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Dwatrimsath Ganapathi dhyana slokas

Dwatrimsath  Ganapathi dhyana slokas.

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       According to Mudgala Purana , a book dealing with Lord Ganesa, there are thirty two  forms of Ganesa. These are listed described along with pictures   and Dhyana Slokas are in a Kannada book called  Sri Thathwa nidhi, in the chapter on Shiva Nidhi. These pictures along with the slokas are  sculpturally  represented along with Dhyana Slokas  in the temple at Nanjangud  as well as  Chamaraja nagar near Mysore. I got these slokas in  a book pulished by the Ganesa temple of Connaught place , new Delhi in the year   1969.  Each Dhyana sloka gives a detailed  form of that Ganesa. Ganesa devotees believe  that chanting these 32 slokas   would  help you fulfill all your wishes.  Detailed iconography along with a drawn picture along with slokas   their translation as well as the location of the concerned  temples is available in the web site
    Illustrated information about   the 32 Ganesa forms are also  available in
    However the order in which these 32 forms are presented is very much different  in these  web sites. )

1.Bala Ganapathi  (Mesha Rasi  on Prathama)
(Child form of Ganesa)

(It is good  for people born in  mesha rasi     to worship this Ganapathi  on Prathama thidhi (first phase of moon)  with grass and offer him  either banana  fruit or  Mango fruit  or  Modhakas and s distribute it to devotees.The health of the children would  improve  by worshipping this form of Ganesa)

 Karastha kadali chootha , panasekshuka modhakam,
Bala soorya prabhakaram, vandeham bala ganapathim,

I salute the  boy  like Ganapathi who shines  like a young Sun,
Holding in his hands  Banana fruit, mango fruit, jack fruit , sugarcane and Modhaka .

2.Bhaktha Ganapathi (rishbha rasi  on dwitheeya)
(devotee form of Ganesa)

(It  is good for people  born in Rishabha rasi  to worship this form of Ganapathi  on Dwitheeya thidhi (Second phase of moon). He should be offered   either coconut  or Paruppu payasam. By worshipping him sorrows in mind would disappear. Diseases of the mind would be cured)

Nalikeramra kadali  gula payasa  dharinam,
SArthchandra bhava pusham , bhaje bhaktha ganapathim.

I salute the  devotee Ganapathi , who shines   like the autumn moon,
Holding in his hands  coconut, mango , banana and a pot of Jaggery Payasam.

3.Sakthi Ganapathi (mithuna rasi on tritheeya)
(The powerful Ganesa)

 (This Form should be worshipped by  those  born in Mithuna rasi  on Tritheeaya thidhi (third phase of moon) ,By worshipping him, you would become wealthy  /become an expert artist.Worship him using Dhoorva grass.  )

AAlinghya devim harithaam nishannam parasparaslishta katou nivesaya,
SAndhyarunaam  pasa sruneem vahantham bhayapaham  Shakthi Ganapathi meede.

I  salute  the Ganapathi with Shakthi , who is seen embracing  his wife ,
Who holds a green lemon , who and his wife seated on his knee embrace each other,
Who is of the orange colour of the dusk , who holds  the tusk and  goad and shows  sign of protection.

4.Pingala (Sidhi ) Ganapathi (Kadaka rasi on Chathurthi day)
(The occult Ganesa)

(this form of Ganesa should be worshipped by thisse born In Kadaka rasi   on the Chathurthi day. He should be worshipped with  flowers   and offered either  sugar caane  or  Payasam or Modhakam with gingelly inside, All your desires would be fulfilled   by worshipping him.)

  Pakva chootha kalpa manjarim ikshu danda  thila modhakai saha ,
Udwahan parasu hastha they Nama sri samrudhipatha  deva Pingala.

Salutations to the reddish brown coloured god  armed with axe in his hand , who signifies plenty ,
Who holds  ripe mango , bouquet  of turmeric , sugarcane  and sesame  sweet.

5. Uchishta Ganapathi (simha rasi on Panchami)
(The Ganesa who has left remnants)

(people n born in Simha rasi  should worship  this form on Panchami day.Worshipping him with blue flowers is more effective  . He should be offered pomegranate  fruit or Jaggery payasam .Life would be full of joy without any worries by worshipping him. This form is considered as the most powerful form and is worshipped by householders as well as Sanyasis,)

 Neelabjam dadimi veena  saali gunjaksha  suthrakam,
Dadadad uchishta   naamaayam Ganesa pathu mokshadha

Let The Ganapathi called  the Ganapathi who gives  the left over.
 Who holds a blue lotus, Pomegranate, Veena , rosary    

6.Kshipra Ganapaathi (Kanya rasi on sashti days)
The Swift Ganesa

(people born in Kanya rasi should worship him on Sagti thithi(sixth phase of moon). BY worshipping him cattle wealth would increase)

Danthakalpa  lathaapasa   rathna  kumbham kusojjwalam ,
Bandhooka  kamaneeyamam   dhyayeth kshipra ganadhipam.

I meditate on the easily pleased  Lord of Ganas  who holds a blue lotus and shining sprig of paddy
Who holds a climbing plant , rope ,  gem studded pot and as pretty as Bandhooka tree.

7.Vighna raja(Vijaya)  Ganapathi (THula rasi on SApthami)
(Ganesa- The King of obstacles)

(Peopple born in thula rasi  should worship him on  sapthami day. He should be offered SArkarai  pongal  or Laddu. Success   in all attempts would be assured by worshipping him.)

Pasangusa swadam thamra  phalavaan aaghu vahana,
Vighnan nihanthu  rakthavarno  vinayaka.

Let the blood red coloured  Ganesa  who holds the rope  and goad,
Own tusk  and mango and rides on a mouse  remove my obstacles.

8.Srushti Ganapathi(Meena rasi  Ashtami)
(Ganesa the creator)

(People born in meena  rasi should worship him   on Ashtami thidhi(Eigth phase of moon . He could be offered Beaten rice, Groundnut chundal. People who are artists  or composers or producers   would benefit   by worshipping him)

Pasangusa swadantha aamra  phalavan aaghu vahana,
Vighnan nihanthu nassona srushti daksho vinayaka.

Let the blood red coloured  Ganesa  who holds the rope  and goad,
Own tusk  and mango and rides on a mouse   and ,
Who is engaged in creation of beings with blood ,  remove  my obstacles.

9.Runa mochana  Ganapathi (Navami)
(Ganesa who saves us from debt)

(For getting rid of debts, he should be worshipped on Navami thidhi. He should be offered wood apple or puffed  rice. People who are suffering from sickness   would get cy ured  by worshipping him.)

Pasangusou dantha jambu dadhana spatika prabha,
Rakthamsuko  Ganapathir mudhesyadh  runa mochaka.

Let the Ganapathi of  crystal colour  dressed in red  holding rope   , goad  and rose apple.
Happily remove  all  my bondage   and loans.

10.Dundi Ganapathi (dasami)
(The sought after Ganapathi)

(He  should be worshipped on Dasami thidhi(tenth phase of moon).All obstacles would vanish by praying to him.)

Akshmaalaam kutaaram cha rathna pathram swadanthakam,
Dathe karair vighna rajo dundi nama  mudhesthuna.

Does not the dispeller  of obstacles  , who is called Dundi,
Holding a rosary , sword , pot of gems  and his own tusk is  joyfully sought after.

11.Dwimukha Ganapathi(Ekadasi)
(Ganesa  with two faces)

(This form with two faces should be worshipped  on Ekadasi thithi..Life long prosperity   would result by regularly    worshipping him like that

SWadantha pasangusa rathna pathram , karair dadhano Harineelagra gathra,
Rakthamsuko  rathna kireeta mali  bhoothyai  sadaa may dwimukho Ganesa.

I salute always for my sake  the  Ganesa  who has two faces,
Who is bluish green and wears   red cloth   and wearing a garland a red  crown,
And holds in his hand,  His own tusk , rope goad   , pot of gems .

12.Yoga Ganapathi (all rasis always)
(Ganesa of Yoga)

(It is believed all the 12 rasis are   within himWorshipping him on dwadasi day  is considered as special,He should be worshipped by Durva grass and conch flower.Ven pongal and appam should be offered   to him)

Yogaroodo  yoga pattabhi ramo   balarkabhaschensra  neelamsu kadaya,
Paseeswakshaan yoga dandam  dadhanopaya nithyam  yoga vigneswarona.

I daily salute the Yoga Ganesa , who sits on a yogic pose, crowned as master of yoga,
Who  shines like sun , wears blue cloths and holds rope , rosary  and Yoga  staff.

13.Yeka dantha Ganapathi (trayodasi thithi)
(The one tusked Ganesa)

Worshipping this   form of Ganesa  in the Trayodasi  thithi would  and offering him Laddu or Chakkarai pongal  would help you shine in studies and fear of enemy getting destroyed.)

Lambhodaram , shyama thanum  ganesam  kutaramakshasraja moordwagabhyam,
Saladrungum  danthamadha karabhyaam  vametharabhyam cha dadhana meede.

I salute   Ganesa ,who has a big paunch,  who has a black body who holds an axe  and a rosary,
Who is upright  and has his broken trunk in his left hands .

14.Herambha Ganapathi (Chathurdasi thithi)

(The Hero  Ganesa)

(By worshipping him in Chaturdasi  , you can get yourself out of any great danger. )

   Abhaya varada hastha pasaa danthakshamala  sruni parasudhano  mudgaram modhakam cha ,
Phalam  adhigatha Simha Pancha mathanga vakthro Ganapathi rathi gaura, pathu heramba nama.

Let  me be protected by the five elephant headed  Ganesa riding on a lion who is very serious, who is called Heramba,
Who shows  signs of protection and boons, who holds the rope  , his tusk, rosary  , sickle , axe,  hammer , citron, and Modhaka.

15.Nrutha Ganapathi (Paurnami)
(The dancing Ganesa)

(This form of  Ganapathi should be worshipped  on a full moon day(Paurnami))

Pasangusa poopoa kutara  dandha , chanchatkara kluptha varanguleeyakam,
Peetha prabham kalpa tharor adhastham bhajami nruthopapadham  ganesam.

I sing about the dancing Ganesa , who is of yellow golden color , who sits below wish giving tree ,
Who holds the noose , goad , Modhaka , tusk ,shining  divine rings arranged on his fingers.

16.Haridra Ganapathi (Sankata Hara  Chathurthi)
(The turmeric Ganesa)

(This form of Ganesa should be worshipped on  SAnkata hara  Chathurthi day,He would accept any thing  that is offered to him.Children worshipping him would be devotees.)

Haridram chathur bahum , haridra vadanam prabhum,
Pasangusa daram  devam modakam danthameva cha  ,
Bhakthabhaya  pradatharam  vandhe vigna vinasanam.

I salute the dispeller of  obstacles,  who protects  his devotees,
Who is yellow in colour  , has four hands , who is the lord  having golden face ,
Who is the god  holds noose, goad  , Modhaka   and the tusk.

17.Tharuna Ganapathi(Dwitheeya)
(Ganesa who is a youth/blesses  us at all times))

(This form of Ganesa   can be worshipped  on dwitheeya , wood apple  or maize cobs or beaten rice or modhakas   x can be offered to him.. He blesses  us at all times)

Pasangusa apoopa kapitha jamboo  phalam  thilan  venumapiswa hasthai,
Drutha  sadasya tharuna arunabha   paayath sayushmaan tharuno Ganesa.

Long live the Teen aged Ganapathi  who holds the noose, goad  ,jaggery sweet, 
Wood apple  , rose apple  , Gingelly  and  cane ,
Who wears the shining red colour of dawn and gets  you very long life.

18.Veera Ganapathi (at all times)
(The valorous Ganesa)

(worshipping him would   destroy our fear)

Vethala sakthi sara  karmuka  chakra gadvanga, mudgara , gadhaam  angusa naga  pasaan,
Soolam  cha kuntha parasu dwajam udvahantham , veeram ganesamarunam sathatham smaraami.

I always ,meditate  on the red valorous  Ganapathi  who holds  goblin, spear  , bow , arrow, hammer, mace ,
Wheel  , sword , shield  , mace  , goad , snake ,  noose , trident , pick axe  , battle axe and flag.

19.Dvija Ganapathi (at all times)
(The twice born Ganesa)

(Helps us during interview and examinations)

Ya pusthakaksha  guna dhanda kamandalu sreenirvruthyamana  kara bhooshana mindu varnam,
Sthambera manana  chathushtaya shobhamanam  thwaam  samsmare  dwija ganathipathe  dhanya

I remember the honourable twice born Ganesa , who holds book of palm leaves, a staff , water pot  ,
Who is happy  and decorates his hands  by a moon, and who shines  like the four legged  elephant.

20.Vighna(bhuvanesa) Ganapathi (Dhanu rasi/Navami thidhi)
(Ganesa-the lord of earth/Obstacles)

(This form   should  be worshipped  by those  born in Dhanu Rasi  on Navami thidhi..Business   and farming   would prosper  if you worship him.)

Samswekshu chapa   kusumeshu kutara pasa  chakramkusai  kalama  manjarika  gadhahyou,
Panisthithai  pari samahitha  bhooshana sri Vigneswara vijayathe thapaneeya goura.

Hail Vigneswara who is saintly white holding  Conch , sugar cane  , flower , axe , rope,
Wheel, goad paddy and Dhruva grass in his hand who is decorated  by the correct Samhithas.

21.Urdhwa  Ganapathi (at all times)
(Upright Ganesa)

(to be worshipped by 21 numbers of any flower or grass. By worshipping him, there would  be prosperity to the world and happiness   in family)

Kalhari shali kamalekshuka  chapa bana Dantha prorahaka gadhi kanakojjawalanga ,
Aalinganodhyatha karo harithanga yashtya  devya disathw abhayam oordhwa ganathipo may.

Let me  be given protection  by  the upright Ganapathi , who embraces his Shakthi who sits on his left thigh.
Who is of golden colour , who holds a blue lily,   lotus flower , sugarcane  , bow and arrows , a sprig of paddy and the club.

22.Lakshmi Ganapathi (at all times)
(The Ganesa giver of wealth)

(No special rules. By worshipping him daily  the devotee  would become rich.)

Vibrana suka  bhjeeja poora kamalam,manikhya kumbha angusan,
Pasam kalpa lathaancha gadga vilasath jjyothi sudhaa nirjjara,
Shyamenatha saroruhena  sahitho devi dvayenaanthike,
Gourangavara dhannaa  hastha  kamalo Lakshmi ganeso avathath.

All over is spread the white Lakshmi  Ganesa who holds a parrot , pomegranate , lotus  flower,
Gem studded pot, goad , noose, the wish giving creeper, sword and shines like a  flame  fulfilling all wishes.
Sits near  a blue lotus filled lake along     with his   two consorts  and shows the boon giving hand.

23.Maha Ganapathi (Think about him any time)
(The great  Ganesa)

(Even by mental worship he grants your wishes.He likes offerings of Appam or mango or jack fruit or Banana or coconut or sweet modhakams)

Hastheendranana  indhu chooda aruna chayaam trinethram rasath,
Aaslishtam  priyayaa  sapadma karaya swangasthaaya  santhatham,
Bheejapoora  gadhekshu karmukalasachakrabhja pasothphala,
Breehyagraswa vishana rathna kalasaan hasthair vahantham bhaje.

I sing about The great Ganapathi  who is of red colour , who has a face of king of elephants,
Who wears the moon , has three  eyes, , embraces always his  darling sitting on his lap with his lotus like  hands,
Who holds pomegranate , mace, sugarcane, a pot of jewels  , discuss, blue lotus flower,  rope , broken tusk and  pot of jewels.

24.Ekakshara  Ganapathi (any time)
(One lettered Ganesa)

(By worshipping this form   expertise in all forms of art can be achieved. He likes Erukkam poo garland    and  Ellurundai)

Raktho rakthangaragaam Shuka, kusumayutha  thundhila chandra mouli,
Nethrair yuktha sthribhi Vamana kara  charano bheeja pooram dadhaana,
Hasthaagra  kluptha pasangusa sharada varadho  naga vakthrohi bhoosho,
Deva padmasanastho bhavathu Sukha karo bhoothaye vighna raja.

Let us be granted pleasant life  by the king of  obstacles , who is red and wears red cloths,
Who holds a parrot and lotus  and wears  the crescent on his crown,
Who has three eyes, who holds pomegranate  on his left hand ,
Who holds the rope and the goad  in his hands , decorates himself with a snake  and grants clear  boons.

25, Vara Ganapathi(vruschiga rasi  )
(The Ganesa who is blessed)

(expertise  in knowledge  music or wisdom. Any thing simple can be offered to him.)

Sindhoorabhamibhanam trinayanam, cha pasamguso,
Bhibranaam  Madhu math kapalam anisam sadvindu moulim bhaje,
Prushtayaa aslishta thanum dwajagra karayaa padmollasaddhasthayaa,
Thadhonyahitha pani mathava  vasumath pathrolasad pushkaram.

I pray Lord Ganesa who is of lustrous colour of saffron , who has three  eyes. Who has noose and goad,
Who always carries honey in a skull  and  has  crescent  on his crown and
Who sits  embracing his wife carrying lotus  and a flag ,
With his fourth  hand caressing  her  thighs , And his trunk carrying a pot of jewels.

26.Tryakshara  Ganapathi(any time)
(The three  lettered Ganesa)

(By worshipping this form we would get  the blessings of all Gods)

Gajendra vadanam  sakshad chala karna  suchamaram,
Hema varnam  chathur bahumn  pasangusa daram varam,
SWadantham dakshine hasthe savye thwamraphalam thadhaa,
Pushkare modhakam chaiva darayanthamanusmareth.

I remember that  Ganapathi with  elephant face , whose ears are like fans,
Who is golden in colour, who has four hands, who carried a rope and a goad,
Who carries his own tusk in right hand  and also a mango fruit,
And also carries a Modhaka   by his tusk.

27.Kshipra prasada Ganapathi (any time)
(The easily pleased Ganesa)

(Ny praying him at times of danger, he would  immediately help)

Drutha pasangusa kalpa latha swaradhascha bheejapoorayuthaa,
Sasi sakala kalitha mouli strilochano arunascha , gaja vadana,
BHasura  bhoosgana  deeptho brahad dara  padmam vishtarollasitha,
Vighna payodhara  pavana   kara drutha kamla sadhasthu bruthyai.

I pray for prosperity that  Ganesa  who holds  the rope, goad, wish giving creeper , his own tusk and pomegranate ,
Who has crescent decorating his crown , who has three  eyes, who is red in colour and has  an elephant face ,
Who has a big form decorated by ornaments and is happy  with  the big  lotus flower he holds,
Who  removes all obstacles by his grace like wind using the lotus flower  that he holds.

28.Uddhanda Ganapathi (at any time)
(The unchained  Ganesa)

(By worshipping him , we would get power and position. Offer him Karkandu rice or Athirasam , Modaka)

Kalharambuja bheeja pooraka  gadha  danthekshu  banaissadaa,
Bhibrano mani khumba Sali  kalaso  paasam  cha chakranvitham,
Gowarangyaa ruchiraa aravindha  karayaa devyaa  sadaa  samyuthaa,
Sonangusa  shubha mathanothu  bajathaam  udhanda  vigneswaraa.

I sing about the extraordinary(unchained)  Ganesa   with a prayer for  all that is good,  who  is red in colour
Who holds blue lily,  Pomegranate  , mace  , broken tusk  , sugarcane, arrow, pot of gems , rope , lotus paddy ear  , goad and the wheel,
And who  is always  with  his wife  holding a  white coloured  lotus and sitting  on his lap.

29.TRimukha Ganapathi(Morning, noon and night daily)
(The three  faced Ganesa)

(By worshipping him life would become peaceful and filled   with joy)

Srimath theeshna  siravangusa aksha varadhan dakshedadhana karai.
Panchamrutha  poorna kumbham abhayam vaame dadhanomudhaa,
Peeta swarnamayaravindha vilasath sathkarnikaa bhasure,
AAseena strimukha palaasa ruchiro nagaanaana pathunaa.

Let  me  be protected by three faced Ganesa with elephant face  shining like the flame  of the forest,
Who holds on his  right  hand  , a very sharp shining hook , a rosary  and  the signing of blessing,
Who holds in a right  hand a full pot of nectar   and sign of  protection,
And who sits  on a golden throne with lotus inlaid wearing a shining ear ring.

30.Simha Ganapathi (At any time)
(Ganesa with the  lion head)

(By worshipping him all desires   would be fulfilled)

Veenaam kalpa lathaam arincha varadam  dakshe  vidathe karai,
Vame thamarasamcha  rathna kalasam  sanmanjari chabhayam,
Shunda danda  lasath   mrugendra vadana  sankhendu giwara  shubha,
Dheevyath  rathna  nibhamsuko Ganapathi   payadapayath  sanaha.

Let me protected  from all dangers, by the Ganapathi who shines  like  gems,
Who holds on his right hand veena,  wish giving creeper and protection to even enemies,
Who holds on his left hand  a pot of gems , a bouquet  of flowers  and sign of protection,
Who shines like a white conch and a moon  and is lion faced  along with elephant trunk.

30.Durga Ganapathi (any tme)
(Ganesa  the destroyer of difficulties)

(In the life of people who worship her daily  , sorrow would never come)

Thaptha kanchana  sankaaschath ashta hastho mahath thanu,
Deepthangusam sarancha aksham dantham dakshe vahan karai,
Vaame pasam  karmukam chalatham jambudayathath karai,
Rakthamsuka sadaa bhooyath Durga ganapathir mudhe.

Let me be kept always happy  by Durga Ganapathi who wears red cloths,
Who is of the colour of molten gold with a huge body having eight hands,
Who holds an arrow , shining goad , rosary and his  tusk on his right hands,
And who holds a noose, a bow , a wish giving creeper  and rose apple.

32.SAnkata Hara  Ganapathi (On SAnkata hara Chathurthi)
(Ganesa  destroyer of sorrow)

(By worshipping him  we as well as our children   would become prosperous)

Balarkaaruna kanthir vaame Baalaam vaha nankhe,
Lasad indhivara hastham  gourangim rathna shobhadyaam,
Dakshe angusa varadhanam vame  pasancha Payasam pathram,
Neelaam Shuka samana peedepadhyarune thishtan,
Sankataharana paayath sankatapoogadh gajanano nithyam.

Let my sorrows  be  daily destroyed by Sankata  Hara  Ganapathi,
Who shines  red like the infant sun who has on his left lap his wife,
Carrying a pretty lotus and shining  with radiance and wearing jewels,
Who carries on his right hand  a goad  and sign of blessing,
And in his left hand  a rope , pot of Payasam  and  is seated,
On a   red lotus flower   wearing   blue   cloths .


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