Thursday, November 17, 2016

Saranam,. Saranam Ayyappa

Saranam,. Saranam Ayyappa


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1.Saranam saranam   Ayyappa  ,
Iynthu malai  Vasaa  Ayyappa,
Neyyabhishekam unakkappa,
Un Divya darisanam yenakappa

1.I surrender, I surrender to you  Ayyappa,
Oh Ayyappa   who lives on the seven hills,
The anointing with ghee   is for you,
And your divine  looks   is for me.

2.Karpoora deepam   yethayile, Un Kanintha mukham angu   jolikkuthappa,
Arpudha thiru kakshiyile   yenangamellam   chilrkuthappa.
Porpaadam    kaval yena yeppodhum vilangudhappa ,
Mur papa  vinaikal   yellam  , appaale vilakuthappa.

2.When I  light up the camphor lamp  , your merciful face   is shining there,
And  due to that wonderful divine sight  , All my limbs   are throbbing,
For me always your golden feet is   warching over me,
And all the sins of  previous j karma ,are   going away.

3.Sasthaavin Abhisheka   chandanathai  poosiduvom,
Saswathamai   vilangubavan   perumaikalai pesiduvom,
Sasathave    sakalamena   santhathvum nambiduvom,
Saasthave   saranamna   santhathamum vananigiduvom.

3.Let us apply the sandal  used for anointing   Sastha,
Let us talk about the greatness  of him who is permanently there,
Let us believe   always   that Sastha   is our everything  ,
Let   us always    salute  that Sastha  is our protector

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