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Yugala Geetham

Yugala Geetham
The song  of   separation of one   from the other
(Chapter   35 of   Dasama Skandam  of BHagawatham) 

Gauranga Darshan Das

“The gopis felt separation from Krsna during the day when He went to tend His cows in the forest. As Krsna played His flute to announce His coming to the trees, creepers, birds and beasts suffering in separation, the gopis’ love increased on hearing that sound. In separation, they sang about Krsna’s transcendental pastimes, in the form of the Yugala-gita, consisting of twelve pairs of verses sung at various times as they stood in small groups here and there in Vrndavana. Among the groups some are present in front of Mother Yasoda also. As their mood of separation became ever more intense, Krsna’s names, forms, qualities and pastimes began spontaneously manifesting in their hearts. Thus they sang as follows: “The beauty of Krsna attracts the minds of all. When He stands in His threefold-bending form and plays upon His flute, the Siddhas become attracted to Him. The bulls, cows and other animals become stunned in ecstasy like figures in a painting. Rivers stop flowing. When Krsna calls the cows’ names by blowing on His flute, even the trees and creepers display eruptions and their sap pours down like a torrent of tears. Krsna’s flute causes the birds to close their eyes in meditation and the clouds in the sky to gently rumble. Even great authorities like Indra, Siva and Brahma become astonished to hear such music. We gopis are anxious to offer everything we have to Krsna. When Krsna returns to Vraja, He plays His flute while His young companions chant His glories.” (quoted from .Thanks to the web site)
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Translated  by

श्रीशुक उवाच
गोप्यः कृष्णे वनं याते तमनुद्रुतचेतसः
कृष्णलीलाः प्रगायन्त्यो निन्युर्दुःखेन वासरान् १०.३५.१॥

Sri Sukha  Uvacha:-
Sri  Sukha   told:-

Gopya Krishne  vanam   yaathe tham anudhratha   chethasaa,
Krishna  leelaa  Pragayanthyo   ninyur  dukhena    vaasaaraan  10.35.1

When Krishna   goes to the forest ,  with a  mind   which follows him,
Gopis   sing   about   the sports of Krishna  and spent their time   with sorrow.

श्रीगोप्य ऊचुः
वामबाहुकृतवामकपोलो वल्गितभ्रुरधरार्पितवेणुम्
कोमलाङ्गुलिभिराश्रितमार्गं गोप्य ईरयति यत्र मुकुन्दः १०.३५.२॥
व्योमयानवनिताः सह सिद्धैर्विस्मितास्तदुपधार्य सलज्जाः
काममार्गणसमर्पितचित्ताः कश्मलं ययुरपस्मृतनीव्यः १०.३५.३॥
श्रीगोप्य ऊचुः
Sri Gopya   Uchuu:-
The Gopis told:-

वामबाहुकृतवामकपोलो वल्गितभ्रुरधरार्पितवेणुम्
कोमलाङ्गुलिभिराश्रितमार्गं गोप्य ईरयति यत्र मुकुन्दः १०.३५.२॥
व्योमयानवनिताः सह सिद्धैर्विस्मितास्तदुपधार्य सलज्जाः
काममार्गणसमर्पितचित्ताः कश्मलं ययुरपस्मृतनीव्यः १०.३५.३॥

Vama bahu   krutha   vama kapolo val geetha brura dhara arpitha venum,
Komalaangulibhiraa sritha maarga gopya eeryathi  yathra  mukundha,  10.35.2

Vyomayaanavanithaa  saha sidhair vismithaasthaa dhupa dhaarya salajjaa,
Kama  margana samapitha   chithaa  kasmalam   yayurapa   smrutha  neevyaa   10.35.3

When Krishna plays  the flute, kept on his lips, touches  its holes   with his   delicate fingers,
 With his left cheeks  inclined  towards his left arm, Oh    cow herd   women,
The Sidha   women flying with their husbands   on the sky  are  greatly surprised,            
And blush to find   their mind made  a victim   of the arrows  of the  god of love.

हन्त चित्रमबलाः शृणुतेदं हारहास उरसि स्थिरविद्युत्
नन्दसूनुरयमार्तजनानां नर्मदो यर्हि कूजितवेणुः १०.३५.४॥
वृन्दशो व्रजवृषा मृगगावो वेणुवाद्यहृतचेतस आरात्
दन्तदष्टकवला धृतकर्णा निद्रिता लिखितचित्रमिवासन् १०.३५.५॥
Hantha chithramabalaa srunuthedham  haara haasa  urasi   sthira   vidhyuth,
Nanda   soonur  ayamaartha  janaanaam  narmadho    yarhi   koojitha venu,  10.35.4

Vrundhaso   vruja vrushaa mruga gaavo  venu vaadhya hrutha chethasa  aaraath,
Dantha    dashtakavalaa   drutha karnaa   nidhrithaa likhitha  chithramivaasan 10.35.5

Please  hear   about the wonderful thing,  oh tender ladies, when  the son of Nanda.
Whose chest is decorated  by  pearl  necklaces    and Goddess  Lakshmi, plays his flute,and 
The  herds of bulls and cows  and the deer of Vrija stand    with   erect ears and  with   grass,
Put  in their mouth  not moving at all and  appear as if they   are asleep with a painted  mind due to his music.

कर्हिचित्सबल आलि गोपैर्गाः समाह्वयति यत्र मुकुन्दः १०.३५.६॥
तर्हि भग्नगतयः सरितो वै तत्पदाम्बुजरजोऽनिलनीतम्
स्पृहयतीर्वयमिवाबहुपुण्याः प्रेमवेपितभुजाः स्तिमितापः १०.३५.७॥
Barhina sthabaka dathu palaasai badha malla   pari barha vidamba,
Karhichith  sabala aalii sa  gopairgaa  samaahwayathi  yathra  Mukunda  10.35.6

Tharhee bagna gathaya saritho   vai   thadh paadambuja  rajo   anila neetham,
Spruhayathi vayaamivaabahu  punyaa  prema vepitha  bhujaa sthimithapa.   10.35.7

When the  Krishna  who liberates .dresses  himself like a wrestler with head decorated  by peacock feathers.
And  tender leaves and paints  himself in various colours and calls   his cows    by their   given names,
 The  flow of the rivers  get stopped  , and their  waves  appear as if  they have opened    their    arms ,
To Embrace   this lord , but they   get  stilled by his feet, like us  who are  not  able  to hug him  by our arms.

अनुचरैः समनुवर्णितवीर्य आदिपूरुष इवाचलभूतिः
वनचरो गिरितटेषु चरन्तीर्वेणुनाह्वयति गाः यदा हि १०.३५.८॥
वनलतास्तरव आत्मनि विष्णुं व्यञ्जयन्त्य इव पुष्पफलाढ्याः
प्रणतभारविटपा मधुधाराः प्रेमहृष्टतनवो ववृषुः स्म १०.३५.९॥

Anucharai   samanuvarnitha   veerya aadhi purush ivaachala bhoothi,
Vana charo   giri thateshu   charanthir venunaahvayathi gaa  sa yadhaa  hi  10.35.8

Vana lathaastharava aathmanee   Vishnum   vyanchayanthya   yiva  pushpa  phalaadyaa,
Pranatha bhaara vitapaa madhu dharaa prema  hrushta thanavo   vavrushu    sma.  10.35.9

Just like devas  sing about the primeval God   who is owner of endless  wealth    and is endless,
The cowherds who roam about  the  paths of mountain,.  sing about him who plays the flute and calls  his   cows,
And at that time  the trees and creepers  of the forest, bent by the fruits and flowers   they produce,
Start touching the earth and appear  to be saluting  Krishna but  by that they get happy   and  once again   become erect  with laden fruits.

दर्शनीयतिलको वनमाला दिव्यगन्धतुलसीमधुमत्तैः
अलिकुलैरलघु गीतामभीष्टमाद्रियन्यर्हि सन्धितवेणुः १०.३५.१०॥
सरसि सारसहंसविहङ्गाश्चारुगीताहृतचेतस एत्य
हरिमुपासत ते यतचित्ता हन्त मीलितदृशो धृतमौनाः १०.३५.११॥

Darsani   yathi lako  vana malaa divya   gandha thulasee  madhu mathai,
Alikullai ralaghu   geetha mabheeshta maadriyanyarhi   sandhitha venu   10. 36.10

Sarasi   saarasahamsa vihangaascharooo  geethaa hrutha chethasa   yethya,
Hari  mupaasath they  yathachithaa  hantha meelitha   drusaa drutha mounaa 10.36.11

Among all those   things that  can be seen in the world is Krishna   wearing forest garland with smell of thulasi    and mark on his  forehead   with sandal,
Who  sings music sweeter than honey  on his flute which is  put  on his lips    , which fulfills all  our desires,

And Sri Hari   is approached   by  cranes  , swans   and other birds   living  on the lake, captivated by his music,
Completely   stunned  by his music  , with their eyes   closed  and observing  complete silence.

सहबलः स्रगवतंसविलासः सानुषु क्षितिभृतो व्रजदेव्यः
हर्षयन्यर्हि वेणुरवेण जातहर्ष उपरम्भति विश्वम् १०.३५.१२॥
महदतिक्रमणशङ्कितचेता मन्दमन्दमनुगर्जति मेघः
सुहृदमभ्यवर्षत्सुमनोभिश्छायया विदधत्प्रतपत्रम् १०.३५.१३॥

Saha bala   sragavathamsa vilaasa saanushu  kshithi brutho   vraja  devyaa,
Harshayanyaarhi   venu ravena jaatha harsha uparambhaathi   viswam  10-35-12

Maha dathi kramana sankitha chetha mandha mandham  anu garjathi   megha,
Suhrudhamabhya vrshath sumano  abhi chayayaa   ch  vidadhath pratha  pathram  10-35-13

Oh beauties  of Vruja,  When our Krishna  along with Bala,  wearing a flowery   ear -  stud, stands on Summit  of  Govardhan,
Fills the universe with the  music of his flute , which embraces   the entire   universe,

The cloud   makes pretty sound keeping   time with his music and being scared  of showing   disrespect  to him,
Covers  his  friend , with a continuous    spray of flowers and also makes  an umbrella to cover  his shadow,

विविधगोपचरणेषु विदग्धो वेणुवाद्य उरुधा निजशिक्षाः
तव सुतः सति यदाधरबिम्बे दत्तवेणुरनयत्स्वरजातीः १०.३५.१४॥
सवनशस्तदुपधार्य सुरेशाः शक्रशर्वपरमेष्ठिपुरोगाः
कवय आनतकन्धरचित्ताः कश्मलं ययुरनिश्चिततत्त्वाः १०.३५.१५॥
Vivividha   gopa charaneshu vidagdho   venu vaadhya  urudhaa  nija    sikshaa,
Thava   sutha   sathi   yadha   adhara  bimbe datha  venu anayath    swara  jaathi,  10-35-14

Savana sasthadh upadhaarya suresa  sacra sarva parameshta  puroga,
Kavay  aanatha  kandha   rachithaa kasmalam   yayura nischitha   thathwaa    10-35-15

Oh Yasodha   when your son  Krishna  placing the flute on his ruddy   red lips, an expert  in games,
Played by the gopas,
Brings out  varied original tunes in the music of flute   and varied  musical  notes,

And   gods lead by lord shiva , Brahma   and indra listen  to it again    and again,
With a bent neck  and are unable to find its subtleties, though they   are learned become confused.

निजपदाब्जदलैर्ध्वजवज्र नीरजाङ्कुशविचित्रललामैः
व्रजभुवः शमयन्खुरतोदं वर्ष्मधुर्यगतिरीडितवेणुः १०.३५.१६॥
व्रजति तेन वयं सविलास वीक्षणार्पितमनोभववेगाः
कुजगतिं गमिता विदामः कश्मलेन कवरं वसनं वा १०.३५.१७॥
Nija padaabja dalair dwaja  vajra neeraja ngusa vichithra  llaalamai,
Vrja bhuva samayankura thodham   varsha dhurya gathi reeditha venu  10-35-16

Vrjathi   thena vayam  savilaasa veekshnaarpitha mano bhava   vegaa,
Kuja gathim   gamithaa  na vidhaama kasmalena kavaram  vasanam vaa. 10-35-17

On his  lotus like feet are   the   pretty  signs  of flag  , Vajrayyudh  , lotus    and goad and to compensate,
The hurt caused  to its land by the   running   hooves   of the   cattle, he walks  ,
With his lotus like   soft feet , like   an elephant   taking   very slow foot steps and keeps playing his flute,
And these   as well  as his amorous glances   rekindled love among us,
Taking us  to an insensitive state of not wearing our dress  properly, though he    does not realize it.

मणिधरः क्वचिदागणयन्गा मालया दयितगन्धतुलस्याः
प्रणयिनोऽनुचरस्य कदांसे प्रक्षिपन्भुजमगायत यत्र १०.३५.१८॥
क्वणितवेणुरववञ्चितचित्ताः कृष्णमन्वसत कृष्णगृहिण्यः
गुणगणार्णमनुगत्य हरिण्यो गोपिका इव विमुक्तगृहाशाः १०.३५.१९॥
Mani dharkachi  dha ganayangaa  maalayaa   dhayitha gandha    thulasyaa,
Pranayino   anucharasya  kadhaamse prakshipan  bhuja maagayatha   yathraa.   10-35-18

Kkanitha venu rava vanchitha chithaa  Krishna man vasatha Krishna   graheenya,
Guna ganaarna manugathya hareenyo   gopikaa iva vimuktha   gruhaasaa      10-35-19

With heavy  garland of pearls on his neck and  having applied with sandal   and thulasi paste,
When he counts   the cows    with the   colour of the gem garland it wears and puts his hand on neck of his loving follower,
And then   when he sings  on his flute, the she deers  who are companions of black bucks,
Continue   to be with sRi Krishna  and   he himself has  abandoned the gopis who have  lost  all hope of returning home in time

कुन्ददामकृतकौतुकवेषो गोपगोधनवृतो यमुनायाम्
नन्दसूनुरनघे तव वत्सो नर्मदः प्रणयिणां विजहार १०.३५.२०॥
मन्दवायुरुपवात्यनकूलं मानयन्मलयजस्पर्शेन
वन्दिनस्तमुपदेवगणा ये वाद्यगीतबलिभिः परिवव्रुः १०.३५.२१॥
Kundha dhaama krutha kauthuka veshi gopa  gaudhanvrutho  yamunaayaam,
Nanda soonuranaghe   thava  vathso   narmadha pranayinaam   vija haara   10.35.20

Mandha vayu roopavaathyanukoolam  maanayan  malayaja    sparsana,
Vandhinastham  upadeva ganaa   ye   vadhya geetha balibhi  pari vardhu  .10.35.21

Oh queen of Nanda  , when your darling   Krishna wearing jasmine bud garland with attractive Gopas and Gandharwas,
Plays in the shores of Yamuna    along with his   cows    as well as cow herd boys, at that time,
The southern breeze   wafting   with smell of sandal  serves   your boy  and   Gandharwas  ,
And other devas sing the  instrumental  music  to please him  and give  him various offerings.

वत्सलो व्रजगवां यदगध्रो वन्द्यमानचरणः पथि वृद्धैः
कृत्स्नगोधनमुपोह्य दिनान्ते गीतवेणुरनुगेडितकीर्तिः १०.३५.२२॥
उत्सवं श्रमरुचापि दृशीनामुन्नयन्खुररजश्छुरितस्रक्
दित्सयैति सुहृदासिष एष देवकीजठरभूरुडुराजः १०.३५.२३॥
Vathsalo   vruja gavaam  yadh gadhro  vandhya maana   charana padhi  rudhai,
Kruthsna go dhana  mupohya dhinaanthe    geetha   venuranu  geditha   keerthi.   10.35.22

Uthsavam  srama ruchhapi  draseenamunnayan  khura rajaschooritha sthrak ,
Dhithsayaithi   suhradhaasisha yesha  devaki jatarabhoorungyarajaa.       10.35.23

The darling of Vraja must be very fond of his cows as he  lifted the mountain   for protecting them,
And now he must be returning   with all  the cows  but though it is evening , he is not seen, oh friend,
Possibly on    the way  his feet  must be saluted   by the oldest  of the old  like Brahma and Shiva,
His glory being  sung by his devotees and  His garland covered by dust raised  by the  hoofs  of the cattle.

मदविघूर्णितलोचन ईषत्मानदः स्वसुहृदां वनमाली
बदरपाण्डुवदनो मृदुगण्डं मण्डयन्कनककुण्डललक्ष्म्या १०.३५.२४॥
यदुपतिर्द्विरदराजविहारो यामिनीपतिरिवैष दिनान्ते
मुदितवक्त्र उपयाति दुरन्तं मोचयन्व्रजगवां दिनतापम् १०.३५.२५॥

Madha vighoornitha  lochana eeshath maanadha swasuhrudham  vana maali,
Badara  paandu vadhano mrudhu gandam  maandya kanaka kundala  lakshmyaa  10.35.24

Yadhu pathir dwaradha   raja  vihaaro yaaminee pathirivaisha  dhinaanthe,
Mudhitha   vakthra upayaathi duranthm  mochayan   vruja gavaam   dhina thaapam.10.35.25

The Lord of Yadhus adorned with garland of forest  flowers, with his eyes   slightly raised up due to emotion,
With  the golden ear studs   throwing luster  on his shiny cheeks , which are   also    slightly   reddish,
Is bidding   farewell to his close   friends the  gopa   boys by honoring them  and along   with his cows,
Is coming towards  us , so that he can stifle the pain  of absence of love in us  from him   with his moon like looks.

श्री शुक उवाच
एवं व्रजस्त्रियों राजन कृष्णलीला गायति:|
रेमिरेsह्सु: तच्चित्तास्तनमनस्का महोदया:||१०.३५.२६ ||
Sri Shuka   uvacha:-
Sage Suka said:-

Evam vruja sthriyom  rajan   Krishna  leelaa gayathi,
Remireahasu thachithaa sthanamanaskaa  Mahodhayaa.10.35.26

Those  ladies  of Vruja, Oh king , are singing about the plays of Krishna,
Greatly  rejoicing and celebrating, and have  spent the entire  day. 

Friday, July 19, 2019

Prayer to Lord Ganesa requesting him to tell good morning to you.

Prayer to Lord Ganesa requesting him to tell good morning to you.

Translated  by

Sri Parvatheesa thapa prabhava,
Jatha suredya tharunendu chooda,
Kumbeendra vakthrascha kumara poojya,
Kuryath Ganeso mama Suprabatham.

Let my morning be made great by Ganesa,
Who was born as the result of austerities of Shiva and Parvathi,
Who is being worshipped by devas,
Who wears the moon’s crescent on his head,
Who has the head of an elephant,
And is worshipped by Lord Subrahmany

Friday, July 12, 2019

Venkatesa Suprabhatham

Venkatesa Suprabhatham

By Prathi Vadhi Bhayangaram Annangaracharyar
Tamil Translation by Dr. Cha Parthasarathy

Transliteration and translation by P.R.RamachanderRelated image

This great Suprabhatham was composed by one of the greatest savants of Vaishnaism, Sri Prathivadhi Bhayangaram Annangaracharyar and is a splendid Sri Sookthi that is recited every morning in front of the Sayana Mantapam at Thirumalai. This was composed by the author because of a request from his Guru Sri Manavala Mamunigal.

Hear this great stotra 
Kowsalya supraja Rama poorva sandhya pravarthathe
Uthishta narasardoola karthavyam daivamahnikam., 1 (Twice)
Vandu udithay Rama nee,
Kausalai than thiru maganai,
Chindumoli chirukalai,
Disai engum pularkirathu!
Mandirangal vaay mozhindu,
Vandanaigal purindu arula,
Chendiru kan arul pozhiya,
Vengadava ezhundaralvay.
Oh, Darling son of Kaushalya,
The early dawn has broken,
Oh the lion among men,
Be pleased to open your eyes.
And perform the rites of the morn
Uthishtothishta Govinda uthishta garudadhwaja
Uthishta kamalakantha thrilokyam mangalam kuru., 2 (Twice)
Ezhundu arulvai vel garuda,
Kodi udayay ezhundu arul vay,
Ezhundu arul vay thiru kamali.
Vizhai maarba ezhundu arul vay,
Ezhundu arul vay moo ulagum,
Kathu arula ezhundu arul vay,
Ezhundu arul vay Govinda,
Vengadava ezhundu arul vay.
Awake and awake, Oh Lord Govinda,
Awake Oh Lord, who has an eagle flag,
Awake Oh Lord of she who sits on a Lotus,
And fill the three worlds to the brim with happiness.
Mathassamasta jagatham madukaitabhare:
Vakshoviharini manohara divyamoorthe
Sree swamini srithajana priya danaseele
Sree Venkatesadayithe thava suprabhatham., 3
Por purindu madhu kaidabar,
Thamai azhithan ula tholiye,
Paar anaithum kathu alikkum,
Perazhagin arul uruve,
Paar akathar vizhaindu ethum,
Cheer seela perum thaye,
Kaar vanna vengadathan,
Thirthevi, ezhundu arul vay.
Oh mother of all the worlds,
Oh epitome of beauty in the heart of the Lord,
Who killed Madhu and Kaidaba in war,
Oh Goddess who lights the hearts,
Of those who worship thee,
Of Darling of Venkatesa,
A very good morning to you.
Bhavathu prasanna mukhachandra mandale
Vidhisankarendra vanithabhirarchithe
Vrishasaila nathadavithe, davanidhe., 4
Thingal oli thiru mugathil,
Pongum arul pozhibavale,
Ingukalai vaniyudan,
Indirani ambigayam,
Mangayargal thozhudu ethum,
Manbudaya thani thalaivee,
Chenkamala vengadathan,
Thiru thevi ezhundu arulvai.
A very good morning to you,
Oh Goddess with lotus like eyes,
Who heralds happiness,
From her full moon face,
Who is served by consorts,
Of BrahmaShiva and Indra,
Who is the storehouse of mercy,
And who is the darling of him,
Who has the Venkata Mountain.
Athriyadhi saptharushay ssamupasya sandyam
Aakasa sindhu kamalani manoharani
Aadaya padhayuga marchayithum prapanna:
Seshadrisekhara vibho! Thava suprabhatham., 5
Tholai vidathum pala vidathum,
Chuzhandru thiri Ezh munivar,
Chalithariya thavam iyathi,
Sandhya vandanam mudithu,
Nilai peru nin pugazh cholli,
Nin padam sevikka,
Malai adainthu kathu ulaar kaan,
Vengadava ezhundu arulvai.
The seven great sages of yore,
Lead by the great sage Athri,
After wandering far and near,
After doing their morning Sandhya ,
And after singing your praise heartily,
Are waiting to worship at thine feet,
And so be pleased to get up,
Of Lord of the Sesha mountain.
Panchananabja bhava shanmukavasavadhya:
Tryvikramadhi charitham vibhudhasthuvanthi
Bhashapathipatathi vasara shuddhi marath
Seshadri sekhara vibho! thava subrabhatham., 6
Aangu antha brahmavum,
Aaru muganum devargalum,
Ongi ulagu alanda,
Uyar kathaigal paadu gindrar,
Eengu inda vyazha muni,
Panchangam oodugindrar,
Theenkavigal chevi madukka,
Vengadava ezhundu arul vay.
The five faced God Brahma,
The six faced God Shanmuga,
And all the devas,
Are praising by relating thine story,
Of measuring the universe by three steps,
And the Teacher of devas, the God Jupiter,
Is reading the almanac of the day,
And so be pleased to get up,
Oh, Lord of the Sesha mountain.
Eeshathprapulla saraseeruha narikela
Phoogadrumadi sumanohara Balikanam
Aavaathi mandamanilassaha divya gandhai:
Seshadri shekara vibho! thava suprabhatham., 7
Nal kamugu thennaigalil,
Paalai manam negizhndanaval,
Pal vanna mottugal thaam,
Panithenodu alarnthanaval,
Pullarikkum mel era,
Poon thendral thavazhkiradal,
Ellamum anindarula,
Vengadava ezhundarul vai.
The pretty incense filled flower buds,
Of the betel nut and coconut trees,
Have started opening with films of snow and honey,
And the pleasant breeze of the morn has started to waft,
And so be pleased to get up,
Oh Lord of the Sesha mountain.
Unmeelya nethrayugamuththama panjarasthaa:
Paathraa vasishta kadhaleephala payasani Bhukthvaa
saleelamatha keli sukha: patanthi
Seshadri sekhara vibho! thava suprabhatham., 8
Nin thiruper pala kettu,
Ninnadiyar mey marakka,
Nin koil pain kilikal,
Theenganiyam amudarundhi,
Nin thiru per ayirathal.
Nedumpugazhai mizathidumal,
Nin cheviyal thuytharula,
Vengadava ezhundarl vay.
Those parrots in your temple’s cages,
After a yummy repast of thine Naivedhya,
Of the sweet meal with tasty banana fruits,
Sing thine dear names again and again,
To the ecstasic stupor of thine devotees great,
And so be please to get up to hear them,
Oh,Lord of the Sesha mountain.
Thanthree prakarsha madhuraswanaya 
vipanchyaa Gayathyanantha charitham 
thava naradopi Bhashasamagrama sakruthkara sara ramyam
Seshadri sekhara vibho! thava suprabhatham., 9

Evvidathum nilayaga,
Nindru ariyaa Naradarum,
Ivvidathu un perumaigal tham,
Eerpathanal nilai kondar,
Chevviya than veenayil un,
Thiruccharithai meetuginrar,
Avvisayai kettu arula,
Vengadava ezhundu arul vay.
The holy sage Narada is singing.
Thine endless story,
Composed in faultless verse,
Accompanied by his divine veena,
In the sweetest possible voice,
And so be pleased to get up to enjoy them,
Lord of the Sesha mountain.
Brungavaleecha makaranda rashanuvidda 
Jhankara geetha ninadaissa sevanaya 
Niryathyupaantha sarasee kamalodarebhyaha
Seshadri sekhara vibhol thava suprabhatham., 10

Ven kamala onn malargal,
Vilaitha madhu miga varaundhi,
Kan mayangi malar mugattun,
Kaalai varai chirai kidantha,
Vandinangal reengarithe,
Vandanaval ninai thozhave,
Thannarulal sevai thara,
Vengadava ezhundarl vay.
The bees drunk by the honeyed juice of the pollen,
Of the opened lotuses in thine holy ponds,
Are dancing to the accompaniment of their own buzzing sound,
To drink thine form and to salute you,
And so be pleased to get up to see them,
Oh Lord of the Sesha mountain. 
Yoshaganena varadhadni vimathyamaane 
Ghoshalayeshu dhadhimanthana 
theevraghoshaaha Roshaathkalim 
vidha-dhathe kakubhascha kumbhaha 
Seshadri sekhara vibho! thava suprabhatham., 11

Kana mulaigal nimirndu asaiya,
Kai valaigal oli ezhuppa,
Mana makizhndu thayir kadayum,
Mathu oliyum disai oliyum,
Chinandana pol edir olikka,
Nedum thudigal muzhangidumal,
Ninakkivai tham kettilayo,
Vengadava ezhundu arul vay.
With their heavily laden breasts held erect,
And with their bangles making sweet tingling sound,
They are churning the curd with thine dear thought,
And that sound of churning announces the morn,
And echoes like thine prayer again and again,
And so be pleased to get up to bless them all,
Oh Lord of the Sesha mountain. 
Padmeshamithra sathapathra kathalivargha
Harthum shriyam kuvalayasya nijanga Lakshmya
Bheree ninadamiva bibrathi theevranadam
Seshadri sekhara vibho! thava suprabhatham., 12

Perumal nin thirunirathai,
Pethu ulathai Kuvalai sollum,
Karum kuvalai kaattidaye,
Kalindu ulavum vandugal thaam,
Perumal ni nirathai,
Pethulam yaam perithu enume,
Varuperumper pagai thavirka,
Vengadava ezhundaraul vai.
The humming splendorous black bees,
Which are friends of the Lotus,
And the bluish black Kuvalai flowers,
Which stand among the forest of such flowers,
Both claim to have a better colour than you,
And create sound and din with their quarrel,
And so be pleased to get up to settle their claims,
Lord of the Sesha mountain. 
Sreemannabheeshta varadhakhila lookabandho 
Sree Sreenivasa Jagadekadayaika sindho
Sree devathagruha bhujanthara divyamurthe
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham., 13

Vendubavar venduvana,
Vizhaitharulum peru varada,
Manbu udayaan malar amarndal,
Magizhndu urayum thiru marbha,
Eendu ulagam anaithinodum,
Inaindu amainda uravu udayoi,
Kanbariya karunayane,
Vengadava ezhundarulvay.
Oh, relation of all beings,
Who grants their desires without fail,
Oh Lord in whom the Goddess Lakshmi resides,
And who is the storehouse of blessings of the entire world,
Oh Lord who likes this mountainous abode to your heavenly home,
Oh Lord of the Venkata mountains,
We wish a very good morning to you. 
Sree swamy pushkarinikaplava nirmalangaa
Sreyorthino hara viranchi sanadadhyaha
Dware vasanthi varavethra hathothamangaha:
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham, 14

Min thavazhum chadayanum,
Brahmavum chanadanarum,
Indru unathu koneri th
Thiru theertham thanil moozhgi,
Ninnarulai pera vizhainde,
Nedu vayil nilai nindrar,
Indru avarkku un arul pozhiya,
Vengadava ezhundarul vay,
Lords Vishnu and Brahma,
And the sages like Sanantha,
Are waiting at thine gate To receive thine grace,
After a holy bath in thine,
Ever-pure Pushkarani,
And to bless to them all,
Be pleased to wake up,
Oh Lord of the Venkata mountains. 
Sree seshasaila garudachala venkatadri
Narayanadri vrishabhadri vrishadri mukhyam
Akhyam thvadeeyavasathe ranisam vadanthi 
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham, 15

Thiru malai yai Chedathai,
Garudathai Vengadathai,
Thiru Narayana Malai ayi,
Vridabathai Virudathai,
Perumane ena pugazhndu,
Devarellam thirandanar kan,
Thirandulari purandarula,
Vengadava ezhundarulvai. 
Lord ruling over the mountain of Sesha,
The mountain of Garuda. The great Venkata mountain,
The mountain of Narayana,
The mountain of Vrishabha,
The mountain of Vrisha,
All the devas great,
Have assembled in millions,
To see a glimpse of thee,
So be pleased to wake up,
Oh, Lord of Venkata mountain. 
Sevaaparaashiva suresa krusanudharma 
Rakshombhunatha pavamana dhanadhi nathaha: 
Bhaddanjali pravilasannija seersha deSaha: 
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham., 16

Arul idu nin cheyal mudippan,
Atta dikhu balarkalam,
Peru neriya Aran Indiran,
Akkiniyan, Periyaman,
Varunan odu Nairuthiyan,
Vayu vodu Kuberanum nin,
Thiruvadi kexh kathu ullaraal,
Vengadava ezzhundu arulvay. 
With folded hands wait near your feet,
To obey your commands,
Indra the lord of all devas,
The God of fire,
The Great Himalaya Mountain,
Varuna the God of Rain,
The God Nairuthi, the wind God,
And Kubera the Lord of all wealth,
And so be pleased to wake up,
Oh Lord of Venkata mountains. 
Dhateeshuthevihagaraja mrugadhiraja 
Nagadhiraja gajaraja hayadhiraja:
Swaswadhikara mahimadhika marthayanthe 
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham., 17 

Thiru malai vazh perumane.
Thiru ulavukku ezhugayil nin,
Garuda nadai Simma nadai,
Naga Nadai mudalaya,
Thiru nadaigal chirappu unarndu,
Thirutha mura karpadarkku,
Garuda simma nagar ular,
Vengadava ezhundarul vay.
The king of Birds, Holy Garuda,
The king of beasts, the lion.. The king of Serpents, Adhi Sesha,
The king of elephants.
And the king of horses,
Wait to obey thine holy orders,
To improve their gait,
While taking you out,
And so be pleased to wake up,
Oh, Lord of the Venkata mountains. 
Sooryendhubhouma bhudhavakpathi kavya souri 
Swarbhanukethu divishathparishathpradanaa:
Twaddhasa dasa charamavadhidaasa daasa:
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham., 18

Sooryanar Chandiranar,
Chevvayar, Budhan vyazhar,
Cheer migunda sukkiranar,
Sani Rahu kethivargal.
Aarvamudan nin thondarkku,
Adi Thondu purindu unadhu,
Perarulai pera nindrar,
Vengadava Ezhundu arulvay. 
The sun, the moon,
The Budha, the Guru,
The great Shukra,
Lord Sani, Rahu and Kethu,
Are waiting to do service,
To thine devotees great,
And please you with their acts,
And so be pleased to wake up,
Oh, Lord of Venkata mountains. 
Thwathpadadhulibharita spurithothha manga:
Swargapavarga nirapeksha nijantharanga:
Kalpagamakalanaya kulatham labhanthe
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham., 19 
Nin mukthi vizhaiyamal,
Ninnai ondre miga vizhaindu,
Nin pada dhuligalai.
Tham thalayil thaam tharithor.
Chendriduvay kali mudinthal,
Ingirundu un parama padam,
Enpadarke anjinaar kaan,
Vengadava ezhudu arul vay. 
Thine devotees great,
Have left praying for salvation,
And are putting the dust of thine feet,
On their heads,
So that they can be with thee,
For always and ever,
And are afraid that thou will leave,
When the Kali yuga ends,
And so be pleased to wake up,
Oh, Lord of the Venkata mountains. 
Thvadgopuragra sikharani nireekshmana
Swargapavarga padaveem paramam shrayantha:
Marthyaa manushyabhuvane mathimashrayanthe
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava Suprabhatham., 20

En ariya thavam iyathi,
In swargam mukthi perum,
Punniyargal chel, vazhi nin,
Pugazh koil kalasangal,
Kandanarel nin koil,
Kakshikke pirappu eduppaar,
Puniyane avarkku arula,
Vengadava ezhundu arul vay. 
Coming away from the path of blessed ones,
Who have done great penance,
Thine devotees great,
Prefer to be born as men,
To get a glimpse of the spires.
Of thine temple tower, Oh Lord,
And so be pleased to wake up to bless them,
Oh Lord of Venkata mountains. 
Sree bhoominayaka dayadhi gunammruthabdhe
Devadideva jagadeka saranya moorthe
Sreemannanantha garudadibhirarchithangre
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham., 21

Man magalin Thiru kelva,
Maakkaunai guna kadale,
Thin puyathu garudan udan,
Naganume saran pugunthar,
En ariya devargalil,
Eedu inai il perum deva,
Man ulagor thani pugale,
Vengadava ezhundu aryl vay. 
Oh, Lord of the the Goddess Earth,
Oh, Ocean of the nectar of mercy,
Oh, God of Gods,
Oh, Lord who is the only place of shelter to all the world,
Oh, Lord who is worshipped by Garuda and Anantha A very good morning to you,
Oh, Lord of the Venkata mountains 
Sree Padmanabha Purushothama Vasudeva 
Vaikunta Madhava Janardhana chakrapane
Sree vathsachinha saranagatha parijatha
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham., 22

Padmanabha purdothama,
Vasudeva Vaigunda,
Sathiyane Madhavane,
Chanardhanane Chakrapani,
Vatsalane Parijatha
Perumalar pol arulbavane,
Uthamane Nithiyane,
Vengadava Ezhundu arul vay. 
Oh, Lord who has lotus in his belly,
Oh, Lord who is the greatest among males,
Oh, Lord who hides the world by illusion,
Oh Lord,who resides in Vaikunta,
Oh Lord, who is king of knowledge,
Oh Lord, who punishes bad people,
Oh Lord, who holds the holy wheel,
Oh Lord who has Sri Vatsa on his chest,
Oh God, who is lotus like to devotees who surrender,
A very good morning to you,
Oh Lord of the Venkata mountains. 
Kandarpa darpa hara sundara divya murthe
Kanthaa kuchamburuha kutmialola drishte
Kalyana nirmala gunakara divyakeerthe
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham., 23

Thiru magal than thiru anaipil,
Thiru thuyil kol Thiru Azhaga,
Thiru vizhiyaal peru ulagil,
Arul pozhiyum peru varadha,
Thiru udayay Thiru guna thai,
Thiru thooyay Thiru pugazhay,
Peru vayira thiru mudiyay,
Vangadava Ezhundu arul vay.
Oh Lord who is the stealer of senses,
By his pretty looks,
Oh Lord who sleeps in the tight embrace,
Of his divine consort,
Oh Lord, who gives only good things,
Oh Lord, who is acme of purity,
Oh Lord,who makes good events happen,
Oh Lord with blemish less fame,
A very good morning to you,
Oh Lord of the Venkata mountains. 

Meenakruthe kamatakola Nrusimha varnin
Swamin parashvatha thapodana Ramachandra
Seshamsharama yadhunandana kalki roopa
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham., 24

Machanatha Koormanatha,
Varaga natha Narasinga,
Nachi vanda Vamanane,
Parasurama Raghu Rama,
Mechu pugazh Balarama,
Thirkanna Kalkiyane,
Ijagathu Vaikuntha,
Vengadava Ezhundu Arulvay. 
Oh Lord who took shape as fish,
Oh Lord, who took shape as a tortoise Oh Lord, who took shape as a wild boar,
Oh Lord, Who appeared as the man-lion,
Oh Lord, who appeared as the Vamana,
Oh Lord who took birth as Parasurama,
Oh Lord who took birth as Sri Rama,
Oh Lord who took birth as Bala Rama Oh Lord who was the darling babe of Yadavas,
Oh Lord who is going to appear as Kalki,
A very good morning to you,
Oh, Lord of Venkata mountains. 
Elaa lavanga ghanasaara sugandhi theertham
Divyam viyathsarithi hemaghateshu poornam
Drutwadhya vaidika sikhamanaya: prahrushta:
Thishtanthi Venkatapathe! thava suprabhatham., 25

Elamodu naru lavanga,
Ganasara manam kamazhum,
Seelamigu daiveega,
Gnalam uyya Veda mozhi,
Navithum inda vediyargal.
Kolamigu koil uthar,
Vengadava ezhundu arul vay. 
The gems of learned Vedic scholars 
Are carrying holy water,
Laced with Cardamom,
Cloves, Camphor and other divine scents,
To the brim in a Golden pot,
And are waiting for thee,
And so be pleased to wake up,
Oh, Lord of the Venkata mountains. 
Bhaswanudethi vikachani saroruhani
Sampoorayanthi ninadai: kakubho vihangha:
Sree vaishnavassathatha marthitha mangalasthe
Dhamasrayanthi thava Venkata! Subrabhatham., 26

Arunanum tham vandu udithan,
Alarndanaval thamaraigal,
Peru viyappal pullinangal,
Peyarthu ezhundu chilambina kan,
Thiru Marbha Vainavargal,
Mangalangal miga mozhindar,
Ari thuyil en arul virunde,
Vengadava Ezhundu arul vay. 
The sun has risen from his slumber,
The lotus flowers have opened in glory,
In great awe, the flock of birds,
Have risen up and are making twittering sound,
Sri Vaishnavas With eagerness are waiting,
To sing thine holy praise,
And so be pleased to wake up,
Oh, Lord of the Venkata mountains. 
Santhassa nandana mukhastvatha yogivarya:
Dhamanthike thavahi mangala vasthu hasthaa:
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham., 27

Namagal than nayaganum,
Devargalum mangalamam,
Kaamar ezhir kannadi,
Thamaraigal chamarngal,
Poo maruvu pon vilakku,
Pugazh kodigal endinaraal,
Theymaruvu malar marbha,
Vengadava Ezhundu arul vay. 
The Lord Brahma the creator,
The assembly of Devas,
The great sages like Sanath Kumara,
Are waiting without patience,
With all holy materials to wake you up,
And so be pleased to wake up,
Oh, Lord of the Venkata mountains. 
Lakshminivasa niravadya gunaika sindo:
Samsarasagara samuththaranaika setho
Vedanta vedya nijavaibhava bhakta bhogya
Sree Venkatachalapathe! thava suprabhatham., 28 (Twice) 

Thiru marbha perum gunangal,
Chirandu onga polibhavane,
Perum piravi karum kadalil,
Karai punarkkum sethu anaiye,
Oru vedathu utt porule,
Mayarvu ariya madi nalathar,
Thiru thuyppukku uriyavane,
Vengadava ezhund arul vay. 
Oh Lord in whom resides Goddess Lakshmi,
Oh Lord, who is the ocean of several things good,
Oh Lord who is the bridge helping us to cross,
The difficult sea of day-to-day life,
Oh Lord who is the ultimate meaning of Vedas,
Oh Lord, who is really the greatest,
On Lord, who makes life of devotees pleasant,
A very good morning to you,
Oh, Lord of Venkata mountains. 
ltnam vnsnacnala pamerlna suprabhatham
Ye manava: prathidinam patithum pravrutha:
Thesham prabhatha samaye smruthirangabhhajam
Pragnyam paraartha sulabham paramam prasoothe., 29 (Twice) 

Vizhithu ezhunthar kalayil,
Ithirupalli ezhuchi thanai,
Vizhaindu unarndu padippavarai,
Ketpavarai, ninaippavarai,
Vazhuthugindrar evar avarkku,
Varangalodu mukthi thara,
Ezhundu arul vay, Ezhundu arul vay,
Vangadava Ezhundaraul vay. 
To give boons and salvation with ease
To those of whom who read,
This Song for waking up the Lord,
In the morning as soon as they wake up,
With devotion and regularity,
And also to those who hear and think of this song,
Be pleased to wake up, Oh Lord.