Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sri Vaishno ji ki aarthi (hindi)

Sri  Vaishno ji ki aarthi

Translated by

1.Jaya  Vaishnavi Matha, mayya  jaya Vaishnavi  Matha
Hath jod   theire AAge  , AArthi  main  gathaa

Victory to mother  Vaishnavi, Victory to mother, Victory to mother Vaishnavi,
With folded  hands in front of you  , I am singing   your aarthi

2.Sheesh par   chathra viraje , moorthiyaan pyaari ,
Gangaa bahthi charanan  , jyothi  jage Pyaari

The umbrella  over your head is shining and your  statues  are lovely,
Below your feet flows the ganges and lovely flames  are  coming up.

3.Brahma  Vedh pade nith dware, Shankar Dhyan dhare,
Sevathchamvar dulavath, Narad  nrithya kare.

Daily Lord Brahma   reads Vedas in your gate and Lord Shiva  is meditating,
The  devotees   are fanning you and Sage Narada  is dancing

4.Sundar guphaa  thumhari , man ko athi  bhave,
Baar baar  dekhne ko, Iyn maan man chaven

Your cave  is very pretty  and it makes our mind happy ,
And  our mind  wants to again and again   see  you.

5.Bhavan pe jande joule, Gandaa   dwani  bhaaje,
OOnchaa parvath theraa , maathaa  priya laage

Over your  temple flags are waving and the  bells are  tolling,
Your mountain is very tall , and Oh mother  we  love it

6.Paan  supaari  dwaajaa  naariyal   beant pushpa mevaa,
Daas khade charanom may, darsan dho    devaa

Bringing to you you as gift  Betel leaves, arecanut, flags , coconut and flowers,
Your devotee is standing on his feet, please   show us your form.

7.Jo jan nischai karke  , dwaar there  aave ,
Ithni   sthuthu nisdhin  , jo nar bhi gave.

Those   who have come with determination to your gate,
Would sing this prayer   day and night

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