Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Translations of Hindi stotra rathnas

Translation of Hindi stotra rathnas

For the past ten years I have been doing translation of various stotrams,. I have so far translated 600 stotra rathnas. I am now trying to look back as to that I have done.

Among my translations there are few great stotras from Hindi:-

1.Jai Jagadessa Hare-
2.Athma Nivasi Rama-
3.Raghupathi Raghava-
4.Vishnu Chalisa-
5.Shiva Chalisa-
6.Annapurna devi aarthi-
7.Durga Chalisa-
8.Ma Kali aathi-
9.Durga aarthi-
10.Durga stuti-
11.Nava Durga Raksha Mantra-
12.Saraswathi Chalisa-
13.Aarthi Saraswathi ji ki-
14.Saraswathi matha ki aarthi-
15.Sri Saraswathi aarthi-
16.Maha Lakshmi Aarthi-
17.Ganesh ki aarthi-
18.Hanuman Chalisa-
19.Bhajarang Baan-
20.Hanuman ji ki aarthi-
21.Balaji AArthi-
22.Prayer to Shirdi Sai-
23.Ab Soump diya may ne-
24.Gomatha Aarthi-
25.Thulsi aarthi-

With best wishes, Ramachander

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