Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shakthi dhe maa, Shakthi dhe ma-A hindi bhajan

Shakthi dhe maa, Shakthi dhe ma-A hindi bhajan  addressed to the goddess  Durga
(Give me strength mother, give me strength)

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(I took this great prayer from http://hindigeetmala.net/song/shakti_de_maa_shakti_de_maa.htm . YOPu can also hear it sung in that   url )

1.Shakthi dhe ma , Shakthi dhe ma  , Shakthi dhe ma  , Shakthi dhe ma  ,
Pag pag tokar kavun , chal na pavun , Kaise aavoon  main gar there.

1.Give me strength mother, give me strength, Give me strength mother, give me strength,
Each and every step I get  hit   and I am not able to travel , How do I come  to your home.

2.Haath pakad le  , Haath bada le  , Apne mandhir thak  pahuncha dhe  ,
Sar par dukh ki raina  , nahi chaina, pyase naina   darasan ke.

2.Please  hold my hand, please spread out your hand  and make   reach till your temple .
There is a streak of sorrow on my head , there  is no peace  and I am thirsty   to see   you.

3.Jag mein jiska naam hain jeevan, yik   yug hain  sangram hain jeevan,
THera naam pukaraa, dukh ka maaraa, haara ma yis  jeevan se

3.What is called  “life” in this world is an eon  and this life is a battle  ,
And when I called   your name  , I  destroyed the “sorrow”  and I was defeated by this “life”

4.There Dware  job hi aayaa  , Usne jo maanga , vo paayaa ,
Main bhi thera savali , Shakthi Sali   Sheren vaali   ma jagadambhe.

4.When some one comes to youtr gate , Whatever  he asked  you gave him,
And I am   only your shadow, Oh very strong mother driving on a tiger, Oh mother of the universe.

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Journeymart said...

Navratri Festival is dedicated to the 3 avatars of Goddess Shakti - Durga (the warrior Goddess), Lakshmi (the Goddess of wealth), and Saraswati (the Goddess of knowledge).