Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hey Jagannatha , Viswa Vidathaa

Hey Jagannatha  , Viswa Vidathaa- A prayer in Hindi
(Oh  lord of the universe   Oh the creator of universe)

Rabindranath Tagore

Translated  by

Hey Jagan nadha  , viswa Vidhathaa,
Hey Sukh santhi   nikethan hey

Oh lord of universe , of h creator of universe .
Oh Lord in whom  peace  and pleasure   exist

Prem ke sindhu  , Dheen ke bandhu,
Duka daridra vinasan hey,
Nithya akand  anantha anaadhi,
Pooran brahma  sanathan hey,

Oh ocean  of love  , Oh friend  of the poor,
Oh destroyer  of sorrow and poverty,
Who is forever, limitless  , endless  and beginningless,
Oh Complete Brahman    who is forever

Jag Aasraya  , Jag pathi  , Jag Vandhan,
Anupam  alakh niranjan hey,
Prana sakhaa   , tribhuvan   prathi palak,
Jeevan ke   avalamban hey

God on whom universe depends , lord of the universe , One who is saluted  by universe,
Oh incomparable, Oh directionless  oh spot less,
 Friend of life time, who looks after   the three worlds,
Oh Lord whom  life depends.

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