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Sri Ganesa Sthavam(Malayalam)

Sri Ganesa  Sthavam(Malayalam)

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(A very remarkable   and sincere prayer   addressed   to  Lord Ganesa   in Malayalam)

1.Vambicha   pon kalasamonnu thadichu neenda,
Thumbikarathil athi santhathayodu menthi,
Kumbhee praveera mukha, kumba kulukki vannen,
Mumbil kalikkuga ganadhipa, kai thozhunnen.

With great peace  holding in his huge   thick  trunk m,
A very  big golden  pot,
Oh valorous lord with a pot like face, please shake your big paunch,
And play before  me , Oh chief of Ganas  , I salute you.

2.Antham petaatha katu samsmruthi sagarathil ,
Anthar bhavathode kidannuzhalum  namukkai,
Swantham vinayaka manoharamakum eka-
Dantham krupa nilaya palam athakkiyaalum.

For the sake of us   who are suffering with inner emotions
IN the  ocean of concentrated   culture without end,
Oh our own Ganesa, your one tusk is   very pretty ,
And so make it  the bridge for us to cross that ocean.

3.Ha ha  maha duritha  ghora bhayaantharaaya ,
MOhaabdhiyilpathithanaam ivan eevidathil,
Dehantharam yetheeduvathinnu idayaakidolle,
Neehaara  saila thanayaa suthaa  pahi pahi.

Alas, alas , I have  fallen  this way  in the ocean of passion.
Which is a mixture  of great suffering and horrible fear,
Please do not  give a chance    for me to attain death,
Oh son of the daughter  of the mountain of snow, Please protect me.

4.SWarvasikalkku  mazhalaake akaththidunna,
Sarvaathmaja, pranatha  palaka,Loka bandho,
SArvartha sidhikaraam  charangri padmam,
Nirvaadham yen karalil  nirthukil  jnan jayichu

Oh God who removes  all sufferings  even to those in heaven,
Oh son of Lord Shiva who looks after  those who salute you  , Oh friend  of the world,
If you keep your  lotus like   feet  which grants  all desires ,
Without any hesitation in my mind , I will  achieve  victory.

5.Keram karumbu kadali pazham appam, alpa –
Neram vidaathe ada then  gratham mennithellam ,
Herambha, thinnu maruvumbozhum , aartha  rakshaa,
Bhaaram  bhavaan karuthalodu  nadathidunnu.

Coconut, sugarcane, banana fruit, without ,
Leaving much time along with Ada , honey ghee and appam,
Oh Lord Ganesa,  even when you are eating all these,
You carefully perform the heavy  load of the service to  your devotees.

6.Jnanadhiga  pradhitha vaibhava bho  Ganesa,
Jnan aasa poale vazhipadukal cheithu kollaam,
Nanaa vipathukal ozhichu Bhavth padaabja,
Sthanadhi vasamudan yen karal aarnidatte.

Oh Lord Ganesa  who has the greatness  of exuberance of knowledge,
I would conduct services and worships as per your desire,
Please remove different type of dangers and grant me,
The chance of living near your lotus like feet and let my mind become exuberant.

7.Pangam pedatha padi patharamaathu koodum,
Thangathinum thala thakarnnidum aathva dhangam,
Thingal kala dhara, Ganathipa nithya mastha-
Thaangam ninappathinnu thaan athilaagraham may

Oh Lord Ganesa who wears the  crescent of the moon,
The shine of your body   would powder even the  purest gold,
Which has not been made dirty   by the rising dust,
Oh Chief of Ganas but my  desire , more than that,
Would be  for you to daily think about my worries.

8.Sonasma rasmi  thadavunna bhavannakharchi-
Senaanga  chooda suthaa, Mad duritha andhakaram,
Kanaathe yaakki yakame kudi j kolluvaanai,
ThaaNaasu jnan kari varanana, kai thozhunnen.

Oh son of Lords Shiva  who wears the moon ,
You  are  massaged by  the red rays of the sun,
Oh Lord with the blessed  face of the elephant,
You should  completely remove  the darkness of my sufferings,
And live  within my mind   speedily  and I salute you.

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