheswarane,
Nenju vali vanthalarum,
Nilai yenakku  vanthidaamal,
Kenji unai  vendukindren,
Kasi naadha  kaathiduvai.

Oh Great  Maheswara,
Who makes   rain to fall,
So that Paddy  crop is grown,
And make the mind of earth cool,
Please prevent me from  crying with pain,
Due to heart attack   affecting me,
I beg and beg you,
Oh Lord  of Kasi  protect me.

5.To lead healthy life with prosperity

Naamathai  pothukindren,
Naanilathil  naan vaazha,
Chemathai  thanthiduvai,
Selva   ganapathiye,
OOmathai  vaazhvagathi,
OOzh vinai than agathi,
Poomethai poal  vaazhvu,
Poorikka   cheithiduvai.

I praise   your name,
Please give me comforts,
Oh Lord Ganesa  of wealth,
Please remove the lunatic life,
Please remove   effect of Samsara,
And make my  life flower,
Like  a bed filled   with soft flower.

6.To get rid  of old age diseases

Ondrukkul irandaana mukkannane,
Naana mukhane, iymkarana, aarumukhane,
Ezhu malai  maalavane , yettu kudi velvane,
Onpathu kol naayagare, OM sakthi nayagiye,

Pathu thalai arutha  paranthaamaa, sri Rama,
Muthu thamizh yeduthu muppothum, vanangukindren,
Sathu kurayaamaal , charukkiye vizhaamal,
Pithu kuliyaaki, pidathiye   thiriyaamal,

Sruthi maaraamal pechu pirakkumpadi,
Marathi neraamal , moochu chirakkumpadi ,
Kuruthi kurayaamal , uruthi  irukkumpadi,
Iruthi varaikkum yen  ilamai  nilakkumpadi.,

Arula   vendum iraivaa,-yentha,
Akhilathukkum   thalaivaa,
ANaithu kaakka   varuvai,
Nal anbu kondu viraivai

Oh three eyed one who is two in one (male and female),
Oh four headed god,.Oh five handed God, Oh six faced God,
Oh Lord Vishnu of seven hills, , Oh Lord of Vel   with eight temples.
Oh Lord of nine planets, Oh Goddess  Om Sakthi,

Oh Rama, Oh God who cut off   the ten heads,
Taking the  pearl like Tamil  , I salute  you all the three  times,
With   strength not diminishing, With no falling due to slipping,
With me not wandering murmuring like a mad person,

Make   the speech come   without any mistake in sound,
Make me not forget, make my breath  preoper,
Make my blood not diminish , make strength   to be always there,
And make my youth stay till my end,

Oh God , please give all these things,
Oh Lord who is head of all   the universe,
Please come to protect everything,
And come speedily  along with love.

7.Effect of reciting entire prayer

In tha thuthiyai padukindra,
Yennai pondra yevarum,
Vantha thunbam neengi  nalla,
Valamai inbam peruvar,
Dantha vezha mugathonin,
ThaNNarulai  peruvar,
Sontha bantham choozha  vaazhum,
Sukha vaazvai  peruvar
                             Pulavar Veli

All  those who read this prayer ,
Who are like  me,
Would see that  their sorrows would fly away,
And would get good prosperity,
They woud get   the cool gace,
Of the God  with  elephant face and tusk,
And they would get the pleasant life,
Of living  surrounded by relatives and friends

                                       Poet  Veli

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Itho Vaikundam Here is Vaikundam

Itho Vaikundam
Here is Vaikundam

Sri Durgai  chithar

Translated  by

(A very rare  philosophical  prayer  of Sri durgai  chithar)

Vaikundam itho irukkirathu,
Vaanathil ithai   yeen thedugiraai veenaai,

Vaikunda  is here,
Why are you searching   for it in the sky

Sorgamum, narakamum , nam manam than,
Sudanthira paravaikal  nam gunam than,
Inbathil   dukhathai   cherkkathe,
Yini melum   anbai  marakkathe

Our mind is both the hell as well as heaven,
Our character are   the free birds,
Do not mix sorrow with joy,
From now do not forget love

Panpodu pazhakinaal   dukkham illai,
Padhariye  chidarinaal  michamillai,
Kannodu kaanamal   thoongi vittaal,
Kadavulum kadaisiyil kai viduvaar

If we behave with culture, there is no sorrow,
If we  throw with nervousness, nothing would be left,
If without seeing  by  eye, we sleep,
Then even God   will forsake you.

Padippathai  thernthu  padithu vittaal,
Adithidum kaaththum  arivu tharum,
Madi  ghanam indri  nadanthu vittaal,
Adippadai   dukhamum    anuvumillai

If we read    after  proper selection,
Even the  blowing wind will give knowledge,
If we walk without any heavy load,
There will not be an atom of  basic sorrow.

Kan munne  irunthathai  parkkamal,
Kadavulai kaanave   alayaathe,
Vinnukkum  mannukkum  oru paalam,
Vithagi  padappai  jeya durgaa

Without seeing  what  is before your eyes,
Do not wander  to see the god,
A bridge   between earth and heaven,
Is the creation of   the miraculous  Jaya Durga

Nithya kalyani pancha Rathnam of Durgai chithar

Nithya kalyani pancha Rathnam
Five gems about  Goddess  Nithyakalyani)

Durgai  Chithar

Translated by

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(The area around the place where we see the Nithyakalyani Ambal temple   at kadayam( temple town 40 km from Tirunelveli  of Tamil Nadu)   now, was once upon a time, a "Bilwa" tree forest. The legend goes on like this: The King of Ayodhya Sree Dasaratha Maharaja was moving through the length and breadth of Bharath and praying at almost all the temples spotted by Him for getting his progeny. Thus he chanced upon the "Bilwa" forest in Kadayam, and while moving into the forest, he found a "Suyambu Lingam" and prayed to Lord Shiva. Thus this Lord was named as "Bilwa Vana Nathar" i.e. Lord of Bilwa forest. This name over a period of time became Sree Vilvaranyeswarar and his consort Nithya Kalyani Amman. There are stone inscriptions, which say that Nayakar's of Madurai developed the temple. Vilva tree is sthala vruksham and theertham is Chakkra theertham, around three hundred years old. If one breaks the Vilva fruit from the sthala vruksham, one can find a Lingam shaped formation inside, which cannot be seen in any other Vilva fruit. The temple is one of the Thevaara Vaippu Sthalam of Lord Siva. The main Raja Gopuram is seven storeys with three prakarams. It is said that the Peetam is a Dharani Peetam. )

Nithya kalyani ninnadi paninthom , Yengalai kaathiduvai,
Ninthan vadivai yendrume  ninaippom,  yennudan  vanthiduvai,
Chinthayin vadive, siva mani uruve, Siva siva kalyaani,
Yenthayum thaayum neeye ammaa, , Yengalai  kathiduvaai

Oh Nithya kalyani  , we salute you, please  protect us,
We will daily   think about your form, please  come with me,
Oh form of thought, The form of Shiva gem, Shiva shiva  Kalyani,
Oh mother you are  only our mother  and father, Please  protect us.

Dukhangal inimel   yemmidam   vaaraa vanname   cheithiduvai,
Pakkangal   pakaigal   yengalai  anukaa vanname   cheithiduvaai,
Chokkarin manayil  sudar vilakkaka   yiruppaval  neeye than,
Athanin sabhayil    aadiya  devi  , ambikai  nee thane

Please  do  not allow sorrows   to come near us,
Please do  not allow divisions   and enmity    to come near us,
You are  the one who is the burning lamp of Sokkanathar’s house  ,
You are the one   who danced in his assembly, And you are Ambika

Vithukkal  mulaippathu unnarule, viripatham   thozhuthu vanthom,
Paththukkal yindri   parakkave neeye thunai yena kandu kondom,
Chitharin devi, siram urai devi, chidambara  devi, nithya kalyani,
Vithaki devi, virimalar  devi, vinmathi devi, parama kalyani

It is your grace that makes seeds germinate, we came saluting  your great feet,
We found out   that you are the only help to help us  fly without any attachments,
OH goddess  of sidhas. Oh Godess who is in our head, oh goddess of Chidambaram , Oh Nithya kalyani,
Oh  expert goddess , Oh goddess  of open flower, Oh goddess  of moon in the sky, Oh divine  kalyani

Sakthiyin vadive , sarvamum neeye , Sadhakar  thunai devi,
Sidhiyin vadive, Shiva shiva devi, chir chabhai urai   devi,
Mukthiyin niraive, muzhumalar   virive, munivarkal mana devi,
Sakthiye thaaye , sad guru  vadive, jakam pugaz sankariye.

Oh Goddess of the form of Sakthi , you are  every thing, You are the help to devotees,
You are the form of occult, Oh Shiva Shiva Devi, Oh Devi who lives in Chidambaram,
You are the end  of salvation, you are  the open full flower, you are the  mind of sages,
Oh Sakthi, Oh mother who has form of sadh guru, Oh sankari praised by the  universe.

Nithya kalyani, nithyakalyani, yendru unai koopittom,
Nithya kalyani, nithyakalyani, nidham nidham  vanthiduvaai,
Nithya kalyani, nithyakalyani, nalam tharum naayagiye,
Nithya kalyani, nithyakalyani,, saranam , saranam ammaa

Nithya kalyani, nithyakalyani, we called  you like that,
Nithya kalyani, nithyakalyani,   Please come   daily daily,
Nithya kalyani, nithyakalyani, Oh goddess  who gives all that is good,
Nithya kalyani, nithyakalyani, Oh mother we surrender, we surrender

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Tamil Nava Graha malai of Sri Durgai Chithar

Tamil Nava  Graha  malai of Sri Durgai  Chithar

(garland  of nine planets)

Sri Durgai  Chithar

Translated by

( If possible   daily pray  

Lord Surya  on Sundays in the mornings
Lord moon on Mondays  at night(specially on full mmon)
Lord Mars on Tuesdays   between 9 am to noon as well as dawn and dusk,
Lord Budha  on Wednesday  early morning
Lord  Guru   on Thursdays before sunrise  in Brahma Muhurtha,
lOrds Shukra  on  Fridays between 9 am to 12 noon as well as dawn and dusk
Rahu in the evenings and Ardha Jama
And Kethu  between 9 am to noon, dawn and dusk,

To pray all planets together  mornings are the best

Sidhas  say that the prayer to planets should be done first before regular  prayers

Prayer to Rahu can be done   any day , but after chanting prayers of planet of the day.

  The nine planets are very kind  and would bless all those who pray them.)

Om Adhithyathi  nava graha devathaabhyo nama

Om salutations to the nine planets starting from Sun God


(Adhi devathai-Agni    Prathyadhi devathai –Pasupathi)

Mithiraa , raviye , midiyinai  theerppai,
Vithakaa  , bhaskaraa, viri chuddar aazhiyaal,
Chithame  ninainthida   cheyam tharum  Sridharaa,
Yithirai   valam varu  indhiraa  pothiye

Sun God  

(God  - agni    God   staying in front of him-Pasupathi)

Oh Friend, Oh Ravi, please end  this darkness,
Oh expert  , Oh God who makes  light , with your   broad sun light  ,
You make our  mind think about you , Oh Sridhara   who grants victory,
Oh Indira   who does Pradakshina  of this world.


(adhi devathai  varunan   prathyadhi devathai  Gowri)

Somane , Sudhane , chorvilaa  chothiye,
Kamanai  karithavan kalai mudi thaangiya,
Naamane, nagai  muga nangayin naayakaa,
Nemane , nirai  nala   nesane  pothiye

Moon God
(God –Varuna  , Goddess in front of  him Gauri)

Oh Moon, Oh nectar filled one , Oh light which never gets tired,
Oh Lord   who was carried by  Lord Shiva who burnt God of love,
Oh Husband of the lady with a  smiling  face,
Oh God who becomes small,Oh friend who wants  good of all, hail.


(adhi devathai Subrahamanyar  prathyadhi devathai  Kshethra palan)

Mangala kumarane, manam tharum sakthiye,
Angarakan yennum  azhagu  chevvannane,
Pongida  nalathudan, porul nilam    alithidum,
Yengalin  idhayane , inbane  pothiye

God Chevvai
(Adhi devatha  Subrahmanya prathyadhi devatha- Kshethra pala)

Oh auspicious lad, Oh power which helps  us to get married,
Oh red coloured  one , who has the pretty name  of Angaraka.
Along with  ebbing good life, you give   wealth and lands,
Oh God who is our heart, hail oh pleasant one

4. Budhan

(adhi devathai  Vishnu prathyadhi devathai  Vishnu )

Punniya budhane, pugalena  panithen,
Kan mune  kaninthu  nee  karunayaai oli  vidu,
Pannidum cheyalkalin  palanena pal nalam,
Manninil  aruluvai , malaradi pothiye

God Budha(mercury)

(Adhidevatha  Vishnu  , prathyadhi devatha  Vishnu)

Oh divine  budha, I saluted you  for protection,
Please  with mercy come before me and shine,
You  please grant us   several pleasant things,
As a result of acts that I do, Hail your  flower like feet.


(adhi devatha   Indra Prathyadhi devatha   Brahma)

Guruvenum Brahaspathi kuraikal theerppar  ,
Thiruvudan nalam pala dhinam dhinam cherppar,
Peru mana  vyaazhane, perum thava  anthana,
Narumalar  paadhane, nambinen  pothiye

Lord Vyazham(Jupiter)

(Adhi devatha  IndraPrathyadhi devatha Brahma)

The Brahaspathi who is guru would  fulfill our wants.
He would daily  add along with wealth  , several  good things,
Oh Broad minded Vyazhan , Oh Brahmin of great  penance,
Who has  a feet like perfumed flower  , Hail  ,  I believed in you.


(adhi devathai  Sasidevi Prathyadhi devatha   Indran)

Kalaikalin  thanthai nee, kanninin oliyum nee,
Nilai  tharum vethiyin kanninin oliyum nee
Malai magal   adiyavaa malar  thavazha  maarbane,
Thvatholi sukkiraa, santhatham  pothiye

God Sukra( Lord Ven us)

Adhi devatha Sai devi(wife of Indra) and Prathyabhi devatha Indra)

You are  the father  of arts , You  are the light  of our eyes also,
You are  the forever leader  of the stable   success,
Oh  devotee of Parvathy who has chest filled with flowers,
Oh Sukra  with light of penance, Hail always


(adhi devatha Brahma  prathyadhi devathai  Yaman)

Kakathin meethinil  karunayai  varubavar,
Sokame  theerthu sukhaathi  tharubavar,
Mohamum moodamum  mosamum  theerppavar,
Vedhanai  , mandhane, vendinen  pothiye

Sani (Saturn)

(adhi devathai  Brahma  , Prathyadhi devathai  Yama)

He   comes with mercy   driving on a crow,
He would remove  all our sorrows and give all pleasures,
He  would remove  passion, foolishness  and all that is bad,
Oh Lord who reduces  pain, Hail  , I requested you.

8.Rahu bhagawan

(adhi devathai Kali  Prathyadhi devathai  Kaalan)

Simhikai maindane , simmathaal adiyavaa,
Tham padham panibavr, thanithu  thunai aanavaa,
Vambukal theerthidu, vanam tharu sarppane,
Naminen kaathidu, Rahuve  pothiye

God Rahu

(adhi devatha  Kali prathyadhi  devatha   Yama)

Oh son of simhika, Oh devotee of Goddess  who rides on lion,
You who are special assistant to those  who salute your feet.
Please remove  gossips, oh snake    who grants prosperity,
I believe in you protect me  , Hail oh Rahu

9.Kethu BHagwan

(adhi devathai   durga prathyadhi devathai chithra gupthan)

Chei thavam balithida, jayam tharum devan nee,
Meyyinil  meyyum  nee  menmayil menmai nee,
Pei mazhai  yena varul  perugave thanthidum,
Ayyane  kethuve, aravane  pothiye

Lord Kethu

(Adhi devatha   goddess  Durga  , prayadhi devathai  Lord Chithraguptha)

For the penance done to give fruitrs, You are the God who gives victory,
You  are truth in truth , you are softness in softness,
If you say “let it rain”  Huge rain will result  ,
Oh Lord Kethu  , Hail Oh Lord snake

Palan mozhi

Nava nidhi nalgidum , nava  graham maalayai,
Thavathodu nemamaai , thanithirunthu  uraithidin,
Avathodu varumaikal , azhi pasi  pinikalum,
Siva , Siva  marainthidum. Selvame  niranithidum

Effect  of chanting

If this   garland of nine planets , which can give  new treasures,
Is chanted alone  under penance , observing all  rules,
All bad things , poverty , downfall hunger as well  as sickness,
Would vanish saying  Siva, Siva and Wealth would get filled.

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Durgai ashtakam in Tamil

Durgai ashtakam in Tamil

Durgai Chithar

Translated by

1.Inba nalan alippavalai,
Iniyanave  tharubavalai,
Anbudaya  annayavalai,
Arum  sivanai  mananthavalai,
Yennudaya idhayathe,
Ponnuyiraai iruppavalai,
Nan malarial  pojithu,
Namo durga  yendriduven.

She who  grants joyful  pleasant life,
She who gives only sweet things,
She  who is the dear mother,
She who married   the dear Lord Shiva,
She who exists as  golden soul Inside  my mind,
I would worship  with good flowers,
And I will say “I salute you  Durga”

2.Thunga vezhir  kari mukani,
Durgaye  nee eendreduthai,
Sankaranaar thandavathil,
Sakthiye nee pangeduthai,
Pongu sina perariyil,
Porutha  nee irunthittai,
Thangiduvai yem kulathil,
Thava oliye   durgayale

Oh durga , you gave birth to,
The elephant faced one, who had prettiness of a lion,
In the male dance  of Lord Shiva,
Oh sakthi    you took part,
And in the great war with rising anger,
You  took part  properly,
Please remain in my clan,
Oh Durga, who is the light of penance

3.Isai thanthu ivaazhvin,
Idar  neeki kaapavale,
Visayudane mana malai,
Viruppamodu   alippavale,
Dhisai yellam thiru vilanga,
Thiruvadiyaal nadanthavale,
Asaivatha  porulayum,
Aakshi cheivai   durgayale.

Oh Goddess who gave music,
And protects this life , removing its problems,
Who with   great speed gives,
The garland of marriage   with desire,
Who walked   eith her divine feet,
So that  prosperity is there  in all directions,
Oh Durga  please  rule over,
Even immovable   things.

4,Vendiyavana , virumbiyavana,
Vendiyavaru alithiduvaal,
Gandipathai   gadhai athanai,
Kantha  migu soolamathai,
Aandarulm annaiyaval,
Aakshi cheyya yenthittal,
Thoonda nal mani vilakkai,
Thooya durgai   thayenbom.

Whatever is needed, whatever is wished for,
She would give   as per  the need,
She is the  mother who rules,
Gandipa, the mace and,
The very magnetic  trident,
For ruling  , she took in her hand,
The good gem lamp that need notbe increased,
And we would  call that pure Durga    as our mother.

5.Ulagayival eendru yeduthaal,
Udamai mika than alithaal,
Kalakamidum kallarakka,
Kali maithu   kavi isaithaal,
Thila oli nuthaludayaal,
Thiru nirainth vadivudayaal,
Alakil nalam  alippavalai,
Annai sri Durgayenbom

She gave   birth to the world,
She gave us very  many assets,
She destroyed Kali in which,
The thieving asuras quareel with each other,
She who is having shining   thilaka on  her forehead,
She who has a form full of divinity,
Her  who is   giving us all good  in this world,
We will call Mother   sri Durga.

6.Sundarathu kandhanaye,
Sudar kootti   eedravalaar?
Vinthai miga pongidave,
Vilangu nalam   tharupavalaar?
Andhamodu aadhiyindri,
Annai yena  vanthavalaar,
Chandha miga   polikindra,
Sakthi sri Durgai yenbom

Who is the one   who gave birth
To the pretty Subramanya by adding the flames?
Who is the one who gives us lot of good,
With many wonders ebbing out?
Who is the one who came as mother,
Who  has no beginning or end?
We will say  it is  Sakthi Durga,
Who  gives out lot of light.

7.SElvamodu selvaakkai,
Cheyam perave thanthavalai  ,
Nallarivum, nalloliyum,
Nal valavum nirainthavalai,
Vellukindra vazhiyaalai,
Chenchudarin  vizhiyaalai,
Sol malarial  poojithu,
Sorna  oli  pethiduvom.

She who gave   wealth  along with,
Respectability  , so that  we can win,
Who is filled with good knowledge, good light,
And good  prosperity,
She who shows the  way to win,
She who has eyes like red flame,
We will forship with word flowers,
And we will get gold like luster.

8.Kumari munai nirkkindra,
Kula vilakke, durgayale,
Samayamathil vazhi kaattum,
Chandigayai   durgayale,
Samarittu  sangadathai,
Sangaritha   durgayale,
Imaya muki durgayale,
Inayadikal  vaazhiyave.

Oh lamp of  our clan who stands ,
In cape Comarin, Oh Durga,
Oh Chandiga, Ohg Durga,
Who shows us the  way in proper time,
Oh Durga  , who fought the war,
And destroyed   Sorrow,
Oh Durga of   the cloud of Himalayas,
Hail to your   feet.

 Sarva mangala mangalye, Shive, sarvartha sadhake,
Saranye triambike Gowri narayani namosthuthe.

Oh Goddess who is a giver of all good things, who is peaceful, who is a giver of all wealth,
 who can be relied upon, who has three eyes and who is golden in colour,
 Our salutations to you, Narayani

Prahladha vara pradhana sthuthi

Prahladha   vara  pradhana sthuthi 


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( After  Hiranya  Kasipu  is executed , Brahma  and other devas  pray to Lord Narasimha  ( )     and then Prahladha  himself prays to the God  ( ).PLeased with his prayer  Lord Nrusimha asks Prahladha  to ask for boons. This great prayer  is the answer to that question.Prahladha   feels that the God offering him boons, shows  that Prahladha is not a devotee but a merchant .Later thE god blesses him to be the emperor of Asuras . This is contained in Bhagavatha Skanda 7   chapter 10   slokas  2-14)

1.Maam maam pralobyothpathya aasaktham,
Kaameshu thair varai,
Thathsanga bheetho nirvinno,
Mumukshu sthwaam  upaasritha

Please please   do not tempt me ,
Born in   the clan of asuras, I am already after things,
And only due to fear of being  imprisoned by them,
I  depended  on you to get salvation.

2,Bruthya  lakshana  jigjnaasu,
Bhaktham  kameshwachodhayath
Bhavan samsara  bheejeshu,
Hrudaya  grandishu  prabho.

Oh  lord , you might have tempted me,
By the desire for these which are  ,
Roots of Samsara which tie the mind,
Perhaps to show the world, who a real devotee is?

3.Naanyadhhaa  they akhila guro,
Ghatetha karunathmanaa,
Yastha aasisha aasasthe,
Na sa  bruthya sa  vai vanik.

Oh Guru of all, Otherwise  , this ,
Temptation  is not suitable to you,
He who desires boons   from you,
Is not a devotee but a merchant.

4.Aashaasaano  na vai  bruthya,
Swaminyaasisha aathmana,
Na swami bruthyatha swamyam,
Ichchan  yo raaathi chaasisha.

He who  is prepared  to serve some one else,
Is not the   real devotee and the God,
Who wanting some thing from his servant ,
And fulfills his desires is not God.

5.Aham thwa kamasthwad bhaktha,
THwam chaswamyanapaasraya,
Naanyadhehavayor artho,
Raja  sevaka   yoriva

I am your devotee  desiring nothing,
And you are god  who does not depend on any one  ,
Just like   the king and his servant ,
We do not have use  of each other.

6.Yadhi raaseesa may kaamaan,
Varaan thwam varadarshabha,
Kaamaanaam  hrudhya   samroham,
Bhavathasthu  vrune   varam.

Oh  God , who is the greatest  boon giver,
If you are particular   to give me a boon,
I am requesting   you a boon,
That no desire should ever  come in my mind.

7.Indriyaani mana praanaa,
Aathmaa dharmo  druthir mathi,
Hee sristheja smruthi  sathyam,
Yasya  nasyanthi  janmanaa

When desire   rises  in the mind,
The senses, mind, soul and body becomes weak,
And we also loose the consciousness  of Dharma,
Courage ,intelligence, humility , prosperousness,
Luster , memory as well  as practice of truth.

8.Vimunchathi yadhaa kaamaan,
Manavo  manasi   sthithaan,
Bhagawaththwaaya  kalpyathe.

When man is   able to ,
Leave out all the   desire in his mind,
Oh  Lord Pundarikaksha  , he becomes,
Eligible  to get   salvation.

9.Namo bhagawathe thubhyam,
Purushaya  mahathmane  ,
Haraye   adbutha   simhaayaa,
Brahmane  paramaathmane.

Salutation to you Oh God,
Who is the great  person   called Purusha,
Oh Hari   who is the  lion of  great wonder,
Who is  the Brahman  and the  divine soul.

Narasimha Uvacha:-
God nrusimha said

10.Naikanthini may mayi  jaathwihasisha,
Aasaasathe amrutha cha  ye bhavath  vidhaa,
Adhapi  manvantharemethadhathra,
Daithyeswaraanaam  anubunksha  bhogaan.

Secluded  Devotees  like you  do not have ,
Any desire  in this or  other   worlds,.
But I bless you that   you be emperor ofAsuras,
For  manwanthara and enjoy all the pleasures  of that position.

11.Kadhaa madheeyaa  jushamaaNAA  priyaasthwam,
AAvesya maam  aathmani  santhamekam,
Sarveshu  bootheshwadhiyajna  meesam,
Yajaswa  yogena  cha  karma hinwan.

Please hear the dear  stories that  describe my sports,
Always  wear in  your heart me  who is the God of all,
Who lives  inside all beings and Who is   the one who gives,
Results of all prayers and dedicate  all your actions  to me,
And worship me that away and then you   will become detached.

12.Bhogena punyam, kusalena paapam,
Kalewaram  kaala jawena hithwaa,
Keerthim vishudham  suraloka geethaam,
Vithaaya maameshyasi  muktha   bandhaa.

End punyas by enjoying their fruit  and end sins,
By  doing good  and pure deeds and let you,
Get detached from your body over t6ime and you,
Who is being praised  even in deva loka will reach me.

13>ya ethath keerthayen mahyam,
Thwayaa geetha midham nara,
Thwaa cha maam cha smaran kaale,
Karma bandhaath  pramuchyathe.

Those men who remembering  ,
Me as well as you, sing this poem,
And meditate  on you and me in proper time,
Would get detached   from results  of action

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Rudra Gita from Bhagavatham

Rudra  Gita from Bhagavatham

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(Pracheena  Barhis was a king in the Dynasty of Pruthu.He had  ten sons and they were known as Prachethas.When their father  ordered them   to create human beings, they went to the ocean shore to do penance.They saw  a very pure water  lake near the ocean and they saw Lord Rudra  coming out of the laked.They saluted the God.The god  became  pleased with them and told them like this.(this is contained in  Skandam 4 chapter 24- slokas 27-31 and slokas 33-68) .This is called as Rudra Gita  by some people and as Rudra  geetham  by others. It essentially  is a prayer by Lord Shiva   addressed to Vishnu .
  At the end Lord Shiva tells them, “Lead your life as per your own Dharma and chant this stotra.This prayer  chich is called  as “yogodesam”  should be chanted or heard   as often as possible.If you do it, you will get  divine fame.Among all the fame the greatest is, “Knowledge of God and once you attain it, you would be able to cross  the  difficult to cross ocean of SAmsara.Lord Vishnu would be extremely pleased   with the chanting of this prayer. Lord Shiva finally emphasizes that it is only those devotees who have caught hold of the Lord’s lotus feet who are free from all fear.

1.yooyam vedishta puthraa,
Viditham vanchikeershitham,
Anugarhaaya   badhram vaa,
Evam  may darasam krutham

You are the sons of Pracheena barhiss,,
I know   about   your desire,
I am blessing    all  of you, and,
I have come before you to bless  you.

2,Ya param ramhasa  saakshaath,
Trigunaath jeeva samjnithath,
Bhagwantham  Vasudevam,
Prapanna sa  priyo hi may.

You who are all devotees,
Of that God who is beyond,
The three Gunas as well  as the soul,
And who have surrendered to him   are dear to me.

3,Swa dharma nishta, satha janmabhi poomaan,
Virinchathaamethi, thatha  param hi maam,
Avyaaktham bhagavatho adha vaishnavam,
Padham yadhaaham vibudhaa  kalathyaye.

Those who follow their allotted Dharma for hundred births,
Reach the Brahma loka and those who do more punyas  than that,
Reach me, but the devotees of Lord Vishnu reach him directly,
After their death, but me and devas  can go there ,only after appointed time.

4,Adha bhagawathaa yooyam,
Priyaastha bhagawan  yadhaa,
Na madh bhagawathaanaam  cha,
Preyaanunyosthi karhichith.

You who are   the devotees are Lord Vishnu,
Are   very dear  to me as he himself is,
And to the     devotees of Lord Vishnu,
No one is dear to them like me.

5.Idham viviktham  japthavyam,
Pavithram mangalam param,
Nisreyaskaram  chaapi,
Sruyathaam  thath vadhaami vaa

I would  teach all of you  a prayer,
Which  takes man to his divine aim-salvation,
That which is pure as well auspicious,
Should be properly pronounced.

Rudra Gita

1.Jidham  tha  aathma  vidhdhurya,
Swasthaye   swasthirasthume,
 Bhavathaa   radhasaa  raddham,
Sarvasmma  athmena nama.

Oh God  , you always exist for the  auspiciousness,
Of the very great people who know   about the soul,
May I be auspicious, You  are the one who is divinely happy,
My salutations to you who is divine and one who is the form of  all.

2.Nama Pankaja Nabhaya,
Bhootha sookshmendriyaathmane,
Vasudevaya  , saanthaaya,
Kootasthaya   swarchishe.

Salutations to one  having lotus on his belly,
Who is the lord of even minute beings and all organs,
Who is Vasudeva  , who is peaceful,
Who is without emotions and self  lustrous.

3.Sangarshanaaya sookshmaaya,
Duranthaayanthakaaya cha,
Namo  viswa prabodhaaya,

He who is minute form , who is  without end,
Who is the one who burns the universe  at deluge,
I   salute  him who gives consciousness to universe,
And who is the god of the inner soul and knowledge

4.Namo namo anirudhaaya,
Hrishikesa indryaathmane,
Nama parama hamsaaya,
Poornaaya  nibruthathmane

Salutation   to god controlling mind,
Who controls the organs and spreads luster,
Salutation to the god  with divine form of Sun,
Who is complete and spreads light   everywhere.

5.Swargapavarga dwaraya,
Nithyam suchishadhe nama,
Namo hiranya veeryaaya,
Chathur hothraaaya thanthave.

Salutations  to him  who is the door,
To heaven and salvation and who is pure hearted,
Salutations toi the Valorous  shining God,
Who makes fire   sacrifices  possible.

6.Nama oorje ishe  thrayaa,
Pathaye, yajna  rethase.
Trupthi dhaya cha  jeevaanaam,
Nama sarva   rasaathmane

Salutations to the God who is.,
Of the food to   devas and Pithrus,
Salutations to God who in  the form,
Juice of water satisfies all beings.

7.Sarva sathathma dehaaya,
Viseshaya  sthaveeyase,
Namas  trilokya paalaaya,
Saha ojo  balaaya  cha.

Salutations   to God , who  is,
The individual and worldly   body of all beings,
Salutations to thE god who is in the form of  three worlds,
Who is also the one who grants strength  to the bodies and minds.

8.Artha  lingaaya nabhase,
Namo anthar  bahiraathmane,
Nama punyaya lokaaya,
Amushmai boori varchase.

Salutations to God who fills  inside and outside,
Who is the one who helps to understand things,
Salutations to the God who is the Pun ya world,
And who exists  with great  luster.

9.Pravruthaaya , nivruthaaya,
Pithru devaaya  karmane,
Namo adharma  vipaakaaya,
Mruthyuve dukhadhaaya cha.

Salutations to God who is normal and spiritual action,
As well as   the rituals done to Pithru deva,
Salutations  to one who matures dharma,
And also causes death   as well as sorrow

10.namastha aseeshaam eesaa,
Manave  Kaaranathmane,
Namo Dharmaaya  bruhathe,
Krishnaaya Kunta medhase,
Purushaaya  puraanaayaa,
Sankhyaa   yogeswaraaya 

Oh God  of all blessings,
Oh Manu  , who was born for a cause,
Salutations to  the very huge Dharma,
Oh  clear   thinker, Oh Krishna,
Who is the purana purusha,
Who  is the chief  of Sankhya yoga

11.Sakthi  thraya samethaaya,
Meedushe, aham kruthathmane,
Chetha  aakruthi roopaaya,
Namo Vacho  vibhuthaye

Salutations    to the God Rudra,
Who has three types of  strength,
Who is  god of egotism,
Who is  God Brahma, the god  of speech.

12, Darsanam Nidrikshunaam,
Dehi Bhagawatharchithaam,
Roopam  priyathamam sthaanam,
Sarva dharma gunanjanam,

Oh god  , show your forms to your devotees,
And also bless us   who are anxious  to see you,
Please show us   your very dear form,
Which would make all our   senses happy.

13.Snigdha pravyadghana shyamam,
Sarva soundarya  sangraham,
Chaarvaayatha chathurbahum,
Sujathaa ruchirananam.

Let us see your form , which is  the collection,
Of all that is pretty and  which  has the the water  rich cloud,
Please let us see  your pretty form with four long hands,
And your round   attractive face

14.Padmakosa palaasaksham,
Sundarbru  sunaasikam,
Sudwijam  sukapolasyam,
Sama  karna  vibhooshanam

He has eyes like inner petals  of lotus flower,
Pretty eye brows ,  very pretty nose ,
Pretty teeth , two pretty cheeks,
And ears to suit them all, which are ornamental to him.

15.Preethi prahasithaapaangam,
Alakair   upa shobitham,
Lasad  pankaja  kinjalka,
Dukoolam  mrushta kundalam

He has a loving looks that  shower pretty   smile,
Pretty  hair locks which are shining like  his forehead,
Pretty ear globes, silk cloths shining like lotus flower,
And we may be blessed  to see  your such a form.

16.Sphurath kireeda valaya-
Haara  noopura  mekhalaam,
Sankha chakra  gadhaa padma,
Malaa mnyuthamardhimath.

Let us see  your form   with shining crown,Bangles
Necklaces,  anklets  , waist  belts,
Holding conch  Chakra , mace , lotus flower,
Further  decorated  by gems, making you very pretty.

17.Simha skandhathwisho bibhral,
Soubhaga greeva kousthubham,

Your shoulders   which resemble  that of a lion,
And which shine decorated by gems, your neck,
Beautified by Kausthubha gem,
Your chest shining   due to presence  of  Goddess Lakshmi,
May  be seen by   all of   us.

18.pura rechaka  samvighna,
Valee vathgudhalodharam,
Prathi samkamayadh   viswam,
Nabhyaa vartha gabheerayaa.

You have moving pretty lips, which has,
Three lines like   that of a banyan leaf,
And the belly button  , which appears,
As if it is calling back the universe to it.

19.Shyama sronyadhirochishnu,
Dukhoola   swarna mekhalam,
Sama  chaarvamghijamghoru,
Nimna jaanu   sudarshanam.

  Your black form with  shining yellow cloth,
Tied on the hips, golden belt,  equal feet,
Calf , thigh  and  pressed  knees,
Is extremely pretty   to look at.

20.Padhaa saradh padma palaa sarochishaa,
Nakhadhyubirno antharagham  vidhunwathaa,
Pradarsaya sweeyamapaastha saadhwasam,
Padhm  guro  margga  gurusthamojushaam.

Your feet which shine like  the petals of lotus,
Flower of autumn, with shine of its nails  ,
Removes the sin in our mind, Oh teacher of the world,
Who shows the  way   to those drowned ,
In the darkness of ignorance, please  ,
Show us the place that removes fear of devotees.

Athma shudhimabheepsathaam,
Yadh bakthi  yogo abhayaddha,
Swadharma anuthishtathaam.

Those who wish for a pure  mind,
Should  meditate on this form of God,
Following Bhakthi yoga to   follow our Dharma,
We will get rid  of the fear  of samsara.

22.Bhavan bhakthimathaa  labhyo,
Durlabha sarva  dehinaam,
Swaraajya swaapyabhimatha,
Yekanthenaathma vidh gathi.

You, who is difficult to get to devotees,
A matter of  search for people in heaven,
And the ultimate aim  of Atma Jnanis,
Can only be attained for  very great devotees.

23.Tham dhooraaradhya maaradhya,
Sathamapi duraapayaa,
Yekaantha bhakthyaako vaancheth,
Paadha moolam vinaa bahi.

It is not easy to worship you,
And if we worship you by ananyabakthi,
Which is difficult even for good people,
What will man desire except,
The protection that your feet gives.

24.Yathra nirvishta maranam,
Kuthantho naabhimanyathe,
Viswam vidhamsayan veerya-
Sourya visphurjitha broovaa

Yama who brings the destruction of the world,
By the valorous heroic movement  of eye brows only,
Does not think that  the devotee who is under,
Your protection , can be taken away  by him.

25.Kshanardhenaapi  thulaye,
Na swargam naa punarbhavam,
Bhawath sangi sangasya,
Marthyaanaam  kimuthaasisha.

I feel that Heaven , salvation without rebirth,
Is a blessing equal   to contact  with you,
For  less than half a second and what can I say,
About the other   desires that  man has.

26.Adhaanachangresthava keerthi theerthayo,
Anthar bahi snana vidhuthapapmanaam,
Bhootheshvanu krosa su sathva  seelinaam,
Syaath  sangomonugraha yesha nasthava.

Because of that let  this be your blessing to us.
Let our mind get  pure by bath in the flow of your fame,
Let our body get pure by the bath  in Ganges  flowing from your feet,
And let us get the company of  pure blessed   souls,
For they who are having  mercy  towards  all beings,
Would have very  pure character and a pre mind.

27.Na yasya chitham   bahir artha  vibhramam,
Thamo guhaayaam  cha  vishudha maavisath,
Yadh bhakthiyoganugraheetha manjasaa,
Munir vichashte  nanu thathra  they gathim.

By practicing   the penance   of devotion to you,
The mind  is not attracted by things  outside  ,
And not interested in sleeping and reaches,
The pure state of wakefulness  and in  this ,
State of the mind, the sage gets true  realization.

28.Yathretham vrujyathe viswam,
Viswasminnava bhaathiyaath,
Thath  thwam Brahma  param Jyothi,
AAkasamiva   visthrutham.

That   divine  light of Brahmam,.
In which this   world is realized,
And through  which this world shines,
Is as broad as   the sky.

29.Yo Mayeyadhampuru roopayasyajath,
Bibarthi bhooya kshapayathya   vikriya,
Yadh bedha budhi sadhivathma  dushthaya,
Thamathma thnthram bhagawan  preethimahi

Oh God we know that  you are complete, independent  and devoid of Karma,
It Is Maya your power that creates , nurtures   and destroys the world,
Some feel that ,This Maya has an independent stand   apart from you,
This is perhaps  a wrong feeling  and wrong thougt.

30.Kriya kalapai midhameva yogina,
Sradhanvithaa saadhu yajanthi sidhaye,
Bhoothendriya anthakarano upalakshitham,
Vedha cha thanthre cha tha eva  kovidha.

By very many rituals    and prayers , Yogis,
Are singing about your this form, for achieving greatness,
When they understand that the power that makes five sense organs  and elements,
Work are yourselves only, they became experts in Thanthras   and Vedas.

31.Thwameka aadhya purusha, suptha  sakthi,
Thaya  raja sathwathamo vibhidhyathe,
Mahanaham kham marudagni vardharaa,
Surarshayo bhoothaganaa yidham yatha.

You  were the preimeval power, which was sleeping,
And that woke up and  exhibited itself as Rajas, Thamas and Stathya aspects,
And form that  was produced  greatness, pride,
Five elements ,devas  , sages  and beings.

32,Srushtam swasakthyedhamanu pravishta,
Chathurvidham puramathmamsakena,
Adho vidhustham purusham santha manthar-,
Bunkthehreeshikai madhu saaragham ya.

You  entered yourself in  the several  bodies,
That was created  by you by your own powers,
And this purusha, is enjoying  various things, using senses,
Like a honey bee drinking   the honey of flowers.

33.Sa yesha lokaan athi chanda  vego,
Vikarshasi  thwam khalu   kaalayaana,
Bhoothaani bhoothair anumeya thathwo,
Ghanaa valeer vayurivaa vishahya.

Your presence  in nature   can only known by guess,
It is you  who in the form of time, in a way which cannot be blocked,
Like Just like    very powerful  clouds by    the wind,
Drives all beings to dceath by five elements.

34.Pramatha muchairithi kruthya chinthayaa,
Pravrudha lobham varshayeshu laalasam,
Thwama pramatha sahasabhi padhyase,
Kshullelihgaano  ahirivagumenthaka

The people who live interested in passion and money,
And busy always not knowing  “What should be done now?”
Are kept away from committing mistakes, by destroying them,
Like a   hungry Snake searching for food, kills the rat.

35.Kasthwath  padhaabjam vijahaathi panditho,
Yasthe avamana vya maanakethana,
Visankhayaa asmad gururachathi sma yadh,
Vinopapatheem  manava schathudasa

Even the Divine guru Brahma worships you getting,
Doubt about his own truth and similarly the fourteen Manus,
Are worshipping you with complete   faith and when things  are like this,
Which intelligent person , who knows that life spent without worshipping you  ,
Is a waste, would neglect  to worship your lotus like feet?

36.Adha  thwamasi no Brahman,
Parmaathman  vipaschithaam,
Viswam  rudha bhayadwastham,
Akoothaschid bhayaa  gathi.

And So  God who is Brahman and Paramathma,
We who know that the world  is in the grip,
Of fear  of time, are  surrendering   to you,
Who is not  affected by   any fear  whatsoever.