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Gajamukhane ganapathiye – A bhajan in kannada

Gajamukhane ganapathiye – A bhajan in kannada

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(This is the very popular Bhajan in kannada   which reverberates in every house and in every pandal  On thew Ganesh Chathurthi day. You can hear this great song by clicking .   I got the lyrics of this   bhajan  from web site of  Mrs.Meera  Subbarao. .My acknowledgements to her  .I am not   an expert in Kannada  language   and I  request  the readers  to excuse  me for any mistakes   committed   and point them out to me so that  I can correct them.)

Gajamukhane Ganapathiye Ninage Vandane
Namdidavara Palina Kalpatharu Nine ||   Pallavi

Oh elephant face one , Oh Ganapathi, my salutations to you.
You are  The kalpaga  tree of the lives  of   those  who believe   in you.-Refrain

Bhadrapada Shuklada Chauthiaando
Ni mane manegu dayamadi harasu yendu
Ninna Sannidhanake thalebagi Kaiyamugidu
Beduva Bhaktarige Ni Dhaya Sindhu ||1||

On the Chathurthi of  Shukla Paksha   in the month of Bhadrapada,
To the   devotee  who   comes   in front   of you  with folded hands,
And   with a bent head   and  requests you  to come
 To  each and every home  and bless  us, you   are the ocean of mercy.

Eeyelu Lokada Anu Anudina
Ihaparada Sadhanake Ni karana
Ninolume Nothada Ondu Honnakirana
Nididare Sakayya Janma Pavana ||2||

To the   day to day  great achievements  
of these  seven worlds you are the reason .
If we are able to receive a golden ray of your love
It  would  be sufficient for us   and would make  our  life  pure

Parvathi Parashivana Prema Puthrane
Palisuva Paradaiva bere kane
Papada Pankadali Paduma yenisu yenna
Pada seva Onde Dharama Sadhana ||3||

Oh Darling son of   Parvathi and Parameshwara,
I do not find any other God who looks after  us  like you.
Since  I think    that I am but a  lotus   flower in the mire of sin,
Serving your feet  would be    my only practice  of Dharma.

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