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Tamil Devi aparadha kshamapana stotram

I read  a prayer  similar to Devi Aparadha Kshamapana stotram of Adhi Sankara  , which is given along with Ragas in which it has to be sung. The text given in Tamil and the text has some  very little  similarity with the stotra written by Adhi Sankara , which it resembles  and  its meaning   is very much different. I do not know who is the author

 Tamil Devi  aparadha kshamapana stotram

Translated by

Ragam –Bhoopalam
Marai othum manthiramo , mahimai   migu yanthiramo,
Murayodu thuthikkalumo  , muthirayo , Dhyanamo.
Vara murayai  kadhai koorum  vallamayo , pettilayaal,
Murayidathaan naan ariyen , muzhu thuyaram pokkumathu

Neither   the manthras  told by Vedas nor the  very famous Yanthras,
Nor  praying    in a proper way  , Nor Mudras  nor doing Dhyana ,
Nor the power  to tell you my story   have been received  by me,
But I do I know  how to beseech you  , Which would  solve all  my problems.

Kuthram chei makkalundu  , kuzhanthayidam  anbilla,
Pethravalum undo  ulagil, Peni kathidum thjaaye,
Uthrathoru ariyaamai  udal pattu  varumai athaal,
Muthrilum  un adi  maranthen , muzhu manathaal  poruthu arulvai.

Oh Mother  who nurtures us  , there are  children who do mistakes ,
But   is there   a mother   who does not have affection  towards them,
Due to  great ignorance  attaching on me  and due to suffering of body due to poverty,
I completly   forgot    your feet , Please  pardon that  with  a full mind.

Ananda  bhairavi
Yippuviyil   un makkal yeraalam  than yeninum,
Appudalvar   thammil  oruvar   arinthida  mudiyaathu,
Yeppodhum kaapaathiduvaai  , yenathu   anbu thai  neeye,
Thappethum chei maganai , thayanbal  yethiduvi.

Though in this  world your children are   very many,
Those  children  cannot  know  every other  child of yours,
So please  preotect me always  as you are my only dear  mother ,
Please accept this son   who does  mistakes  due to the mother  affection.

Kudumbathil  uzhandru uzhandru  , kul deivam thozha  maranthen,
Thadam piranda  cheeyalkalinaal , thannalathaal  unai maranthen,
Drudam kuraintha   vaathu thanil devi, un karunai allal,
Idam valamaai  yengu alaiven  , yezhil  vinayagan thaaye

Struggling and struggling in the family  , I forgot to salute you   who is goddess of our clan,
By getting engaged  in acts   which are  against norms, I forgot you  due to selfishness,
In this   youth  with no stability whatsoever, except  without   your   help,
Where  will i wander from right to left and left to right , Oh mother  of pretty Ganesa.

Kedara  gaulai
Keezhaana  thozhil cheithum , ketkum kural then yeninum,
Thaazhaathu  vaazhkindraar  tharaniyile   aparnaal,
Un yezhodu yettu inaintha  uyir   yezhuthu manthirathaal,
Paazhatha  nilai meeti  nar payan thaan  alikkatho.

Oh Goddess  Parvathi In this world people    engage  themselves  in base activities,
Without   having troubles  , though the voice they request  is sweeter than honey,
Due to your life giving Manthra   which is a mixture of seven and eight letters,
Would they be able to get rid of bad state and get   good results.

SAambalai udalil poosi , jadai mudi tharitha Sivan,
Pambinai kazhuthil konda pasupathikku visham,mundo,
Samba sivan kai pidithu  , sakala  ulaga prabhuvum aagi,
Om bhagavathi thaaye, ulagam uyya cheibavale.

Does Shiva  the  Pasupathi who applies   ash on his body ,
Who wears  matted hair and wears snakes on his neck have poison?
Did not that  Lord Shiva marry you   and became   the lord of the world,
Om Mother  BHagawathi   who makes the world   great.

Veedum  piranthu uyarnthirukkum   vijnana   yenname,
Naadum yenthanukku  yinpura  yennalum (ini aasayil)
Paadum un siva naamam   bhavani  , yena pakarbavarai  ,
Thedi  thaan  pirathal vendum  , thingal mukha   thaaye  arulvaai.

To  make me  who is great want  salvation and great 
Philosophical thought,   greatly  joyful and happy,
And to those who   tell me chant the name of Shiva , Oh Bhavani,
I only say that I should search and be born , Oh goddess  with moon like face  please tell.

Poojikkalai   unthanai naan pothikkum marai murayaal,
Yochikka   illayaan  uriyaatha   yendrum cheyyavillai , sollavillai,
Nesikkum seyal   andro  , nenjinil ninaivirukkum,
Yachikkum yenthanukku , annaye nee aadhaaram arulvai.

I did not worship you  using the vedic methods    that are taught,
I did not think  , I did not do  nor tell anything  that is improper,
Though in my mind  is filled with acts  of devotion,
Oh mother please give  me, who is begging you  , great support.

Shanumga priya
Melezhuthu thuyrkalinaal   mediniyil  uzhandridinum,
Seelamigum durgai unnai  chirithenum ninaikkindren,
Kaalam arinthu thoothu varum karunai kadale,
Un balanathu pasi nokki   paranthu varum pangu annai.

Though I am stuggling due  to the sorrows which rise up,
At least to a small extent  I am thinking about  you the Durga of great character,
Oh ocean of mercy which comes    to me , knowing   the proper time,
See the  hunger of your  boy which  comes flying towards you,

Yenthanidam ulla kurai yeraalam  thaan yeninum,
Vinthayillai  un karunai , vilanguvathum   thaai anbaai,
Vinthayillai   kutharam ullor   evarum illai ulagil,
Yenthanai poala   athai pokka  unakku nigar yevarum undo,
Amma , Amma, Amma  , amma

The defects  which are  in me are very many , but in spite of that,
Your mercy is not magical and it comes to me as mother’s love,
It is not magical  that  there are no people  like me in this world
Who have not    done  any mistakes,
And to remove is there   any one who is comparable to you,
Oh mother, Oh mother  , Oh mother, Oh mother

Innathu thaan kurai endre , yen nilai arinthu kaappai,
Annayaam parasakthi  yenthanukku   arul koornthu  aatharippai.

You please protect  me after  understanding  my defect,
And Oh Parasakthi who is my mother,
Please   support me    after showering your  blessings  on   me well.

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