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Ganesa Manasa Pooja (Mental worship of Ganesa)

Ganesa  Manasa  Pooja
(Mental worship of Ganesa)

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Here    is a simple   prayer  which helps the  devotee to worship  Ganesa. I have taken this prayer from 

“ Shri Ganesh ManasPooja is in Sanskrit. Manas Pooja means the pooja performed in the mind. We have to sit in calm and quietly and perform it. See God Ganesha on screen of your mind. Now offer whatever best you can to the God. Costly Ornaments, Vastra, flowers, garlands, Sweets, everything you have to see in your mind and assume that you are giving it to God Ganesha. Your honest feeling is enough. You don't have to purchase anything. We have to visualize that everything best we are giving to god. Please have an experience and see that all your good wishes are fulfilled by the blessings of God Ganesha. “

1.Nana   rathna vichithrakam   ramanikam   Simhasinam  kalpitham.
Snanam Jahnavi vaarinaa, ganapathe  peethambaram   gruhyatham.
Kante  moukthika maalikaa  , sruthiyuge  dwe dhaarithe  kundale ,
Nana rathna virajitho ravi vibhaa yuktha   kireeta  sire.

1,I  am mentally offering you   a pretty throne embedded  with various  costly gems,
Then I offer   you water  with water of ganges, Oh  Ganesa now  I am offering this yellow silk ,
I offer o pearl necklace to your  neck  and  make you wear two ear globes  in your ears,
And then place the crown  shining like sun  made by various gems  on your head.

2.Bhale charchithakesharam  mrugamadhaa modhankitham  chandanam,
Nana  Vruksha   samudhratham   sukusumam   mandhara   Dhoorvaa  Sami,
Guggulendhwa dhoopakam   virachitham    dheepam  thwadagre  sthithaam,
Sweekritha they Ganesa   Bhakshyam   Jambuphalam  Dakshinaam

2.I apply  saffron  , mixed  with musk   and sandal paste  on your forehead,
Then offer you  good flowers   from various trees  along with Mandhara , Dhoorva grass and Sami  leaves,
Then I show you the incense  smoke of Guggul resins and then show you the lamp  standing near you  ,
Oh Ganesa  accept them  and then please eat  the rose apple   fruit offered by me.

3.Saashtaangm   pranathosmi  they   mama kruthaa   pojaa grahaana  Prabho,
May Kama  sathatham   thavarchana vidhou budhisthavalingane  ,
Swechchaa   they Mukha darsani Ganapathe   BHakthisthu  Paadambuje  ,
Praseedha  mama poojane   Ganapathe mama vaanchaa   thava  darsine.

3.Then I  salute you falling on ground  and Oh Lord please accept the  worship offered by me,
I desire  that always   that during  your worship  , I hug you  mentasally,
On mty own , Oh Lord Ganapathi , I show myself  to you  with devotion on your lotus like feet,
Get pleased with my worship Oh Ganapathi   and my desire is to see  you.

4. Mathaa Ganesascha  , pithaa Ganeso 
Bratha  Ganeasascha  , Sakhaa  Ganesa ,
Vidhyaa   Ganeso , dravinam  Ganesa
Swami Ganesa , Saranam Ganesa

4.My mother is Ganesa , My father is Ganesa ,
My elder brother  is Ganesa, My friend is Ganesa,
My knowledge is Ganesa , My wealth is Ganesa,
My God is Ganesa   and I surrender  to Ganesa.

5.Itho Ganesa, paratho Ganesa ,
Yatho yatho yaami   thatho Ganesa,
Ganesa devathparam na kinchith,
THasmad Ganesam saranam prapadhye.

Sri Ganesa  Manasa  Pooja sampoornam

5.This ti ime it is Ganesa and later  also it is Ganesa,
Evch and every time period  , it is Ganesa only ,
There is nothing    above   Ganesa,
And so I  surrender   to Ganesa

Thus  ends the mental worship of Ganesa

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