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Some Stotras written by the great Vedantha Desika

Some Stotras  written by the great Vedantha  Desika


Vedanta Desika is possibly one of the greatest poet/philosopher   of Srivaishnavism and lived between 1269 and 1370. He was born in Thoopul, near Kanchipuram. He was named as Venkata Natha and was trained in the philosophy of Saint Ramanuja. Srimath Vedantha Desika is one of the greatest savants of Visishtadvaitha philosophy and author of great many extremely poetic and devotional works. As well as very philosophical works.  He was eking a very poor existence in his native place. Sri Vidhyaranya Theertha, who himself is a great scholar was at that time minister in the court of Vijaya nagar empire. Knowing the great scholarship of his friend Srimath Vedantha Desigar, he sent an invitation to him to visit the court of Vijaya Nagar. Srimath Vedantha Desika who preferred service to god to all riches in the world wrote the first verse of Vairgya Panchakam and send back to him. Sri Vidhyaranya Theertha, it seems thought that his friend has misunderstood his intentions and sent another invitation. The reply was the next five verses of Vairgya Panchakam.  He is supposed to have written 28   stotras.Most of them are available  in English as well   as DEvanagari along with   translated meaning   and great commentaries in or in
   Being too small a person  to even read   and understand    and  write commentaries on them , I only have written  simple English translations.  I can only quote  the thaniyan written by his own  son extolling him viz
Sriman VenkataNadharya kavi tharkika kesari,
Vedantacharya varyo may sannidatham sada hrudhi
I keep in my ,mind always and dedicate myself,
Sri Venkata natha , who is the lion among poets
And who is a great teacher of philosophy.
       And salute   him  thousands   of times

7.       Raghu Veera Gadhyam of Vedantha Desika

About Desika

-by his own son
By sri Manavala Mamuni , where  he sets apart a part to praise  Vedantha Desika

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