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Guru Sthuthi (Malayalam) of Poonthanam

Guru Sthuthi (Malayalam) of Poonthanam


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(Poonthanam was possibly one of the greatest forerunners of Bhakthi cult in Kerala and his greatest work was Jnana Pana, Loosely it can be translated as “Pot of Knowledge”. But “pana” here is not pot but a style of folk poem. This is written in a common man’s language and in a common man’s verse. It preaches the greatness of repetition (singing) of the Holy God’s names. Here is a two verse simple and majestic prayer   written by Poonthanam , about “saluting  of our Guru”.)

1.ajnanamullava yokke kalayanam,
Vijanamennullil vardhikkenam,
Ajnapicheedenam  nalla vazhikkenne,
Nithyam Guru Nadha  kumbidunnen

1.Please throw out   all the ignorance in me,
Please  make  wisdom grow in my mind,
Please  order  me to go in  correct path,
Oh my Guru who is my Lord, I salute you.

2.Aanandam nalgunna  pada renukkalal ,
Manasamayulloru darpanathil,
Malinyam pokkeettu , nanma varuthenam
Nithyam Guru Nadha  Kumbidunnen

2.With the dust of you r feet that gives me joy,
Please   remove the dirt   from the,
Mirror of my heart and bring goodness there ,
Oh my Guru who is my Lord, I salute you.

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