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Sabari malai Vaazhum Ayyappa-A tamil Bhajan

Sabari malai Vaazhum Ayyappa-A tamil Bhajan

Nellai Sundari Balasubramaniyan

Translated by

1.Sabari malai Vaazhum ayyapps-Un,
Sannadhi  varave Aasayappa,
Kankalum unai theduthappa –un,
Karunaikku  manam thaan enguthappa

1.Oh  Ayyappa   who lives  on Sabari mountain ,
It is my desire   to come before  you in your temple ,
My eyes   are searching for you and my mind,
Is yearning    for your  kindness.

2.Karthigai mudhal naal  maalaiyaninthene,
Maargazhi kadaisi varai vrutham yirundhene .
Iru mudi thanai  thalayil   chumandhene- Un,
Iruppidam naanum  virainthu   vandhene .

2.I wore   the garland of penance ob first day of Karthiga month,
And did I not observe  penance till last day of  Margazhi month,
Did I not carry the two piece  bundle  on my head,
And did I not know tour place of stay and come rushing there.

3.Kallum mullum paathayile-athu,
Pullai therinthathu  yen kankalile,
Nadanthen  undhan ninaivinile-pathayai ,
Kadanthen  inbamum nenjinile,

3.The road was full of stones  and thorns,
But to my eye they appeared like   grass,
I walked   with you in my thought   and crossed ,
The path  with happiness in my mind.

4,Pathginettu padikal yeri vanthen –Unnai,
Parthida   karangal kuvithu irunthen,
Kankalaal unnai abaithirunthen- un ,
Karunayaal  ullam  magizhndirunthen.

4.I came climbing the eighteen steps  ,
And as soon as I saw you , I  stood  saluting you with  folded hands ,
I stood there   covering you within my eye,
 And due to your  mercy  My mind was full of joy,

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