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Shiva ashtothara Namavali

Shiva Ashtothra Namavali
(108 names of Lord Shiva)
Translated by
(Here are the translations of the 108 names used in the worship of Lord Shiva. I would like to point out that Astotharams of Gods are not unique. There may be other compilations also. Every name is chanted with Om is a prefix and namah as the suffix. I have only translated the name)

Shiva Dyanam
Vandhe Sambumumapathimh suragurum
Vandhe Jagathkaaranam
Vandhe PanaBhooshanam mruhadharam
Vandhe Pasoonaam pathim
Vandhe Soorya Shasaankavahninayanam
Vandhe Mukundhapriyam
Vandhe Baktha Janasrayamsvratham
Vandhe Shivam Sankaram
Salutations to Shambu, consort of Uma and teacher of devas,
Salutations to the cause of the world,
Salutations to him who wears serpent as ornament
Salutations to him, who holds a deer,
Salutations to the Lord of all beings,
Salutations to him, who has sun, moon and fire as eyes.
Salutations to him, who likes Lord Vishnu,
Salutations to him, who provides succour to his devotees,
Salutations to Shiva and Shankara

Shree Shiva Ashtothram
Om Shivaa namah -He who is peaceful
Om Mahe-shwaraya namah –He who is the greatest lord
Om Shambhave namah –He who is Shambhu
Om Pinaakine namah –He who holds the bow called Pinaka
Om Sasi-shekha-raya namah –He who collected the moon
Om Vama-devaya namah – He who is Vama deva
Om Virupakshaya namah –He who has a not pleasant eye
Om Kapardhine namah –He who holds the skull
Om Nila-lohitaya namah –He who is the colour of blue metal
Om Shankaraya namah –He who is Shankara
Om Shula-panine namah-He who holds the trident
Om Khatvamgene namah-He who holds the sword
Om Vishnu-vallabhaya namah –He who is the Lord of Lord Vishnu
Om Sipi-vistaya namah –He who is with ray of light
Om Ambika nadhaya namah –He who is the Lord of Parvathi
Om Srikantaya namah –He who has a divine neck
Om Bhakta-vastalaya namah –He who loves his devotees
Om Bhavaya namah –He who is happening
Om Sharwaya namah –He who is Shiva who destroys
Om Trilo-keshaya namah -He who has three type of hairs
Om Siti-kantaya namah-He who has a black neck
Om Siva-priyaya namah- He who is liked by Parvathi
Om Ugraya namah –He who is fierce
Om Kapaline namah-He who holds the skull
Om Kaoumarine namah –He who is a lad forever
Om Andhaka-sura-sudanaya namah -He who killed Andhakasura
Om Ganga-dharaya namah -He who carries river Ganga
Om Lalaa-takshaya namah –He who has an eye in the forehead
Om Kaala-kalaya namah –He who is the death to God of death
Om Kripa-nidhaye namah-He who is the treasure of mercy
Om Bheemaya namah –He who is Gross
Om Parashu-hastaya namah-He who has axe in his hand
Om Mruga-panine namah –He who has a deer in his hand
Om Jata-dharaaya namah -He who has a matted lock
Om Kailasa-vasine namah –He who lives in Kailasa
Om Kavachine namah-He who wears an armour
Om Katoraya namah –he who is very harsh
Om Tripuran-takaya namah-He who destroyed the three cities
Om Vrushankaya namah –He who is the Lord of the bull
Om Vrushabharudaya namah –He who rides a bull
Om Bhasmo-dhulitha vigrahaya namah-He whose body is sprinkled with ash
Om Sama-priyaaya namah -He who likes Sama Veda
Om Sarwamayaaya namah-He who is spread in everything
Om Traemurthaye namah –He who is the trinity
Om Anishwaraya namah –He who is the God who destroys
Om Sarwagnyaya namah-he who orders every thing
Om Paramatmane namah –He who is the divine soul
Om SOma-suryagni-lochanaya namah -He who has moon, Sun and ire as his eyes
Om Havishe namah-He who is the fire offering
Om Yagnya-mayaaya namah –He who is personification of fire sacrifice
Om SOmaya namah -He who is the moon
Om Pancha-vaktraya namah –He who has five necks
Om Sada-shivaya namah -He who is perennially peaceful
Om Vishveshwa-raya namah -He who is the Lord of the universe
Om Virabhadraya namah -He who is Vira Bhadra
Om Gana-nadhaya namah -He who is the leader of Ganas
Om Praja-pataye namah –He who is the lord of all beings
Om Hiranya-retaya namah-He who shines like God
Om Durdharshaya namah –He who is difficult to see
Om Girishaya namah -He who is the Lord of the mountain
Om Giree-shaya namah -He who is the Lord of the mountain
Om Anaghaya namah –He who is faultless
Om Bhujanga-bhusha-naya namah -He who wears snake as ornament
Om Bhargaya namah –He who is Lord Shiva
Om Giri-dhanvine namah –He who has mountain as the bow
Om Giri-priyaaya namah –He who loves mountains
Om Krutti-vasaya namah -He who wears a hide
Om Pura-rataye namah –He who is delighted for ever
Om Bhagavaye namah –He who is the archer
Om Pramadha-dipaya namah -He who is a great lamp
Om Mrutyumjayaya namah –He who has won over death
Om Shukshma-tanave namah –He who has a micro body
Om Jagadvayapine namah -He who is spread all over the world
Om Jagad-gurave namah -He who is the teacher of
Om VyOma-keshaya namah –He who has the sky as his hair
Om Mahasena-janakaya namah –He who can create great armies
Om Charu-vikramaya namah –He who is pretty and valorous
Om Rudraya namah –He who is fiercely angry
Om Bhuta-pataye namah -He who is the Lord of Bhutas
Om Sthanane namah –He who is stable
Om Ahirbhudnyaya namah –He who wears a serpent
Om Digamba-raya namah –He who wears directions as cloth
Om Ashta-murthaye namah – He who has eight forms
Om Anekat-maya namah-He who has several forms
Om Satvikaya namah –He who is a sathvika (peaceful)
Om Shudha-vigrahaya namah – He who has a clean image
Om Shashwataya namah –He who is perennial
Om Khanda-parashave namah -He who is armed with axe
Om Ajaaya namah –He who is never born
Om Pashavimo-chakaya namah –He who frees one frOm attachment
Om Mrudaya namah-He who is dead
Om Pashu-pataye namah-He who is the Lord of all beings
Om Devaya namah –He who is the God
Om Maha-devaya namah- He who is the great God
Om Avya-yaya namah –He who never changes
Om Haraye namah –He who is the destroyer
Om Pusha-damta-bhethre namah –He who killed Pushpa Dantha
Om Avya-graya namah -He who is not agitated
Om Dakshadwara-haraaya namah _He who destroyed the house of Daksha
Om Haraya namah –He who destroys
Om Bhaganetrabhitre namah –He who has sun, moon and fire as eyes
Om Avya-ktaya namah –He who is not clear
Om Saha-srakshaya namah-He who has thousand eyes
Om Saha-srapadave namah-He who has thousand feet
Om Apavarga-pradaya namah-_He who helps us to cOmplete
Om Anantaya namah -He who does not have any end
Om Tarakaya namah –He who is the star
Om Para-meshwaraya namah –He who is the divine Lord.
Om naanavidha parimala pathra pushpaanni samarpyami!!
I offer to you different types of flowers and leaves

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