Friday, October 2, 2015

Roga Nivarana Manthras

Roga  Nivarana  Manthras
(Disease   curing chants)

Translated by

( The first four of these is taken from and the last one from the  famous Vaidhyanathashtakam )

1.Achyuthanantha Govinda  Namocharana   beshajaath,
Nasyanthi sakala roga   sathyam sathyam  vadamyaham.

1.The chanting  of  the names  Achyutha , Anantha and Govinda  is the medicine  ,
And  I tell the truth and nothing but the  truth  that  it would destroy  all diseases.

2.Achyuthanatha  Govinda  Vishno  Narayanamrutha  ,
Rogaan may  nasaya aseshaan   aasu  Dhanvanthare  hare.

2.The names  of Achyutha , Anantha , Govinda , Vishnu  and Narayana is nectar ,
Oh Lord  Dhanvanthari who is Hari  , please with speed  cure all my diseases  completely.

3.Achyuthananda  Govinda   Vishno Dhanvanthare  Hare,
Vasudeva  Akhilanasya   rogaan nasaya  nasaya.

3.Oh Achyutha , Oh Anantha , Oh Govinda , Oh Vishnu  , Oh Dhanvantari , Oh Hari ,
Oh Vasudeva  , please destroy , destroy   all  these  diseases.

4.Somanadham Vaidhyanatham   Dhanvanthari madhasvinou ,
Yethaan samsamaratha   pratha  , vyadhi   sprasa na vidhyathi

4.If one remembers  in the morning  Somanadha , Vaidhyanatha , Dhanvanthari,
And Asvini Kumaras  then the diseases   would not   even  touch him.

5.Balambikesa , Vaidyesha , bhava roga harethi cha  ,
Japen nama thrayam   nithyam  maha roga nivaranam.

5.”Oh lord  of Balambika  , Oh   God od doctors   cure this  ,
Illness  of the birth cycle “ If  this  is chanted  thrice ,
With devotion   then all great  diseases  would be cured.



Great work

jhansi rani said...

Very very thanks for your post of Roga Nivarana Chants

jhansi rani said...

I want you totranslate Veda Dharmasastras plz

SRK said...

My grandmother used to chant this Roga nirvana manthra and I also learnt it by heart. Seeing your post reminded me of my Grandmother. She passed away last year.Miss her a lot.