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Durga Saptha sloki

Durga Saptha Sloki
(Seven verses to Durga)

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( Here is a very famous prayer which was taught by the Goddess herself to Lord Shiva, to realize our objectives in the Kali age. This is also called Amba Sthuthi. These seven verses are only selection from the great Devi Mahatmyam)

Shiva Uvacha:
Shiva said:-

Devi thwam bhakthi sulabhe , sarva karya vidhayini ,
Kalou hi karya sidhyartha mupaya broohi yathnatha.

Oh Goddess who can be easily approached by devotion,
Who helps us to get all actions done ,
Please tell me the trick of achieving result for actions in Kali age.

Devuvy uvacha:
Goddess told :-

Srunu deva pravakshyami , kalou sarveshta sadhanam,
Mayaa thavaiva sneha napya amba Sthuthi prakasyathe

Oh god, please hear what I say ,
Which is the one fulfilling all desires in Kali age ,
Due to my love with you I am ,
I am telling you this prayer to Mother Goddess.

Om asya Sri Durga saptha sloki manthrasya , Narayana rishi , anushtup Chanda,
Sri Maha Kali , Maha Lakshmi , Maha Saraswathyo devatha , Sri Duga preethyartham saptha sloki pate viniyoga

For this seven versed prayer addressed to Durga , The sage in Lord Narayana , the meter is Anushtup, This is being chanted to please Goddess Kali, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswathi and , the sever verses praising Durga are being read.

1,Om Jnaneenaam api chethamsi , devi bhagwathi hi sa,
Baladhakrushya mohaya Maha maya prayachathi. (Devi Mahatmuam I -43)

That famous lady Maha Maya (great enchantress) who is personification of all riches, draws the minds of even those who have special knowledge and make them behave with baser instinct of affection.
(When she can draw the instincts of those blessed with special knowledge, she can do it easily in case of people like you. )

2.Durge smrutha harasi bheethimasesha jantho,
Swasthai smruthaa mathi matheeva shubha dhadhasi,
Daridrya dukha bhaya harini ka twadhanya,
Sarvopa kara karanaya sadardra chitha. (Devi Mahathmyam IV-16)

You destroy sorrow of all beings who sorrow, you give great wisdom to those who are fearless and Oh Goddess who destroys the fear of poverty, who is there in this world except you who has a heart dripped in mercy.
3. Sarva mangala mangalye, Shive, sarvartha sadhake,
Saranye triambike Gowri narayani namosthuthe. (Devi Mahathmyam XI-9)

Oh Goddess who is a giver of all good things, who is peaceful, who is a giver of all wealth, who can be relied upon, who has three eyes and who is golden in colour, Our salutations to you, Narayani

4. Saranagatha deenaartha, parithrana parayane,
Sarvsyarthi hare devi, narayani namosthuthe. (devi Mahathmyam XI-11)

Hey Goddess, who takes care of those who surrender to you and those who are suffering, Hey Goddess who removes all sufferings from the entire world, Our salutations to you, Narayani

5. Sarva swaroope sarveshe, sarva shakthi samanvithe,
Bhayebhya sthrahino devi, durga devi namosthuthe. (Devi Mahathmyam XI-23)

Oh goddess who takes all forms, who is the goddess of every thing and who is having all types of strengths, please save us from fears, Our salutations to you, Goddess Durga.

6. Sarva Badha prasamanam trilokyasya akhileswari,
Evameva thwaya karyamasmad vairi vinasanam. (Devi Mahathmyam XI-36)

Hey Goddess of the entire world, please keep on doing the destruction of our enemies, which would destroy the sorrow of all the three worlds.

7. Roganseshanapahamsi thushta,
Rushta thu kaman sakalan abheeshtaan,
Twamasreethanaam na vipannaranam,
Twamasritha hyasrayatham prayanthi. (Devi Mahathmyam Xi-28)

If you are happy you destroy all sort of problems and if you are angry you destroy all desirable happenings. For any one surrendering to you there are no dangers and they are only depended by others and not vice versa

Ithi Durga Saptha Sloki Sampoornam
Thus ends the seven verses prayer addressed to Durga

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