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Sri Madhusudana Stotram

Sri Madhusudana  Stotram
(The prayer  to the killer of Madhu)

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   (This is a remarkable prayer addressed to Lord Vishnu, in his form as killer of Madhu  .At the end it tells us that   everything   can be achieved   by  the twelve lettered chant  viz. Om Namo Bhagawathe Vasudevaya.)

Sri Ganesaya  Nama
The salutation to Lord  Ganesa.

1.Om ithi  jnana mathrrena rogaa jeernena nirjitha,
Kaala nidhraam  prapannnosmi   , thrahi  maam madhusudhana.

AS soon  I have the wisdom of OM ,  I have   won over the effects of sickness,
And I surrender  to your  perennial sleep , Please  protect me  , oh killer of Madhu.

2.Na  gather vidhyathe cha anyaa, thwameva  saranam mama,
Papa pange   nimagnosmi   , thrahi maam  Madhusudhana

I do not find  any other path  except surrendering to you,
As I am getting  drowned in the lake  of sin, Please protect me  , Oh killer of Madhu.

3.Mohito  moha jaalens  puthra   daara grahadishu
THrishnaascha  peeda maanosmi, Trahi  maam madhusudana

Being entangled   in the net of  attachment of from hunger  for  son, wife and home,
I am suffering  from the pangs  of thirst, please protect me  , Oh killer of Madhu.

4,Bhakthiheenam  cha dheenam cha dukha Sokathuram prabho,
Anasrayam anadham cha, Trahi maam Madhusudana.

4.Oh Lord, I lack devotion and am  depressed and suffering from sorrow ,
And also I am  an orphan  with  no one to depend on  and so protect me killer of Madhu.

5.Gatha gathena sraanthosmi Deerga samsara  varmathsu,
Yena bhooyo  na gachchami , trahi maam  Madhusudana

5. I am tired  of the  goings and comings of long  bulwark of  Samsara ,
For the sake of not going in it  again  , protect me killer of Madhu

6.Bahavo  hi  mayaa drushtaa klesaschaiva  prudhak pruDhak,
Garba vaso maha dukham  trahi maam Madhusudana.

6.Again and again I am seeing several  types of troubles,
And living in the womb  is  a great sorrow   and so protect me killer of Madhu.

7.THena DEva prapannosmi  tranartha thwath paarayana,
DUkharnava  parithranaath, THrahi maam Madhusudana.

7.Oh God I have  completely surrendered to you for protection from you  ,
For the sake  of saving me from ocean of sorrow , Protect me of killer of Madhu

 8,Vaachaa   yachcha  prathijnaatham karmanaa nopa paditham,
THath paapaarjitha  magnosmi  , trahi  maam madhusudana

8.With words being  bound by prosecution   and  actions by circumstances,
I have earned lot of sins  and plunged in them,  Protect me oh killer  of Madhu

9.Sukrutham na krutham  kinjit  dushkrutham   cha krutham mayaa,
SAmasara ghore Magnosmi, TRahi maam  Madhusudana

9.Having done  no good deeds  and   having done   several bad deeds,
I am drowned in the   horrible ocean of SAmsara, Protect me  oh killer  of Madhu

10.Dehanthara sahasreshu cha anyonya    braamitho mayaa,
Thiryakthwam  Manushathwam cha, Thrahi maam Madhusudana.

10 . I have  taken  thousands of births which were attached together,
Taking various forms of animals   and humans , so please protect me  oh killer of Madhu

11.Vaachayaami yadhonmatha pralapaami thavagratha,
Jaraa marana  bheethosmi  THrahi maam Madhusudana.

11.  For coming near you  I talked like mad ones  and bewailed,
AS  I am scared  of old age and death  , protect me  oh killer of Madhu

12.Yathra  yathra cha yaathosmi Strishu , Purusheshu cha,
THatha thathra chalaa bhakthi  TRahi maam Madhusudana

12. When as  men or woman, I kept on suffering pains,
My devotion to you became firm and so protect me  oh Killer of Madhu

13.Gathwaa gathwaa nivarthanthe Chandra suryodhayo grahaa,
Adhyaapi cha nivarthanthe Dwadasaksharachinthakaa

13.AS time goes on , the moon and sun rises  and planets  do not turn back,
But in spite of it , thought  of the twelve lettered  chant  turns  them back

14,OOrdhwa patala marthyeshu vyaptham lokam jagatrayam,
Dwdasakrarathparam naasthi Vasudevena  Baashitham

14.In the three worlds  of hell , heaven and  the earth spread with humans ,
There is nothing greater  than the   twelve lettered chant as told by  Vasudeva

15.Dwadasaksharam Maha Manthram   sarva kama  phala pradham,
Garba vasa nivasena Sukena Paribashitham.

15,The great twelve lettered chant, would give results in all our acts ,
And was told be sage  Suka   when he was  in the womb of his mother

16,DWadasaksharam  nirahaaro   ya ya padeth Arivasare ,
Sa Gached Vaishnavam sthanam  yathra  yoogeeswaro Hari.

16 All those who  chant these  twelve letters on Vishnu’s day without food,
Would go and attain the place of Vaishnavas  by the grace of Hari who is the God of Yoga

Sri Sukha deva virachitham Madhu sudana stotram sampoornam
Thus ends the prayer to killed of Madhu written by the great sage Suka

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