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Sani Chalisa in Hindi

Sani Chalisa   in Hindi


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(Generally people believe   that most of the problems  are caused by Lord Saturn  to all human beings  .Chalisas are prayers in Hindi address to Gods, Chalusas are devotional poems in Hindi in forty verses. The author of this great poetic work in Hind. The author says if you read this daily for 40 days, would completely remove your problems. )

1.Jai Ganesh, Girija suvan, mangal karan kripal,
Dheenan  ke   dukh kari keejai naadh nihaalaa

1.Hail Ganesa who is son of Girija, who does  auspicious deeds and who is merciful,
Oh incomparable lord  ,Please remove the sorrow of the suffering

2.Jai jai Shani dev prabhu, sunahu vinay Mahaaraaj,
Karahu krupaa hey Ravi thanay, Raakhahu jan ki laaj

2.Hail, hail God Saturn , Oh king please hear what I say,
And show mercy and also  protect   the respectability  of people.

3.Jayathi , jayathi   Shani dev dayaalaa,
Karath sadaa  bhakthan   prathipalaa

3,Victory, victory  to God  sani who is merciful,
You always   look after  your devotees.

4,Chaari bhujaa , thanu shyaam viraajai,
Mathe rathan  makut chabee Chaajai.

4,You have four hands and shine with black colour,
And on your head gem  studded crown is shining.

5.Param vishal manohar  bhaalaa ,
Tedi  drushti brukuti vikaraalaa.

5.Your   forehead is broad  and steals our mind ,
Your  sight is crooked and your  frown is fearsome.

6.Kundal sravan chamaa cham  chamke,
Hiye maal   mukthan  mani dhamke

6.The ear globes  in your ear  are giving out great luster,
And   the pearl and gem garland on your chest are also  shining.

7.Kar mein gadhaa trishool kutaaraa,
Pal bich karain sathru   samhaaraa

7.You are  holding mace , trident and sword,
And within a short time   you destroy your enemies

8.Pingal, krushno , chaya nandan,
Yam konasth, roudrh , dukh banjan

8.You are black as well  as brown oh son of Chaya.
You who are in the southern corner ar angry and destroy sorrows.

9.SAuri , mandh , sani   das naamaa,
Bhanu puthra purahi  sab kamaa

9.You have ten names like Suri , Mandh and Sani,
And of son of sun god  thi ose who chant them would be  able to complete all jobs,

10.Jaapar  prabhu   prasanna ho jaahi,
Raav karai rankahi  srana maahi

10.On whom  , Oh Lord , you get pleased,
Even if he is poor he would become a king  travelling on palanquin.

11,Parvathaahu   thrun hoi  niharath,
Thrunahu  ko parvath  sam kari  daarath.

11.As soon as you see a mountain would become like grass,
And if you wish you can even make a  grass in to a mountain.

12,Raj milath   bhan  ramahi dheenho,
Kaikeyi  kee  mathi leen ho.

12.When Rama got  the kingship, you sent him to the  forest,
By your making   the brain of Kakeyi perverted.

13,Ban mein Mrug kapat dhikaayim
Maathu  janaki  gayi churai.

13,. You showed Rama , the deer in deceit,
And  made  Mother Sita to be kidnapped.

14.Ravan  kee  mathi baurayi ,
Ramachandra  saun  bair badayee.

14,. You made the brain of Ravan perverted,
And increased  in him the enmity towards  Ramachandra.

15,Dhiye kshaari kari kanchan Lanka .
Baajyo  bajranga veer ka danka,

15.You made  the golden Lanka in to pieces and bits,
And  gave  Lord Hanuman   the great intelligence.

16.Lachman  vikal sakthi  ke maare,
Ramadal  chinthith bhaye  saare

16.You made Lakshmaa fall by the hit of Shakthi,
And because of that the army of Rama became  worried and scared.

17.Nrup vikram  par  dasaa jo aayee ,
Chithra mayor haar   gaa khaayee.

17,When King Vikramadithya  got in to your clutches,
Then the pictue of peacock on the wall  swallowed the  necklace of the   queen.

18,Haar  naulakhaa kee  lagi chori,
Haath pair   darvaayo thori.

18,And the charge of theft of necklace   fell on Vikramadithya,
And he had  to get his hands   and legs  brokn,

19,Athi nindaa mai  bheethaa  jeevan,
THeli sevaa   laayo nrupa   than.

19. His state  of affairs  became so bad ,
That the  king had  to work  as Oil expeller.

20,Vinai raag   dheepak maham keenho  ,
Thab prasann prabhu hwai sukha deenho.

20,When he requested you  in the tune Deepak,
You became pleased and made  him as before.

21.Harischandra nrup  naari bikaani,
Raajaa   bharyo   dom ghar  paani.

21. You made  Raja Harischandra sell his wife ,
And fill water in the house of Dom( manager of cremation)

22.Vakra drushti  jap Nal par  aayee,
Poonji  meen jal   paitee jaayee.

22.When your crooked sight fell on king Nala,
Even the fish that has been caught jumped back in the water.

23.Sri Sankarheen gahyo jab jaayee,
Jag janani   kah   basm karaayee.

23.When your sight  feel on Lord Shiva,
His wife was forced to become ashes in  sacred fire.

24.Thanik   vilokah   karee kuch reesaa,
Nabh udess gayo   gowreesuth seesaa

24 .When your angry  sight fell on Ganesa  son of Parvathi,
His head got cut    and went up on the sky.

25.Pandav par   bai dasa  thumhaari ,
Apamaanith   bate Draupadhi naree.

25When you period came on the Pandavas,
Their wife Draupadhi was  insulted.

26.Kaurav kul kee gathi  mathi haari,
Yudh Mahabharath   bhayo bhaaree.

26, You stole   the brain of the Kauravas,
They had to  figh in the fearsome battle of Mahabharath.

27.Ravi kaham  much maham  dhare thathkaalaa,
Koodhee paryo   sahasaa paathaalaa.

27.Just like that you put the sun god in your mouth ,
And you started  travelling towards  Patala.

28.Sesh dev  thab  binthi   keenhi,
Mukh baahar   Ravi  ko kar deenhi

28.When  the remaining   Devas  appealed to you,
You allowed Sun Got  to get out of  your mouth.

29.Vaahan prabhoo  ke saath sujaanaa,
Dig gaj , Gardhab Mrug   Aruswanaa,

29.Jambuk  , simh aadhi nakh dharee,
So phal Jyothish   kahath pukaari.

28-29.In your safe keep you  have seven steeds,
Elephant  , horse , deer  , dog  , donkey  ,
Fox and  Lion whose  effects are foretold,
Very differently  by different astrologers.

30,Gardhabh haani karai  bahu kaajaa,
Simh siddh kar  raja samaajaa

30,On a  donkey he  would only create  harm,
And  by  riding a lion , he would give you power of a king.

31.Jambuk   budhi nasht  kar daarai  ,
Mrug  dhe kasht pran samhare.

31.Riding on a fox , he destroys our brain ,
And riding on a deer , he gives sorrow and kills people

32.Jab aavahee Prabhu swaan savaari  ,
Choree aadhi   hoi dar bhaaree.

32.When the   lord comes riding on a dog,
Then theft  and other things occur and people  get scared

33.THaisahi   chaaree   charan yah naamaa ,
Swarn klouh  chaandhi aru   thaamaa.

33.Just like that   he has four types of feet,
Gold  , iron, silver and copper

34.Louh  charan  par jab  prabhu aaven,
Dhan Jan  sampathi nasht  karaave.

34. When the lord comes  on his iron feet,
He would make us loose  wealth  , people and money.

35.SAmathaa  THamr  rajath  Shubkaari,
Swarn   sadaa  shubh mangal kaaei.

35. Silver and copper feet   are both equally good,
But the goilden feet grants us all types of prosperity.

36.Jo yah  Sani Charithr  b nith gaavai  ,
Dasaa  nikrusht na kabahoon    sathavai.

36. The period of Saturn  will not trouble  that person,
Who reads   daily  this story of Saturn.

37.Naadh Dhikavai   adbuth leela,
Nibal karai jaihen bala sheela.

37.The Lord shows  us wonderful sports,
And he  makes our enemies loose their strength.

38.Jo pandith suyogya bulvaai,
Vidhivatha Sani grah saanthi karayi.
39.Peepal   jal  sani divas chadavath,
Deep dhaan   dai bahu such paavath.

38-39 By  him  who invites  a learned Brahmin ,
And perform Sani Shanthi   as per proper procedure,
And who on Saturday  gives water  to the peepal tree,
Lights a lamp before it  , Various types of pleasures would be got.

40.Kahath  “ramsundar “ Prabhu Dasaa,
SAni sumarith  such hoth prakasaa.

40,Says the  slave of the Lord , Ramsundar,
That  if you meditate on  SAni , you would get power.

41.Paat Saneeswar dev ko, keenho “vimal “thayaar,
Karath paat chalisa dhin, ho bhav sagar paar.

41, Those who  daily reads   this prayer to Lord Saturn ,
Written by Vimal for forty days, would cross the sea of Samsara

Text in Hindi

श्री शनि चालीसा


जय गणेश गिरिजा सुवन, मंगल करण कृपाल
दीनन के दुःख दूर करि , कीजै नाथ निहाल
जय जय श्री शनिदेव प्रभु , सुनहु विनय महाराज
करहु कृपा हे रवि तनय , राखहु जन की लाज

जयति जयति शनिदेव दयाला करत सदा भक्तन प्रतिपाला
चारि भुजा, तनु श्याम विराजै माथे रतन मुकुट छवि छाजै

परम विशाल मनोहर भाला टेढ़ी दृष्टि भृकुटि विकराला
कुण्डल श्रवन चमाचम चमके हिये माल मुक्तन मणि दमके

कर में गदा त्रिशूल कुठारा पल बिच करैं शत्रु संहारा
पिंगल, कृष्णो, छायानन्दन यम, कोणस्थ, रौद्र, दुःखभंजन

सौरी, मन्द, शनि, दश नामा भानु पुत्र पूरहिं सब कामा
जापर प्रभु प्रसन्न हो जाहीं राव करैं रंकहि क्षण माहीं

पर्वतहू तृण होई निहारत तृणहू को पर्वत सम करि डारत
राज मिलत बन रामहिं दीन्हो | कैकेई की मति हरि लीन्हो ||

बन में मृग कपट दिखाई मातु जानकी गई चुराई
रावण की मति गई बौराई रामचन्द्र सों बैर बढ़ाई

दियो झारि करि कंचन लंका बाज्यो बजरंग बीर का डंका
लछमन विकल शक्ति के मारे| रामादल चिंतित भए सारे॥

नृप विक्रम पर दशा जो आई | चित्र मयूर हार गा खाई ||
हार नौलखा की लगि चोरी | हाथ पैर डरवायो तोरी || 

अति निन्दामय बीता जीवन | तेली सेवा लायो नृप तन ||
विनय राग दीपक महं कीन्हो | तब प्रसन्न प्रभु ह्वै सुख दीन्हो ||

हरिश्चन्द्र नृप नारी बिकानी | राजा भर्यो डोम घर पानी ||
वक्र दृष्टि जब नल पर आई | भुंजी मीन जल पैठी जाई || 

श्री शंकरहिं गह्यो जब जाई | जगजननी कह भस्म कराई ||
तनिक विलोकत करी कुछ रीसा | नभ उड़ि गयो गौरिसुत सीसा ||

पाण्डव पर भै दशा तुम्हारी अपमानित भई  द्रौपदी  नारी
कौरव कुल की गति मति हारी युद्ध महाभारत भयो भारी

रवि कहँ मुख महँ धरि तत्काला कूदि परयो सहसा पाताला
शेष देव तब विनती किन्ही मुख बाहर रवि को कर दीन्ही

वाहन प्रभु के सात सुजाना | दिग्गज, गर्दभ, मृग, अरुस्वाना ||

जम्बुक, सिंह आदि नखधारी | सो फल ज्योतिष कहत पुकारी ||

गज वाहन लक्ष्मी गृह आवैं | हय ते सुख सम्पति उपजावैं ||
गर्दभ हानि करै बहु काजा | सिंह सिद्ध कर राज समाजा || 

जम्बुक बुद्धि नष्ट कर डारै | मृग दे कष्ट प्राण संहारे ||
जब आवहिं प्रभु स्वान सवारी | चोरी आदि होय डर भारी || 

तैसहि चारि चरण यह नामा | स्वर्ण लौह चांदी अरु तामा ||
लौह चरण पर जब प्रभु आवैं | धन जन सम्पति नष्ट करावैं ||

समता ताम्र रजत शुभकारी | स्वर्ण सदा शुभ मंगलकारी ||
जो यह शनि चरित्र नित गावै | दशा निकृष्ट कबहुँ सतावै ||

नाथ दिखावै अद्भुत लीला | निबल करै जैहे बलशीला ||
जो पण्डित सुयोग्य  बुलवाई | विधिवत शनि ग्रह कराई ||

पीपल जल शनि दिवस चढ़ावत | दीप दान दै बहु सुख पावत ||
कहत 'रासुन्दर' प्रभु दासा | शनि सुमिरत सुख होत प्रकासा ||

पाठ शनिश्चर देव को, कीन्हो 'विमल' तैयार | करत पाठ चालीस दिन, हो भवसागर पार ||

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