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Narayana Jaya (Malayalam)

Narayana Jaya
(Victory to Narayana)
Translated by

Aathalil gopikal thappiyeduthoru,
Uthama muthanu ‘Narayana’ 1

Narayana, you are the peerless gem,
Found by gopis after a thorough search.

Bhakthiyam sindhuvin madhye vidarnnoru,
Sachin malaranu ‘Narayana’ 2

Narayana, you are that purest flower,
Which opened in the middle of the sea of devotion.

Gokulamakave santhathamayi theerkunna,
Pavana nadhamee ‘Narayana’ 3

Narayana you are the most holy musical note,
Which makes the entire Gokula peaceful.

Naam ariyathe navil vannal pinne,
Vittu piryatha ‘Narayana’ 4

Narayana, you are that word,
Which if comes unknowingly to the toungue,
Will never ever leave it

Kelkkunna mathrayil ellaam marakkunna,
Aananda geethamee ‘Narayana’ 5

Narayana , you are that happy song,
Which once heard makes one forget everything else.

Brahmadhi devagal yennum sevikkunna,
Karunya theerthamee ‘Narayana’ 6

Narayana, you are that holy water of mercy,
Which is sipped by Brahma and all other gods.

Narada veenayil yennum muzhangunna,
Prema swaramanu ‘Narayana’ 7

Narayana you are the note of love,
Which comes daily out of the veena of Narada.

Aannoru aajamilan Vaikundamayi kanda,
Nalaksharamanu ‘Narayana’ 8

Narayana, you are that four letters,
Which was seen as heaven by Aajamila.

Paapikalkeththavum prayasamayi thonnidum,
Paduvanee namam ‘Narayana’ 9

Narayana , you are the name , singing of which,
The sinners feel very difficult to sing.

Yendum parayuvan pondunna nave nee,
Yinnonnu padumo ‘Narayana’ 10

Oh toungue who rises to shout anything,
Will you please sing today ‘Narayana’

Madhavan, yen guru kattidum samasara,
Sagara thoniyaam ‘Narayana’ 11

Narayana, you are the boat shown,
By my teacher Madhava to help me cross,
The great ocean of life.

Narayana, thava nadathil mungidum,
Jangale kakkan marannid alle. 12

Hey Narayana, Please do not forget to save us,
Who are drowned in thine music.

Narayana Hare, Narayana Hare,
Narayana Hare , Narayana

Oh Narayana, Oh Hari,
Oh Narayana, Oh Hari,
Oh Narayana, Oh Hari,
Oh Naryana.

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