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Protecting of the soul-a poem by Tagore

Protecting  of the  soul

Rabindranath  Tagore

Translated by

( I was  just turning   the pages  of  the tenth standard  Hindi text  of my grand daughter and saw this  poem called  “Athma Thran.  From the text  I came to know that  it was a poem of  Tagore,. In Hindi  the poem is called “Athma Thran”, but I do not  know the title given to this great poem  by Tagore. This is my humble effort  in Translating  it to English as I understood it .I have translated “Karunamai” which is “One pervaded  by kindness”  as “Ocean of kindness” because in English it  conveyed  the meaning more forcefully.As I understood what  Tagore  was trying  to convey by the poem,  my mind   was in turmoil as I always  use to pray God to help me  but never  asked him to make me capable  of helping myself . I have given the  transliteration   in English after my translation.)

1.”Save me from danger” is not my prayer  to you,
But oh  ocean of mercy, I only  want this much,
Let me  never  get scared of danger.

2,Do not  ever think of giving consolation  to my mind full of sorrow and pain,
But   oh ocean of  mercy  let this happen,
Let me always   win over   sorrow.

3,Let my courage not ever be shaken ,
If I am not able to get  help from any one  ,
In this world where  we lead  a  life  with difficulties and are  deceived by  success,
Let my  mind  not think   that it  is  ever a defeat.

4,”Daily  make  me cross over ” is not  my prayer ,
But let this much happen  , oh ocean of mercy ,
Let me always  have ability  to  cross   it .

5.Do not  even think of consoling me  for having to carry a  heavy burden,
But   this much you please  keep   for me  .
Let me able   to fearlessly  be able to carry it  .

6.Holding the head high in the   days of pleasure,
Let me  be able   to  know that it is your  contribution   at each and every second.

7.When in  the sorrowful night  the world  deceives,   but   the entire days are  happy  ,
Let  that   day be like this  , oh ocean of mercy  ,
I  should never have any doubt on you

Hindi lyrics of the poem in English

1,Vipadon se  muja bachao, ye meri prarthana  nahi,
Keval  ithna ho Karunamai  ,
Kabhi   na Vipadaa men pavum bhay.

2.Dukh Thap   se   vyadhith chith ko naa dho santhvana nahi sahi,
Par ithna   Hoven Karunamai ,
Dukh ko  mein   kar sakoon sadaa  Jai.

3.Koi kahin  sahayak na mile  ,
Tho apna  paurush na  hile  ,
Haani utani   padi   jagat mein lab  yadi vanchana   rahi
Tho bhi  man mein na manum Kshay

4.Mera thran karo   anudhin  meri prarthana nahi,
Par ithna   hove karunamai,
THarne  ki ho shakthi anamai.

5.Mere Bhaaar agar  laghu  karke na dho   santhvana nahi sahi ,
Keval ithna   rakhna  anunai  ,
Vahan kar sakoon isko nirbhai.

6.Nath shir  hokar   sukh  ke dhin mein,
THava mukh  pahchanu   chin chin mein.

7.Dukh  rathri mein  kare  vanchana  , meri jis dhin  Nikhil mahi,
Us dhin  eisa  ho  karunamai,
Thum par   karoon   nahin kuch   samsai.

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