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Nava Graha Padalkal (Tamil)

Nava Graha  Padalkal(Tamil)

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  (Here is a simple prayer in Tamil addressed  to the nine planets. )

(Sun God  is called Suryan in Tamil. He is the son of sage  Kashyapa)
Seelamai vaazha  cheer aul puriyum,
Jnalamum pugazhum , Jnayire  pothi,
Sooriya pothi , Sudanthiraa pothi  ,
Veeriya  pothi  , vinaigal kalivai

1.Sun God
Praise  to  Sun God  who is praised by all the world,
And showers his grace to live  properly  ,
Praise to Sun God , Praise to the  independent one  ,
Praise  to the valorous one  , Please destroy  our sins.

   (The moon God  in Tamil is called Chanthiran. He rose  up from the  ocean of milk   when it was churned.)
Yengal kuraikal yellam theerkkum ,
Thingale pothi, thiruvarul tharuvai ,
Chanthira  pothi, Sathguru pothi,
SAngadam theerppai , Chathura  pothi

2.Moon God
Praise   to the moon    who removes ,
All our words, please  shower your grace ,
Praise to moon God, praise to the great teacher,
Remove  our sorrows  oh very cleaver  one.

   (Kuja or Mangal or Mars is called  Chevvai in tamil  , literally meaning red mouth..He is the son of  mother earh)
Chirappuru maniye , Chevvai  deve ,
Kurayilathu arulvai, gunamudan vaazha,
Mangala chevvai malaradi pothi,
Angarakane avathikal neekku.

3.Lord Mars(kuja)
Oh very special gem , Oh God  Mars,
Shower  your grace and remove our wants to live with character,
I praise the flower like feet of the auspicious mars  ,
Oh Lord Angaraka  , please  remove  our sufferings.

    ( Lord Budha is the son of moon and Tara   the wife of planet Guru)
Idhamura   vaazha  innalkal  neekku,
Budha bhagawane  ponnadi pothi,
Padam thanthu aalvai  , pannoliyane  .
Udaviye   yarulum  uthama  pothi.

4,God  Mercury
Oh Lord  Budha who removes all problems ,
Giving rise to comfort  , I praise your golden feet,
Please give me your feet , Oh Lord who shines like poems  ,
Please   help us  , Oh   best one, I praise you.

   (He is called Vyazhan in Tamil  . He is the son of sage Angiras and the Guru of the devas)
5.Gunamigu  vyazha Guru bhagawane ,
Manamudan vaazhaagizhvudan arulvai  ,
Brahaspathi  Vyazha  bharatha  Guru nesa,
Graha doshamindri kadakshitharulvai

5.Lord Jupiter  (Vyazhan)
Oh God Guru, Oh planet Vyazan who is good ,
Please  shower your grace with joy  so that  we live with mind of peace,
Oh Lord Brahaspathi  , Oh Vyazha ,Oh friend of  the teacher Bharatha ,
Please shower your side long glance so that we live without planet problems

  (He is called Velli in Tamil. He is the  son of sage Brugu and is the  Guru of Asuras)
Sukkira moorthi   shubha miga yeevai  ,
Vakkiramindri   vara miga tharuvai  ,
Velli sukkira   vithaka  vendhe ,
Alli koduppai  , adiyarkku arule

6.Lord Venus( Sukran)
Oh Lord  Sukra , please give is lot of prosperity,
Please give  us many boons without displeasure.
Oh Velli (name of Sukra) . Oh Sukra , Oh  expert  king ,
Give devotees  several hands full  of your  grace.

    (Sani BHagavan, the God Sani is the   son of Sun God and is the slowest moving  planet.)
SAngadam theerkkum   SAni bhagawane ,
Mangalam ponga   manam vaitharulvai  ,
Chcharavindri  sakaa neriyil.
Ichakam vaazha  innarul thaa thaa

7.Lord Saturn
Oh God  Sani who removes   sorrows and pains,
Please  decide so that auspiciousness  would ebb,
Please give , give your sweet grace   so that,
This world    would live without  any quarrel.

   (Rahu is the head portion of a  Rakshasi called Simika . When  that son was trying to get nectar from Mohini , she  cut that  son in to two pieces.)
Aravenum Rahu ayyane  pothi,
Karavathu arulvai  kashtangal neeki  ,
AAgavarul puri anaithilum  vethi,

8.Lord Rahu
Oh Lord Rahu who is a serpent,I praise you,
Please shower your grace without troubling , I praise you,
Please shower your grace  to make   all actions positive ,
Oh victorious   fruit of Rahu  , Oh Lord who attracts , I praise you.

   (Kethu is the feet  portion of  the son of  Rakshasi called Simhika.)
Kethu theve  , keerthi thiruve ,
Padam pothi  paapam theervai  ,
Vatham  , vambu , vazhakkukal indri ,
Kethu theve kenmayai rakshi

9.Lord Kethu
Oh God Kethu  , Who is famous and auspicious  ,
We praise  your feet, please  remove our sins  ,
Oh God Kethu , please   efficiently protect   us ,

From arguments  , gossiping and quarrels.

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