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Sri Devi Sthuthi in Malayalam

Sri Devi Sthuthi in Malayalam

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(Here is great prayer   in Malayalam addressed  to Goddess Mahalakshmi)

1.Indhire, loka mathave  , Maha Lakshmi,
CHandradhi  koopum nin padha yugmam,
Vandhikkum yenne, neeyonnu nokkeeduvaan,
Nandathmaja  priye  Kai thozhunnen.

Oh Goodess Indiraa , mother of the world, Maha Lakshmi ,
I am saluting   the pair  of your feet  , Which are  saluted
 By moon and others  so that  you will throw  a  glance on me,
Of  darling  of the son of Nanda, I am saluting you.

2.Eeshalilethume  karunyamundengil,
OOzhiyil  jnanum  valuthayidum,
AAmayam mathuvaan beshajam  maththilla ,
AAzhimathe  Devi kumbidunnen.

Without any doubt   if you have mercy  ,
I would also become   great in this earth,
For  curing diseases  there  is no other medicine,
Oh Mother born from sea , Oh Goddess  I salute you.

3.HUmkruthiyode kadakkaar   vannu  ,
Kinkaranmare poalenneyamme  ,
SAnga koodathe   thadukkumaragolle,
Pankaja  nandini kumbidunnen.

3.When seething with anger creditors come  ,
And like   fierce  servants attack me mother ,
Without   any hesitation stop them,
Oh  daughter  of lotus  flower , I salute you.

4.OOninnm  vendunna  nithya sukhangalkkum,
Ksheenaatha  kaanmin  kuranjithippol,
Kanamilla  , pattam  nelledutheeduvaan,
Vaaniyaal  kittanam  kumbidunnen.

The little pleasures   needed   for  the meals,
Please  see that   they have reduced now,
There is no rent or lease  available to get paddy,
And they should  be got by Goddess  Saraswathi  and I salute.

5.Yenthu chetham  ninakku yennude   meni mel,
Nin thiru nethrangal  uzhinjaal,
Antharamilla jnan arthavaanaayi  theerum,
SAnthatham nin kazhal  kumbidunnen.

What do you lose   if with your divine  eyes.
You caress   all over  my body,
For there  is no opinion difference that I would become rich,
And for that I always am salute   your  feet.

6.Yethume chetham ninakillathathaal jnan,
Praadhaanynai   varum oozhi thanil,
MOdhena  vannu maam nokkuga   vaikaathe  ,
Vasudeva  priye  kumbidunnen.

Because  that there are no problems  to  you at all,
I would live as a great person in this world,
Please come and see  with me joy without delay,
Oh Darling of Vasudeva , I salute you.

7.Ayyo, Panamilla kayyil yenikkippol,
Yenthu varanjathu  padmalaye ,
Kayyethu   rakshichu kolga Maha  Lakshmi,
Kai koopi nin padham  kumbidunnen.

Alas  , I do not have money with me now,
Why have you not come  oh Goddess   residing in  Lotus,
Take me in to your hand  and protect me, Oh Mahalakshmi  ,
With folded   hands  I am saluting   your feet.

8.Ottu kallottu Nellu alpam avilumai ,
THushtanai kazcha   vechoru vipran,
Drushtantha marthapathi yaayathum avan,
Mattalar  maathe   jnan kumbidunnen.

When the Brahmin    with joy offered ,
Some beaten rice with some stones as well as paddy ,
As an example  , he became   a man with lot of wealth,
Oh lady  of the lotus  I salute you.

9.Orthillorutharum Rugmani  deviyum,
Partha mukundanum chonna  moolam,
Dathri suthan arthavaanai   chamanjathum,
Orthithaa  nin kazhal kumbidunnen.

No one  remembered  that  because Rugmani ,
Arjuna  and Krishna   had told ,
The son of earth    became   very rich,
Remembering that  I salute your feet.

10.Ouvannam yenne onnu kadakshippan ,
Kai vanangi  sthiuthicheppozhum jnan,
Poovil mathe  , Sri BHagawathi   nin padham,
Kevalam inniyum  Kumbidunnen.

Like that once   to   glance   at me ,
I fold my hands   and always  praise you,
Oh mother of the  flower , oh Goddess,
I am again  saluting your feet  without any problem.

11.Akshanam pokku grahangal aseshavum  ,
Nilkkanam  arthavum yende   kayyil,
Mukthiyum venam marana  kale mama,
Lakshmi BHagawathi  kumbidunnen.

 At that point  of time , please drive away  all the planets,
Let wealth    stand  in my possession,
And at the  time of death  , I will also  need salvation,
Oh Goddess Lakshmi  , I bow   and salute you.

12,Lakshmi jaya  jaya, Padmalaye  Jaya,
Padmnabha priye  THamburatti  ,
Lakshmana  poorvaja  vallabhe  , nin kazhal,
Lakshmi BHagawathi  kumbidunnen.

Hail, hail Lakshmi. Hail she   who lives in lotus flower,
Oh  royal lady who is   the darling  of Padmanabha  ,
Oh consort  of elder  brother of Lakshmana, Oh Goddess Lakshmi ,
I bow and    salute   your   feet.

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