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Vignesa Ashtotharam

aVigneswara Ashtothra Shatha Namavali
(The row of 108 names to the God of obstacles)

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(It is a custom for Hindus to worship Gods with 108 names , which are actually descriptions of the God. Here is a popular Ashtothara Satham (108) of Lord Ganesa . who is the remover of obstacles . Normally with every name Om is added as a prefix and Namaha is added as a suffix.)
SarvaVignaharam Devam SarvaKaryaphalapradham
Sarvasiddhi pradhataram Vandeham Gaananayakam“

I salute the leader of all Ganas,
Who removes all obstacles,
Who fulfills all actions,
And who blesses us with occult powers.

Namavali (Row of names)

1.Om Vinayakaya Namaha -  Salutations to the God  who is the Blessed Lord of all
2.Om Vighnarajaya Namaha -Salutations to the God who is king of obstacles
3.Om Gauriputraya Namaha -Salutations to the God who is son of Goddess Gauri
4.Om Ganesvaraya Namaha -Salutations to the God who is blesses leader of all Ganas
5.Om Skandagrajaya Namaha -Salutations to the God who is elder brother of Skanda(Subrahmanya) 
6.Om Avyayaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is stable and does not change
7.Om Putaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who shines
8.Om Dakshaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is an expert
9/Om Adhyakshaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who presides
10.Om Dvijapriyaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who likes the twice born
11.Om Agnigarbhachide Namaha-Salutations to him  who has fire in his stomach
12.Om Indrasripradaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who granted wealth to Indra
13.Om Vanipradaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who grants voice
14.Om Avyayaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who never alters
15.Om Sarvasiddhipradaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who grants all occult powers
16.Om Sarvajnanayaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who knows everything
17.Om Sarvaripriyaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is liked by every one
18.Om Sarvatmakaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who is the soul of everyone
19.Om Srushtikatre Namaha -Salutations to him  who creates
20.Om Devaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is God
21.Om Anekarchitaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who is worshipped by dseveral
22.Om Sivaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is Lord Shiva himself
23.Om Suddhaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is cleanliness
24.Om Buddhipriyaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who likes knowledge
25.Om Santaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is a saint
26.Om Brahmacharine Naamaha -Salutations to him  who is a Brahma chari
27.Om Gajananaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who killed Gaja mukhasura
28.Om Dvaimatreyaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is double
29.Om Munistutyaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is worshipped by sages
30.Om Bhaktavighnavinasanaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who removes obstacles in pathof devotion
31.Om Ekadantaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who has only one tusk
32.Om Chaturbahave Namaha -Salutations to him  who has four different aspects
33.Om Chaturaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is clever
34.Om Saktisamyutaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is with power
35.Om Lambodaraya Namaha -Salutations to him  who has a broad paunch
36,Om Surpakarnaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who has winnow like ears
37.Om Haraye Namaha -Salutations to him  who is Hara (shiva)
38.Om Brahmaviduttamaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who an expert in knowledge of Brahma
39.Om Kalaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is a crescent (He who is artful)
40,Om Grahapataye Namaha -Salutations to him  who is chief of planets (House)
41.Om Kamine Namaha -Salutations to him  who desires
42.Om Somasuryagnilochanaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who has Sun ,moon and fire as eyes
43.Om Pasankusadharaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who holds the rope and the goad.
44.Om Chandaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is fierce
45.Om Gunatitaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is as bright as Sun
46.Om Niranjanaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is spotless and pure
47.Om Akalmashaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who does not have any stain
48.Om Svayamsiddhaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who has become sidha himself
49.Om Siddharchitapadambujaya Namaha -Salutations to him  whose feet is worshipped by saints
50.Om Bijapuraphalasaktaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who likes to get results of Bhija
51.Om Varadaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who gives boons (He who blesses)
52.Om Sasvataya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is perennial
53.Om Krutine Namaha -Salutations to him  who performs
54.Om Dvijapriyaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who likes the twice born
55.Om Vitabhayaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is never afraid 
56.Om Gadine Namaha -Salutations to him  who is our ultimate goal
57.Om Chakrine Namaha -Salutations to him  who is Lord Vishnu
58.Om Ikshuchapadhrite Namaha -Salutations to him  holds the bow of sugarcane
59.Om Sridaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who blesses with wealth
60,Om Ajaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is not born
61.Om Utpalakaraya Namaha -Salutations to him  holds lotus in his hand
62.Om Sripataye Namaha -Salutations to him  who is the lord of wealth
63.Om Stutiharshitaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who becomes happy because of prayer
64.Om Kuladribhettre Namaha -Salutations to him  who broke the mountain
65.Om Jatilaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is an ascetic
66.Om Kalikalmashanasanaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who destroys the ills of Kali age
67.Om Chandrachudamanaye Namaha-Salutations to him  who wears the crescent
68.Om Kantaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is very pleasing
69.Om Papaharine Namaha -Salutations to him  who cures sins
70.Om Samahitaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who has an affable personality
71.Om Asritaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who protects
72.Om Srikaraya Namaha -Salutations to him  who does good deeds
73.Om Saumyaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is very peaceful
74.Om Bhaktavanchitadayakaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who fulfills the desire of devotees
75.Om Santaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is peaceful
76.Om Kaivalyasukhadaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who grants the pleasure of salvation
77.Om Sachidanandavigrahaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is the personification of divine joy
78.Om Jnanine Namaha-Salutations to him  who is wise
79.Om Dayayutaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who is merciful
80.Om Dantaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who has a tusk
81.Om Brahmadveshavivarjitaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who abandoned enmity to Lord Brahma 
82.Om Pramatta daityabhayadaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who is fearful to Asuras
83.Om Srikanthaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is the glorious light
84.Om Vibhudesvaraya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is the God of all divine beings
85.Om Ramarchitaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is in the mind of Rama
86.Om Vidhaye Namaha -Salutations to him  who is very learned
87.Om Nagarajayajnopavitavate Namaha-Salutations to him  who wears snake as sacred thread
88.Om Sthulakanthaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who has very gross body
89.Om Svayamkartre Namaha -Salutations to him  who is made by himself
90.Om Samaghoshapriyaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who likes the singing of Sama Veda
91.Om Parasmai Namaha-Salutations to him  who is beyond everything
92.Om Sthulatundaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who has a big tusk
93.Om Agranye Namaha -Salutations to him  who is the first
94.Om Dhiraya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is brave
95.Om Vagisaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is the God of words
96,Om Siddhidayakaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who makes things happen and removes obstacles
97.Om Durvabilvapriyaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who likes Bilwa leaves and Durva grass
98.Om Avyaktamurtaye Namaha -Salutations to him  who does not have a clear form
99.Om Adbhutamurtimate Namaha-Salutations to him  who has a wonderful form
100.Om Sailendratanujotsanga Khelanotsukamanasaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who gets pleased by playing with the lord of Mountains
101.Om Svalavanyasudhasarajita Manmathavigrahaya Namaha-Salutations to him  who has a pretty form like nectar and has a form like God of love
102.Om Samastajagadadharayai Namaha -Salutations to him  who carries all the universe
103,Om Mayine Namaha-Salutations to him  who has an illusory form
104.Om Mushikavahanaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who rides on the mouse
105.Om Hrushtaya Namaha –He who is pleased 
106.Om Tushtaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who is always satisfied
107.Om Prasannatmane Namaha-Salutations to him  who has a very pleasant attitude
108,Om Sarvassiddhipradayakaya Namaha -Salutations to him  who grants all powers

“Ithi Sri Vigneshwara Astothara Satharamavali hi”
Thus ends the 108 holy names of Vigneswara

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