Monday, August 1, 2016

Bhuvaneswari Pancha rathna stotram

Bhuvaneswari Pancha rathna  stotram

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1.Namo devyai  prakrthyai  cha   vidathryai   sathatham nama,
Kalyanyai –kaamadhaayai   cha vruthyai  sidhyai  namo nama

1.Salutation  tp Goddess , to Nature   and to the female creator  always,
Salutations  to one who does good  , who fulfills our desires , who extendsand who gives us powers.

2.SAchidananda  roopinyai  samsara aarnavayai  nama
Pancha kruthyai  vidathryai  cha  bhuvaneswaryai  namo nama.

Salutations to goddess with form of divine joy and who  makes us cross  ocean of Samsara,
Salutations to the one who performs five acts , who does creation and to her   who is Goddess  of universe.

3.Vidhyaa  thwameva nanu budhimathaam naraanaam ,
Sakthisthwameva akhila  sakthimathaam sadaiva,
Thwam keerthi kanthi kamalamala  thushti roopaa,
Mukthi pradhaa virathireva manushya  loke.

3.You are   knowledge  specially to   intelligent  humans,
You are  the strength and you are  always powerful,
You are fame ,  luster , you are pure lotus  and one who has  contended look,
You  are one granting salvation and you  stop in the world of humans.

4.Thraathaa thwameva , mama mohamayath  bhayaabdhe
Thwam Ambike   sathatham eva mahaarthithe  cha,
Raghadhibhir virachithe, vithathe akhilaanthe,
Maam eva  paahi bahu dukha hare cha kale

4.You are the protector of me  from the fearsome delusion,
You are always mother  and also  the one who  saves me  ,
From great desires   and passions which are  spread everywhere,
Please   save me   , Oh goddess who destroys great sorrow over time.

5.Namo devi maha vidhye   namami   charanou thava,
Sadaa jnana prakasam   may dehi  sarvarthathe  shive.

5.Salutations to you great goddess, I salute at youe feet,
Please always give me the light of wisdom Oh Goddess Parvathi  who is one with all prosperity.

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