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Sri Sudarshana Shatkam

Sri Sudarshana Shatkam

Sri Kura narayana  Jeeyar

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 (Sudarshana is the holy wheel which Lord Vishnu uses as his chief weapon. There is a story that the daughter of Viswa Karma, who was the architect of the God’s, was married to the sun God and she left him because of his immense heat. It seems Viswa Karma put Sun God in a cage and churned him to reduce his heat. The heat was reduced and Sudarshana Chakra, Trishoola and Shakthi, respectively the weapons of Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Subrhamnya were born out of the churning. Sudarshana Chakra is given the status of God by the followers of Ramanujacharya. He being a prime devotee is called the Chakrathazhwar. (Sage of the wheel) and worshipped by Vaishnavas  and this powerful armour is addressed to  God Sudarshana.
      Once  THiruvaranga Perumal Arayar  one of the Five Gurus of Sri Ramanuja fell ill and at the request of Sri Kurathazhvan  , Sri Kura Narayana jeeyar who was a devotee of  Lord Sudarshana composed this hymn.) . It is believed by devotees that this prayer  if chanted would cure our diseases. You can hear it rendered  by  Sri Prahaladacharya bhattar  in . You can also read this stotra with a detailed commentary in )

1.Sahara adhithya sangaasam   sahasra vadhanam prabhum,
Sahasradham   sahasraaram   prapadheyham sudarshanam.

1.I salute lOrd Sudarshana who resembles one thousand suns,
Who  has one thousand faces and who has thousands  of  thousand spokes

2.Hasantham haara keyura  makutangadha  bhooshanam,
Bhooshanair  bhooshitha thanum  prapadhyeham sudarshanam.

2.I salute Lord Sudarshana who is smiling  , whose   body  is ornamented with
Ornaments   such as  b racelet, crown   and armlets.

3.Sraakara sahithan  manthram padantham   sathru nigraham,
Sarva roga prasamanam  , prapadheham  Sudarshanam

3.I salute  Lord Sudarshana, who  destroys all enemies,
And cures  all diseases of those who chant his manthra “Sra”.

4.Rathna kinkini jaalena Rakshasagnam mahadbhutham,
Vyapth kesam  viroopaksham  , prapadhyeham  Sudarshanam

4. I salute  Lord Sudarshana  who using his  tinkling sound of  anklets,
Destroys in a wonderful manner the  Rakshasas,
Who has   disheveled hair and   has diverse type of eyes.

5.Hoomkara bhairavam   bheemam  pranatharthiharam prabhum,
Sarva papa prasamanam  , prapadyeham  Sudarshanam.

5.I salute  Lord Sudarshana  , who is huge   and is the lord,
Who removes   sufferings   and all sins   of his devotees.

6.Phat karantha  manirdesyam   maha manthrena samyutham,
Shubham prasanna vadanam  , prapadyeham Sudarshanam.

6.I salute Lord Sudarshana who has the form of the sound “phat”,
Which is the end of his great  chant, who is auspicious and has a pleasant face.

7.Yethai  shadbhi sthutho devo  bhagawan Sri Sudarshana,
Rakshaam karothi   sarvathma  , sarvathra vijayi bhaveth.

7.Him who prays  the God Sudarshana using these six verses,
Would be protected all his life  and he  would  always achieve victory.

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