Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mile stone 2016 in the high way of Stotra rathnas

Mile stone  2016   in the high way  of Stotra rathnas


I retired in the year 2000 and one of my hobbies as soon as I retired was to translate stotras written in Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi in to English.It was not an easy job , but it kept me occupied  and kept  me immersed   in  God. Though in 2003 , I  created a web site   and uploaded  about 10 of  my translation efforts , on the advice  of my very religious friend  Achalam   and guidance received   from my daughter  as well as daughter in law, I created  a free web site  in geocities  called  ramya 475  and in 2005 (I was 65 year old then)  I uploaded  forty one transltions.The response that  I got encouraged me  and after  three years i.e in 2008   when I reviewed , I had translated  300 stotra rathnas  .Sri Lakshmanan of   was my constant encouragement .He put  whatever I translated  in his web site .One of an unknown fans of mine  did create a web site  and put all my translations there. In 2009  , when geocities decided  to close  the service of  giving free web sites, I had uploaded 400  stotras, I then reviewed  my contributions  and sri Sathya Sai baba  brotherhood, Holland allowed  me to transfer all my translations in to  their web site,One gentleman in USA  who wanted to create an encyclopedia of Hinduism  again requested me  to put  all my translations in their web site.Due to becoming old, uploading in to their web sites became difficult to me. In 2009  I had started  google blogs   where I was uploading all that I do. A few days back I wanted  to review my work, due to the fact  that I am becoming old and was finding hard work difficult .I found  that I have translated  so far  1200 stotras in to English till  to date . Of them  175  stotras were  translated from Tamil originals  , 80  from Malayalam originals  , 97  from Malayalam originals  and 845   from Sanskrit.  I also drew up   a table of contents  category wise , so that  any one  can  see what are  translations are available   and  also click on the URL  to read them .Here are  the content pages:-

6.       Panchakam, sgatkam, sapthakam, Navakam  and Dasakam -


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Unknown said...

Thank you Raja thatha. You have encouraged all of us to read slokas by this Nobel task. A great deed.thank you