Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kamakshi Pattu (tamil)

Kamakshi  Pattu

Translated by

1.Anbaana  Kamakshi Amma,
Kalai  amaintha  Kanchiyile  un Arasangamaa?
Angusa , paasam, Karumbu vil, theenganai,
Adayaalamaa  Amma

Oh Mother Kamakshi who loves all,
Are you ruling in Kanchipuram ruled  by the arts,
Are goad  , rope, sugarcane   and the arrows of fire ,
The ones   that helps to identify you?

2.Mannum, vinnum padaithaval neeye  ,
Ingu manalil Shivalingam amaithaye,
Maamara  nizhalil ongi  nindraaye manam poal,
Sivanidam   manam Kalanthaaye?

You are  the one   who created the earth and the sky  ,
Did you not make  Shiva linga in sand here,
Did you  not  stand very tall  in the shade of mango tree,
And did not your mind merge with that  of Lord Shiva.

3.Azhagu aanavam   alai magal thuranthaal,
Then vadivayai izhanthu nin vaasalile vanthaal.
Kuzhanthai  ullam kondaval   neeye ,
Un kumkumathaal   ingu  ira kanithaye.

The daughter of the  oceam leaving her pride and beauty,
Losther form  and came ay your door steps,
You are the one who has a  mind of the baby,

And did you not tell us to remain here by your kumkum.

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