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Jaya Krishna Stotram

Jaya  Krishna  Stotram


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Kannande, Kaliyundu, kalavundu, kanivundu
Unninkal palarundu,Jaya Krishna  SAraname

There is playing , cheating and mercy of Krishna,
There are several boys, I surrender  to Jaya Krishna

Kaal chilamboliyundu , Kala kala chiriyundu,
Kacha ppal kothiyundu, Jayakrishna  saraname

The sound of anklets  of leg is heard, as kleem, kleem,
There is intense desire for boiled milk, I surrender to Jaya Kaishna

Kinkini kilungunna  thirumeni theliyunnu,
Angajan mayangunnu, Jayakrishna saraname

The divine form with sounding  of bells  is becoming clear,
The sun is setting , I Surrender to Jaya  Krishna,

4.Keerthigal pugazhunnu, Keezh mel onnu ilakunnu,
Kinnarar  nirayunnu, , Jaya  Krishna saraname

Your  fame  is praising you , Everything  is   topsy –turvey,
People who sing divine music are crowding, I surrender  to Jaya  Krishna

5.kundalam kulungunnu, koonu chilli  kulayunnu,
Kunkumam kumarunnu,  Jaya  Krishna  Saraname

Your ear  globes  are shaking , Your eye brows get hassled,
The kumkum  is getting erased,  I surrender to Jaya  Krishna

6,Kootamittu kalikkunnu, Kootham kandu  Vilikkunnu,
Kuthattam thudangunnu, Jaya Krishna   saraname.

They start plaing in crowd, they jump and call each other,
The dance  is starting  , I surrender  to Jaya  Krishna.

7.Kelppu nokki pidikkunnu, kedu noki adukkunnu,
Kedu nokki vidukkunnu, Jaya  Krishna saraname

He catches   seeing their ability, He nearness  them seeing their weakness,
He  leaves them  seeing their weakness, I surrender  to Jaya  Krishna

8.Keli kandu  pugazhthunnu , Keli kondu mayangunnu,
Keli  thande  thamuraane , Jaya  Krishna   saraname

Seeing their play you praise, By play  you make  them enchamted,
Oh Lord   of  play , I surrender  to Jaya  Krishna

9.Kai valakal kilungunnu,  Kaal inakal  murugunnu,
Kannthi puram  vilangunnu, Jaya Krishna   saraname.

Their bangles  are making tingling sound, Their  two feet are getting tight ,
The luster  of shine  shows up, I surrender to Jaya  Krishna

10.Konjalodde  nadikkunnu , Pinja  jaalam pozhiyunnu,
Pancha  banan kizhiyunnu, Jaya Krishna   saraname

Thgey act as if they lisp, They shower the magic of females,
The Lord of love gets  torn, I surrender to Jaya  Krishna

11.Korakangal viriyunnu, Kokilangal mayangunnu,
Kuzhal  viligal thudangunnu, Jaya  Krishna   saraname

The buds start opening , The koels get enchanted,
The music of flute starts, I surrender to Jaya Krishna

12.Kouthugangal valarkkunna kausalangal  udhikkunnu,
Kanmashangalurukkunnnu, Jaya  Krishna  Saraname

The tricks  which rise  up the  Joy get opened up,
The bad  parts   are slowly residing, I surrender  to Jaya  Krishna

13,Karma jalamozhikkunnu, kamsa gatham kazhikkunnu,
Kalki vesham dharikkunu, Jaya  Krishna    saraname

The magic of duty is avoided,  the killing of Kamsa   is cafrrfied out,
Then  he dresses himself  up for  role of Kalki, I surrender  to Jaya krishna

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