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Subrahmanya Ashtotharam with English meaning

Subrahmanya   Ashtotharam

Translated by

    (Lord Subrahmanya    is the son of Lord Shiva , When Manmatha , the God of love     tried to disturb  his penance  , Sparks of fire came out  of his third eye . These  fell in the river Ganges     and  became six babies , which were  looked after  by the Six Krithiga maidens . Goddess  Parvathi, took all of them together   and they fused   in to one baby with six heads.  This baby killed Tharakasura  and destroyed the pride of Soora   the enemy of Devas  . He has cock in the flag and rides  on peacock  .  Tamil Nadu    considers   him as their own God. He has two wives   viz DEvasena , the daughter of Indra   and Valli  the  daughter  of  a tribal king  . In North India  , he does not have  any wives. This ashtotharam meant to worship him  is obviously written in South India  as  his wives are mentioned   there.)

1.Om  Skandhaya  nama – Salutations to  God who is attacker
2.Om  Guhaya nama –Salutations to Lord who lives   in the cave of the heart
3.Om Shanmukhaya nama-Salutations to God with six faces
4.Om  Phala nethra suthayai nama- SAlutions to   God who is son of God    with eye in the forehead.
5,Om Prabhave nama-  Salutations to the Lord
6,Om  Pingalayai nama –Salutations to God with brown colour
7.Om  Krithikasoonave nama- Salutations to son of Krithika stars
8.Om  Shikhi Vahanaya  nama- Salutations   to God who has peacock as   steed.
9.Om dvishad bujayai  nama-  Alutations to God with twelve hands
10.Om Dvishan nethrayai nama-Salutations to God with    twelve eyes
11.Om  Shakthi dharayai nama –Salutations to the Lord who holds the  weapon Shathi
12,Om pisithasa  prabhanjanayai nama  -Salutations    to the Lord who destroyed  Asuras.
13.Om THarakasura samharayai nama-  Salutations to  killer of Tharakasura
14. Om Rakshobala vimardhanayai nama- Salutations  of God who  controlled   power of Rakshasas
15.Om Mathaya  nama-Salutations to God     who is  intoxicated with anger
16.  Om Pramathaya  nama-Salutations to the God who is drunk with heroism
17, Om unmathaya   nama-SAlutatiions to God who is mad with his strength
18. Om Sura sainya   surakshakayai  nama- Salutations  to God who gave good care to Deva army
19.OM Deva   senapathaye  nama-Salutations to commander in chief of devas
20.Om Ptagnaya nama- Salutations    to God who is   all knowing
21.Om Krupalave nama- Salutations    to God    who is charitable
22.Om BHaktha vathsalaya nama-Salutations to God who is loved by his devotees
23.Om Umasuthaya nama-Salutations to God who is son of Goddess  Uma
24.Om Shkthidaraya  nama-Salutations to God who is armed   with Shakthi
25. Om Kumaraya  nama- Salutations to God who is the lad
26.Om Krouncha dharanaya  nama-Salutations to God who lifted Krouncha mountain
27.Om Senanye nama-Salutations to God who is    the commander of army.
28.Om Agni  janmane nama  - Salutations to God born out of fire
29.Om Vishakhayai nama- Salutations to  God born In vishaka star
30.Om SAnkarathmajayai nama- Salutations to God who is son of Sankara
31.Om Shiva swamine Nama- Salutations to the God who is lord of Shiva
32.Om Gana swamine nama- Salutations to God who is lord of Ganas.
33.Om Sarvaswamine nama- Salutations to God who is lord of all  .
34. Om SAnathanaya  nama-  Salutations to god who does not have beginning.
35,Om Anantha SAkthaye  Nama-Salutations to God with   endless power
36. Om Akshobhyaya nama – Salutations to the imperturbable   God
37.Om Parvathi priya nandanayai nama-  Salutations to darling son of Parvathi
38.Om Ganga suthayai  nama-  SAltations to the son of ganges
39.Om sarodbhoothaya  nama-Salutations to God who is a wonder  to arrows
40.Om Aahuthaya nama-  Salutations     to the offering in fire
41.Om Pavakathmajayai  nama-  Salutations to son of fire
42.Om Jrumbhayai nama-Salutations to him who blossoms
43.Om Prajrumbhaya  nama-Salutations      the God with sharp blossoms
44. Om ujrumbhaya   nama-Salutations to God who has spread out everywhere
45.Om kamalasana samsthuthaya nama-Salutations to  God praised by Lord Brahma
46.Om ekavarnaya nama-Salutations to God   who is of one colour
47.Om dvivarnaya nama-Salutations to God who is of two colours
48.Om Trivarnaya  Nama –Salutations to God worshipped by all three  varnas
49.Om sumanoharaya Nama –Salutations to God who steals our mind due to his beauty
50.Om Chathurvarnaya  Nama-Salutations to God  who is worshipped by people of four Varnas
51,. Om Panchavarnaya nama-Salutations to God  who is five colours
52.Om praja pathaye  nama- salutations to the God who is Lord of all people
53.Om Ahaspathaye  nama- Salutations to the lord of the sun
54.Om Agnigarbhaya  nama-Salutations  to God who has fire within him 
55.Om Samee garbhaya  nama-Salutations    to God     who is fire
56,Om Viswarethase  nama –He who is the seed of the entire  world
57.Om Surarrigne nama-Salutations to God who is like fire  to enemies of devas
58.Om Haridwarnaya   nama  -SAlutatioins to God   who is green in colour
59.Om Shubhakaraya  nama-  Salutations to God who does good.
60.Om Vatave Nama –Salutations    to God who is a Brahmachari
61.Om Vatu Vesha bruthe nama-  Salutations to God who   puts on the form of A brahmachari
62.Om pooshne  nama-Salutations to God who nurtures
63.Om Ghabasthaye  nama- Salutations    to the God  who shines
64.Om Gahanaya  nama-Salutations to God who is very deep
65.Om CHandravarnaya nama-  Salutations to God who is of the colour  of moon
66.Om Kaladharaya nama-Salutations     to the God who    wears the crescent
67.Om Mayadharaya nama- Salutations   to him who  carries illusion.
68.OM Maha Mayine nma- Salutations to God  who is a   great illusion
69.OM Kaivalyaya nama-Salutations to God who grants salvation
70.Om Sankarathmajayai  nama-sAlutations to son of  Lord  Shiva
71.Om Viswayonayai nama-Salutations   to god who is birthplace of  universe
72.Om ameyathmane nama-Salutations  of God with   immense  power
73.Om Thejo nidhaye nama-Salutations to God who is shining treasure
74.Om anamayaya  nama-Salutations to God   who is free from all ills
75.Om Parameshtine nama- Salutations  to God  the most superior   God
76.Om Parabrahmana  nama-  Salutations to the     divine God
77.Om Veda Garbhaya nama –Salutations   to The One who has  Veda in himself
78.Om Virat suthaya   Nama-Salutations to the God  who is the valorous son
79.Om Pulindha kanya bharthre  nama-Salutations to the husband of  a tribal girl
80.Om Maha saraswatha  pradhayai nama –Salutations to God who grants   great eloquence
81Om Asrithakhiladathre   nama-  Salutations  to the one who grants   everything to his devotees
82,Om Choragnaya  nama- Salutations    to the killer   of thieves
83.Om Roga Nasanaya  nama- Salutations to destroyer   of sickness
84.Om Anantha moorthaye   nama-Salutations   to  God   with endless  form
85,Om Anandaya  nama- Salutations to the   God who is joy
86.Om shikhandi krutha kethanayai nama Salutations to Lord who lives in house of yellow jasmine
87.Om Dambhaya  nama-Salutations to the pretty God
88.Om  Paramadambhayai nama- Salutations to God    with divine beauty
89. Om Mahadambhayai nama-Salutations to God who is greatly pretty
90.Om Vrushakapaye  nama Salutations to God who shines like lightning
91.Om Karanopatha dehayai nama-Salutations to God having a causal   body
92.Om Karanatheetha vigrahayai  nama-Salutations   to Good whose like   is beyond cause
93.Om Aneeswarayai  nama –Salutations to Godwho does not have any superior God
94.Om Amruthayai nama- Salutations    to God who does  not have   death
95.Om Pranaya  nama-Salutations    to God who is the soul
96.Om Pranayama paranayai nama- Salutations to god    who practices  Pranayama
97,Om virudha hanthre  nama –Salutaions to God who kills those who oppose   him
98.Om Veeragnaya nama-  Salutations   to god who kills    valorous enemies
99.Om Raktha shyama  galayai nama- Salutations to God who has neck  as black as blood
100.Om Subrahmanyaya nama  -Salutations to one who is kind to Brahmins
101.Om Guhaya nama-  Salutations To God who lives    in  cave like mind
102.Om Preethayai  nama- Salutations   to god who is    dear to us
103.Om Brahmanyaya nama  Salutations to God     who is pious
104.Om Brhamana priyaya nama-Salutations to God     who loves Brahmins
105.Om Vamsa  vrudhi karayai nama-  Salutations to God who increases  our clan
106.Om Veda Vedhyayai nama- Salutations to God    who  is studied   by the Vedas
107.Om Akshaya  phala pradhayai nama-Salutations to God who grants  never decreasing results
108.Om Mayoora Vahanayai  nama - Salutations to Lord who rides on a peacock.

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