Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hey Gajabadana -Hindi prayer

Hey Gajabadana  -Hindi prayer

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1.Hey Gaj vadana , Gauri nandanaa ,
Rakshaa karo sab ki

1.Hey elephant faced one ., hey son of Gauri,
Look after  every one

2.Mangalmaya ho jeevan saraa,
Dharaa bahe   Sukh ki

2.Let all my life become auspicious ,
And let the    stream of pleasure flow.

3.Ridhi   Sidhi ke dathaa ,
Thum Ho vidhyaa ki   swami

3.Oh giver of prosperity   and power ,
You are   the God  of knowledge

4,Vigna vinas yek danth ho  ,
Thum antharyami

4,You are the God with one tusk  removing obstacles,
And you are the one who lives in everybody

5.Chinthamani   ka kare  jo chinthan,
Chinthaa  haro uski

5.For the one  who thinks   about  the gem of thought ,
Let there  be no worry for him.

6.Viswa Vidathaa  Viswa vinayak  ,
Jag j ke palan  hare

6.Oh creator of the world  , Oh leader of the world  ,
Please   look after  this world

7,Nada brahm  ke thum nirmathaa ,
Sur gan thum par   vaare

7.You are the creator of the God like notes,
And all the devas   are depending on you

8.THum hi prerana , thum hi chethana ,
Aas hai darsan ki

8.You are the incentive  , you  are  the spirit  ,
I  desire    that I could see you.

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