Monday, December 19, 2016

Tasmaat jaagruta, jaagruta

Tasmaat jaagruta, jaagruta
Hence, wake up, wake up!

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(Though many people ascribre these slokas to Adhi Sankara , they are not found in his complete works. Some scholars are of the opinion that it is written by Saint Ramadas,What is expressed there  is a universal philosophy  . Jagaratha  is translated as Be careful by some scholars especially tamil and Telugu )

Maata naasti, pitaa naasti naasti bandhu sahoodaraha
artham gruham naasti tasmaat jaagruta jaagruta!

Mother is not there, father is not there,
Relatives    and brothers   are not there.
Wealth and house are  not there,
And so  please  wke up, wake up

Janmaa duhkham, jaraa duhkham jaaya duhkha punah punaha
samsaara saagaram duhkham tasmaat jaagruta jaagruta!

Taking birth is sorrow  , attaining death is sorrow,
Married wife is sorrow    again and again  ,
The ocean of  human life is sorrow  ,
And so please wake up, wake up

Kaama kroodhascha loobhascha deehey tisht`hamti taskaraaha
gnaana ratna apahaararthaaya tasmaat jaagruta jaagruta!

Passion, anger  , and avarice  live  ,
Within you    as robbers ,
For stealing  the gem of wisdom,
And so please   wake up  , wake up.

Aas`aaya badhyatee lookaha karman`aa bahu chintayaha
Ayuh kshan`am jaanati Tasmaat jaagruta jaagruta!

People are all tied by desire,
And actions     are tied by great worries,
And this life would pass on in a second,
And so  please wake up , wake up.

Sampadaha Svapna samkaasaha Yauvanam kusumoopamam
Vidyut chamcalam Aayushyam Tasmaat Jaagruta Jaagruta!

The  riches   that you earn are  like dreams ,
And youth can be compared to a flower,
And the life span is like  a  streak of lightning
And so please wake up , wake up

Kshan`am vittam Kshan`am cittam Kshanam Jiivitameeva ca
Yamasya karun`aa naasti Tasmaat Jaagruta Jaagruta!

Wealth is for a second  , mind is for a second,
And  the  life   attached to the soul is for a second,
As the God of death does not have any mercy,
And so please wake up , wake up,

Anityaani S`areeraani Vibhavaanaiva S`aasvataha
Nityam Sannihiti mrutyuhu Tasmaat Jaagruta Jaagruta!

The   body  is temporary  and  ,
Wealth is not permanent  ,
AS  daly    death is waiting for you,
And so please wake up, wake up

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