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Dasa Maha Vidhya Stotra

Dasa Maha Vidyha Stotra .

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( I have earlier translated  Dasa Maha Vidhya Sthuthi ( )


(Kalika  is fearless,  lives in cremation ground, horrible to look at , naked, wearing garland of skulls,  and has a long toungue projecting outside.  She is supposed to have great  maternal affection.  You would get courage , wealth  , power , health and liberation by praying to her

SAyaa china siraa, sripannam abhayam hasthair varam  bibratheem,
Ghorasyam shirasaam srajjam  suru chiraa mun muktha keshavallem,
Srukkyaa sruk  pravahaam  smasana nithyaam sruthyoho shavalankrithim,
Shyamaangeem krutha mekhalam  shavakai  devim bhaje  Kalikam.

I sing about  Kalika , whose head is cut off , who holds a sword in one hand ,
Who shows sign of protection, who has a  dreadful and terrifying  head,
Who decorates  herself with a garland  of skulls , who has  disheveled hair,
Who has blood flowing from her mouth , who daily lives in the cremation ground,
Who decorates her ears with corpses, who has black body  and girdle of hands of corpses.


(She  is the energy that helped Lord Shiva  to digest the Kala Koota poison. She sits stretching her right leg and folding her left leg. She holds  a blue lotus flower , a skull , sword and other weapons in her hands. Prayer her would  help one get poetic ability , royal honour  and wealth .)

Viswa vyaapaka , varee Madhya   vilasath swetambu janma  sthithaabhyaam,
Karthree khadga  kapala neela nalinai raajathkaraam neelaabhaam,
Kanchi kundala  hara kankana lasad keyura manjeerakaam,
Aaptair  nagavarair vibhoosgitha thanoo, marakatha  nethra  thrayaam,
Pingograika  jataam  lasad su rasaanaam damshtraa karaala ananam,
Charma dwaipivaraam katou vidathreem , swethasthi  pattalikaam,
Akshoyena  viraaja  maana  sirasaam , smeraanana amboruhaam,
Taaraam  shava hridaasanaam  dridha kuchaam ambaam  trilokya smareth.

I  meditate  on  the mother goddess who is spread all over the world ,
Who sits  on the fully opened white lotus flower   which is on  the water,
Who is the doer  holding a sword , skull and blue lotus, who is of blue colour,
Who wears  girdle  , ear globes , garland , bangles , bracelets  and anklets,
Whose body is coiled  by great serpents , who has three  emerald like eyes ,
Who has reddish brown hair, who sits on a  golden throne ,
Who has a fearful face with protruding teeth , who wears  a skin of a tiger on her waist,
Who is in the white desert land , Who decorates her  head  with bones ,
Who has smiling  lotus like face  and Who is the  firm breasted Tara  seated on the chest of the corpse.


  (BHairavi  is supposed to have been born when Lord Brahma meditated  on her to get the ability   to do creation. She wears garland of skulls , has three eyes, wears a gem studded crown , decorated by the moon’s crescent. She holds a book as well  as rosary. Meditating on her is supposed to ward off  all mishaps and dangers.)
Udyatht bhanu sahasra kanthim arunakshoumam  siro maalikaam,
Raktha liptha payodharaam  japa varaam vidhyaam abhithim  varam,
Hasthabjair dadatheem  , trinethra vilasad , vakthravinda sriyaam,
Deveem  badha  himamshu rathna makutaam , vande  su mandasmithaam.

I salute her with a pretty smile , who has  brilliance of thousand suns,
Who wears a red dress  and a garland over  her head , who has blood stained  breasts,
Who meditates, grants  knowledge and fearlessness and holds a lotus flower,
Who  has lotus like  face with three  eyes and wears  the moon on her crown.


(Dhoomavathi is of the colour of smoke. She rides on a crow , has a winnow in one hand and pestle in another. She is supposed to completely eradicate  ignorance., makes one free of fear and overcome  negative emotions like   anger, jealousy etc.)

Vivarnaa chanchala dushtaa deegacha malinambaraa,
Vimuktha kunthala  rookshaa vidhavaa viraala dvijaa ,
Kaaka  dwajastharoodaa  vilambitha payodharaa,
Shoorpa hasthathi rakthaakshee drutha hasthaa varanvithaa,
Pravrudha ghonaa thu brusam kutilaa kutilekshhanaa ,
Kshuth pipasa aaraditha nithya, bhayadhaa kalahasspadaa.

I salute the Goddess who is discolored, who  is fickle, Who has wicked eyes, who wears dirty cloths,
Who has  untied hair, who is rugged , who is a widow, who has uneven teeth,
Who rides on a chariot with crow as a flag, who has  hanging breasts ,
Who holds winnow in her hand , who has blood red eyes, who has fast hand to give boons,
Who wears torn cloths, who is crooked and has a curved and crooked eyes,
Who is suffering from hunger and thirst , who makes one scared and quarrelsome.

5.Chinna mastha

(She  appears  holding her cut off head  which drinks the blood   which comes out of her trunk , surrounded by her friends  Varinee and  Daakinee. She holds the sakthi weapon  on her left hand and cut head on her right hand. Meditation is supposed   to help the devotee get anything that  he desires, including children, wealth and salvation.)

Naabohu Shubraa , Saroja vakthra vilasath bandhookapushpa arunaam,
Bhaaswath Bhaskara mandalaam , thad upare thad yoni chakram mahath,
Than madhye vipareetha maithuna  ratha pradyumnasathkaminee ,
Prushtasthaam tharunarka koti vilasath  theja swaroopaam shivaam,
Vaame china shirodharaam thad ithare panou mahath karthikaam,
Paratyaaleedha padaam  digantha  vasanumuktha  kesha vrujaam,
Chinnathmeeya  sirah samuchalad asrugdharaam pibantheem paraam,
Baladithya sama  prakasha  vilasanethra thrayod bhasineem.

I salute the goddess in has a pure navel which shines like a lotus  flower and is like the red Bandhooka flower,
Who shines  like the sun  and has   over her  a great  Yoni Chakra,
And in the middle of it that  greatly passionate one  is seen in the  posture of reverse cohabitation,
Who is shining like billions of  torrid burning  suns , Who is  the sparkling wife of Lord Shiva,
Who holds her cut head in her left hand and  a big sword   in the other hand,
Whose legs are drawn back , who is naked  with disheveled  hair,
Who is drinking the blood   gushing  out of her own body in to the cut head,
Who has  shine of the early morning sun and  who has  three clear eyes

6.Tripura or Srividhya

(She holds the goad , noose , five flower arrows, sugar cane and the bow  Great Power  as well as knowledge is bestowed on her  devotees.)

Sa kunkuma vilepanaa malli kasthurikaam,
SAmandha hasithe kshanaam  sa sara  chapa pasangusaam ,
Asesha jana mohineem  aruna malya  bhooshambaram,
Japa kusuuma basuraam   japa vidhou smaradembikaam.

Meditate on her,
Who applies saffron on her body,
Who applies musk  which  is attracts  bees  on her,
Who has a beautiful smile,
Who has with her bows, arrows and rope and a goad,
Who attracts all the souls,
Who wears red garland,
Who wears great dresses and ornaments,
And who is of the colour of  the red hibiscus,


(She is in the form of rising sun , has three eyes, wears the crescent of the moon .She holds noose, and the goad She gives her devotees wealth pleasure  , high position and popularity.)

Kala vyaktha vibhaakaraam itha nibhaam bhavya pradhaam bharatheem,
Eesath  phulla  mukambuja  smitha kariahi aashaabavandapaham,
Pasaancha  abhaya m ankusam  cha varadaam sabibratheem bhoothidhaam,
Brajantheem chathurambujakrithi karaihi bhakthyaa tham easwareem.

I salute the Goddess with  devotion  who has the limitless shine of the sun, ,
Who  gives gracious boons , who is goddess  of learning ,
Who removes the darkness  the desire and avarice  by the smile of her lotus like face,
Who holds the noose , goad  in her hands  as well  shows sign of blessing and  protection by them,
And who shines like fire with  her four hands resembling lotus flowers.


(She controls the toungue of the enemy  and bestows victory on us.)

Souvarnasana  samasthithaam  trinayanaa,  peethaam , sukho ullasineem,
Hemabhanga  ruchim  sasanka makutaam  sachampaka sragyuthaam,
Hasthar mudgara pasha  vajra rahanaa hasaam  bibratheem  bhooshyanihi,
Vyapthaann geem bagalamukheem  trijagatham   samsthambhineem chinthayeth.

I think of Bhagalamukhi , who  looks after  all the three  worlds ,
Who sits on a golden throne , Who has three eyes , Who is yellow in colour ,
Who enjoys pleasures , Who shines like gold , Who keeps the moon on her  crown,
Who wears garland of Champaka flowers  , Who holds in her  hands,
A mace , a noose , a thunderbolt   and also a girdle,
And whose every part of the body is decorated with  ornaments.


(She is the minister of Rajarajeswari.She has two hand maids called Vagvadhini  and Lakuli . She is capable of making your enemy in an argument  as dumb..She is of green colour and plays on the lute. Devotees get greatness  in art by propitiating her.)

Ghana shyamalangi sthithaam  rathna peete,
Sukasyodithaam srunvatheem Raktha vasthraam,
Sura pana mathaam , saroj a sthithaam sreem,
Bhaja vallakim vadayantheem  , mathangim.

I sing about  Matangi , who looks like  dark black clouds , who sits on a gem studded platform,
Who listens to prattle of parrots ,    who  wears  cloths  of red blood colour,
Who is  in the state of intoxication of alcoholic drinks, Who   sits on a lotus flower,
And who is found playing music on a bamboo  flute.


(She appears cheerful  but holding various weapons. She grants beauty, wealth and greatness in fine arts to her devotees.)

Balarka dyuthi mindu kanda  vilasath  koteera harojwalaam,
Rathnakalpa vibhooshithaam kucha nathaam salai karair manjareem,
Padmam  Kousthubha  rathna mapyaviratham sambibratheem susmitham,
Phullamboja  vilochana  thrata yuthaam  dhyayeth  paraam  devathaam.

I meditate on the divine goddess , Who has the shine  of rising sun ,
Who shines like a piece of moon  with great necklaces  and gem studded coronets,
Who is slightly bent due to heavy breasts, Who is holding a bunch of flowers,
Lotus flower , noose and kausthubha  in her hands , who sports a very pleasant smile,
And who has  three enchanting eyes similar   to fully opened flowers.

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